In Pam’s Control Pt. 05

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It is Saturday night at the casino, and as you will find out, Pam has plans for me. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. Once again, if you are not into female domination stories…read something else.

I was sitting in the tub while the hot water jets soothed my body. My legs were shaved smooth, and Pam was in the shower. The humiliation I went through still had my cock hard. It was amazing how Pam took over the entire situation. She made me display my panties and stockings in front of Jason, and sucked his cock while I watched. The way she threw him on the bed and controlled the action was remarkable. I was worried that she would go too far and make me touch his cock, or suck it. I would have used our safe word. But in the heat of the moment who knows?

“Scott, come out of there, and let me see how you look.” Pam woke me from my thoughts.

“Very, very nice, your long thin smooth legs will look lovely tonight. Go and select a sexy panty and stocking, but not my black seamed thigh highs…I will be wearing them.”

I went to the drawer and put on a white stocking with lacy tops, and a white thong.

“Perfect. You look stunning my darling.”

The stockings felt incredible going up my shaved legs. My cock was leaking, and I could not control it.

“Get my black seamed thigh highs, and help Mistress dress.”

I rolled the stockings up Pam’s legs like she taught me.

“Now get my black bikini panties, and red dress.” Pam directed.

The red dress was short. Pam stepped into it, and it barely covered her stocking tops. Her nipples showed through the light material.

“You don’t mind if Mistress goes bra-less tonight, do you Scotty?”

“No Mistress, you look very sexy.” I was in awe.

“Now, dress me in my panties.”

I slid them up her hosed legs, and they matched her lacy stocking tops. I could have shot my load right then.

“Now get the very high boots you bought me, and put them on my feet.”

She put her hand on my shoulder, as I pulled them on her feet. They were sky high, as she stood towering over me. They went up to her knees, and framed her black seamed stockings and short hem line perfectly.

“Break my new boots in with your tongue.” She demanded.

I gladly obliged, licking every inch, tasting the fresh leather. Pam then went to the make up table and sat, tugging my ear, as I crawled behind her. I was kneeling at her side.

“Does watching Mistress applying make-up turn you on?”

“To be honest Mistress, it really does!” I confessed.

“I thought so, my naughty slave husband.”

Pam was stroking her lashes with black mascara, and taking her time with her lipstick.

“Would you like Mistress to go out tonight, and leave you here in your pretty outfit?”

I was in a deep sub zone. Pam held a cigarette to her lips, and I sprung up to light it.

“No Mistress, I would like to be with you. But if that will make you happy, I will stay here.”

As Pam sat in the chair, her stocking tops were visible.

“Perhaps I would find a man to my liking, and bring him up here. Would you like to serve us drinks, and tend to our needs? After all, I already sucked one strangers cock today, and you didn’t mind. In fact you brought his cock to me!”

She was putting on her silver earrings, puckering her red lips.

“That is a fantasy of mine Mistress, but one I would like to keep a fantasy.”

“Tell Mistress about this fantasy Scott.”

She was now rubbing my cock through my white panties.

“It’s too embarrassing to tell Mistress.”

“Well then, let me help you along. Go get your butt plug, bend over the bed, and pull your panties down. “

I followed instructions and handed her the butt plug.

“No baby oil this time sweetie, I have a better idea.”

Pam wiped some pre-cum from the head of my cock, and spread it on the tip of the plug. She moved the plug in circles around my hole, and forcefully shoved it in me. I moaned with relief, when it was in place.

“Pull your panties up, and come sit at Mistresses make up table.”

I sat at the table, and she put the vibrator on low. Pam was playing with my hair, standing behind me.

“I will give you a choice my love. Confess your fantasy or I will make up your face and lips, and have you walk around the casino all night… Or is that another one of your fantasies?” She giggled.

“No Mistress please, I will tell you.”

She sat on the chair with her legs crossed, and a big smile on her face.

“Pour us some wine, and begin.”

I poured the wine, and sat across from her. Pam then increased the vibrator a bit. It felt so good, and my cock was oozing semen like crazy.

“It is to be your cuckold Mistress. For you to date whom ever you like, when ever you like. I would help you prepare and dress for dates. If you decided to take your date home, I would be waiting to serve you dressed as you wish.”

“Go on my love, this is getting good.” Pam gulped her wine.

“The humiliation of watching you, or just knowing that you’re with üvey kız kardeş porno another guy, is a turn on. Today was a bit different, but I loved licking your ass as you gave Jason a blow job. It’s all about the humiliation of it all. I can’t explain why, but I guess that’s what makes me submissive.”

“Come to me Scott.”

I walked over to her chair, and stood before her. She lowered the vibrator, and rubbed my balls through my panties.

“You will bath me, and keep my pussy and ass shaved for my lover. I would have you pick out sexy clothes for me to wear for my dates.”

I just moaned in agreement.

“You would wait up all night for me, ready to clean my pussy with your tongue.”

My moans were louder.

“You would dress in sexy lingerie and meet my date at the door. My date and I would be kissing and fondling each other, as you stood by with drinks. He would comment on how pretty you look, and we both would laugh.”

I had to move away from her hand, as I would have cum.

“Don’t move from me, and don’t dare cum…pour me some wine.”

She continued, while smoothing her hands over my stockings.

“It would be fun to give you a female name, and call you that while my lover is present. Sabrina is pretty… That’s it…on our slave weeks you are Sabrina. Answer me Sabrina.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, I like that. My date will also call you Sabrina. When the time comes for us to have sex, you will make sure our bedroom is clean, and the bed is turned down. You might also light candles, before you sleep in the guest room.”

She was hitting all the cuckold desires. Pam did her home work well.

“If I called you into our bedroom, would you pull down my lovers pants for me, and fold them neatly? Would Sabrina, stroke his cock, and get it hard for Mistress? Would Sabrina put on red lipstick, and suck his cock if I asked?”

Pam pulled down my panties, and was now stroking my shaft.

“Tell me the truth, and you can cum…tell me!” Pam was loud.

“Yes, Yes, Yes…I would suck cock for you Mistress…Yes, Yes…”

“Come for me Sabrina… cum for me!”

I shot my load all over the place! On the floor, on the bed, and on the wall… it was an amazing explosion. Pam had dug deep inside my fantasy, and discovered the truth.

After I exploded my cock was still hard… and the butt plug still in place. Pam pulled my panties back on and said,

“Now that wasn’t so difficult. You should never hide your fantasies from Mistress…after all; I can’t fulfill them, if you don’t tell me. You will clean up your mess later. Go and get dressed, I am starving.”

I was ashamed at my self. Telling Pam I would suck cock for her, dressed in lingerie, set a new level of humiliation…so I thought!

Part Five…Chapter Two

We went to the lobby, and picked out a cozy quiet restaurant. Every guy that past us was drooling over Pam, and she looked right back at them flirting. I walked a couple of steps behind her, and watched the short tight dress swing with her ass. Her black stockings were sheer, except for the dark seam running up the back of her legs. The boots she wore were pointy toed, and had a six inch heel…and she handled them well.

“Scotty, I want to gamble. After we eat, I will play some black jack. You may watch Mistress from afar, but do not address me unless I call you. Is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress, I will always be close by in case I am needed.”

“Good, now pay the bill and I will see you later.”

She walked away and headed to a near by black jack table. It was full, but they made room for the lady in red. Pam bought some chips, and planted her perfect ass in a chair. I was sure her dress rode up enough to display her sexy stocking tops.

I went to a roulette table, and stood. My butt plug made it uncomfortable to sit for long periods. I had sight of Pam sipping a cock tail, and smoking a cigarette (lit by the dealer) it was a lively table, as all players cheered, and groaned together. Pam seemed to be the center of attention.

A couple of hours had past, and I was just about even. I wondered how Pam was doing. I looked over, and she was gone. After searching for about one half hour I spotted her playing this Chinese game. I had seen it before, and could never remember the name, or how it was played. I noticed one of the players from her black jack table was sitting next to her. She was a very hot Asian girl, who appeared to be about 22 or 23 years old.

The Asian girl wore a very short black dress, with black stockings that were laced with designs. She wore high heeled black shoes with a platform sole. The shoes looked too heavy for her dainty feet. Her long straight black hair framed her beautiful full red lips. Her eyes were dark, and covered with mascara. The two of them sitting there lit up the whole table.

After a couple of bourbons, and another two hours, I noticed Pam and her friend having a drink at a bar. It was now in the wee hours of the morning, and I was getting xnxx porno tired. That’s when my phone rang.

“I won about $500, how about you?”

“I am about even Mistress, I was playing roulette earlier.”

“I need my feet rubbed, these boots are killing me. Go to our room and pull down the bed, you can worship my feet tonight, I will be up in a few minutes.”

I went to our room, and took off my shirt and pants. The sheets were pulled down, and the lights were dimmed. I waited about twenty minutes, and Pam came in. She stood while I pulled off her boots, and kissed her hot sweaty feet. Her stockings held in the sweat nicely, and I savored the taste. She dropped on the bed and said,

“Sabrina, be a doll and undress me. I am very tired, and would like to sleep. You may continue to worship my feet, when you are done.”

She pulled her arms up, and I slid her dress over her head. She was a bit intoxicated, and started giggling,

“Sabrina, put Mistresses dress on, I want to see it on you.”

She leaned back on both elbows, and smiled.

I stepped into the red dress, and put my arms through the top straps. The dress showed my balls through my white panties.

“Sabrina you look gorgeous…turn for me.”

I slowly turned, and displayed the back. My ass cheeks were hanging out from the dress. Pam was now laughing.

“Pull up the front of your dress Sabrina, and show Mistress.”

My cock was hard as a rock, and bending my panties.

“It appears Sabrina likes her new dress. You may take off my stockings, then continue to worship my feet in your dress. She wasn’t laughing.

I kissed and rubbed her feet for about twenty five minutes, until I knew she was asleep. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and wandered what I have become. My white stockings against Pam’s short red dress had me looking like’ Sabrina’. Pam had opened up a new window, and my cock responded with full erection. Before taking off the dress, I put away all the clothes thrown about, and removed the butt plug from my ass. I actually felt like a slut. My stocking legs cuddled next to her, and fast asleep I fell.

Morning came quickly, as the sun lit up our suite. I quickly closed the window curtains and got dressed. Pam was still in a deep sleep, as I went to the lobby for tea and coffee. I thought about the beautiful Asian girl Pam was with earlier, and if I should ask about her. After a nice hot shower, I sat drinking my coffee in a white fluffy bath robe.

Pam stirred, and rubbed her eyes. Her black panties were riding up sacred places. I brought her the tea, and she sat and sipped it.

“You look comfy in that robe. What time is it?”

“Its noon Mistress, Did you enjoy your birthday?”

“I enjoyed it very much. I had an interesting massage, and won some money last night. I was playing this Chinese poker game called ‘Pai Gow’. My friend Amanda introduced it to me, and we had a blast.”

“Amanda?” I asked meekly.

“Yes, you will meet her later. I want to take a nice jet bath, and get ready for the day. Get it ready for me.”

I set the water temperature, and poured in some flowery bath gel. Pam tossed her panties at me, and I helped her into the tub. As she eased back, the steamy water fogged the mirrors.

“Wash my back for me sweetie.”

I lathered up a sponge and slid it along her back. My robe had parted and Pam grabbed my hard cock.

“Did you enjoy wearing Mistresses dress last night…and be honest.”

“It was strange Mistress. You telling me to wear it… was a big turn on. I guess it’s the humiliation thing again.”

Pam was stroking my cock, and had that evil grin on her face.

“Suppose I dressed you in panties, garter belt, stockings and bra. I could add make up and a sassy wig, and find a fitting high heeled shoe…would that be a turn on?”

I backed away from her stroking, because I would have cum. She giggled.

It’s getting hot in here Sabrina. Today you will wear red thigh highs with a matching thong. Put out my skinny jeans and the crotch- less panties you bought me…you are dismissed.”

I found the fire red thigh highs, and the red thong with a lacy waist band, and dressed.

Pam’s skinny jeans fit her like they were painted on. She wore a low cut purple top, with four inch platform pumps. After she applied her make-up, we went down and ate brunch.

“Are you ready to continue our erotic weekend? I think you will enjoy it.” Pam said, as she ate some fruit.

“This weekend has been so amazing; I am ready for anything Mistress.”

“Good, when we finish eating, I want you to go to our suite, and wait for me. You may stay dressed in your Scott clothes.”

I did as I was told, and nervously waited, not knowing what Pam had planned. Over my stockings and panties, I wore black Dockers and a collared shirt. About one hour later I heard the door open.

“Scott, this is my friend I told you about… Amanda this is my husband.”

Amanda was even more beautiful than I thought. She also had very tight jeans zenci porno on, wearing a short black boot, with about a four inch heel. For her thin frame, she hosted a large round rack, about 35-c. Amanda’s long straight black hair, slightly covered her perfectly made up face. Her lips were red, to match her red blouse.

“Hello Amanda, nice to meet you.”

Amanda smiled at Pam, and we lightly shook hands.

“I heard a lot about you Scott, Pam is a lucky lady.”

I blushed a bit, not knowing what Pam told her.

“Scott, get us some wine…and pour your self a glass of bourbon.” Pam asked cheerfully.

“Good idea, white or red ladies?” I asked.

Both answered white, and they sat on the love seat smoking cigarettes. I un- corked a new bottle of Pinot Grigio, and brought them their wine. They both had their legs crossed; with shoes forward… it was an incredible sight.

“Amanda is working her way through college, and wants to be a doctor.” Pam said.

“A doctor…wow, that’s great! What type of work do you do?” I asked smiling.

“I make people happy.” Amanda said while swaying her heels with her legs crossed.

I stood dumbfounded, not knowing what to say. Amanda got up, and faced me.

“I would like to make you happy today, Scott.”

Amanda looked into my eyes, and pulled down the zipper of my pants. I looked at Pam and she smiled.

“I want to watch you and Amanda together. You will do as Amanda wants…get my pocket rocket, and hand it to me.”

I went into the drawer, and brought Pam’s vibrator to her. It felt quite strange. I had not been with another woman for over ten years. I was totally attracted to Amanda, but I didn’t know how to respond.

“Take your pants and shirt off.” Amanda said authoritatively.

I stumbled a bit, and took off my clothes, exposing my red stockings and panties. My cock was sticking straight out of my thong. Amanda had a big grin on her face.

“Sabrina, come here and remove my shoes.”

Pam was sitting on the love seat, getting a good view of it all. I walked where Amanda stood, and got down on my knees. I took off one boot, and it exposed her red stocking foot. She brought it to my face, and I sniffed and licked it as taught. I did the same with the other, and Amanda directed me to undress her.

After pealing off her jeans, it was apparent that she wore almost the identical red thigh highs, and thong I was wearing. She took off her blouse, and was bra-less.

“I thought it would be hot if you both wore matching lingerie…and it is!” Pam was smiling.

Amanda slipped her shoes back on, and we faced each other.

“Just one more thing, so we really match.” Amanda said.

She walked over to her bag, and brought back her lipstick. She sat me on the bed, and painted my lips.

“There now, isn’t that much better? Do you like cherry red Sabrina?”

“It does look pretty on you Amanda.” I didn’t know what to say.

“Now it looks pretty on you…and I am Mistress Amanda.”

I looked over at Pam; she had one leg on the arm of the love seat, and nodded her approval.

“Yes Mistress Amanda, I like the lipstick.”

Amanda gently pushed me on the bed, and she lay by my side. Her hand was stroking my stockings.

“Pam has told me a lot about you, and what a good slave husband you have become. You also have a secret desire to be cuckold, and watch her with another man. Well, Pam has desires too, and wants to watch you with me. I hope you don’t disappoint Mistress…Do you want to fuck me Sabrina?”

“Yes, Mistress Amanda, you are so beautiful.” I was rock hard.

Amanda leaned over me, and licked my lips, as my tongue reached out for hers. Pam took her jeans off, and sat in her crotch- less panties. She was sipping wine, and had her vibrator at the ready.

Amanda slid my thong over, and released my erection. Her lips found their way to my balls, and she slowly licked them. To my surprise, Pam was making a video with her cell phone. Amanda slid her tongue to the head of my penis, and wrapped her lips around it. She closed her lips tightly giving me a wonderful sensation. Amanda then turned her body, putting us in a 69 position. Her young tight ass and pussy were before me, as her shoes framed my head.

Pam stood, and got closer with the camera.

“Sabrina, you know what to do…make Mistress proud.”

I pulled the red string of her thong out of her ass, and put my lips and tongue to work. Her scent and taste were different from Pam’s, but quite tasty. Amanda stopped sucking my cock, and was now rubbing her pussy on my face. I had my tongue straight out to be used for her pleasure. My face was covered by Amanda’s precious juices.

I spread her cheeks apart, and darted my tongue into her pink ass hole. I caught a quick glimpse of her in the mirror, and Amanda was pinching her nipples, as she rode my face. Her moans were low, but steady. Pam sat the camera on the table, and was now working her clit through her crotch- less panties.

Amanda leaned forward and continued to nibble on my cock.

“Get that tongue back in my ass hole…and don’t you dare cum.”

I lifted my head, and grabbed her hips, pushing my tongue as deep into her hole as possible. Her moans were getting louder, as she pulled herself away from me. Amanda then sat on the bed, with her back resting on the head board.

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