Hallway Fantasy

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You call me on your way home and in a stern tone, no idle chit chat, no laughter, no smile in your voice, you tell me to have your drink, your smoke, and the leash ready for you. You demand casually that I be in the black fishnets with the red lace tops and the 7″ black stilettos, nothing else. I assure you I will be ready and you hang up with an almost growled “I love you, my slut.”

My heart races a million beats per second at your peculiar mood, and I run around the kitchen to the bedroom to get everything ready. I pull my hair up into a high ponytail and slick on a heavy layer of liquid black eyeliner with one hand and a shiny pout of blood red lipstick that won’t even come off if you pour turpentine on it. I know you’ll be irked at the thought of tasting the lipstick, but will delight in seeing my painted lips sliding up and down your cock, so I chance it anyway.

I hear your heavy footsteps follow a car door slamming and haul ass to the foyer, pulling the leather handle of the leash between my teeth, a triple of whiskey in my left hand and a packed bowl in my right. I settle gently onto my knees to avoid the poke of stiletto heels in the tender curve of my pale, bare ass. I hear you on the other side of the door slipping your key into the lock and my whole body clenches in anxious happiness, a warm rush between my thighs making the pink rise high in my cheeks and my deep rose nipples harden like tiny marbles.

The door swings open and slams closed in a whirl of you, your frame eclipsing the porch-light in a flash before you’re there, towering over me. I stare at your knees and let my eyes slowly crawl up the miles of your body to peer curiously at your expression. Terrified, I watch that initial smile you always have when you first see me fade and you grab the leash from my teeth, quickly slipping it around your wrist, then grab at the drink with the görükle escort same hand. Something is in the other hand you hold behind your back. You toss back the whole cup and place it and the unlit bowl on the counter behind me.

Your dark expression turns down on me, bearing into my core and I don’t even notice your fingers deftly flicking your zipper down and pulling your already hard dick free from your jeans. My eyes widen as glittery warmth spreads across my cheeks and surprise more than pain induces a slow well of tears that sit on the brink of my lids without daring to spill over. You’re slapping your rock hard cock across my face and staring down at me, into me. You wordlessly grab the high ponytail with your free hand and guide your dick between my glistening red lips all the way to the back of my throat with one rough thrust. I gag and struggle, my hands flying up to hold onto you for support as you fuck my throat. The tears now stream in kohl black smudges down my cheeks while I try to swallow every inch of you without choking. You grunt/sigh and pull my hair back hard, my tear streaked face completely exposed up to you as you jerk your dick against my pursed lips, covering the still perfect red pout with your sweet hot cum. I squeak out a, “thank you, Sir!” and start to lick at the droplets, but you stop that train of thought completely as your other hand swings out from behind your back holding a shiny pair of handcuffs.

I stare, mouth agape and covered in cum, as you reach down and lock each cuff around my wrists then pull me up by the middle. I stand reluctantly, still dizzy from your entrance and try to follow as you pull both the leash and the small links of chain between the cuffs. I look up at you curiously as you lead me to step in front of you and you pull my arms above my head. You swing the center link of the cuffs over görükle escort bayan a tiny metal hook that I had no idea was even on the wall, and there I am, helplessly splayed with my wrists dangling high above me, face pressed against the wall and my ass popped out for your pleasure. You let me hear a thoughtful and approving, “Mmmm,” as you consider your work, your artful display of your slut. Then my moan to match escapes my cum slicked lips as your warm palms press from my already aching wrists, down my arms and rest, cupping around each breast with your thumbs circling over the hardened nipples.

You press the length of your body against me, pushing me fully into the wall, every crevice between us filled with you. I squeal and moan, the smile on my lips terribly audible as I melt into you, loving how you surround me. You rock your hips against me and let me feel the still hot and pulsing length of your dick press between my eagerly throbbing pussy lips. Unable to resist, I grind back into you and you pull away from me completely, teasing me, testing me. You slap my ass so hard I have to clench my thighs to keep my balance, and you lean back to watch the hand print show. I close my eyes and feel the thousands of points of heat tickle the thick layers of flesh.

And I wait.

The seconds tick off like hours and you remain in your contemplative stance, silent, watching me. I start to writhe and whine, begging for you softly, not knowing if that’s what you want of me or not. I practically whisper, “please fuck your little pussy, Daddy… can’t you see how bad I want it? how badly your whore needs your cock?” I take small steps outward, spreading my thighs further so you can see the tiny tendrils of my anticipation dripping off my swollen cunt. You respond with another slap to the other, unreddened cheek and as I begin to register bursa escort the pain as your hand print, I feel you dragging your dick from my twitching hardened clit back towards you. You dip once into my quivering pussy, stretching the hot flesh around you and coating your shaft before taking two handfuls of my tender ass in your hands and pounding ruthlessly into me. You cum almost instantly, and pull out, shooting the last few pulsing streams onto the backs of my thighs. I inhale deeply, ready to whine and beg for more, but the breath is caught in my throat as you spread my cheeks and push the entire length of your cum soaked dick into my tight ass.

I scream and claw at the wall, flailing beneath you, every part of my body pulling away from the pain but my hips which seem to drunkenly rock back against you, taking in every inch to the base. I thrash against the wall and scream, “FUCK DADDY!! Tear up your dirty cumslut’s ass! I wanna feel your cum dripping out of every abused hole! BREAK ME DADDY!” And once again you surround me, your hands on either side of my head, palms pressed to the wall as you hammer into my ass, the chains clanging against each other, and the hook as you tear apart every piece of what’s yours. You bite down into my shoulder and growl at me to cum with you, and I do, all of my muscles shaking and tightening with the force of your command. You pull me back onto you, impaling me one last time hard enough to let me feel you explode inside me before pulling out to drop a few hot splashes of your covetted cum on my red and shattered ass.

You watch me tremble out the last waves of orgasm and hang from the hook in a crumpled diagonal heap of cum covered flesh, legs bending awkwardly for support from the wall. You reach up and unhook me, spinning me around to face you and you wrap your arms around my back, holding me against you and smiling that sweet, amazing smile down to me. I bury my face against your chest shyly and you tip my chin up to kiss me. I stare at you mystified for only a moment before you lead us to the couch, sitting me down on your lap and offering me the bowl with a warm and gentle, “Greens, my love?”

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