Happy Birthday Ch. 02

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“I want to do something new tonight,” he winked at me as I assumed my position with my hands at the top of the bed. With that, he pulled a pair of red handcuffs out of my nightstand and placed them next to the pink furry ones that we always used. My heart raced at the thought of what we might do with two sets of handcuffs.
“But before we get to that, I need to get you ready again,” he said as he lovingly leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. He trailed away after a moment and began kissing down the side of my neck and into my collarbone. I shivered from the sensations rippling through me. My nipples were hard again and his mouth took mere seconds to find its way to each of them. He took my left nipple in his mouth and sucked on it until it grew to double its length. He then moved over to my right nipple. I was squirming by now and wriggling in hopes that he would soon find his way to my throbbing pussy. I wanted him even more now than I had when I had been touching myself in the shower. His hands grabbed handfuls of my breasts and pushed them up to meet his mouth. Then, he leaned back and smiled at me.
“Okay babe, I want you to move up to the headboard like you usually do. But, instead of binding your hands, I am going to secure your feet to the headboard, okay?”
“How?” I wondered aloud as I shifted my body up to the headboard. Silently, she secured each of my ankles in a separate set of the handcuffs. Then, one by one, he drew each of my legs up to the outer most corner of my bed and secured the other cuff to the bedpost. When he was finished, I was near folded in half with my legs spread wide across the queen size headboard. The air from the fan hit my wet pussy and I shivered. I escort kartal was more exposed than I had ever been.
“Are you okay?” he asked, gently. I nodded quickly because I was so curious to see what he had in store for me. “There’s one more thing, if it’s okay,” he smiled. I watched him reach into my nightstand again and pull out my sleep mask. “Wear this.”
“But then I can’t see you!” I protested. Seeing him was part of what got me so orgasmic to begin with. I liked to see the contours of his body. I liked to watch him doing the things that he did to me. It got me off, so to speak.
“Baby, trust me. I’m going to give you a birthday that you will not soon forget. If you let me cover your eyes, you will experience sensations like never before. It will heighten your other senses. So, can I do it?” he pleaded. For curiosity alone, I agreed.
He gently secured the sleep mask to my eyes with the band running around to the back of my head. I was reminded how much light it was able to block out as the entire room went pitch black before my eyes.
My senses were on high alert as I waited for his first move. There was nothing. The room was dreadfully quiet, and I became anxious. Suddenly, I felt his mouth going down on my pulsing pussy. His tongue lapped at me as if it were a dog in a water bowl. He ran his tongue up my slit and back down again. I felt my juices let loose and start dripping. I knew that this was his favorite part of me. He loved it when I was really wet.
Bryan’s tongue slid up and down my slit and then dove into my hole. He sucked and slurped my juices which only led me to create even more. He pulled back and used his fingers to rub me while he kissed uğur mumcu escort the back of each thigh. I bucked into his face when his mouth returned to me. His tongue fucked me in and out, in and out, and I was insanely aroused. Since my hands were free for once, I began to tweak and massage my nipples for an added effect. My breaths were becoming shorter and shorter as I felt Bryan’s tongue move down to my ass hole. He lapped at the puckered hole and stuck his tongue inside. Having been accustomed to his fingers before, I did not jerk back. Instead, I felt myself grow hotter as his tongue drove deeper and deeper into my ass. My thighs began to quiver and I knew that I was about to cum. Bryan recognized the signs and he shoved his fingers into my wet pussy as his tongue plunged into my ass. I began to shake uncontrollably just as Bryan pulled himself back completely.
“Noooo,” I yelped, “what are you doing?” I was whimpering in pent up ecstasy and I heard Bryan move to the side of my bed once again. I heard a drawer close and then he was back on my pussy with his mouth. Breathing deeply, I tried to get myself back to that point of release so that I could have some relief. Bryan’s mouth lapped at my dripping juices and I felt a jelly like presence on my ass. Something was smeared around the hole and as the presence became harder and harder, I realized that it was a dildo. I anxiously moaned as Bryan slid the tip inside of my ass and turned it on. It was a vibrator! He sucked my clit as he drove the vibrator deeper and deeper into my ass and I was moaning uncontrollably with pleasure. He was adjusting the speed gradually making the vibrator pulsate faster and faster çavuşoğlu escort inside of me. Just as I thought that I couldn’t take any more, I felt a circular movement from within me. I realized that he had bought me one of those rotating head vibrators and it was now fully inside of my ass. The waves of pleasure swept over me as the vibrations combined with Bryan’s powerful sucking on my clit. I came hard and felt the explosion splash against Bryan’s face and up onto my legs. I screamed in ecstasy expecting it to be over momentarily. Bryan wasn’t finished, though. He continued to suck my clit as my orgasm completed and I felt myself begin to shake again. He sped up the vibrator more and began to slide it up and down inside my ass while the head remained rotating.
“Oh God yessssssss!” I screamed as another forceful orgasm climaxed. Again, I felt the cum shoot all over the place as Bryan struggled to slurp up as much as he could get. My pussy was ultra-sensitive now and it almost hurt to have his mouth so near as he continued to lick me and pump the vibrator.
“No more,” I whimpered, “I can’t take it anymore. It’s too good,” I cried out. Bryan seemed to be more encouraged by this and he pumped the vibrator harder while his free hand plunged four fingers deep inside of me. I felt the little rotating head brushing up against the wall of my pussy while his fingers drilled into me and then he bit my clit. My headboard banged back and forth into the wall as my body rocked hard with another wave of euphoria. I climaxed hard, once again, and the vibrator popped out of my ass. I could feel my cum dripping down my crack and knew it was positively pooling on the bed. Bryan gave my pussy a deep French kiss and he moved his body upward. He leaned up and removed the blindfold and kissed me deeply. My pussy juices combined with his hard mouth made me murmur in pleasure. “Happy Birthday, my love,” he whispered softly. “But we’re still not finished yet.”

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