Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 39

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Miss White preferred a late afternoon Thanksgiving dinner, and so that was what ABD always had. This year she put Sasha in charge of the kitchen, checking in occasionally to make sure things were being done according to her specifications. Jodie and Sofia were helping, though Nikki and Polly — somewhat to Miss White’s annoyance — were nowhere to be found.

Over the previous day Miss White had been emailing back and forth with Luz, the former ABD maid turned executive. When Luz mentioned that she would be in town on Saturday, Miss White had invited her to come by for dinner, and she had accepted. Miss White found the prospect of seeing her, and introducing her to some of the current Sisters, quite exciting.

At about 3:00 Miss White went to check on progress in the kitchen, and it was apparent that there was no way the three of them were going to finish in time. So Miss White put on an apron and pitched in. With her leadership the work went more quickly, and by 4:30 everything was more or less ready. Miss White dismissed Sasha and Sofia so they could dress for dinner and left Jodie to set the table as she went upstairs to get ready.

Just as they were sitting down for the meal, Nikki and Polly finally appeared. Miss White suppressed her annoyance with them, determined to enjoy this wonderful meal with these beautiful girls. Truly, she had a lot to be thankful for, she thought as she watched the scantily-clad Jodie bring one delicious-looking dish after another.

As Jodie filled their wine glasses, Miss White looked around the table. Sasha, whose usual style was tomboyish, looked quite girly tonight; her brown hair was up, she was wearing a dress, and she even had makeup on. Nikki’s kinky mane had been teased into a huge cloud of hair; her outfit was an elegant white blouse combined with a tight, slinky purple-and-black-striped skirt. Polly was wearing a frilly red dress with decorations that emphasized her Chinese heritage, along with a push-up bra that made her small breasts look much larger. And Sofia looked absolutely stunning in a simple black gown that matched her dark hair and eyes.

Jodie had started at the opposite end of the table and when she got around to filling Miss White’s glass, she bent over slightly, making her short skirt ride partly up her ass. Miss White patted her affectionately on the butt, then slid one hand between her thighs, which were warm and slightly wet. Jodie blushed at being fondled this way in public, but was still a bit disappointed when Miss White took her hand away.

Miss White invited Jodie to be seated and raised her glass to offer a toast. “To the women of Alpha Beta Delta,” she said. “Goddesses, every one.”

* * *

Kristin, Jenny, and Nicola had now made their way to Nicola’s bedroom, locked the door, and bursa escort put on some music — just on the off chance that one of Nicola’s parents came home. But though they tried to be quiet, many audible moans emerged from Nicola’s room over the next hour.

Feeling now firmly in charge of both of the other girls, Kristin had Jenny stretch out naked on Nicola’s bed, and Nicola sit on Jenny’s face. She watched this lovely sight with some satisfaction for awhile, then knelt down at the foot of the bed, spread Jenny’s legs, and dove in. She hadn’t tasted Jenny’s pussy for what seemed like ages now, and she made up for lost time, devouring the younger girl with uninhibited passion.

When they’d had enough of that position, Kristin had Jenny lick her while she in turn tasted Nicola. Afterward they lay in bed together, naked bodies intertwined, breathing quietly and basking in the afterglow of orgasmic bliss.

* * *

Miss White and her crew had a long, leisurely Thanksgiving meal, lingering over coffee and pie. When it was finally over Miss White assigned Nikki and Polly to clean up, and the rest of them adjourned to the living room, where Miss White had Sasha build a fire while she poured herself a large snifter of cognac.

Taking a seat by the fireside, Miss White sipped her drink and sighed contentedly. Her belly was nice and full; now it was time to turn her attention to other appetites.

Looking over at Jodie, who’d been standing there awkwardly wondering what to do next, Miss White tossed her head in a gesture silent but unmistakable. Jodie was wanted. She happily took up a position on her knees at Miss White’s feet.

Jodie was learning, slowly but surely, to anticipate Miss White’s desires without being explicitly told what they were. In this moment, she knew that she was meant to lift the hem of the older woman’s dress, then pull her panties down and off. Miss White nodded approvingly and opened her legs to reveal a pink, wet, and expectant cunt.

Sasha was watching as Jodie leaned in and began to service their beloved leader. Everyone at Alpha Beta Delta looked up to Miss White, but Sasha absolutely idolized her, and emulated her in every way possible. So after pouring herself a snifter of brandy, Sasha took a seat a few yards away, gesturing to Sofia just as Miss White had to Jodie.

Being just a freshman, Sofia had no choice but to do as she was told — not that she minded. She, too, had been watching, so she knew exactly what was required of her. Sinking to her knees, she lifted Sasha’s dress, slid off the older girl’s panties, and went to work.

When she’d come three times and finished her cognac, Miss White gave Jodie a kiss on the forehead, whispered a quiet thanks, and stood up. Smoothing out her dress, she made her escort bursa way to the kitchen to check on the progress of the cleanup.

One glance told the story: The kitchen was still a mess and Nikki was leaning back against the refrigerator with her skirt hiked up around her waist and Polly kneeling in front of her. Nikki’s head was thrown back with her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open as Polly’s head bobbed up and down between her legs.

Miss White cleared her throat and Nikki’s eyes popped open, a sheepish look creeping across her face. When Polly lifted her head to look back over her shoulder, Nikki’s puckered, glistening slit was visible.

Inwardly, Miss White was delighted. A good punishment was just what was needed to top off the evening. But outwardly she kept her expression stern. “Really, girls?” she said. They both shrugged; they’d been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, there was no doubt about it. “Get this kitchen cleaned up now. Quickly,” ordered Miss White. “Then come to the living room.”

Polly and Nikki scrambled to obey. Before leaving the kitchen Miss White grabbed a handful of spatulas, two kitchen towels, and a roll of duct tape. At the moment it pleased her to use supplies at hand rather than her many custom-made implements of punishment.

Upon returning to the living room Miss White poured herself another brandy. Jodie was now licking Sofia’s pussy; after satisfying Sasha, the freshman had availed herself of the prerogative she knew to be hers, and ordered Jodie to her knees. Sasha looked on, idly dangling her own snifter in one hand.

Miss White shook her head. These girls were really incorrigible. “Yes,” a voice piped up in her head, “and you’re that one that incorriges them.” She smiled to herself at the old joke as an orgasm transformed Sofia’s features, already lovely, into a vision of beatific pleasure.

When Nikki and Polly appeared Miss White ordered them to strip and positioned them on either side of a large ottoman. She had them kneel and bent them forward so their torsos were resting on the ottoman, then blindfolded each one with a towel and taped their wrists together, Polly’s left to Nikki’s right and vice versa.

After taking a minute to enjoy her handiwork, relishing the sight of the bound, naked girls while sipping her cognac, Miss White handed a spatula to each of the other girls. Sasha got a big wooden one, Sofia a long red plastic one, and Jodie a floppy rubber one. She kept the square metal one for herself.

Jodie’s heart was beating excitedly. She’d never actually dealt out punishment before; it was thrilling and a little scary. But Miss White looked at her and nodded. Here goes nothing, she thought; she lifted her spatula and brought it down, somewhat tentatively, on bursa escort bayan Nikki’s ass. The “smack” sound that resulted was faint but still satisfying, as was the whimpering moan that escaped from Nikki’s throat.

Miss White gestured to Sofia, who grinned mischievously as she gave Polly’s rump a good swat. “Mumph,” Polly groaned, and a visible ripple ran through her, then stilled.

Lifting her spatula, Miss White looked at Sasha and held up three fingers. She counted silently, one, two, three, and the two of them simultaneously struck the two as-yet-unpunished butt cheeks.

After that the four of them worked together to deliver a firm, but not cruel, chastisement to the bound girls. Jodie, after starting slowly, soon became the most enthusiastic punisher. At one point she actually started to get a little carried away, and Miss White stopped her hand in mid-blow, indicating that she should cool it.

Once she’d decided that Nikki and Polly had been disciplined sufficiently Miss White disappeared for a minute, and when she returned she was carrying two strap-ons, one of which she handed to Sasha. Sasha accepted it ceremoniously, like she was being given a holy relic. There was a tear in the corner of her eye as she harnessed up.

Sasha waited for Miss White to make the first move. When the older woman got down on one knee behind Nikki, pointing the tip of her dildo toward its intended target, Sasha did likewise with Polly. Miss White took careful aim, and Sasha did the same; again Miss White held up three fingers and counted silently, and when the moment came she and Sasha both slammed their dildos home.

Nikki and Polly cried out simultaneously, but at slightly different pitches, forming a nice harmony. They continued to moan in unison as Miss White and Sasha fucked them from either side, pushing their heads and shoulders together with each thrust. Sofia and Jodie weighed in from time to time with random whacks of their spatulas.

When it was over Nikki and Polly lay panting and spent, sated but also humbled. Miss White took hold of the towel covering Nikki’s eyes, then waited for Sasha to do the same with Polly. She counted down again and they decisively pulled off the blindfolds. The two girls gasped and blinked, looking around and trying to figure out who had been doing what to them.

Miss White began unwrapping the bound girls’ arms on one side, so Sasha did likewise on the other side. They were soon free, but they were by no means finished. Before they were done they were made to lick the strap-ons clean; to go down on Miss White and Sasha; and then to service the other two girls.

This last was humiliating — Nikki was forced to submit to a freshman, and Polly to Jodie, who was below even that. But they did what they had to do and finally Miss White dismissed them. “I hope you learned your lesson,” she said.

Nikki and Polly both smiled crookedly. The lesson, as always at ABD, was that the line between punishment and pleasure was very thin, if not downright nonexistent.

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