Incest Relationship

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I am from Kollam district, Kerala and now working in Bahrain. I am 31 years old, this experience of mine happened to me when I joined for my degree course in Cochin. I was 19 years old and I was a fat and chubby boy. Of course not too fat and I know I was handsome too.

I am not trying to tell you that there was flow of love letters to me but few girls were showing interests on me for romance from the very beginning of the high school classes. At the same time my two three and I friends started reading those yellow books and all. So we know what all about sex but no practical experience other than masturbation. This continued in my collage days also always imagining one film stars or beautiful girls around me I used to masturbate a lot.

When I complete my Pre-Degree I got my admission in one of the collages in Cochin for my degree course. I was transferred to Cochin. We had a relative over there in (my uncle’s brother-in-law and family) Cochin but they are also little far away from the Collage. Traveling up and down morning and evening was a problem for me so all are decided to put me in a hostel near to the collage.

All alternate weekends I used to go back to home and alternative week ends I used to go to the Uncle and Auntie’s place. Let us call them Sam and Mary they were in Bahrain for a long time and they just returned to Kerala for good. Sam uncle was 40-45 and Mary Auntie was 35-40 those days. They have two children one boy and a girl they were in boarding in Bangalore. So these two folks were enjoying their retired life with a lot of wealth and peaceful atmosphere. Whenever I go there I used to get a warm welcome all the time. I think they do not have many public contacts there so there is no many visitors. I used to go there on Friday evening and come back to hostel on Sunday evening. Always we used to have our dinner and lunch together and uncle used to have drinks also along with dinner.

Uncle and Aunt are above average fat people and of course Aunt have a wonderful body though she is fat. Uncle is a very naughty man always he used to crack normal jocks and dirty jokes. Aunt also used to enjoy it a lot. At first I was so embarrassed to be with them when he is cracking all those jokes. But slowly I also started enjoying it and I also tell some soft ones. They used to tease me on my fat body and Aunt used to ask me-

“How is your girl doing, is she okay?” I know she is teasing me.

“Oho. Aunt how many times I have to tell you that I do not have a girlfriend” I tell

“I don’t believe you my little boy, I know you are too smart with girls” She tells, In fact I do not have one.

Uncle also the same whenever I am there they always talk a lot of these kind of stuff, slowly they elevated their attitude to even cuddle in front of me. When passing each other or in the dining room kitchen wherever they are they used to touch and press each other in front of me. I also enjoying those scenes slowly I also enjoying my Auntie’s beauty she has a very fleshy body with big boobs and butts. Secretly I used to watch her and their cuddles. One day I noticed that she was wearing a loose bra under her nighty so it was bouncing too much and it was so provocative. She had a secret smile on her face and she walked around here and there in the kitchen and I can make out that she is seducing (I learned this word recently) me. I also enjoyed her view from different angle. Time was around 7:30 PM and she finished with her kitchen things and went her room uncle already started his quota of drinks at the living room. I can hear that she entered into the bathroom and opened the shower.

After she finished her bath she called uncle into their room and closed the door. They were talking something for some time and uncle came out. He was smiling at me and he asked,

“Shyam do you ever had hot drinks” uncle asked

“No uncle I tasted beer couple of times when Dad had it at home” I replied

“Do you like to have some drinks now you young man?” uncle teased me

I said “Not that Whisky anyway uncle, I may spoil the evening”

He laughed at me and he walked towards the kitchen and brought me a bottle of Beer, later I came to know that the name of that beer is King Fisher. He pop the cap with the handle of a steel spoon and gave to me. I started on it slowly and watch the TV. After some time Aunt came out from the room… Oh man that was a wonderful scene I have ever seen in my life.

She was wearing a light blue satin like material knighty and it was just flowing around her like a jelly in your plate (I learned to compare this way after I came t know what is jelly in Bahrain). It was a semi see through dress. It was clearly visible one lining underneath and it was reaching just couple of inches above her knees. She wore a white bra and it was in such a way that like two huge lovely mountains more over the neck was a low cut V showing a wonderful cleavage. I can see her white panty also, Escort bayan in that her huge butts were so wonderful. I could not take my eyes away from her. She also noticed that and she had a very beautiful smile on her face.

She came and sat near to uncle on the sofa. Uncle also looked so impressed on her beauty, he whispered something to her years and she blushed like a young girl and pinched him on his hand. She looked at me and said to uncle.

“What are you doing Sam you are already a spoiled boy are you trying to spoil this boy also by giving him drinks and all”

He replied in the same sharp wit “Yes I am a spoiled child first I was spoiled by yourself and then I was spoiled by drinks, now I am trying to spoil him also. By the way what are you doing now, you are killing that boy with your beauty, look at his eyes and wet lips he will eat you alive if I am not here.” He laughed loudly and she also joined with him. I was so embarrassed and blushed. I do not know how to react this situation. I became frozen, speech less and looking down.

The atmosphere became stand still, I would like to look up and see what is happening but I could not. One silent minute passes then I heard.

“Oh my sweet boy don’t worry your uncle is like that take it easy” Aunt

Then she come close to me, stands right in front of me and bent down, she lifted my face with her right hand under my chin. She smiled at me and said “Hey you are so shy”, she looked directly to my eyes and kissed me softly on my lips. I was shocked, of course uncle can’t see what she did. Her lips were so smooth like a flower and that was my first kiss from a lady. I can smell her face cream and her mascara of course in that position I can see her boobs clearly that was a wonderful sight… “Come on, come with me” she took my left hand with her right. I got up automatically and walked along with her. She grabbed me on my hips and holds me so close to her as if she is taking care of me in a dense forest. She guided me to sofa where uncle is sitting she slowly released me near to uncle and she also sat near me.

I am sitting in between them, he also patted on my back and said. “Hey man cheer up, finish your bottle” He forced me to finish that bottle quickly, Aunt also watching me closely and she is showing some kind of pity for me as if I was fed with some kind of medicine. But she is also smiling at me. When I finished my bottle of beer she clapped and put her left hard around me and pressed on to her. Her long hair was not tied and it was flowing near to her right cheeks to her lap. The way she looked at me tilting her head to her right and looking through the side.. Oh man she is so sexy… Actually I was about to kiss her but I realized she is my Aunt and of course Uncle is sitting near to me. To my surprise as if she read my mind she kissed on my cheeks, pretending that that was the present for finishing that bottle of beer.

Uncle got up and walked to the kitchen and got me another bottle. I also started enjoying their company so I did not hesitate. He came sat on the sofa but this time he was leaning to the side arm rest. One leg folded and kept on the sofa. We were watching TV, and Aunt is sitting close to me and I can feel many areas of her body on my body and I was really enjoying it. After some time she also lift one leg and put on the sofa and lean back. I lost the warm feeling of her body I was disappointed. But after some time she lifted her leg and put it right behind me, that move was so surprising. Because her one leg is behind me and one leg is down and the gown stretched up to her knee on the leg on the floor and exposed a little of her wonderful lovely thigh. I am in between her thighs and even my right butt can touch, or if I stretch my right hand down I can touch her privates. More over I am in between her huge boobs and it can press me anytime she or me wants. I looked at uncle he was not at all noticing us.

She slowly put her left hand also at my back and grabbed me closely and I was pressed into her big firm boobs. She stretched her right hand in front of me and grabbed uncle’s leg, which was on the sofa and pulled him close. He also comes close to me and he also put one hand behind me and grabbed aunt’s shoulder. They were trying to come close as if I am not there. She stretched her hand further and slowly put it under his lunky and grabbed his manhood. I was wondering what is happening, to more of my wonder he stretched further his hand and started playing with her one boob.. I was shocked and pressed in between those two lovely bodies can’t do anything but pressed on to my hard thing come up under my underwear….I was jammed in between two heavenly bodies and having a terrible hard on. Aunt did a great job across me on Uncle and he also getting a very big hard on and I can see that under his lunky. Aunt slowly removed his lunky and uncle raised his butt and removed the lunky from underneath by his self at the same time Bayan escort Aunt rubbed me over my lunky on my hard on.

She smiled at me and said “Mmm… naughty you also getting ready?” I smiled at her.

I saw Uncle’s hard on.. Oh.. what a big tool a lady like Aunt really need such a rod. She then got up and leaned over my lap and reached Uncle’s tool and kissed on it Uncle leaned back to the sofa and slowly closed his eyes. I am also badly in need of something. Aunt is lying on my lap on her belly. She is heavy but I felt good her position. My cock is pocking her belly and she noticed that. She slowly lift her body and rub on it with her belly, I also need to remove my lunky to feel her but I can’t get up. She started doing a very good blow on Uncle and he was enjoying it. I slowly slide my hand above her butts and slipped down to her thigh and lifted her nighty. I reached for her butt and I can feel the tight panty cover her ass. I pressed on it and tried to reach her thigh meeting place. It was so warm and I can feel on her panty that it is cleanly shave.

I played on it above her panty and tried to pull her panty down but I could not do that in that position. She slowly took Uncle’s tool from her mouth and got up and she removed her nighty above her hed and put down. That was my first sight of a full-grown up woman in a Panty and Bra. I became so horny. She moved uncle to the center of the sofa and spread his legs apart. Then she came to me and removed my shirt, lunky and my underwear she slipped down. She knelt down to slip that down further. At the same time she grabbed my rod and pumped him sharply. He stand like spring, she knelt down and took it to her mouth and suck me hard. Then she got up again a big disappointment for me but I was waiting for the next move. When she got up I hold her tightly and I tried to press her boobs from one to another. She enjoyed my play for some time.

Then she pulled me to Uncle she knelt down in between his legs and asked me to kneel down. I also knelt down she started plying his with her mouth and playing mine with her hand. I played her boobs above her bra. She unhooked her bra with the other hand and freed her boobs. Oh… what an enormous boobs. I bent down and tried to suck it, I lifted one of that and with both of my hands and reach there but I could not because of uncle’s leg. Still I tried to play with it. The she took her hand off from my cock and she bends my head towards near to her mouth.

I could not make out what she is trying to do. She removed uncle’s cock from her mouth and kissed me. She put her tough straight into my mouth I can feel the taste and smell of his cock in her mouth and it is so good. She smiled at me and bent me more to his cock. She gave him a deep suck and removed his cock and pointed that to my lips. I can think what she is trying to do I lick his cock. She smiled and asked me “Do you like it?” I did not say anything but I sucked his cock deep and she was holding it straight to my mouth. Two three times I wend down and come up, I was new to all those but I tried to do my best. She pulled it out from my mouth and sucked it many times and again put it back to mine, uncle was making sounds of satisfaction and he grabbed both of our heads.

We were doing that for some time and suddenly Aunt took it from my mouth and she cupped her lips on one side of it and pressed my lips at the other side. Both of our lips covering his cock head from both sides and she started playing on it with her tough, I also did the same. Our toughs were playing each other and uncle’s grip on our head became tighter and tighter. I also grabbed on his shaft and move it up and down. I can feel that he is about to cum. Aunt sucked his cock head in a very tricky manned for a short time and she tighten her lips on it and signaled me with her eyes to do the same. Within seconds uncle jetted out a big load of his semen and both of us received it straight in to our mouth. Oh… that was so great and we sucked him dry. Both us received enough and we removed his from our mouth. Then we play each other with French kisses with his semen in our mouth we exchanged it for some time and swallowed.

I can see uncle is so satisfied and he lied back. Aunt sat down on the floor and leaned back to the sofa her boobs were so raised like two beautiful big round pots. I also on my knees at her side I played with her boobs and bent down and kissed her. Mean time uncle gone to the bathroom.

She pulled me in front of her now I am kneeling right in front of her with my legs at both of her sides my balls rested on her cleavage. She lifted her boobs with both of her hands and I put my cock right in between them. Oh.. what a feeling those were so soft and warm. I moved it back and forth. She pulled it from there and sucked it hard and I lost all my controls and I pumped it hard to her mouth. It last only for few seconds and I shoot it out. She sucked every drop of it and swallowed. Escort But I was so ashamed and disappointed. I know ladies will not like those who cum so fast. I was in deep depression that was my first experience with a lady so I could not control myself. I think she also read my feeling, she got up on her knees and hold me tight. She kissed me all over my face and she was telling me “My little lover do you like us, we love you very much” I was so blushed and kissed her “I love you too” I said. She kissed me again and again. She said “We were planing for this from the day you came to our place… we are so happy and lucky to have you”

Uncle came out from the bathroom and he saw we people on our knees and kissing each other. He came and sat on the sofa and put his hands on our shoulders. We turned to him she looked at him as if she is asking him what is next. He got up again and went to the kitchen and brought two more glasses and two bottle of beers. He pore it in three glasses and we start sipping it off… all were sitting silent. After some time he cracked it with a kiss on both of us and asked

“How are you two doing?” She said “We are fine how about you?” “I am okay, how about you Shyam” He asked me I am sitting quiet as if I could not believe all those things happening to me and around me. He patted on my back and asked us to finish the glasses. When we finished it he guided us to the bedroom We entered in to the bed room all us were naked. I wen to the bath room and washed me clean and came back, When I came back I saw a beautiful scene Aunt was on the bed lying on her back and her legs were wide open. Uncle was in between her legs and licking her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she is holding his head and making some sound of satisfaction. He was playing with his mouth so fast and fast. By seen that I again got a hard on. I reached to bed and sat near to Aunt she opened her eyes and she left Uncles head and she grabbed on my hands and guided to her boobs. I started plating with her enormous boobs. Then I lied on to her and suck them she was making more noise on satisfaction. Uncle also playing too fast and fast, she grabbed my hard on and started playing with it. Moments passed like that and I became so hot and hot. She slowly pulled uncle back her.

They together moved me and positioned me on her and uncle grabbed my cock and shook it. Aunt was screaming in heat. He guided me to her pussy and my cock touched her pussy lips. That warm feeling was too much for me. I pushed him deep into her, she jerked in pain or satisfaction. I pumped deep into her and fucked her hard. I grabbed her both the boobs with my both hands as a support for my deep, hard and fast fuck. She was kicking her butts up to match my rhythm and we played for some time tike that. Then she grabbed me tight and tight The she arched her back. I can make out she reached an orgasm. She made big sound and grabbed me tight Uncle kissed her mouth and suck her lips. In fact I forget his presence till that moment. I stopped for a while giving her enough time to finish her cum. Then again I pumped her hard. He was encouraging me by telling “Oh my son fuck her fuck her hard and fast” I did so for another couple of minute and I also sum with a loud noise I was in some other world. I jetted my cum right deep in her pussy again and again my cock jerked inside her. Finally I collapsed on to her boobs. Both of us were sweating and tiered.

Slowly I got up, uncle also help me to get up from top off her. She also got up and kissed me lovingly. Then she walked to the bath room. Uncle kissed me and asked

“Was that your first experience with a woman” “Yes” I said “I can make out that from your wild fuck on her” Uncle said “Have you ever played with your friends any boys before”

“No” I Said

“Okay we are going to have a wonderful session before we are going to sleep today”

She came our from the bath room. Then I went to bath room for a wash. When I came back there are another bottle of beers. We sat together and sipped the glasses in between we sipped from each others mouth also. The Aunt slowly got up and started doing some arrangements on the bed. I can make out that they had done this before. I was wondering what are arrangements Aunt is doing and it is for what kind of a new play. She removed all pillows from the bed. She put two pillows at the long side of the bed one on top of the other one at the center. The she put another one at the opposite side near to the wall. She asked me to sit on the two pillows stack, I followed her orders. Then she came in front of me and kissed on my lips, I sucked her lips in and played with my tough. She also did the same for me, I started with playing her both the boobs with my both hands and it is so reachable in that position. We stayed there like that for some time and I started to have a hard on again.

She slowly extend her hand and grabbed my dick and slowly slowly played with it. He is getting ready for another shot. She slowly pushed me back to the bed and climbed on to the bed. Now I am laying on my back. My head on the pillow at the back end and my butts on the two pillows and my legs were hanging down to the floor.

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