Impatiently Waiting

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She stared at the door and waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

It felt like she’d been in here for hours, although it had likely only been minutes. It could honestly have been either, but she had no idea. Time seems to fly when you’re going absolutely insane.. he loved to make her feel crazy.

She rested her chin on the pillow he had been gracious enough to leave behind. Would he be back soon? Surely he wanted to take care of his pet? She had been nothing but good for him.. well, mostly. That was sort of why she was here.

She still stared at the door, her body tense with anticipation. God, she needed him to come back right now and finish her off. They had been in the mood, so dirty, so good.. he had been teasing her, using the names only he could call her. In the back of her mind, somewhere, she knew they were true. She wanted only to be his little slut, his to pleasure and be pleasured by.

She would do absolutely anything for his attention. But damn it, he loved to tease her so much. Right as she was getting close he would step back and watch her squirm. It was torture, and she loved it.

Her mistake was to backtalk. She asked if that was the best he could do. As soon as it slipped out of her mouth, she wanted to take it back. No amount of pleading could make the words vanish in thin air. She braced herself to be slapped on the ass, to be gripped on her neck and told she was a bad girl.. but he knew her. He knew that was what she wanted him to do, to punish her with pleasure. She wished it had been that easy.

Instead, he had left. Not before having a little bit of fun – she was now alone in the dark of the bedroom, her mouth gagged so she could no longer speak. And she was still horny as hell, but he had tied her hands. Rope play was one of her favorites, but now it was being used against her. She cursed the cords around her wrists, placed just to hinder her flexibility and then locking her against the bedpost. Maybe there was a way..

Her head snapped to attention when she heard voices outside. What the hell was he doing out there? Who was that? She heard several other people besides just him. After a moment, she recognized their voices.. 2 of their neighbors, close friends of theirs. She began to panic, wondering what evil plan was playing out before her ears. Were they going to come in the room? Were they going to see her like this? What was he doing, seriously? Anxious thoughts whirled around her head at a hundred miles per hour.

The voices were soon followed by footsteps, heading down the hallway from the front door. They drew closer, and as they approached the door her heart stood still. So did they.. he stopped them outside the door, and she could now make out their words. Friendly conversation, telling jokes about work and upcoming.. sports games? They had no idea of the kinky as hell scene that was just on the other side of the wall. He knew, though.. he knew she was in there and must be grinning at the thought of her predicament. He stopped to linger at the door and talk on purpose, entertaining his oblivious guests. He told them she was out with friends for the night, that bastard. He probably thought this was hilarious, she imagined.

When had he had time to slip out and set this up? She hadn’t heard a sound besides the TV in the den, a room away. Not a footstep nor a phonecall heard, she assumed he was just biding his time to teach her a lesson about who knows what, patience or respecting sir or something.

The voices finally moved away from the door and she let out a hot breath. This was the real torture.. he had gotten her good, she admitted to herself. She listened as her lover and his company flopped down in the den, arguing over what to watch. It had never occurred to her how thin the walls were..

What if they heard her, or walked in on the way to the bathroom? Here she was, naked besides a few tattered clothes she like to wear for foreplay – they didn’t cover anything at all – gagged, crazy haired, and tied to a bedpost. Nobody knew how incredibly fucking kinky she was, or how she liked to be dominated.. they would never look at her the same. She could do nothing but hope at this point. But she was still so turned on, and it surprised her that it was actually getting worse. Now that the initial fear was wearing off, she was actually getting excited. What if someone walked in? The thought of somebody seeing her like this started to arouse her. It was like the thrill of being dirty in public, a feeling she knew very well. All the time at work he would send her dirty texts, and she would sneakily get herself off in the office. Sometimes she would send pictures back from under her desk, or if she got lucky and nobody was around she would pull down her shirt for him. The memories were going through her head now and it was getting really fucking hot in here.

Through the wall she heard them put on a show.. what was this, a freaking HBO viewing party? They were gonna be here at least an hour. She buried her face in the pillow, her thoughts cloudy with lust. She couldn’t take this otele gelen escort for an hour. She wanted him to come back in and fuck her brains out, hard. She would even apologize, or beg, or do anything he asked her to as long as he let her cum. She wanted them to leave, but she didn’t want them to leave. What if he came in and fucked her while their friends were still here? They could be sneaky… God, that would be so hot. She squirmed in place more and more. She remembered this was punishment, though.. he wouldn’t reward her like that. She was gonna have to wait so long..

She couldn’t take it. This was madness, and he knew it. He did this to her. He was in the other room watching TV, smirking. Her whole body ached. Could she get off herself? She was already pressed against the covers of the bed, grinding back and forth. It felt good, but it wasn’t enough. She could hardly think anymore, her brain screaming demands in short sentences.

The bedpost was to her right, the door directly in front of her. She looked at the ropes wrapped delicately around the wooden post. There was no way she could get it off without use of her hands, and she didn’t even want to think about what he would do to her afterwards.

She couldn’t keep on like this.. she was so wet it was dripping down her legs and on to the sheets now. Part of her knew she was doing this to herself and could stop, but that was the sane part of her mind and she wasn’t listening to that now. She needed to get off, and he couldn’t know. She had time to piece a plan together, probably.. she could still hear small talk and surround-sound action from the other room.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she shifted her position counter-clockwise. One leg placed carefully over her bound arms, she rotated her body – now she was in a weird, almost pretzel-like position with her arms stretching between her legs and her ass facing the post. She gingerly backed herself up, her shoulders stretching from tension almost painfully. But the moment her wetness made contact with the post, that feeling vanished from her mind and was replaced with a rush of pleasure. She edged herself against the soft wood and let out a hushed gasp of relief. Back and forth, back and forth, faster now… dear God, she had been waiting for this for so long. It felt so good.. she could do more. Letting her ambitions take over, she pulled against her restraints, lifting her hands ever so slightly – until all of a sudden, she could feel herself with a finger. Every muscle in her body was screaming and overstretched, but she didn’t care. She was grinding faster now, and circling her clit with an outstretched thumb. She lost herself in this feeling for who knows how long, fireworks going off in her head.

She had always been so easy to get off – she could feel an orgasm coming already. Maybe if she went faster, she could have more than one before Sir found out. The thought raced through her head and she subconsciously picked up speed, the bed creaking beneath her.

The bed was creaking.

Her stomach dropped when she realized it, and was snapped out of her fantasy immediately. She only noticed how quiet it was in the house when the bed came to a stop. Her heart was beating in her ears. How long had she been doing this? …

Had he noticed? Was he even still here?

For a moment, she considered calling out his name, but was muffled quickly by the gag stretched between her lips.

She looked over at the door just in time to see the handle turn.

The door swung open with hardly a sound, light briefly flooding the room before it closed again. He stood before the bed with his arms crossed. Simply not knowing what to do in this situation, she looked up at him and tried to smile cutely.

He struggled not to laugh, she could see it in his eyes. But he had a role to play, and she had crossed his orders. “Now that we’re all alone here.. Do you remember what I told you before I left?”

She mumbled apologetically into her gag.

“Something about maybe waiting patiently here for me, since you decided to think you were the one in charge?” He stared at her, analyzing the scene. It was a messy one. “Looks like you didn’t last too long on your own willpower… do you see how much you need me?”

She nodded up and down, her eyes pleading.

“How strong and independent do you feel now, then? Do you know your place in bed?”

She attempted to say something under the gag once more.

“Come again?” He reached towards her mouth and swiftly yanked the gag out and down across her neck.

“Submissive,” she cried. “I’m your submissive little slut and I need you”. He smirked once more at this. “I think you’re on to something there. However.. you still disobeyed me.” He stepped closer to the bed, bending forward slightly to meet her eyes. “Somebody’s been naughty, and I’ve got to punish them again.”

“Of course.. I’ve been very bad, I touched myself without your permission.. please, my body is yours to punish,” she said, bowing her head before him. She looked up slowly with her mecidiyeköy escort eyes closed, opening them dramatically to reveal her best puppy dog eyes. They never got a chance to work.

He met her upward motion with a hand, gripping around her neck firmly. After a moment she let out a choked breath, her cheeks quickly turning a shade of red. She could hardly breathe and she loved it. He used his chokehold to guide her body back over the rope and out of her contorted position. Arms now lifted over back behind her head, she lay flat as he pushed her down against the bed by her neck. She squirmed uncontrollably, the air fighting to reach her lungs. Tears welled in her eyes as he towered over her, watching her struggle.

A few streamed down her face, smudging her eyeliner. He lightened his grip. She let out a gasp and collapsed even farther into the bed. If she had been able to speak, she would have thanked him for graciously allowing her to breathe. Instead she gulped up the air greedily in large ragged breaths.

Without letting go of her, he climbed up onto the bed and straddled her, one leg on each side of her supple hips. He filled her vision, looming over the trembling body beneath him. Now recovered, she looked up and met his gaze. His face couldn’t hide the lust boiling beneath the surface – his breathing heavy, eyes gleaming and looking her up and down. She was his prey, and he was hungry. This mutual moment of silence didn’t last long at all before he snapped forward, grabbing what little remained of her clothing and ripping it off from her chest. Her ample breasts bounced from the motion, now fully exposed. With his free hand, he gave one a smack. She moaned and leaned her head back, still pinned down at the neck. He smacked her tits back and forth with no mercy, each time leaving a mark and a stinging pain. They were both going mad with horniness, seeing no need for words. Only pleasure.

The slapping increased in speed, every few moments interrupted when he grabbed a tit and let it fill his hand, pressing it tightly against her chest . She let out small cries involuntarily with every impact, lost in how good the pain made her feel. Her hips were swishing up and down almost violently. He lowered himself for a moment to sit down on them, putting pressure on her pussy as it attempted to grind against the crotch of his pants. Just as quickly, he sat back up again and left her crying for his touch. He smacked her tits again.

In a smooth motion, he let go of her throat and slipped his own shirt off, throwing it across the bed. She couldn’t help but stare.. he was so hot without a shirt on. His slender frame had just the right amount of muscle and was hard to the touch. It was topped by widening shoulders, from which came down arms she could describe as firm, almost thick or rigid. She loved watching the muscles tighten in his forearm every time he grabbed her.

The slapping stopped when he decided to close the gap between them, bending down until her soft body touched his. Their hips continued to grind against each other almost subconsciously, sending waves of pleasure to her brain again and again. He wrapped his arms behind hers, one holding on to her shoulder and the other her hair. He pulled lightly as he ran through her smooth locks, coming to a rest on the back of her head. Their faces were across from eachother for a brief second, eyes glistening yet unfocused, breathing heavily, lips parted. She couldn’t hold back anymore and lunged upwards to meet his mouth. He pulled away quickly and pushed her down into the mattress to establish his dominance. But even then, he couldn’t not kiss her. He pressed his mouth back against her full lips, sealing them together. They made out with a passion, tongues exploring and heads rocking side to side. Neither of them could keep their hands to themselves – well, she could, because they were still tied behind her head. But his grabbed and pulled her hair, travelling all around the sides of her head. His left broke away and travelled down her body, lightly tracing her neck before finding its mark. He stretched over her breast and groped it as their mouths embraced, sometimes squeezing and pushing it around, sometimes circling her nipple and pulling up. Sensations flooded her mind from every angle, blind to anything but the thrill and pleasure she was feeling. Her body was no longer in control; it was his to play with. She was a fucktoy for him to get himself off with and it was her dirty pleasure.

The hand travelled further down her body, gliding smoothly across her stomach. It passed her crotch and came to rest on her thigh. She willed it to back up with her mind, for him to fill her little pussy with it, but no luck. She let out an exasperated moan into his mouth as he began to tease her, fingers rubbing back and forth along her thigh. Occasionally they would linger near her fuckhole and feel the wetness, feel how slippery she was with desire. She wiggled her hips back and forth, squirming, unable to do anything more with her hands tied up. She tore free from his lips and cried out. “Fuck me!”

“Fuck me türkmen escort hard, please! I need it!” He sat up for a moment and laughed. She continued to beg, feeling almost sick with how badly she needed it. “Sir, please.. I’ll do anything you ask, just fuck me please..”

“Anything?” he inquired, entertaining her desire. “What will you do for me, slut? What could you possibly do that I could want?” His voice was stern, despite still panting.

“I’ll suck you off, I’ll let you fill all my holes, anything you want..” Her voice shook as he continued to rub the area around her crotch.

“Your body is already mine, you don’t get to barter with it. Don’t forget that, my little whore.”

“But I am a little worked up..” He lifted himself up and over her to the side of the bed, letting his hands stabilize him for a moment.. oh god, one of them was right next to her pussy and pressuring hard. She sucked in a breath and held it, her mind on fire.. and then it was gone. He was walking around the bed now, leaving her there to collapse in a pool of her own juices. He was smirking again.

He stopped when he reached the bedpost. She felt tugging on her bindings as his nimble fingers undid the knot. Instead of being tied in place, her wrists were now simply tied together with a bit of rope leftover, giving her a little more freedom. That didn’t last, however – he grabbed on to the spare rope and pulled her across to the edge of the bed using it as a leash. From there he picked her up, lifting her easily under her legs and back, and set her down on her knees. She leaned back against the bed, her head at waist level. She knew what he wanted. The bulge in his pants could easily tell her that.

There was no way she could get his pants off, tied like this. Stupid buttons made sure of that. He let her off easy this time and took them off himself, throwing them across the room as well. Always so dramatic. He was now standing there in nothing but his boxers, and she could make out the shape of his cock straining against the seams. “Take them off, slut,” he commanded.

She leaned forward.. it was so close to her, so fucking hot. He was so hard for her. She put her mouth up to the band and gripped it with her teeth. She tugged downwards, fighting more than a little to pull it over the summit. She let them fall to the floor.

He didn’t give her enough time to stare, but she still tried. She couldn’t help but to stare at his thickness every single time, and try to wrap her head around how it could possibly fit inside her. “Now suck it, slut. Prove you’re worthy to me.” His hand wrapped around her head on either side and gripped her hair tightly. His cock circled in front of her lips, waiting almost impatiently.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

The first thing she felt was the warmth. The head slid between her lips easily at first, but because of its bulbous shape it soon began to push her jaws apart. She took it on her tongue, wrapping around it to make sure it was all nice and wet. Through his arms, she felt his body shivering; this was the most sensitive part and could only take so much special attention. Next he pushed only and inch or two into her mouth, moving slowly inwards and coming to a rest. He let her take control from there. Only so much could be done in her mouth.. it already felt full with a wad of enormous cock in it. Her tongue whirled around the thickness of his shaft as she bobbed her head back and forth in rhythm. He let out heavy sighs and gripped her hair harder. Every so often, she would let it fall back out, just to drag her tongue along its entire length to get it sloppy and wet, then she would swallow it back again. This was getting her so turned on, maybe even as much as he was. She hoped Sir was enjoying her pleasuring.

She knew what was coming, though. It’s what always happened – he never let her stay in control for long. Suddenly he was pushing more into her mouth, entire inches at a time until it stopped against her throat. Her mouth was struggling to catch up, lips wrapped tightly around him trying to slide further down his length, reaching just over halfway. Her mouth was crammed full of his manhood until she could hardly breathe, but she didn’t care. Only his pleasure mattered. Her jaw stretched until it nearly hurt.

He gathered her hair into a ponytail, using it as a handhold. He began to thrust faster into her mouth, using it like it was her pussy. Hearing her gag only made him go deeper, harder, pushing her head down and then up again. She was along for the ride, shutting her mind off so she could be used. His dick crashed inside over and over, his legs quivering as for a moment as he got close to the edge. He became almost frenzied, slamming into her mouth and down her throat as fast as he could go. They were both overcome with feeling, her with nearly blacking out and he with a powerful orgasm rocking his body. He pulled it out of her just as his cum began to shoot out, coating her face in sticky strands. More lashed out in pulses, hitting her cheeks and mouth, dribbling down to her chin with some cascading down to her breasts. She felt everything at once, her world returning with a flash of colors and fiery desire. The cum covering her body was warm. She loved being his cumslut.. she would take it anywhere, as many times as he could go. It was arousing her to be so covered in semen, she wanted more..

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