I’m Yours

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A knocking at the door snapped Ariana from a deep slumber. She lay, confused, trying to figure out how long she’d been asleep and what had woken her. Another knock snapped her out of it. She rose, padding to the door, barefoot in underwear and a tank top, rising on her tip toes to see through the peep hole. She was unsurprised to find Patrick standing there, looking off to the side. She unlocked the door, then swung it open, grabbing his shirt and pulling him in before locking him into a kiss. She’d never invited a bar pickup back before. She was breaking her rules, but then he’d done it first, hadn’t he? He cupped her ass cheek in one hand as she broke the kiss, panting for breath, eying him hungrily. Had it been days? Hours since he claimed her? Time didn’t seem to matter anymore, she just knew she wanted him.

She reached under the back of his shirt, caressing up his spine, then dragged her nails back down. He growled in response. Pulled her ponytail and bit her neck. She pushed the door closed and broke off their embrace.

There was no need in playing coy anymore, and the chase was usually the best part of the game, but in Patrick Ariana found a new thrill. She had yet to conquer him and didn’t honestly expect to. She’d never met anyone like him.

Patrick was still mystified by Ariana. This new layer to her personality added a depth he hadn’t realized she could have. He wasn’t sure whether he liked her better struggling for the power over him she would never have, or looking up helplessly from underneath him.

She walked into the bedroom, Patrick Betturkey on her heels. She wasn’t even consciously thinking about the bedroom, she’d meant to offer him a drink, but when he grabbed her waist and threw her over the dresser a chill went down her spine. She realized she was already wet for him. He pulled her panties off and slipped a finger inside her while he kissed her on the small of her back. She shook with desire. She tried to rise, or flip over. He pinned her tightly with one hand, keeping two fingers from the other sliding in and out of her. she squealed, struggled, then gave in and let the orgasm wash over her. The waves overwhelming her.

When she went limp in his arms he kissed the back of her shoulder.

“Hi. How’s your day been?” He asked. She merely sighed in response, stumbling to the bed to lay down.

“Would you like anything to drink? I have pepsi. Or tea. There’s vodka and cranberry juice…” she started, already dozing just a little. She turned her head to look at the clock. 7 p.m. She must have fallen asleep immediately after coming in from work.

Patrick climbed into bed next to her, turning her onto her back. She lazily swatted his hands away, but then rolled over and straddled him, kissing his neck. He allowed her for a moment, then in one swift motion traded places with her. His movements were at once gentle, but firm.

She looked up at him and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer but not into her just yet. She felt his body respond and she wiggled her waist until he was inside her. Betturkey Giriş She caught his eye contact and he began to move slowly and rhythmically.

Patrick dipped his head, kissing Ariana, mildly amused that she closed her eyes like a teenager having her first kiss.

She kissed his neck, slowly rolling over again so that she was back on top of him. She continued moving rhythmically, covering Patricks face an neck with kisses. Moaning softly. Slowly she built up pace until she had a good stride, pinning his arms above his head she kissed his neck again. Patrick was seemingly enthralled. She leaned down and whispered to him.

“Be a shame if I stopped. If I just…left you here. So close to fulfillment, but so far away…”

Ariana rolled off of him, turning onto her stomach to reach under the bed. She hoped to find a scarf or maybe some nylons, to tie his wrists while he lay looking at her confused. Suddenly he was on her back, pushing into her from behind.

“I thought we’d worked this out. Had to try again, huh? Still so predictable”

Ariana’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. He was hitting her g spot full on. Completely pounding it. She forgot what she was reaching for. Forgot her plan. She forgot who she was for the moment. As long as he kept on, she was just his. That was who she was. Anything to keep him from stopping. She pushed back against him. He pulled her wrists behind her back, held them there. He leaned down to whisper in her ear again.

“Look at you. You don’t really want to take control, Betturkey Güncel Giriş do you. You just want to antagonize me now. You were begging for this as soon as I walked through the door. Like a cat in heat. Secure in the idea that I can’t posess you because of those little pills in your purse”

An alarm went off in Ariana’s head. When had she told him about this. Something seemed so wrong. But it felt so good. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t formulate what was so alarming through her pending orgasm. It was probably nothing…

“That’s why I took them. You’ve been taking pez candies for about…two weeks now…”

Had they been seeing each other two weeks? What was he getting at. Closer, it was going to be a really big orgasm. It was all she could see.

“You should be ovulating now. I haven’t been over in about a week. Saving up for you. I have a gift for you”

“Give it to me” was all she could manage. Then it dawned on her. A slow panic crept over her. Her last shred of control. She had to stop. She had to get to her backup contraceptives in the bathroom. But it felt so good. Even if he wasn’t holding her she didn’t have the will. She could feel it. He was as close as she was. “Wait. Wait, you can’t. I can’t…”

The orgasm felt like it was ripping through her. She imagined this must be what it felt like to explode and then conscious thought all seemed to just cease.

“I knew you wanted it” He growled, and slammed back into her one last time, making sure to fill her cervix. It was the most intense orgasm he’d possibly ever had. She hadn’t wanted to, but at the same time she needed him. She was going to be truly his now.

In the afterglow they lay, her on her stomach, he on her back, completely unable to move. He kissed her neck and just as he dozed off to sleep she whispered “I’m yours” into her pillow.

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