Fun Size Ch. 03: Fun in 3-D

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Lita lay in bed, eyes still closed but a smile upon her face as the haze of sleepiness was being slowly swept away by what had become a morning ritual: Carlos was giving her the happiest of wake-up calls. Yes, sometimes it was the other way around, but today, it was he who was servicing her orally. She stretched as good vibrations swept over the entirety of her body. “Good morning, lover,” she softly spoke.

Carlos lifted his head just long enough to say, “Good morning, lover,” in return before once again placing his mouth on the only pussy he desired: his sister’s. As he sucked her two-inch clit, he was both happy and sad. Lita and he had become lovers over a month ago, but in two weeks she would be returning to college for Fall Semester. Would he be expected to remain abstinent in her absence? Could he? Would she do the same? These were questions for a conversation gaining in inevitability. All he could do now was to enjoy their new-found love for one another while she yet remained.

“Ooohhh, I’m almost there,” Lita whispered. “Don’t stop, hermano. Oh, please!” and she came, her pussy lactating its thick issuance into his mouth. Ever the dutiful lover, Carlos lapped up every bit.

He stood and lay on the bed—he was already naked—and Lita took him into her mouth. A smile grew upon Carlos’s face as he enjoyed what no other woman could do as well as his sister. Her mouth was magic, and Carlos appreciated everything she was doing for him. After about five minutes, Carlos said, “Lay down, hermanita. I need to be inside you.”

Carlos lay on his left side, then Lita snuggled close to him. He lifted her right leg, then slowly inserted his cock into her. “Mmmmmmm,” Lita moaned as she took the entirety of Carlos’s dick. She remembered how it had taken almost three weeks before she could testify to this fact, as big and long as it was, but now, he could give her every inch of it and it did not pain her. She moved her fingers to her clit and began to rub.

“I was so hard for you this morning, hermanita. I thought Mama would never leave.”

“She is gone now, and things are as they should be,” Lita responded.

They both lightly moaned as they shared their love and lovemaking.

It was not uncommon for Linita Rodriguez to bring work home with her, as she had done last night. She was a highly respected paralegal whose dedication to her employers had never gone unnoticed. Before leaving for work this morning, she printed off the final copies of a case she was currently working on, yet when she arrived at the office, she saw she was one page shy: The last page, the signature page. She raced home to retrieve it from the printer basket.

Once having done so, she made to leave, but thought she would check in on her children first. She went to Carlos’s room, but it was vacant. She heard light talking coming from Lita’s room, so she walked down the lushly carpeted hall and stuck her head inside the door, but she was not prepared for the image that greeted her.

Lita was lying on her side, Carlos behind her. Their eyes were closed, and smiles were upon their faces as they engaged in sex; he was slowly moving his erect penis in and out of his sister’s vagina as she masturbated her clitoris. Linita fell back against the wall as she invoked the holy Madonna, appalled at the sight, yet unable to look away. Carlos moved his hand from Lita’s belly to her breast and pinched her nipple. “Te quiero, hermano,” Lita whispered.

“I love you too, hermanita,” Carlos replied.

“I need to feel you cum in me,” Lita said. “Fill my pussy with your cum, Carlos.”

“Oh Lita, I’m almost there,” Carlos responded breathily, and after another five seconds, “Unnhhhhh!” and aside from his moans of pleasure, the only sounds to be heard were the squishy noises of his cock entering and exiting her pussy.

Linita gained enough composure to stealthily race down the hallway and out the door where she entered her vehicle and made her way back to work. Once there, she really was not there at all as her mind was filled with visions of what she had just lay witness to.

Mi hijo y hija were having sex, she thought. She didn’t know if she wanted to cry. She felt like she could, but she held the tears at bay. His cock was moving in and out of her so slowly, and it was huge. Bigger than Miguel’s. How could Lita accommodate such a large thing?

She collected the papers for the contract, stapled them, and placed them on Mr. Velazquez’s desk before returning to her own. And what of Lita, mi hija? Was that truly her clitoris she was rubbing at? It was massive, and the more she rubbed it, the more she came.

“… sample reports?”

How does such a beautiful little pussy accommodate a monstrous cock such as Carlos’s?

“Linita! Ms. Rodriguez!”

“What?” Linita answered as she was violently pulled from her thoughts.

“I have asked you three times now if you have received from the county those core sample reports.”

“Oh, no, Mr. Villanova,” video porno she responded. “They should be here by noon.”

“Are you feeling okay today, Linita,” Mr. Villanova asked, genuinely concerned. “Your behavior today is very uncharacteristic of you. You forget a document at home, and you are spacing out here.”

“I think I might be coming down with something,” she lied to him. It wasn’t the first time, and she was good at it, so why should he question her?

“Coming down with something, eh?” He said in thoughtful prose. “Perhaps you should take your leave until it passes then.”

“I’m sure that won’t be necessary,” she said in way of ending the discussion, but,

“You have more than enough sick days accrued. Take a couple off and come back when you feel better.”


“That is an order, Linita. Go home. I’ll see you on Thursday.”

She collected her things and got into her car. Did she really want to go home? Could she look her children in the eye, knowing what she knew about them? What if they were still having sex? Could she bear to walk in on that again? “Oh, what am I to do?” she asked herself. What could she do? She started the car and made her way home.

Linita walked in the front door to find Lita watching TV. “What are you doing home so early, Mama?” Lita asked.

“Where is your brother?” was Linita’s only response.

“Where else? Working with his computers,” Lita replied.

Linita stood there for a moment, then went into her room.

Lita knew this behavior was not indicative of her mother. They had always shared a good relationship in that they were confidants who could talk about anything to one another, so armed with this, Lita went to her mother’s room and knocked on the closed door.

“Yes?” Linita called.

“It is Lita. May I come in?”

“Si, hija.”

Lita entered, hopped onto her mother’s bed, sat next to her, and said, “Mama, something is troubling you, I can tell. Care to talk about it?”

Linita looked at her daughter, wanting so desperately to address the actions of Lita and Carlos earlier this morning, but held her tongue. Instead, she said, “I received a disturbing revelation today, hija, and I am just trying to cope with it.”

“Were you fired?” Lita asked. “Is this why you are home from work so early?”

“No, no. Nothing like that,” Linita answered. “I just … Please, Lita. Before I can find the strength to talk about it, I must further rationalize it.”

“I am here for you when you need me,” Lita told her. She kissed her mother’s cheek, rolled off the bed, and exited the room, closing the door behind her. She walked to the living room and turned off the TV, then made her way to Carlos’s office, which was in the garage. She entered, locked the door, then made her way to the sofa as she said, “Something’s wrong with Mama. She’s home from work early and she is visibly troubled, but she won’t tell me what the problem is.”

“Ah, who knows?” Carlos said without the benefit of looking at his sister when he spoke.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen her like this,” Lita said as she pulled her panties off. She then lifted her skirt and cocked her legs wide.

“Maybe she got passed over for a promotion or something,” Carlos responded as he soldered some wires to a motherboard. Lita patted her pussy three times, hard enough so that the sound echoed through the garage, but, “She’ll talk about it when she’s ready.”

“A-HEM!” Lita finally said, causing Carlos to look in her direction.

With a smile on his face, Carlos said, “So, my sister comes to provide me with a pleasant distraction. Who am I to refuse such a gracious gift?” He placed the soldering iron on his work table and immediately made his way to her. As always, he placed his mouth between her legs. He loved Lita’s pussy. Just the thought of it made him drool and gave him a hard-on. He removed his clothing as he flailed his tongue inside her, then pushed her legs up and began sucking her butthole, which he loved equally as much.

“Oh, I will never tire of your tongue, Carlos, but sometimes I just want to feel your dick deep inside of me.” She knew this to be true, especially since she had begun being able to take all of him inside her.

Carlos scooped Lita up, then lay where she had been. She steadied herself above his cock, then slowly eased herself onto it. “Lita. Dear God. It is more beautiful every time I enter you.” She smiled sweetly at him, then closed her eyes as she enjoyed another session of lovemaking with her brother.

Linita came out of her room. She thought if she were to speak with her children separately—Lita first, then Carlos—then the shock of it all would not be so bad, but Lita was not in the living room. She went to Lita’s bedroom, and it was empty as well. The only other place to check would be Carlos’s office, so she made her way there.

Linita heard muffled noises coming from behind sex izle the closed door. She slowly tried the handle, but it was locked. She reached above the door frame for the key, then silently unlocked the door. She slowly opened it to find Carlos and Lita on the sofa, Carlos on his back, Lita straddling his waist, and Carlos’s cock once again moving in and out of his sister’s pussy.

“Let me know when you are ready to cum,” Linita heard her daughter say. “I want to drink it for you.”

“Oh, Lita. You are my dream come true,” Carlos said as he continued to slowly make love to his sister.

Linita felt a small urge to close the door, yet it was so small it was almost nonexistent. Instead, she watched with fascination as her son and daughter continued to have sex with one another on that sofa. How does she do it? How can her tiny womb accommodate a thing as monstrous and beautiful as his cock? Look at how he is stretching her labia, yet she continues to take it all unencumbered. And she wants to suck his cock? To drink his sperm? Oh, hija, I want to see you do this. Even as Linita thought these things, she was unaware that she had slid a hand inside her pants and was rubbing at her own clitoris.

“Oh, Carlos. Oh, shit!” Lita said, and her body jerked and spasmed as she orgasmed. Linita felt an increased wetness as she moved her hand faster and faster against her own throbbing clit.

“Hermanita, I am ready,” Carlos exclaimed, and Lita came off him and began sucking his cock. Just as he shouted out his ecstasy, Linita moaned as she filled her hand and underwear with her own cum.

Her knees buckled, but she retained her footing. She closed the door and hurried back to her room where she immediately masturbated herself to orgasm again. She lay on her bed, out of breath, as her clit continued to throb and little orgasms kept her cum pouring from her. She had to force herself into the shower where she just sat and allowed the water to wash over her as she wondered why she had reacted the way she did.

Back in the garage, Lita and Carlos were getting dressed when Carlos said, “We need to talk, hermanita.”

“What of?” Lita asked.

“You will be leaving soon,” he reminded her. “What is to become of us?”

“What do you want to become of us?”

“I respect the value you place on your education, Lita. You must continue to pursue your degree. Even still, although I have no real desire to be with anyone else, I do not know that I can remain monogamous in your absence.”

“Do you seek my permission to have sex with another while I am away?”

“I suppose that is what I am doing, hermanita. I do not like the idea of it, but I do not like the idea of you being so far away, either.”

“You could come visit me, you know.”

“And if I did?” Carlos asked. “You know I would never want to leave.”

“Ah, so you saw through my little trap,” Lita said with a smile. “Look, Carlos. I understand what you are saying. Let me think about this, okay? I will have an answer for you before I leave.”

“Until then, I shall show you what you will be missing while you are away.”

“Be careful, hermano, or these clothes I have just put on will easily find their way off my body again.”

“Like I would have a problem with that,” Carlos retorted.

“Okay then,” Lita said, and once again undressed herself. She positioned herself on the sofa and said, “Take me missionary, Carlos. You have never done that before.”

A smile came to Carlos’s face. He moved above his sister and slowly inserted his cock into her to the hilt. “Oh, damn, Lita. I will never tire of this, of you.”

At five-thirty, Miguel Rodriguez entered his home and made his way to his wife. He noticed she was a bit aloof, and when she was not too forthcoming with any details, he petitioned his children for answers. “I don’t know,” Carlos answered truthfully. “I’ve been in the office all day.”

“I attempted to speak with her when she returned home,” Lita said, “but she wouldn’t discuss it with me. Something about bad revelations at work. She did come home before noon, if that helps you.”

Miguel again attempted to speak with Linita, but she just excused the whole thing as stress and declared that the family should eat out tonight. They had decided on Red Lobster, and once there, she seemed better. It was a brave front, then again, she now had two secrets to hide: The first, that she had caught her children having incestuous sex, and the second that she actually got off on watching it. Should I tell Miguel, at least of the former? No, not yet. Not until I have spoken to Lita and Carlos myself.

That night, however, she made love to Miguel like a woman possessed. Made love to? She fucked him, plain and simple. She even allowed him to fuck her in the ass, an act usually reserved for birthdays and anniversaries only. She was so hot, though, and his cock just didn’t seem to get the job done.

As she lay in bed next to bedava porno her snoring husband, she thought, I bet Carlos’s huge cock could sate my desires. Oh, how wonderful it must feel to have that monster going in and out of me, my pussy, my mouth … my ass. Yes, I must feel it in me. And what of Lita and her huge clitoris? Dare I suck it for her? Oh, what would they think of me for having such thoughts? What would they think of me joining them? She looked over at Miguel to ensure he was still asleep, then began to masturbate. She came in no time, but she was still horny.

Linita climbed from her bed and surreptitiously made her way to Carlos’s room. She stood over her son, watching him as he slept. She decided she would do it. She pulled her panties off, eased a foot over his head, and began to masturbate. She dipped her pussy onto his mouth, held it there for a few seconds, then came off him. As she continued to masturbate, she did this again. Then again. Then again.

Carlos was having a wonderful dream. He dreamed he was lying on his back and Lita was lying on his chest. She began kissing him. She would place her lips against his, hold them there for a few seconds, then pull back. Then she would do this again: kiss him, hold it, then pull back. Each time she kissed him, however, the kisses became wetter and wetter. He could hear her labored breathing as the wetness of her kisses flooded his mouth just as he could hear the smacking of her lips against his. His eyes opened, he looked up, and said, “MA—!?”

Linita dropped her pussy onto his mouth and ground out an orgasm. She shuddered incredibly as she came, but she did not scream out, bad as she wanted to. She reached down to find her son’s cock was hard. She pulled it from his pajamas and began sucking it. “Mom, what are you doing?” Carlos asked, unbelieving of what he was experiencing.

Linita said nothing. She continued to suck her son’s cock, then fell in bed beside him, raised her leg, and allowed him access to her pussy. Happily, he did not disappoint her. Carlos’s cock gained immediate purchase, and he filled his mother’s pussy to the hilt. “Oh,” she cried out as he slowly moved in and out of her. Yes, this is how he made love to Lita. “Oh, Carlos,” she whispered. “Don’t stop. I’m almost there.” A few soft thrusts later, and she was.

Her pussy spasmed on his cock, drenching it with her cum. Still whispering, she said, “Put it in my ass, Carlos. All of it. I need you to fuck your Mama’s ass.” He obliged her.

He carefully inserted it into her rectum and was amazed at the heat of her. “Oh, Mom. You are so hot and tight.”

“You cannot simply make love to my ass, hijo.” Linita told her son. “You must fuck it. Fuck it hard and proud.”

Carlos began plugging away at his mother’s ass. He could feel it stretching and contracting against his cock just as he felt his mother rubbing her clit. “Mom, I’m going to cum.”

“Yes, hijo. Give it to me.”

Carlos came hard. He had to bite his pillow to keep from screaming, or worse, from awakening Lita. When he calmed himself, he asked, “What brought this on?”

“I caught you and your sister twice today, hijo. The first time, I was shocked and dismayed, which is why I was sent home from work. The second time was in your office, but that time I was so hot from looking at the two of you. I wanted so much to be a part of it, which is why I am here with you now.”

“What of Lita?” Carlos asked. “She will undoubtedly have something to say about you and I being together.”

“Then she must not know,” Linita said to him. “Just leave it to me, hijo. Mama will take care of everything. Now go back to sleep. Your service to me was exceptional.” She kissed her son on the lips and made to leave his room, and on the way out she grabbed his Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cap. She returned to her room and slept like a baby the remainder of the night.

As per her normal function, Linita arose when her husband did. Although she did not ready herself for work as she did most mornings, she still fixed him coffee and breakfast while her children yet slept. Miguel could not leave fast enough, but once he had, Linita stopped by her room and donned her son’s Dodger’s cap, then made her way to Lita’s room. Her heart was beating like a drum.

Can I really do this? she asked herself as she walked down the hall. Can I truly eat my daughter’s pussy? She was no stranger to pussy. She and her husband were swingers, and a byproduct of that was that they both were bi. Linita rather enjoyed the taste of pussy, she just wondered if she could commit to eating her daughter’s.

And there she is, she thought as she stood over her sleeping daughter. She pulled the sheet back to reveal that Lita was naked. Probably expecting a wake-up from Carlos. Well, why should I disappoint her? Linita spread her daughter’s legs carefully so as not to awaken her, then gently placed her mouth on Lita’s glorious clit. She began to suck it softly and was amazed as it hardened in her mouth. She had sucked scores of clits in her life, but none as big as this was. She felt herself getting wet. She hurried her pace even as she slid her own panties off and began to masturbate. She felt Lita’s legs twitch.

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