And so that evening Alexis White found herself alone in a sparsely furnished office, wearing a priest’s cassock, her hair pulled into a compact bun on the back of her head. She occupied the single chair in the room, which sat before a large wooden desk; the only other furniture was a filing cabinet in the corner. An ancient ceiling fan spun lazily overhead, and the only light came from an art deco wall sconce, which also provided the only hint of style.

It was, in truth, the perfect setting for the scenario Lena and Astrid had come up with. But Miss White was impatient to get on with it; the fabric of the cassock was itchy and the collar too snug around her neck. Leaning back in the chair, she glanced down at her lap; even in the loose-fitting garment, the strap-on Lena had equipped her with for the occasion created a tent rising up from her crotch.

Miss White idly stroked the tip of the dildo through the cloth. From time to time she wondered what it would actually be like to have a penis. She thoroughly enjoyed being a woman and wouldn’t change a thing about her body; but the curiosity persisted.

Just then the door opened and Lena appeared, dressed in a nun’s habit. As she walked in one of her hands gripped Astrid’s left arm, the other held Jodie’s right; both of the younger women were in full schoolgirl regalia, white blouses and red-and-black plaid skirts. It was such a cliche, Miss White thought — but then again, cliches exist for a reason; she immediately felt a tingle between her legs at the sight of them. Jodie was wearing her decorative collar, Astrid a more standard studded-leather one. They were both braless under their blouses, nipples clearly visible through the sheer fabric.

Already in character, Lena addressed Miss White. “I found these two smoking in the graveyard again, Father.” She dropped a pack of cigarettes on the desk as Miss White murmured disapprovingly. Though she was theoretically the authority figure here, Miss White knew that her job was to follow Lena’s lead.

“Shall I administer the punishment, Father?” asked Lena. Miss White, fighting to hold back a grin and keep a stern look on her face, nodded. “Assume the position, girls,” barked Lena.

Bending forward, Astrid and Jodie placed their bursa escort hands flat on the desk, parting their legs slightly to maintain balance. Lena flipped both of their skirts up to reveal identical pairs of white cotton panties stretched across Astrid’s narrow rump and Jodie’s slightly wider one.

On the desk sat a wooden ruler which Lena now picked up and smacked against her hand. It was hardly intimidating, and though Jodie and Astrid did a good job of counterfeiting expressions of fear, they were both a lot more aroused than afraid.

Lena began to gently, almost apologetically, spank the two girls through their panties with the ruler. They moaned softly but on the whole seemed nonplussed by the experience. After a few minutes Lena pulled their panties down around their thighs and resumed spanking their naked butts, a little harder now. In time a faint blush of pink spread across all four of their cheeks, at which point Lena paused and looked over at Miss White.

“I don’t seem to be getting the message across, Father,” she said. “Would you take over?”

Again struggling to maintain her game face, Miss White stood up and walked around the desk. Rolling up her right sleeve, she hauled off and delivered a fierce, open-handed whack to Astrid’s left buttock. The yelp Astrid let out was not fake; she had been lulled into complacency by Lena’s soft blows, and was taken aback by the strength of Miss White’s hand. Jodie braced herself and, when her turn came, moaned uninhibitedly and eagerly stuck out her ass for more. She had been frustrated with Lena’s softness and was ready for a firmer hand.

Moving behind the desk, Lena opened the top drawer and took out the two pairs of nipple clamps she’d stashed there earlier. Unbuttoning Jodie and Astrid’s blouses, she pinched each of their four rock-hard nubs between her thumb and forefinger before snapping on a clamp. Then, as Miss White continued her punishment, Lena capriciously tugged on the chains connecting the sets of clamps at random intervals.

Once both asses were nice and red, with tangible warmth rising from the glowing cheeks, Miss White allowed her hands to travel downward and begin to explore between Jodie and Astrid’s legs. They were both sopping wet and Miss escort bursa White was able to easily slide two fingers into each, angling them to stimulate the inner walls. The two girls arched their backs and wiggled their butts, cries of pain giving way to moans of pleasure.

Lena unclipped the clamps from Jodie’s nipples, which tingled as the circulation began to return, and leaned over to suck them. Then, scooting forward a little, Lena lifted the hem of her habit up over her waist — revealing a billowing cloud of curly black bush — and pulled Jodie’s head down into her crotch.

This was Miss White’s signal to move directly behind Astrid, spread her wide, and press the cloth-covered tip of the strap-on against her pussy lips. Astrid groaned hungrily and flexed her hips, and the dildo began to slide into her, fabric and all. Shrugging, Miss White took hold of Astrid’s hips and pushed in all the way. This costume was going to need a good washing before being returned, but that was not her problem. And the rough fabric must have been uncomfortable on Astrid’s tender insides, but she didn’t seem to mind.

For awhile there was no sound in the room but Lena moaning softly as Jodie slurped at her pussy, and Astrid groaning and panting as her ass slapped against Miss White’s pelvis with every stroke. Then, when Miss White reached down to stroke Astrid’s clit, she let loose with a piercing wail, thrashed violently on the desktop for a few seconds, and lay still.

Miss White pulled out of Astrid and stood watching Jodie burrow into Lena’s crotch. Suddenly she felt very much in character — she was the priest here, she was going to take charge of this situation.

Walking around the desk, Miss White moved behind Lena, who was standing with her eyes closed, one hand gripping Jodie’s head. After taking a quick measurement, Miss White raised her hand and landed a loud, decisive slap on Lena’s ass.

Lena’s eyes flow open and she looked back at Miss White, surprised and momentarily annoyed. But seeing the look in Miss White’s eyes, she bit her tongue and played along. After all, this aura of dominance was what she’d wanted from Miss White in the first place.

“It’s all your fault, you know,” said Miss White, improvising. bursa escort bayan “You’re a bad influence on these girls.”

Taking her hand from Jodie’s head, Lena placed both palms flat on the surface of the desk and stuck her ass out. “Yes, Father,” she agreed, “I deserve a good spanking.”

Miss White obliged her, pausing between blows to stroke the soft flesh of Lena’s inner thighs. Soon Astrid had recovered enough to lift herself up from the desk, then sink down into the room’s one chair to watch the proceedings.

After landing one last good whack on each butt cheek, Miss White slipped an index finger into Lena’s pussy. She was creamy wet and ready to be fucked, but it wasn’t going to be quite that easy for her. Standing her up, Miss White pulled the habit off over her head while leaving the wimple — which was a separate piece — in place. Then Miss White pushed Lena down onto her knees and told her to open her mouth, which she quickly did. With a flourish Miss White lifted the hem of her cassock and slid the strap-on between Lena’s plump, pouty lips.

The curve and size of the dildo made it a difficult fit for Lena’s mouth, but she did her best, enjoying the second-hand taste of her fiancé’s pussy. She looked docilely up into Miss White’s eyes as she sucked, reaching around to grip Miss White’s firm butt cheeks with both hands.

Finally Miss White decided it was time. She laid Lena down face-up on the desk and gave her a good, sound fucking as Jodie — summoned with a gesture by Miss White — sat on her face. Astrid began touching herself as she watched her soon-to-be-wife get double-teamed by their new acquaintances.

Once Lena’s furrow had been thoroughly plowed, Miss White pulled off the cassock and strap-on, and just like that she was a woman again. She took over the chair and sat with her legs spread as Astrid and Lena knelt between them. Lena had doffed the wimple and her long, dark hair spilled across her back; Astrid’s jutting shoulder blades flexed and released as she licked Miss White’s inner thigh. Jodie, sitting on the edge of the desk, amused herself by penetrating the two brides with her big toes as they serviced her mistress.

Afterward they all put on their street clothes and went out for drinks. Miss White toasted Lena and Astrid, and they excused themselves relatively early — they were getting married the next day, after all. Once she and Jodie were alone Miss White sat back, sipping slowly, wondering what fresh mischief they might get into.

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