Jacked By Uncle Jack

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My husband and I had tried for several years to try and get pregnant, trying everything that we could. From aromatherapy to therapists, to temperatures to even having sex upside down. No matter what we did or where we did it, we still couldn’t conceive. After finally determining my husband couldn’t produce enough sperm, we decided to think of things.

“IVF? Adoption?” Jason my husband suggested.

“Ugh, too scientific. Takes the fun out of having a baby.” I replied sitting on the edge of our bed, trying to think of other ways.

“Surrogacy?” Jason asked.

“I want to be the one being pregnant, giving birth.” I insisted.

“Family help?” Jason sighed.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, get someone on my side of the family to do the deed. How would you feel if one of the males on my side fuck you?” Jason explained.

Memories flooded back for me. I had always fantasised about being fucked by Jason’s brother, their father and Jason’s uncle.

“Alright, fine.” I replied.

“Who?” Jason asked.

“Well, if we are thinking right now, the time is right now, Uncle Jack.” I replied.

“He’s good.” Jason blurted out.

“What?” I asked.

“Oh ah, well on the farm during the summer holidays the year school finished, just before I met you he caught me banging away, which was my first time and he helped me. From there on, every so often until I met you, he fucked me.” Jason explained.

“Let’s get Uncle Jack and get jacking.” I said.

Within an hour, Uncle Jack had arrived.

“Uncle Jack, we are in a situation…” Jason began to explain the situation.

While Jason was explaining the situation I sat opposite watching Jack.

“So what we want to know is, would you help us?” Jason asked.

“You going to be involved?” Uncle Jack asked.

“Yeah, I want to.” Jason said.

“Where do you want to do it?”

We lead Uncle Jack to our bedroom, Jason removing his clothes off. Jack and I put our arms around each other and he gently moved in to kiss me passionately. Deep in the kiss he put his hands to the bottom of the top and removing it from me. Once he removed my blouse, I unbuttoned his shirt, kissing the hair free chest as the shirt opened.

Uncle Jack wasn’t that much older than Jason. Jack 35 was 6″4′, 200lbs with a 10 inch cock — fully erect. Jason stood behind me and removed my bra exposing my DD cup breasts to Jack, Jason kissing my back, his arms around Jack.

Jason moved his hands down to Jack’s pants and unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants allowing them to fall down. I had thought he wore underwear but his cock was fully exposed. Jason then removed my skirt and panties.

Now the 3 of us were fully naked, Jason moved kastamonu escort apart stroking his cock, Jack on top of me as I lay on the bed.

Jack then positioned his head to my pussy but I moved up further the bed to rest my head for comfort and support. I put my hand on Jack’s head and guided him to lick my pussy. His head at my pussy, he reached up and massaged my right breast. Standing at the edge of the bed, Jason still stroking his cock handed the lube to Jack.

“You want to?” Jack asked Jason looking up.

“It’s alright, you go.” Jason replied smiling at me.

Not only did lube go on his fingers, he got my pussy lubed up as well.

Even I my eyes were closed, I knew Jack’s lips were on my pussy. Jason’s were never as thick or moist. When Jason often licked my pussy I always fantasised about the men in Jason’s family. He devoured every bit of my pussy licking the lips so slowly and when he was around my clit he would speed the licking up a bit.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Oh that feels so good!” I said.

I moved a hand down to my pussy to give it more stimulation, the other hand on top of Jack’s that was massaging my breasts.

“Not done baby.” Jack breathed before drawing up enough salvia and spitting it on me.

“I love a good spit.” I told him.

Jack would either move his face further in my pussy or he would keep spitting.

I managed to look up and see Jason kneeling down (presumably with a pillow), spreading Jack’s ass and licking it, causing Jack pleasure and in turn turning me on.

When Jack had no more saliva left he looked up at me and began inserting fingers into my pussy.

“Finger her Jack, she’ll love that.” Jason advised Jack.

“Oh fuck yeah, YES! So good, so good. Oh YES!” I cried out repeatedly fingering faster to climax and using my pelvic muscles to cause more stimulation for Jack and I.


“Cum for us baby, cum on.” Jason said. With a little nibble on the side of the labia from Uncle Jack, I came.

Jack thought he was going to miss me cum but majority of the cum went on his face.

Uncle Jack stood up, Jason and I leaned forward and licked my cum off him, Jason now entering his cock from behind, licking his fingers.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, Jack sat there with his legs apart for me to give him a handjob while he and Jason kissed, Jason leaning in sidewards to kiss him.

To give more foreplay for Jack, I poured some lubricant on his cock, allowing me to massage it all over his cock, gentle moans emerging from Jack’s mouth, Jason loving the sensation in his mouth.

Once his dick was fully lubricated, I got one hand and kayseri escort made a ring with my thumb and my forefinger and began to pump it up and down. Reaching the top I began to close the ring. Jack had to squeeze his way in as I slid back down to the bottom of his cock.

Taking his cock in both hands, my fingers lightly touched the sides of the shaft. I flicked the penis back and forth between my two hands by holding onto the loose skin of the shaft. I kept on doing this until Jack broke the kiss between him and Jason, telling me he was about to explode.

Jack and Jason broke apart, Jason helping me on the bed, my head resting on pillows at the end of the bed. Jason spread my knees allowing Uncle Jack to position himself. Grabbing his cock, Jack lined himself off.

“Jack off Uncle Jack.” I told him. He leaned over me, his hands at each side next to my shoulder.

“Ready?” He said.

“Fuck me.” I replied.


Jack jack hammered me at about the same speed a jack hammer normally does. Jack hammered right into me, penetrating me, giving me the best fuck I had in my life. Jason had told me before Uncle Jack arrived, when he is fucking away he gets turned on more when the receiver moans and groans loudly.

Jason was behind me pumping his cock away and then squatted to position himself his ass touching my mouth. With Jack pounding away I had no hesitation in sucking Jason’s cock away and giving him not only the pleasure from me but the pleasure through Uncle Jack.

Jason withdrew his cock from his mouth when his dick became limp again.

“Emma is one good fuck.” Jack told Jason.

“I know.” Jason laughed as Jack moved away from me.

“I want to see you two in real action.” I told them.

“What about you?” Uncle Jack asked.

“Oh I’ll be fine.” I grimaced.

Both Jack and Jason embraced each other as they moved to the top of the bed.

“It feels just like yesterday.” Jason said.

Jack made the first move and began to plant soft tenderly kisses on his lips. Moving downwards, Jason’s expression grew more intense.

“The best blow jobs are done by a man.” Jack said to me.

Putting Jason’s semi-erect cock in Jack’s mouth, Jack starting kissing and licking, exploring the different textures, especially the roughish tender head and the soft skin of the shaft. Feeling it growing in his mouth as if for the first time.

Sliding his lips gently over Jack applied more salavia. Jason’s deep breathing and moans of pleasure gave Jack the signs that he was doing it right.

Jack then mixed it up by licking the sensitive underside of Jason’s shaft, and his balls, softly kıbrıs escort blowing on the moistened areas. The combination of sensations looked incredible. Jack and Jason both giving their responses.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM” Jack mumbled.


Jack then got one hand got a grip of Jason’s cock around the base and sliding it up and down, in tandem with his mouth.

Concentrating on Jason’s cock super-sensitive head, Jack sucked hard and soft.

Looking at Jason and I, Jack could see the ecstacy he had caused! Jack made eye contact at me first and then concentrated on Jason.

“I love you Jason.” Uncle Jack whispered before placing Jason’s cock in his mouth.

Moaning, “MMMMMMMMMM” every so often Jack let Jason know how turned on he was. Not neglecting the rest of the body, Jack strokeed, tickled and scratched Jason’s thighs, stomach, butt.

Because of the little amount of cum Jason could produce, Uncle Jack removed himself from the bed and allowed me to receive Jason’s cum, just in case. I got into the cowgirl position, my ass on his cock but facing Jason. Jason reached out and began massaging my breasts.

Using his hips he began to thrust his cock in me, the whole cock in my pussy not wanting to lose any precious cum that could become our child.

Uncle Jack grabbed a pillow that was thrown onto the floor and along with a few cushions and blankets he found suggested I lie on them, Jason entering me downwards so the sperm could go up. My legs in the air spread open, Jason puts his hands to hold me on my ankles.

“Hold them near my ass.” I suggested. Getting comfortable he then entered me and began pounding me.

“Oh fuck yeah, cum on honey, this is it. This is the one.” I encouraged him.

“Oh YES! More baby!” I cried out. With his thrust he grunted, moaned and deep breathed.

“Keep going.” Uncle Jack said as he lubed himself up.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHH” Jason cried out thrusting himself out.


“Fuck my pussy. Fuck my pussy out.” I demanded.

Jason with nothing more left, fell back on the bed.

“I’m a bitch on heat. Jack, finish fucking me.” I said.

“From behind?” Jack suggested. Positioning myself on the bed to be fucked from behind I looked forward at Jason and he grimaced.

“Love you baby.” Jason said. Uncle Jack put his hands on my ass, spreading the ass cheeks, giving him easy access to enter me.

“HUH HUH. OH THERE IT IS.” I said, one hand going down to finger my pussy.

“OOOOOHHH OOOOH. AH YEAH” I panted, Jack deep breathing.

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, fuck yeah. Fuck my pussy.” I panted.

Deep breathing and moaning got Uncle Jack stirring. The more he inserted me, the more I cried out in pain.

9 months later when I went into labour I wanted Jason and Jack to be there. As the paternity tests results came, Jason was the father. Jason and I agreed that when we wanted to have a child again, Uncle Jack would help us.

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