It was a Dark and Stormy Night

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My wife, Cathryn, and I had been married for several years. Being like-minded sexually we had always been very comfortable with each other. There was always more excitement than apprehension about trying new things. I guess that evening when we were trying to come up with something new we realized that we had done just about everything that we were comfortable with. We were looking back on our sexual history, trying to brainstorm something new. We had just about reached the end of the rope when I asked her if there was anything she wanted to do – or was even curious about. She said that she had never been with a woman or a black man, and she had never been with two men at the same time. I asked why she hadn’t done any of those things. She said that she had been asked to do them, but another woman or black guys didn’t really interest her. She had given serious thought to the threesome, but she felt uneasy being with guys she barely knew. She would’ve been in a bad spot if things got out of hand. I could understand completely, but this got me thinking. Then I had an idea.

“Would you feel comfortable doing any of those things if I were there?” I asked. She didn’t seem to know what I meant by my being there, so I proposed an idea.

“What if you had a threesome with me and another man? Would you be comfortable with that?”

She said that she would be quite a bit more comfortable with me there, but could I handle seeing her fuck someone else? I had thought about it from time to time, but I had never really seriously considered it. Cathryn was not exactly inhibited in bed and I was sure it would be a show if she did.

“I would rather be there and be a part of it and see you doing it than having you go off somewhere and not know.” She agreed.

Then I suggested that there might be a way to kill two birds with one stone. She looked at me quizzically.

“What if you had a threesome with me and a black man? I would be there if anything got out of hand.”

She thought about it for a few moments, then said that she thought she might be able to do that. I told her that finding a third person might be a problem. I didn’t want a complete stranger, yet I didn’t know any black men that would go for something like this. She immediately answered that she did.

I was sort of surprised at her selection. His name was Byron and he was a junior lawyer at the firm where she worked. Despite never actually meeting him, I had heard of Byron because it seemed that he was constantly hitting on my wife. She would always come home and tell me about the cheesy thing he said and then roll her eyes that he either didn’t seem to get it, or he did, and this was one unusual way of interacting with a coworker. He would often ask her to go to bars with him, say how good she looked, or tell her that if she ever left me to call him – all of this at work. As a lawyer you would think that he would understand what sexual harassment is, but obviously he was thinking with the wrong head.

However, I could also see why she had thought of him. He did have some good qualities. Apparently he was a handsome and smart man. He had put himself through college then law school by modeling on the side. Apparently some of the other women in the firm were impressed with his looks as well. More than once Cathryn wondered if he won cases on looks alone. I knew that Byron would accept, and his looks would make the sexual experience more acceptable to her. It was now just a question of when.

We decided that it would be one Friday night after an office party. Somebody was retiring and there was going to be a party. She invited me so I could see everyone at her office. She wore a black cocktail dress with spaghetti straps. I had watched her put it on. She wore a black thong but no bra, she couldn’t with this dress. She wiggled into the tight dress that really showed off her figure, especially her breasts, which protruded forward exposing half of her cleavage. She decided not to wear stockings, leaving her legs bare and visible from the knee down. Her dark hair was pulled back into a bun and, aside from her wedding ring, the only jewelry that she wore was a tight necklace that had many short strands of beads and gems dangling down.

After mingling at the party for a couple of hours, my wife pointed out Byron to me. I could see why he was popular with the ladies. He was only 5’8″, but definitely model material. Cathryn went over to talk to him while I stayed out of sight. I continued to mingle, and later Cathryn caught up to me, a smile on her face.

I said, “Well…”

She said that he would be over. I asked what she told him to get to accept. She said that she had invited him over, saying that she wanted to do something wild with a couple of guys while her husband was be out of town. Would he be interested in being one of the guys? As expected, he accepted. She told him how to get to our place and to be there in two hours. I could only imagine Kadıköy Yabancı Escort what Byron thought when she told him to come over.

We arrived home a few minutes early. Cathryn opened a bottle of wine and set out some candles in the living room. I asked her if she was ready. Cathryn gave me a nervous smile and said, “I think so.” Cathryn finished a small glass of wine while we waited. I was as nervous as I was aroused, and I wondered if Cathryn felt the same way. However, before I could ask, the doorbell rang.

Byron arrived right on time and we were finally formally introduced, albeit I was simply the ‘other man’. We sat in the living room, Byron and I on separate couches across from each other and Cathryn in a chair by herself, and made small talk for a while as we sipped wine. Byron couldn’t keep his eyes off my wife.

When we had finished the wine we all just sat and looked at each other for a minute, unsure what to do. I asked Cathryn why she was doing something like this, was her husband not good? She said no, her husband was very good one-on-one, but she wanted to try a threesome and he didn’t. Byron, his candor unrestrained by not knowing who I was, said to me that he had been after Cathryn for some time, and was wondering when she was going to give in. Cathryn shook her finger at him in warning and told him not to get too big of a head because he wasn’t her first choice. Byron laughed and said that was fine just as long as he was there.

There was another pause, which I broke by asking Cathryn what she had in mind for tonight. Cathryn, slightly embarrassed, just smiled and looked at the coffee table for a moment. Then she regained her composure, smiled again, shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t know.”

I could tell that she really didn’t know. She would need an idea to help her get started. Then I looked at Cathryn and said, “Why don’t we start with your removing that dress.” Byron liked the idea, sitting back and saying, “Yes, I agree.”

I think I caught her off guard a little, my making such a bold suggestion to my wife in front of a stranger. While willing to do it – that was the whole point of the gathering – I could tell that she was still a little hesitant.

She sat there for what seemed like minutes just smiling weakly at me. Then there was the way she was smiling. I couldn’t tell if she was getting used to the idea or giving me time to understand that this would be the point of no return. Probably both. I looked at her trying to get a definite signal from her, but she just sat there like a statue. Then, like the person who is about to lose their last article of clothing at a game of strip poker, she said ‘Ok’, and she set her wine glass down on the coffee table and stood up next to her chair. I felt the blood simultaneously rush to my head and my cock.

She was a picture of elegance as she stood there. Then, very calmly, she slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders. One at a time she lifted her arms out of the straps while alternately holding the top of the dress against her chest with the opposite hand. She smiled a little and, while covering her breasts with her hands, let the dress slide down to her waist where a slightly outthrust waist stopped it. Watching Cathryn made my cock rock hard. I felt like a stranger myself watching someone else’s wife undress. I wanted to fuck her more than Byron did.

She stood there for a minute smiling at us, either trying to work up the courage to finish or taunting our attention. Byron and I both gave her a look of, “Well, what are you waiting for”

Even thought the room was only illuminated by candles, I could see her cheeks get a little red with embarrassment. Then she wiggled her hips a little, and the dress fell to the floor. My wife was now only wearing a black thong and her high heel shoes. We admired her for a moment then Byron said, “Turn around.” She turned around slowly and Byron leaned forward to get a better view. I thought Byron was going to cum in his pants when he saw her from behind.

She faced us and smiled. Byron said, “Damn, you sure are hot.” Cathryn gave an embarrassed smile and looked at me. I made a comment about my dick getting hard just watching her and that her husband was a lucky man indeed. That comment made her smile.

There was a pause and then Cathryn said, “Now you guys.” You didn’t have to tell Byron twice. He stood up and took his tie, shirt, and pants off. He had a hard on his briefs could hardly contain. I simply sat there, watching my wife watch him undress. The dimly lit room made him seem like a featureless black figure.

Byron looked at me and saw that I hadn’t undressed, or even moved for that matter. He asked, “You getting in on this?” I said that I was happy to just watch for now, but not to worry, I would definitely join in later.

He walked over and stood in front of her, looking her up and down. I can only imagine how long Kadıköy Yeni Escort he had wanted to fuck her. Apparently he had fucked most of the single women at work, and now Cathryn was next. He slid his briefs down and let his dick point straight out at her. Cathryn had a serious expression on her face as she watched him, her hands still covering her breasts. He leaned towards her slowly and she leaned back in unison until her back was against the wall behind her. The smiling had stopped and she seemed hesitant. I wondered if she was having second thoughts. At that time it was easy to imagine how uncomfortable she would’ve been had I not been there.

He moved closer to her, his dick poised at her crotch, and put his hands on her hips. She just stared at him, silently contemplating what was going to happen. He wrapped his thumbs in the straps of her thong and began to slide them over her hips. He guided the thong down her legs to her ankles where he whispered for her to lift her leg a little. He put the dress and the thong in the chair next to them and turned his attention back to Cathryn.

My heart beat in my chest a million times a second. My wife was naked and with a man who saw her as nothing more than a sex object. More than that, she was going to be that object.

He knelt down before her. Cathryn, having gone back as far as she could, was now standing against the wall. Unable to back away any further, Byron put his hands on her hips and buried his face in her crotch. After spreading her legs a little, he grabbed her ass and pulled her hips to him. She looked around the room, her eyes stopping when they reached me. She had a look of ‘it’s happening’.

I took my cock out of my pants so she could see how hard I was. She smiled, but that was interrupted as Byron slid a couple of fingers into her as he worked with his tongue. Cathryn finally took her hands off of her breasts, using them to brace herself against the wall, and let out a sharp “Ahh.” I began to stroke myself as I watched my wife, naked and spread-eagle against a wall, get masturbated by Byron’s tongue.

Cathryn smiled at me coyly, staring at my cock as Byron worked on her clit. I think she realized that she was putting on a show, and her smile changed as though to tell me, ‘Someone else is getting me off. I hope you enjoy it.’

Byron lifted one of her legs up over his shoulder so that it was draped across his back. It struck me how my wife’s alabaster white skin shone so brightly against the dark blackness of his back. I stroked faster as her expression told me that she was going to cum. Trying hard to keep her balance, composure, and eye on my stroking, she began to pant, “Oh…Yes…” over and over until the waves of ecstasy overwhelmed her.

I thought she would fall over, but Byron held her up as he continued to lick and probe her, prolonging her orgasm. I love watching Cathryn orgasm anyway, someone else causing it was a new twist.

Byron stopped and stood up allowing Cathryn to catch her breath. He looked back at me and said, “Looks like someone’s ready to go.” I said, “Yes, but now it her turn.” Cathryn fired a confused and slightly worried glance my way. I removed the rest of my clothes and walked around behind the largest couch, which sat nearly in the middle of the room. The couch had a wide shelf-like back with thick pillows, and I motioned for her to come to me. She complied, but looked at me cautiously, wondering what in the world I had in mind. I said, “Ok, you’ve had your orgasm. Now it’s Byron’s turn.”

She fired a glance at me as thought I she thought I was enjoying this a little too much. I told her to lie down on the back of the couch face up. Before she could ask what was going to happen, I raised one of her legs up and rested it on my shoulder then slid my fingers into her. I motioned for Byron to come over and stand by her head. He admired her naked body for a moment, then put his hands on her D-cup breasts. He felt her up and then slowly ran his dick across one of her breasts. Then up her chest and neck, over her chin and across her mouth. He stopped with the end of his dick at the corner of her mouth. Responding to my finger fucking, and not knowing exactly what to do, she reached out and took Byron’s cock in her hand.

I know where all of Cathryn’s buttons are and since she was already aroused, it only took a few moments until she was wriggling and panting from my touch. I silently motioned for Byron to put his dick in her mouth. He turned her head towards him and slid his dick into her. She let out a muffle that told me that she wasn’t quite ready for him. There was nothing she could do, between my finger fucking and Byron’s dick in her mouth, it was all she could do to breathe. I watched as he held her head still and repeatedly pumped himself into her mouth, telling her how good her mouth felt.

My wife loves giving head to me. She has done it in nearly every place imaginable Kadıköy Masaj Salonu and she has gotten very good at it over the years. It is her way of telling me that she wants me inside her – and soon. This was different. Now I was watching another man hold my wife’s head and fuck her in the mouth. And I told him to do it. Byron watched with obvious satisfaction as his black dick disappeared into Cathryn’s white face.

It didn’t take long for him to cum. I increased my pace to bring Cathryn to orgasm with him. As the pangs of orgasm overtook her Byron came, pouring cum into her mouth. Her mouth filled, she had no choice but to swallow.

Byron and I backed off so she could sit up and get her breath. I asked if she was all right. She breathed a yes and gave me a look as to say that that idea was very evil. After a few minutes Cathryn had regained her composure and looked at me and joked, “No more of your ideas for a while. Go sit over there. You’re going to kill me.” We chuckled and I took my seat. She stood by the end of the couch, her back to Byron, but facing me. I was still rock hard, and asked the general question, “What’s next?” Before she had a chance to say anything, Byron slid up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Cathryn let out a yelp and I knew by the way that she thrust her hips forward that he had poked her, and probably was still doing so.

I was sitting in front of her and she was staring at my still rock hard cock. Then I saw her shift her legs apart a little, and Byron whisper something to her. I couldn’t hear what he said to her, and her expression didn’t change. She just looked at me and said, “Yes.” Byron whispered something else. Still looking at me she said, “Yes, I want you to fuck me.” She smiled at me when she said it. Not because she was eager to fuck Byron, but because she wanted to stir something in me.

It worked. Her words and smile both terrified and excited me. I love my wife. I also love fucking my wife, and after we were married, I thought I would be the last man to be inside her. I was jealous that someone else was going to fuck Cathryn, but it excited me that she wanted me to see it, and to get off on it.

My wife slowly leaned forward and put her hands on the arm of the couch. Constantly staring at my cock, she spread her legs and pushed her ass out a little, the heels she was still wearing kept her legs straight. She positioned herself so I would see everything, and the Mona Lisa smile on her face was unmistakable. ‘I’m going to let this man fuck me and you’re going to watch. I hope you enjoy it.’

My heart raced with nervous anticipation in seeing another man fuck my wife. I wanted to see her fucked, but now it was going to happen. All I could do was stoke my rock hard cock and watch the show she put on for me.

The pained expression on her face as she opened her mouth and inhaled sharply told me that he had entered her. Byron had his hands on her hips and was slowly sliding himself into her. We watched each other closely. We were more interested in each other’s reaction.

While arousing, I’m sure my expression gave away the fact that I couldn’t believe that someone else was inside my wife. And by the look on her face, it seemed like she couldn’t believe it either. Cathryn, her mouth open, exhaled each time Byron filled her up. I wanted to walk up and put my cock in her mouth. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to stop it, and I didn’t.

As Byron picked up the pace it became increasingly difficult for her to keep her focus on my cock. The things I was used to and loved from her during sex began to emerge. Her breasts swung back and forth with each thrust. Her breathing turned to panting and her eyes closed. She became more vocal as the pace picked up, moaning and uttering long drawn-out ‘ahs’ accentuated by high inflection as Byron filled her up.

Byron slowly picked up the pace until he was fucking her with abandon. He had one hand on her shoulder and was pulling her toward him as he thrust. Her ass rippled with each impact, her tits swinging in rhythm. Yet somehow now, despite the force, she managed to keep her eyes open and on me.

I was stroking my cock to the surreal sight of my wife being fucked. Seeing this she forced a quick smile through the involuntary responses and began simultaneously provoking both Byron and myself by shouting things like, “Oh, Byron, Yes!” and, “Oh, yeah, fuck me!” Shouting like this wasn’t something that she normally did, and its effect wasn’t lost.

The encouragement worked for Byron. He reached out and took a handful of her hair and pulled her head back while holding her back down with the other hand. Cathryn was now bent over and looking straight ahead. She was obviously immobilized and could do nothing but take the repeated thrusts of his cock into her.

I could see that she occasionally tried to watch me out of the corner of her eye. Her expression was a mixture of pleasure and pain. I couldn’t help but wonder how much she liked having a black man take her like this and fuck her. I imagined a different scenario, one where I wasn’t there. Where she had brought home someone she had just met, letting them pleasure themselves with her body. Would it look like what I was watching?

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