Fun with Sara Pt. 03

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As promised, here is Part III. It is a lot different than the first two parts and it touches on some subjects that my readers may not like: incest and transgenders. If this something that turns you off, I do apologize.

Also, I am having to post this from my phone so there may be some issues with indentation, as well as spacing.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you enjoy my story!

Ben was up in his room, slowly stroking his 7 1/2 inch cock when the front door opened to the house. “Oh shit,” he whispered, and he quickly closed the window containing the hardcore porn scene that he was watching. It was a particularly hot scene: two very attractive women, feverishly eating each other’s cunts in a 69 position while a well hung man plows his ejaculating cock into the pussy of the woman on top.

Unfortunately for Ben though, he did not get to see the finale that consisted of the woman on the bottom licking the cum out of the woman on top’s hairless, pulsating cunt. It was one of Ben’s favorite types of scenes; it was also one of the hardest types of scenes to find.

“Benjamin, are you home?” It was him mom, Cindy, that was walking into the house and interrupting him from his much needed masturbation session. It had been days since he had cum, and he was now beyond frustration by the abrupt ending that to what was, thus far, a very satisfying self-pleasuring session. He was so frustrated, that he probably could have screamed at his mother, but he refrained.

“Benjamin,” she shouted once more. She knew that he was home though. His old, beat up Toyota pickup truck was out front in the driveway. She was pretty that she knew why he wasn’t answering though: he was probably stroking his cock.

“I’m up here Mom,” he finally called out with mild irritation in his voice.

He had managed to clean the lube off of his hand and throw on a pair of gym shorts in record time. He opened his door and walked to the 2nd floor balcony that looked down into the front entrance of his and his mother’s spacious house.

“What’s up Mom?” He looked down at her. He could easily see down her white blouse from his viewpoint, and he admired her ample cleavage.

“Not much sweetie. What’s up with you?” She dropped her things down onto the table next to the door that served as a repository for all things that needed to be put somewhere else: keys, purse, coat and other “out of the house,” necessities.

“About the same. Just up here chilling.”

Cindy looked up at her son, admiring him lovingly. He had grown quite a bit while away at college. He had forgone a shirt and his well-defined chest, stomach and arms were on full display to her. He was by no means an Adonis, but she still thought that he was handsome. She glanced between posts that held up the balcony bannister, and she saw that her son’s semi-erect cock. It was clearly visible through his gym shorts and it was obvious, even from this distance that he was not wearing anything under those gym shorts.

“Got any plans for tonight,” she asked, trying to get the image of her son’s manhood out of her head. “It’s actually not going to be freezing fucking cold like it has been these past few nights!”

“Meh, I don’t know. Sara has been texting me all day about coming over to her house but I’m not sure if I really want to. Ever since I got back from school, she’s been blowing up my phone and trying to get into my pants!”

Cindy scoffed at her son’s words, felling just a hint of jealousy. “At least you have that problem! I haven’t been laid in months!”

“That’s because you never go out, Cindy! If you did, I’m sure you’d get laid in no time flat!”

“How many times have I told you not to call me Cindy?! College grad or not, I am still your mother, and you will address me as your mother, young man! Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” Ben came back sarcastically. He heard his mom call him a smart ass under her breath, and he chuckled.

Ben loved the relationship that he had with his mother. They were both very open and honest with each other. They always have been, ever since his dad bailed on the two of them when he was two years old. His mom had fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on which way you look at it, developed physically at a very young age, and much faster than she had developed mentally. She was, and still is very intelligent, but when you’re young, smarts are no match for raging hormones and an older guy that has taken interest. She gave birth to Ben, and became a single mom simultaneously at the age of 15.

Thankfully for Cindy though, she had parents that loved her. They took care of her and Ben, and they made sure that neither wanted for anything. Cindy was even able to finish high school and go to college. She got her degree and became a successful therapist, which paid well; and since the money was so good, she was able to provide for her son and give him almost anything and everything he needed and wanted.

Ben found his mother in the kitchen making herself gerçek porno a cup of coffee.

“What are your plans for tonight,” he asked her, opening the fridge and pulling out a beer.

“I don’t know. Maybe I’ll open a bottle of wine and relax; maybe watch a dirty movie and have a little “me time,” if you know what I mean.” She winked at him.

“You’re such a perv mom,” Ben said, unembarrassed by his mother’s candidness. They were both adults, and as adults they were entitled to their urges and needs. A part of him wished that he could’ve watched, but he quickly disregarded the thought and chastised himself.

“So are you! Plus it’s not like you don’t do it too! In fact, I bet that’s what you were doing when I walked in the front door!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Ben said, feigning offense.

“Sure you don’t!”

Ben took a sip of his beer and watched his mother. Her back was too him, giving him a chance to ogle her plump ass. It looked damn good for being 35! Hell, all of her looked damn good for 35! Her toned calves, encased in tan stockings; small, shapely feet covered by sensible, tan heels that molded her legs into perfection. A light brown skirt came just above her knee, and her white blouse, while conservative, still graciously accentuated the curves of her 36C breasts.

She caught him looking at her when she turned around.

“Why don’t you take a picture?! It’ll last longer,” she joked.

“Would you really let me? I’ve got a camera right here,” he said, pulling out his cell phone.

“Now who’s the pervert, Ben? You’re staring at your mother while her back is to you, and now you want to take a sexy picture of her!”

“I’m sorry! I’m a sucker for beautiful women!”

“And I’m a sucker for sweet-talkers, so you better stop!”

They both made eye contact and smiled. Ben loved his mother’s face. It was soft and kind; the type that you could tell anything to. There was a hint of eye and lip makeup, but nothing too noticeable. She didn’t really need makeup though. To him, she was a natural beauty.

“I love that we can talk, and joke like this mom,” Ben said affectionately.

“Me too sweetheart! Me too…”

Cindy left her son, and lazily made her way to the stairs, went up them and walked to the master suite: her bedroom. This was one of the few moments that she had wished she lived in a smaller house. She was tired, and her feet hurt from wearing heels all day.

It was her heels that were the first thing to go when she got into her room. She sat down on the bed to take them off; she gingerly rubbed her bare, stocking clad feet. A moan of pleasure and relief escaped her full, pouty lips.

After a few minutes of rubbing each foot, she got up off of the bed and walked over to close her bedroom door so she could undress. She decided against it though; her son had not yet come back upstairs, and neither one were particularly shy around each other when it came to the option of clothing.

She brought her hands down to her lower back and gripped the zipper to her skirt. She pulled it down slowly and shimmied out of it. It fell to the floor, exposing the tops of her tan, hold-up stockings, and the white thong that she was wearing. She brought each of her legs up and pulled each stocking off, being careful not to get a run in them, and she threw them onto the king-sized bed in the middle of her large, opulently appointed bedroom.

Next she lazily unbuttoned her blouse from top to bottom; it too was tossed onto the bed. She was now only in her lacy white bra, and thong. She walked over to her full length mirror and she examined herself.

At 140lbs, she was heavier than she wanted to be but the extra few pounds gave her the “junk in the trunk” look that was so popular these days. She reached behind her head and pulled out the bun that had been holding up her shoulder length, brown hair in place all day long. She realized that had she been wearing her glasses right now, she would look like the sluttiest librarian in the world.

She ran her hands through her hair, scratching her scalp gently. Goosebumps spread across her skin from her own touch, and she wished that it was a man, or even another woman, running their hands through her soft, silky, brunette hair.

She brought her hands from her head to the clasp of her 36C cup bra. She undid it and let it fall to the floor. Yet another sigh of relief to be rid of another encumbering article of clothing escaped her lips and she brought her small hands to her supple breasts and she gently massaged the undersides of them. She rubbed back and forth, slowly bringing feeling back to her sensitive bust.

The last piece of clothing to go was her thong: the most uncomfortable undergarment ever invented in her opinion, but since she was wearing a skirt and abhorred panty lines, she endured the unpleasant thing. She slid it down her long legs and let it fall to the floor. Her legs were her second favorite feature, genç porno izle coming behind her large breasts, and in front her thick hips and ass.

She looked in the mirror once more. Her attention was drawn to the bush that was nestled between her thighs. She always kept her mound neatly trimmed, but she made sure that her pussy lips remained bald with the use of laser hair removal. Being completely bald was not something that she preferred; she didn’t mind it on other women though.

She ran her fingers through her soft, brown pubic hair, and as if with a mind of their own, they travelled further down to her smooth, fleshy pussy lips. They were slightly swollen, and she could feel a hint of moisture on them. She had been perpetually aroused as of late, and masturbation for her was likened to using a one-handed fire extinguisher to put out a three-alarm warehouse blaze!

Realizing that her bedroom door was still open, she pulled her fingers from between her legs abruptly so she wouldn’t get too aroused. She could’ve rubbed her clit to orgasm if she wanted but, she decided that she would wait until tonight when she could get comfortable on the couch with a glass of wine; maybe even get a little high. She wondered if Ben had any weed. Ever since Ben started messing with Sara two years ago, she started selling him weed. And really good weed! Her pussy twitched a little at the thought of Sara.

She had only seen her a few times, but when she did… Mmmmm, Cindy thought to herself. She loved her big round tits, and how Sara always seemed to have them on display for anyone and everyone to drool over. He was jealous that her son got to fuck that hot slut. She felt her hands make their way back down to her pussy once more. I’ve got to be strong! She brought them back up again. Just gotta wait a few more hours, Cin! And then you can rub your cunt til’ you can’t rub it anymore!

A thought suddenly crossed her mind and it sent a shiver down her spine. Here she was in her room, naked, and thinking about her 20 year old son fucking his hot, big-titted, drug dealing fuck-slut, Sara. She imagined him cumming all over her tits and then Sara licking his thick load off of them. Cindy’s engorged clit was begging to be touched. Her cunt started to drool and it took everything in her power to keep from touching herself. She tried to think pure thoughts! Maybe it’s me that needs a therapist!

Ben’s phone went off again, and he pulled it out of his pocket. It was a picture message from Sara, who was putting herself on full display from the waist down for Ben. She was wearing a jean skirt that she had hiked up to expose her cunt. Her legs were spread wide and she had no panties on. She was showing him her glistening, almost hairless pussy, trying her hardest to entice him into coming over to fuck her brains out. Another text came through that simply read, “I want you.”

Ben texted her back, telling her that he wasn’t going to be able to come over tonight because he wanted to hang out with his mom. She replied with “lol,” but she then texted that she understood. “But you better come over tomorrow because my pussy, mouth and ass are in desperate need of your mouth, and your fat cock.” Ben smiled at that last text and put his phone back in his pocket. He took another pull from his beer, and put it back on the table. Finally, he heard his mom coming back down to the first floor.

She was clad in a pair of tight, black, cotton booty shorts and a white, “wife-beater” tank top. It was immediately evident to Ben that his mother was not wearing a bra. He stared at her chest; at her small, brown nipples that were slightly poking through the thin shirt. His cock lurched to life just a little. He internally yelled at himself for staring at his mother in that way. But she’s just so fucking hot, he thought.

“Whatcha doing sweetheart,” she asked her son, walking over to the cupboard to grab a wine glass.

“Not much… Just relaxing, texting Sara and drinking a beer,” Ben replied.

“Oh, yeah? What are y’all talking about?” Cindy opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Red Moscato. She grabbed the wine corker and went to work opening the adult beverage.

“Oh, the usual… She wants me to come over tonight but I told her that I was going to hang out with you.”

“Aww, you’re so sweet!” She pulled the cork off and filled her glass. “But you really don’t have to hang out with your dear-old mom on a Friday night! You’re young! Plus, I’m sure that I can find something to do.” Cindy winked at her son again, and both of their minds went back to thinking about the dirty movie and the “me time” comment she had made earlier.

“I want to hang out with you though,” Ben said, smiling at his mom. “And you’re not old! You’re a MILF!”

“Oh my God Benjamin, I am your mother!” Cindy was shocked by her son’s declaration.

“Yes, I know, but you are also a MILF!”

Cindy shook her head and her finger at her son but deep down, she was flattered. She hdx porno was flattered not only because of the MILF comment, but the fact that he was forgoing a night of hot fucking for a night with his mother. It meant a lot to her. She took a sip of her wine and looked at her son. He was looking at the window, eyeing the sunset. She eyed his young, muscular body. She looked at the shaggy mop of brown hair on top of his head. She thought of his piercing blue eyes, and his clean-shaven baby-face.

“Whoever ends up marrying you is going to be one lucky woman, you know that?”

Ben turned around and looked at Cindy, smiling he said, “Thanks Mom.”

“So you wanna get a pizza, or something? Maybe a movie,” Cindy asked, changing the subject.

“Sounds good to me,” Ben replied.

Cindy picked up her cellphone and ordered their dinner and thirty minutes later, they both sat down at the dinner table to enjoy their meal. She watched him lovingly while he ate, and a sense of pride washed over her. He was become such a sweet, handsome, young man.

“Thank you again sweetie for spending the evening with me. It seems like we never get to enjoy each other’s company like we used to!”

Ben quickly swallowed the food in his mouth and washed it down with his beer. “I know it has. That’s why I decided to stay in. I’ve really missed you these past few months.” He took another bite of his pizza. “Also the pizza’s really good Mom! Thanks!”

“You’re so sweet! I am a little curious though,” she said, a bit of mischief in her tone. “What did you and Sara have planned for tonight?” Cindy took a large sip of her wine and waited for his reply. She had a pretty good idea what they were going to be doing, but she wondered if he was going to be honest with her. Her head was already floating a little. It had been a while since she had drank, so she was already starting to feel a little tipsy.

“Oh, you know, the usual,” Ben said, taking yet another drink of his beer. The bottle was almost empty when he finally put it down.

“No honey, I don’t know hon–would you please get me another glass of wine?” She finished the contents of the glass and handed the glass to her son.

“Sure,” he said, getting up and going to the fridge. He poured his mother another glass and handed it to her, taking a split second to steal a glance at her nipples. They looked semi-erect to him, but then again he had never seen them hard before, so he wasn’t sure. Putting the wine bottle back in the fridge, he grabbed himself another beer before closing it. He popped the top and sat back down at the table.

“So,” Cindy pressed, truly curious to see whether or not he’ll spill the beans to his mother.

“So, what?”

“So what were you two going to do tonight?” Cindy looked her son in the eye.

“Mom, I’m pretty sure that you already know the answer to that question,” Ben replied, turning his beer up.

“I want you to tell me though. I’m curious…” She followed suit, putting her glass to her lips and taking a sip.

“Ok…” Ben said, clearing his throat. Cindy could tell that he was nervous. “Well, we were probably going to get high.” He paused again, “Umm, then we would probably have some sex and then go to bed.”

“What kind of sex?”

Ben was caught off guard by the last question, so he wasn’t quite sure how to continue with this.

“Uhh—the kind that two people have when they’re stoned,” he replied, smiling dumbly. His eyebrows were raised and he was hoping that the answer would satisfy her curiosity.

“Was she going to give you oral sex? Cindy asked, secretly enjoying watching her son squirm a little.

“Mom,” Ben gasped. “I don’t even know how to answer that!”

“With a “yes,” or a “no.” She said, holding in a chuckle.

“Probably,” he muttered.

She nodded, “And were you going to return the favor?”

“Yeah,” Ben said bashfully.

“You know that we are both adults right? Plus, I’ve seen some of the texts you send each other and from the looks of it, you two are more than comfortable with pleasing each other in more ways than one! She winked at Ben, whose face was now as red as a stop sign.

“I know we’re both adults but you’re my mom!”

“And? I haven’t been laid in months and–“

“And whose fault is that,” Ben interrupted. He was starting to get a little defensive but he wasn’t sure why.

“It’s mine, I admit it, but I’m not talking about me right now. I want to know what you and Sara were planning on doing tonight! Maybe be a little vicarious!”

“You really want to know what we were going to do tonight,” Ben asked, shocked by the line of questioning he was receiving.

“Yes,” Cindy exclaimed, “I really wanna know!”

“Ok. Well, like I said earlier, we were probably going to get high for starters.” Ben took a deep breath before he kept going.

“Sara will probably dress up for me and–“

“Wait, what do you mean “dress up for you,” Cindy asked, “and also, do you have any weed?”

“She wears stuff for me; and yes I do have some weed.”

“Wanna share some with your dear old Ma?”

“I suppose,” Ben said, pretending to be annoyed but secretly glad that she had asked. He figured that maybe the weed might calm him down. “Want me to go and get it now?”

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