Jae-Sun: Conjugation

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Sarkopheros Says:

No, I am not fluent in Spanish. I speak some, but I needed help to get it right. My friend Hospitalier is a native speaker and tolerates so much of my bullshit—and without the aid rendered, the Spanish in this story would be a bunch of idiotic gibberish—more so than the rest of what I write. So thank you, Hospitalier. You’ve taught me so much about the language. To my readers, any mistake herein is my own, and is likely a line that I didn’t run by my friend.

In this story, Jae helps his teacher after school and drives her home for a special assignment. Expect young stud on older woman, low-hyper penis (16″), huge balls, cum inflation, interracial … lots of good stuff. This story was a lot of fun to write! You should be warned, though, that it takes its time building things up and the sex doesn’t start till like halfway through. So if you want to read about that, skip ahead.



Jae watched Alfred return to his seat. He looked quite pleased with himself.

Ms. Torres’s full lips curled into a smile. “Muy bien, Alfred. Sounds like you had a good time.”

“I did, yeah,” he said as he sat down. “But I found the time to study for you.”

“I can tell. You did very well, and now you have a tan!” She turned her light eyes toward the class. “Now who wants to go next? Jae?” She pronounced his name with a slightly-softened “J”. It sounded sort of like she was saying “Yay.”

“Um. Okay” He stood up, his wallet chain jingling. Jae finger-combed his jet black hair. It wasn’t that hard. Just describe what you did over spring break. I can handle this.

Jae felt the eyes on his body—more specifically, his ludicrous package. His massive bulge lead the way, looking as if he was smuggling a floppy Pringles can and a couple of plump grapefruits. The dark grey cloth of his pants did little to conceal his outsized genitals from the front, and nothing to conceal them from the side.

Sure, he’d been in this class plenty of times. Everyone knew how big he was. But that didn’t stop people from looking. Even Ms. Torres seemed to linger upon his loins for a bit longer than professionally necessary. Not that Jae was going to complain.

When he got to the podium, his genitals were, much to the relief of the more heterosexually-inclined males, occluded. He straightened his spiked leather vest. “Hola, mi amigos. Me llamo Jae.” There were a few muffled giggles. “Uh. En mi … descanso de primavera, nado en la playa con mi amigas. “

Alfred snorted and gave a rather derisive chuckle. Ms. Torres smiled at him.

Jae ignored the other student and patted the podium as he thought of his next statement. “Yo gano mucha de la conchas.”

Ms. Torres snerked and bit her lip to suppress a laugh.

“Tengo un amiga … lucha conchas. No. Ella gasta conchas. Conchas para ella.”

Alfred began laughing and muttered something. Jae didn’t catch all of it, but it did involve a comment about his intelligence.

Ms. Torres clucked her tongue. “Tsk. ¡Señor Cullen! Por favor, deje terminar a Jae.”

Jae continued, ignoring the idiot. “Yo compro hermanas para mi coche. No … no. Yo compro herramientas para mi coche, no hermanas.”

The teacher nodded and smiled. “Bien. Continúa.” Jae returned that bright little smile of hers. She had a nice, low-cut pink blouse on and an open black sweater over it. It brought out her light eyes, framed by glasses. She twirled a pen with as she listened. Its top few inches were well-gnawed.

Jae kept speaking, pausing every so often to gather words. “Compro la herramientas y reparar mi coche. Reparar el estéreo en el coche.” He looked at the wood of the podium for a moment. “…Poner un estéreo nuevo. Y trabó mucho en el jardín.”

Ms. Torres nodded and asked, “¿Qué cultivas?”

Jae stared at her for a long moment. “Yo cultivan … uh … yo cultivo pájaros en mi jardín.”

Alfred started guffawing once more, but a sharp look from the teacher silenced him again.

She looked back at Jae and said, “Is that all you did, Jae?”

“Pretty much … ah … si,” he said sheepishly.

Ms. Torres chuckled. “Oh, really?”

Jae shrugged. “No quieres escuches otro cosas.”

“Muy bien, Jae. You’ve gotten a lot better since last time!” She turned to the class. “Who wants to tell me some of his mistakes?”

Alfred raised his hand. Jae tightened his lips and suppressed a sigh. The fuck is this dumbass gonna say?

“Alfred?” called the teacher.

He grabbed his desk and blurted out, “Everything?!” A couple people chuckled. Alfred glanced at Brittany after the joke escaped his mouth.

Ms. Torres frowned and her pen stopped twirling. “Mr. Cullen!” she snapped. While her tone wasn’t exactly mean, it plainly brooked no argument. “If you aren’t going to contribute sarışın porno to the conversation, then be quiet.”

Alfred sighed. “Okay, sorry. Uh. He has to pluralize el and la for his nouns.”

“That’s true, yes. Remember, when you have more than one object, it becomes, for instance, las cosas,” said Ms. Torres. “Or, el gato becomes los gatos.”

Jae nodded. “Okay, yo entiendo.”

A brunette in the front raised her hand.

Ms. Torres pointed her pen at the girl. “Amy.”

“Okay. Jae. Hi! I’m Amy,” she said, giving him a big grin.

“Sup, girl?” he said, leaning forward on the podium. Alfred’s lips drew into a thin line.

Amy leaned forward, tapping her fingertips on her desk. “…We have Mythology together!”

“I thought you looked familiar,” he chuckled. “So what’d I do wrong?”

“Oh! Right, yeah. I don’t know if you do things wrong, exactly. Uh, but you need to … okay. ‘Yo entiendo.’ You don’t need to say ‘yo,’ it’s redundant since ‘entiendo’ is already conjugated for you.”

Ms. Torres smiled. “Bien, Amy.”

“So I just have to say ‘entiendo’?” asked Jae.

The teacher pointed her pen at him and nodded. She said, “Si. What other mistakes can you add, Jae?”

He went back over his awkward speech in his head. “Uh. Well, I couldn’t remember the word for peppers.”

The teacher chuckled. “Many people would be proud to grow birds in their garden, Mr. Kyoung. But you want the word ‘pimiento,’ not ‘pájaro.’ “

Jae laughed, the scars on his face crinkling. “You know, there’s something called ‘bird peppers.’ ” He paused. “Oh, and now that I think about it, from what you said to Brittany when she went, I forgot to say ‘otra cosas’ and I said ‘otro cosas.’ “

Ms. Torres smiled. “Yes, the gender of the adjective has to match. But you forget to pluralize the adjective! ‘Otras cosas’ is what you should say. ¡Pero muy bien! You’re learning well.”

Jae felt a strange warmth in his chest when she said that.

“You see what I mean, my dears? All of you know more than you think!” She smiled at him. “That’s enough for now. Why don’t you sit down? We’ll pick on someone else, okay?”

“Alright. Gracias.” Jae bowed his head as he went back to his seat.


About forty minutes later, Jae picked up his textbook and notebook and tucked them under his arm. His pens went into his vest. Students were zipping up backpacks, closing laptops, and shuffling out the door.

Ms. Torres straightened a stack of papers on her desk. A few students hung around as the class broke up, talking and making plans for the weekend. The teacher spoke up, “It’s getting dark. Any of you strong young men want to walk me to my car?” While she was technically speaking to the entire group, her eyes were squarely upon Jae.

He smiled at her. “I don’t have anywhere to be right now, girl.” Wait, is “girl” appropriate?

She clicked her tongue. “Tsk. Do I look like a ‘girl’ to you, Jae?” Indeed, her face did have a few light wrinkles, but it was full with high cheekbones and plump lips. Her long, lustrous hair was entirely midnight-black, and the bangs helped to frame her bright blue eyes. As she slipped a stack of essays into her laptop bag, he saw that her slender fingers were tipped by a pink-purplish-painted nails. She stood up and shouldered the bag. As she came around the desk, she poked his chest. “I’m old enough to be your mother, young man!” Poke. Poke. “I thought Asians were supposed to respect their elders?” Poke!

I guess “girl” is not appropriate. Jae smiled. “Señora, then?”

Her big blue eyes met Jae’s. Those lips curled into a mischievous little smirk, complete with dimples. Jae wasn’t sure how old she was, but he guessed she was around forty. No more than fifty. Jae also wasn’t sure what to make of the little grin. Was she amused? Did she like what he’d said?

“If you want to flatter a woman, you should always say ‘señorita,’ Jae. ‘Señora’ is like calling me ‘madam,’ ” she explained.

Oh. Damn. Jae nodded. “Señorita Torres, then. Would you, like, give me the honor of accompanying you to your car?”

“Bien.” The classroom had emptied while they were talking. She nodded toward the door. “Vamonos.”

Once they were out, she locked the door. The teacher wore a fairly professional pair of slacks, but they didn’t hide that ass of hers. Jae’s eyes lingered on it as she walked ahead. Ms. Torres had average-sized breasts, wide hips, that plump, oh-so-distracting ass! Jae could tell she worked out—more for toning than strength or muscle mass.

She turned. His eyes met hers. She smirked, but didn’t say anything. Did she catch me looking at her ass?

“You want me to take that?” asked Jae, gesturing toward her bag.

“I’ve got it,” she said.

Jae shrugged. “Alright, sex hikayeleri gi— Ms. Torres.”

She gave an amused little chuckle and grinned at him. “You’re a fast learner, Jae. But now that we’re out of the classroom, you can call me Catalina. Or Cat, if you want.”

“Catalina … pretty name for a prettier woman,” he said, giving her a sly little grin.

Catalina rolled her eyes. “Mmmh. Please, Jae. I’m not one of those little girls I hear you run through by the dozens.”

Jae chuckled. “I meant what I said, though!” He paused and furrowed his brows. “Wait, ‘little girls?’ “

“You know what I mean. The younger ladies on campus!” she explained. “Do you want to make poor little me just another conquest like them?” Cat pouted.

Jae opened the door ahead and shook his head. “Well, I don’t really see them as conquests? I mean, it’s not like I keep a running tab or something?”

Cat pushed past him, brushing unnecessarily close to his body. “Such a gentleman,” she chuckled. “There’s that respect I was talking about.”

They were outside now. The sky was a dingy blue. A thin sliver of orange remained on the horizon. A nice breeze was blowing, rustling the trees. Here and there, students walked along the brick-hemmed sidewalks.

“O’course I respect you. I respect everyone till they give me a reason not to,” said Jae.

“Is that why you were looking at my ass?” she asked, raising an eyebrow at him. “Respect?”

Jae smirked. “It’s a very nice ass. I respect the fact that you obviously work out. Mmh.”

She bounced her butt a little. “Thank you for noticing! But I’m betting you’ve seen a lot of nice asses. You hear such interesting things when you listen to the girls talk. I’m curious about those ‘other things’ you didn’t think I wanted to hear about.”

So my reputation precedes me. Jae grinned. “If you heard the rumors, I bet you already know what those ‘other things’ were.”

“So if those girls aren’t conquests, what are they?” she asked him.

Jae shrugged. “I get really horny. I like to fuck. Girls want to fuck. So we fuck. It’s the game we’re looking for. The rhythm of love. Not sure what the proper label is, hooking up or otherwise.”

“From what I hear, ‘really horny’ is an understatement. Remember the soccer game against the Golden Bears?”

Wait, she heard about that? He asked, “The one that got cancelled?”

“Don’t be coy. I think you know why it got cancelled,” said Catalina. “Coach Adelais told me what happened. Our whole team, Jae?”

Jae shrugged. “I told you. I get horny! And I got lost in the Imperials locker room….”

“Tsk. I hope you have a better explanation than that, young man. You just happened to wander into the women’s soccer room? They had to fake widespread food poisoning to postpone the game!”

Another shrug. “Yeah, but then Adelais had a talk with me and I ended up lost in the Berkeley locker room. So it panned out even.”

Catalina let out a husky sigh and smacked her lips. She stopped walking, turned to Jae, and said, “Let’s be honest, Jae. I don’t feel like playing your game. You want to fuck me, right?”

Jae grinned. “Hell yeah.”

“And I want that … behemoth dick,” she said, resuming her pace. “I need a young stud-boy like you. It’s been a long time. After hearing about your shenanigans, I want to feel that thing go off in me.”

Jae’s hand settled at her waist, his fingertips trailing over her ass. “Mmh. You sure? You probably have stuff to do tomorrow.”

She stuck her tongue out at him. “Maybe you’ll be the one who can’t walk tomorrow, little boy. Now stop groping me in public!” She swatted his hand away, but did give him a little smile.

“Yes, señorita,” he chortled.

They walked in silence for a long moment. “So who is this guy on your back?” she asked.

Jae smiled. “Oh. Yeah! That’s Tlaloc. Aztec god of rain, lightning, fertility.”

“Fertility? How appropriate,” she chortled. “I didn’t think a boy like you would be interested in ancient gods.”

Jae squinted at her. ” ‘A boy like me?’ I love mythology! I do admit I first got into mythology because of how much it plays into heavy metal, but I’ve read a lot of mythology just, you know, to read it. It’s interesting.”

She rubbed her hand over his shoulder. “I’m sorry, Jae. I’m just surprised! From what I heard, I thought you were just a party-boy. Just spend all day having sex and working out.”

Jae chuckled and rubbed his coarse hand over her shoulder. “I can see how you’d get that idea. I’m not offended.” He leaned in and lowered his voice. “Far as I’m concerned, it’s an advantage if people think I’m dumb.”

Ms. Torres nodded in concession. “Maybe. But now I feel bad.”

They entered an alley. Jae looked around. No one could see them. şişman porno He grabbed her roughly and pushed her up against the wall. Ms. Torres gasped. His lips found hers, and he mashed them together. She moaned and sucked at his tongue. Her hands slipped under his vest and stroked his chest. A strand of saliva stretched and snapped once they parted. Jae gripped her ass. “You’ll make it up to me later.”

Ms. Torres’s lips curled into a bright, face-encompassing grin. Then she clicked her tongue, took a napkin from her bag, and reached up to wipe some lipstick off his face. Jae paused. He felt an unexpected flush of pleasure from that gesture. Not sexual arousal … it was another thing that he couldn’t put his finger on.

They had just emerged from the alley into the parking lot when Jae heard five people behind them. Instinct activated. Footsteps moving too quickly. They were spreading out in a coordinated movement. Jae narrowed his eyes. This was an ambush. He leaned in toward Cat and whispered, “I think we’re about to get mugged.”

She grabbed his arm tightly. “What?!” she hissed.

“Stop right there!” called a voice. Jae and Catalina turned around.

As he thought, there were five figures. The tallest wore a blue cap and an ULTI Imperials jersey. He was about the same height as Jae, athletic looking. Seemed to be hiding something behind his back. The second was squat, muscular-looking. He shifted his weight wrong and was wearing a big jacket that was too thick for the weather … he likely had a gun. The third was a pudgy guy with a baseball bat. He seemed to have a limp. The fourth was a guy in yellow shorts. His movements also indicated a firearm. The fifth was a do-ragged muscle-mountain a head taller than Jae.

Who the fuck are these morons? I got shit to do! They were all too old to be students. However, with the twilight, few would be able to tell from a distance. Jae turned to Blue Cap. The others kept glancing at him. He was obviously the leader. Jae asked him, “Yeah, what do you want?”

“I think your wallet should do. Hand that over. Hand over the bag, lady.”

“Hey, I thought you said I’d get to threaten them?!” demanded Pudgy.

Blue Cap sighed. “I never agreed to that.”

“Why not?”

“No offense, but you’re really not very threatening,” said Do-Rag.

“He’s right,” said Jae.

“See? Even he thinks so,” said Blue Cap.

“I can be threatening!” insisted Pudgy.

“I really doubt that,” said Blue Cap. “You can barely go outside without petting those cats.”

“What’s wrong with petting cats?” asked Yellow Shorts. “I have a cat!”

“Nothing’s wrong with cats, I’m saying that going around petting cats is not the behavior of someone who is intimidating! Have you ever seen Jason Statham pet a cat?! Or any animal smaller than fifty pounds?” demanded Blue Cap.

“He does have little dogs,” offered Jae.

“Yeah, his girlfriend and him have dachshunds,” added Yellow Shorts.

“Everyone, shut the fuck up!” yelled Blue Cap. “Ugh. Stop talking! We are going on a tangent, here.” He glared at Jae. “Now where’s that wallet?!”

They were all about two paces away from them. Ms. Torres was shaking. She clung more closely to Jae. “What do we do?” she hissed.

Jae whispered, “When I tell you ‘run,’ you run. No questions. Stay low. Get behind a car. Call the police. We’ll be okay if you do that. I promise.”

She nodded.

“Come on, hand it over!” yelled Big Jacket. Out came … a bigass bowie knife? That was unexpected. Might still have a piece, though.

Jae sighed. “Listen, I got shit to do, why don’t you guys get lost before someone gets hurt?”

Blue Cap laughed. “Come on, man, what are you gonna do?” He brought his hands out. Another knife glimmered. “We got to eat, you understand? And you ain’t getting in the way of us eating!”

Jae sighed. “You’d better go order some pizza or something.”

The five of them closed in. Jae pursed his lips. I am not in the fucking mood for this.

Then something occurred to him. Wait a minute! I should have said ‘I hear they feed you in jail!’

“Here, just take the bag!” said Ms. Torres, placing it on the ground.

“That’s it, nice and easy,” said Blue Cap. He seemed rather calm.

Big Jacket, on the other hand, looked rather annoyed that Jae wasn’t terrified. “Give me your wallet!” he roared.

Jae gave a tiny shake of his head and pointed to the most gruesome of his facial scars. It was a jagged line starting on his forehead, slicing across his left eye and nostril, cutting across the left corner of his mouth, and terminating under his chin. “You think this is the first time someone put a pointy thing in my face? If you want to scare me, you got another thing comin’.” That was a little better.

“Motherfucker, what I tell you?!” growled Big Jacket, stomping toward Jae and raising the knife toward his—

SNAP! Jae’s fist hit Big Jacket’s forearm so hard that his entire arm twisted to the side. The knife went flying.

“Augh!” cried Big Jacket.

“RUN!” roared Jae.

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