From Vacation to Slave Training Pt. 01

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Based in the “Slave Grading” world created by John_Doe_Stories here at Literotica. I recommend reading “Self Slave Grading Do’s & Don’ts” before my story. It’s in my Favorites

All Characters are over the age of 18

Numbers in () refer to footnotes at the end of story


Two months summer vacation in England! Her graduation gift for finishing High School with Honors now she can visit all the fantastic historical places and see the wonderful art she had read about.

Riding the bus though York, Claire was surprised at seeing so many Slaves out in their Slave Outfits (1). Of course, Claire knew about slavery but being from Western Canada didn’t think about it much. Her home had been settled by poor farmers who couldn’t afford personal slaves, and cowboys who believed the “Rugged Individualism” and along with the end of Male Labour Slavery before the west had been settled (2); the lack of slaves was turned into a virtue by later generations. But now, as society modernized in recent years these attitudes were changing particularly in the larger cities.

It was starting to rain heavily so Claire got her umbrella out when she got off the bus at the mall. Walking across the parking lot a strong wind gust blew open her umbrella then pulled it out of her hand. Running after it across the lot she was finally able to retrieve it.

“Its ruined, I’m going to get even more soaked before I get inside.”

However, before Claire could run to the mall entrance, she spotted something shiny hidden off to the side. She went to retrieve it, somewhat hoping that it was money or something else of value. She was surprised to find it was a Slave Collar, and a fancy one at that. But it was clearly broken and sparking electricity.

“What the heck are you doing here?” she eyed it curiously. “Well I guess there is only one place I should take this.”

Getting increasing wet she then ran to the entrance. Shaking her umbrella dry, she quickly realized it was so broken as to now be useless. She found a garbage to dump it in and when up to a clerk in the first store that she came too and asked

“Excuse me do you have a Slave Store in this Mall?”

“Why dearie, are you looking to sell yourself?” The middle age women said with a twinkle in her eye. She looked at Claire, seeing her alabaster skin and lovely long hair put in a pony tail over her right shoulder. Even with no makeup and soaking wet she was beautiful, with a clean, down home country girl look about her.

Claire blushed “Oh no, I just found a broken slave collar laying around outside an I don’t know where to take it. Besides back home people were not as enthusiastic about slavery as here.” Even now Claire was remembering her pioneer grandparents sneering about “Lazy Easterners and their slaves” to which her grandfather would sometimes add “probably need them to wipe their asses”.

The Saleslady found Claire attitude “quaint”. Claire noticed the look in her face and thought to herself. “If she thinks that’s strange, she’d be shocked by French Canadians who feel that slavery was something that only Anglo’s did and wasn’t worthy of a proud Habitant who plowed his own soil with his own hands.” Then she remembered reading that when the Parti Québécois were elected they even tried to ban slavery. Only the threat of outside intervention made them back down.

“Well dearie the Sam The Slave Man Store (3) is down the main walkway then make the first turn to your right, its at the end of the corridor, you can’t miss it.”

“Thank you very much.” replied Claire, now increasingly feeling cold in her wet clothes, wondering what she could do to get warm and dry.

“Be careful girl, you look Prime to me, they’d scoop you up in a minute.” the woman teased.

Down the corridors Claire went till she found the Slave Store. She had expected to find something dark and tacky but this was bright and welcoming. She went up to the counter where a nice-looking woman, probably in her 30s was looking at her iPad.

Claire went up to her and the woman, without looking up, said “Sit down over there.” Claire was a bit startled at her manner but went over to where she directed. The Clerk then followed her and told her “Take your clothes off and the Grader will be with you shortly.”

Startled Claire took a moment to realize what the clerk was talking about. Now she was cold, wet and embarrassed. “No, no that’s not why I’m here, I found this broken slave collar at the edge of the parking lot and thought you were the best people to give it too.” Claire started to visibly blush.

“Oh, sorry about that, I’ve had nothing but girls wanting a quick slave grading all day.” She looked at Claire and smiled. The clerk said, “Those girls weren’t half as good looking as you”

The woman then grabbed a electronic device and pressed it against Claire’s left breast. It gave dull buzzing sound and the women said “‘Open your blouse and pull it over so I can get a clear reading.”

“Clear reading?” said a startled Claire.

“Yes otele gelen escort I’m not getting a reading on your Slave Chip.” (4)

“I don’t have a Slave Chip, I’m not a slave.” Claire responded defensively.

The clerk became confused “It’s not just for slave’s, most girls have them. I’m surprised you don’t know that.”

“I’m not from around here, I’m a tourist.” Claire was getting a bit nervous being in the store, even though it was very nicely decorated.

“Oh, well most girls like to have them since it carries their ID, Status, Slave Grade and highest bid offered.” explained the clerk “It also give a bit of protection against unintended enslavement as well as helping to quickly sort inventory.”

Claire was confused, she felt terrible, she was cold and all this had her mind swirling.

“Well we can fix that in a jiffy,” the clerk walked back to the sales desk “Take your blouse off and I’ll bring the Chipper.”

Claire was now flushed with embarrassment “Oh I don’t think I need that done thank you.”

The clerk flashed a mischievous smile “Oh its no trouble, and its not that that expensive. In fact, if want to be graded as well its half price.” after a moment she continued “If fact we could even have you up for auction by tomorrow if you like.”

What the clerk said was an almost standard phrase uttered to women getting Slave Grades, it was almost like saying “Do you want fries with that?” There was always the hope for a last-minute change of mind and the customer could be converted into innovatory.

“Oh God please I don’t want that!” Claire began to panic.

“Why not, no more money worries, your taken care of, and fantastic orgasms are guaranteed.” The clerk gave the next part of the enslavement pitch” You’d send a lot of money back your family, its a win win for everyone.” she said cheerfully.

“Look I just wanted to return this collar and go back to my hotel and dry off.” She held the collar out carefully.

Claire blushed even redder. She handed the collar over to the clerk. “This thing is also shocking like crazy, I can see some exposed wires so be careful.”

The woman took the collar from Claire. They both walked over to the front desk while the clerk examined it. “This is a very high-end collar, GPS and everything, very expensive. (5) only a rich man with a Prime+ Slave would own this.” She swiped the barcode and it came and the info came up. “Wow you really have something here, this is the collar for Slave Amber, she was Slavenapped a couple of days ago, her owner is worried sick about her.”

“Really, I have never heard of that, I didn’t know it was even a Thing”. Claire then sneezed, feeling even more miserable now. “Look I’d better get back to my hotel, I’m soaked to my skin and I feel terrible. I hope he gets his girl back soon but I really have to go, this day has been a complete washout for me.”

The clerk smiled, “Please let me be of help, the police will want to talk to you right away. I can take your clothes and send them to the cleaner. You can wait in the back, I even have a robe you can wear.”

Claire was almost ready to take her up on her offer but instead she said “You can just give the police my hotel and room number and they can call me there” She went to grab a piece of paper on the countertop but accidently touched the bare wire on the slave collar.

Zap! went the shock and Claire staggered back and fell to the floor. While doing so she hit the back of her head on a shelf.

The clerk rushed over to her and helped her up. Claire felt unsteady and the woman guided her over to the Grading Waiting Bench, just as the manager came in.

“What’s wrong here Carol?” he asked

Carol replied “Oh Mr. Johnson, this nice girl found the Slavenapped Ambers collar abandoned, she’s all wet and cold and now she accidently got shocked and hit her head.”

Mr. Johnson was worried, he had been having a fairly good day and now this problem is being dumped in his lap. Evidence of a missing slave, the police will show up and now this girl got hurt in his store. He had hoped to go home early after a slew of simple slave gradings earlier.

“Guess you’d better call the police,” he said, “what should we do for her?”

“I was going to take her wet clothes to the cleaner and let her stay in the back until the cops show up.”

“The slave pens are much warmer but she’ll have to be naked, regulations, but she shouldn’t feel nervous with all the other naked slaves around her.” David interjected.

“No, no I don’t want to be a bother” Claire said weakly.

“No bother at all, in fact I’d even offer you a free Amateur Slave Grading as a reward for finding the collar.” the Manager suggested.

By this point Claire just wanted to get out of her drenched clothes and lay down. She was feeling woozy and didn’t want to try to get back to her hotel.

“OK, thank you, I’ll take you up on your offer to clean my clothes and a place to lie down türkmen escort to warm up and dry off. But I don’t need a slave grading. I don’t think I’d get a very good evaluation the way I am now anyways”

“Oh, even as you are now you could be rated Prime” Carol said with a smile, hoping to cheer the girl up. “I bet the bidders would go crazy over you. You could set a store record.” Having worked in the store for several years this was the way she complimented and comforted Claire. She walked her to the entrance to the Slave Pens and Claire found herself fascinated seeing naked slaves ready for auction.

Claire smiled weakly. “Thank you but I think I just want to lie down.”

Carol took Claire’s stuff, “I’ll lock this way while you lie down.”

Carol gave Claire a hug and helped her off with her clothes. She said “My what a lovely body, your clothes really don’t do justice to your wonderful figure, I bet Slave Ambers owner would gladly take you over her.”

Mr. Johnson came in back and spoke up, “You’d better put a collar on her, don’t want any questions from the cops about why she’s naked in the slave pens, with no collar or worse a surprise inspection.”

“Collar?” Claire said quietly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to make a “No Grading, Not for Sale” note on the computer. Here you can see it on my iPad.” comforted Carol. Now let’s get you to a nice cot in the nice warm kennel. We don’t have many slaves right now so you’ll have a Slave Kennel to yourself and have some privacy. Who knows maybe you’ll get some nice big reserve bids if buyers come back here.” she said smiling. Carol wasn’t trying to scare or tease Claire, this was just the way she thought. Don’t all girls want a top grade and big bids?

“Sorry we don’t use separate collars to differentiate Slaves from Graders, but don’t worry we’ve never accidently sent a free woman to the block.” droned Mr. Johnson.

. He looked at Claire and even having seen so many naked slaves, he was struck by her looks. “Are you sure you don’t want a free slave grading?”

“No thank you, I just need to get dry, warm up, and lay down.”

Carol came over and put the collar around Claire’s neck and locked it. Claire felt a cold shiver down her spine as she felt it lock in place. “Come with me,” said Carol, “I’ll take you arm and help you to your kennel.”

Claire walked unsteady through the kennels she felt like she was in a dream. Finally, they arrived at a small enclosure. Claire laid down exhausted on a air mattress, Carol covered her with a blanket, then the young woman fell asleep.

An hour later Claire was awakened. Claire felt confused being in the slave kennels and it took a moment for her to remember where she was and why.

“Stand up please,” said the tall man in the police uniform “I’m Detective Inspector Palin from York Slave Crimes Unit and this is Constable Temple, we need to talk to you.”

Claire stood up slowly, remembering she was naked, she tried to cover herself with her arms. “Could I have a robe please?”

Carol was also there and said, “Oh no, all non-employee females have to be naked in the pens, sorry about that. But don’t worry your clothes will be ready right soon.”

“Oh” was all that Claire could find to say and slowly let her arms down. “What can I do for you Sir?”

“We’re here because you found evidence in a possible slave abduction case.”

“Oh yes the collar I found in the parking lot, it was purely by accident my umbrella blew out and flew across the lot.”

“Would you show us where you found it please?” then the detective said to the clerk” I’m sorry I forgot to ask if she’s a slave or here for grading.”

Carol replied “Actually neither, she came in soaked to the skin and since we’re low on stock I offered to take her clothes to get washed and dried while she rested here because she found the collar. And the poor dear even got a shock from the collar and hit her head when she fell. Too bad she didn’t lose her memory I could have sold her. Well, maybe she’ll at least pay to get graded.”

Claire was less embarrassed about Carol now, realizing she wasn’t going to forcibly enslave her.

The police detective looked at Claire, “That’s rather irregular, best not to make a habit of that.” He had the constable pass him an electronic device and pointed at Claire

“Sorry I’m not chipped sir.” blurted Claire realizing what he was going to do.

“Even more unusual, the governments are probably going to mandate it soon, how have you avoided it?”

“I’m a bit from the back of beyond, no place you heard of, easiest to say Western Canada on the Prairies.”

He looked at the clerk “Well you’d better get that sorted out, you had better chip her, there is already too much that is dodgy going on around here, better keep this on the up and up.”

“I’m sorry if I’m causing trouble but I’m just a tourist and was going to leave York tomorrow anyways so I’ll be out of your hair.”

Carol spoke up evi olan escort “Don’t worry its really nothing getting chipped, easiest just to get it over with and be done with it.”

“Yes, yes yes, best to do it and be done with it.” agreed the detective.

“OK I guess so.” Claire felt like she was being bullied into it “Is there anything else you need me to do sir?”

“Yes, thank you, we’d like you to show us exactly where you found the collar.”

“Are my clothes ready yet?” Claire looked at Carol.

“I’m afraid not dear, not for another half hour, but it is cold out I’ll give you one of our basic second-hand slave outfit to wear OK?”

Claire was relieved she wouldn’t have to go out naked “Thank you very much Carol.”

Claire put the pullover dress and then went with the officers. She was self conscious wearing a slave outfit, everyone would think she was a slave. She led the officers to the edge of the parking lot and showed them where she remembered finding the collar. “I think it’s the right place, it was raining hard and I wasn’t think too much about it.”

The policemen looked around, looking for clues. She heard them call for a forensics team over their radios. Claire hoped she could go back to the store soon. She noticed something shiny below in the gully. More bored than anything she moved closer to see what it was.

“What are you doing over there?” hollered the constable.

“Just thought I saw something down there and wanted a better look.”

The constable came over and went down into the gully. “Think she found something sir.”

“Very good, maybe you should join the department.” joked the detective.

“A woman detective? That will never happen.” laughed the constable.

“Look I don’t want to be a bother, but do you mind if I go back to the store and get my clothes?”

“Constable go with her, get her information and make sure she’s chipped, and please stay in town a couple more days.”

Damn I hoped they would forget about that she thought.

“Maybe I’ll put in a quick bid on her as well.” smiled the policeman.

Claire couldn’t help but giggle, this has been the strangest day of her life. She went with the constable back the store. Luck was finally with her as her clothes were back, clean and dry. “At last, finally.” She started to put her clothes back on, not even caring that people could see her at the right on the slave bench, in fact there was already a woman there naked and collared. She looked at her quickly and wondered, slave? Or grading? “Why are you here?” she asked.

The girl pointed to her mouth to say she had been devoiced. “She’s here to be graded and sold, Love for you to join her, two such prime slaves would make for an exciting auction.”

Claire laughed “You really tenacious, aren’t you? besides no way am I Prime I don’t know the first thing about being a slave.”

“Are you telling me you haven’t had and slave training at all? You are a strange one.”

The constable reminded the clerk that Claire needed to be chipped. Claire sighed, “Fine do it.”

“Don’t get all snippy with me, remember with the collar on your property of the store.” Carol smiled.

Claire didn’t realize that and apologised.

She then asked Claire a bunch of questions to be encoded into the chip. “Almost done she said after a few minutes, OK now last chance if you want to be sold.”

“No thank you please.” Claire answered with a slight laugh.

“So polite, you’d make someone a wonderful slave” Carol said.

“Yes, and I can cook to” Claire smiled back.

‘Just look over the information here on my iPad to make sure its correct.”

She looked it over and said to herself, my own Slave Number, it even gave her a bit of a thrill “Yes everything looks correct.” she tripled checked that it said “Free” on the status.

“Good,” Carol then pressed buttons to encode the chip, “Now pull over your blouse and let me implant the chip.”

Claire did so and felt a sharp pain as it went into her left breast.” Ow!”

“All done, here’s all your possessions back” as Claire got up to leave Carol put her hand on her shoulder. “Haven’t you forgotten something?” Claire looked at her quizzically “I have to remove your collar, unless you’ve changed your mind on the auction.”

Claire was embarrassed, she had forgotten all about it. “Yes, sorry please remove it, thank you.”

The clerk went to get the key “Oh I think I lost the key, guess you’ll have to stay for the auction anyways.” Claire looed at her with a combination of worry and exasperation. “Oh, don’t worry dear just a jest.” The clerk came over and unlocked the collar with a click.

Feels strange without it now Claire thought “Thank you very much for your help.” she said to the Carol. She walked out of the store and to the mall entrance. She passed the woman she first met when she entered the mall

“You still free dearie, good for you, maybe next time.”

Claire laughed and went and caught the bus to back to the hotel.

The next day in her hotel room Claire received a phone call. “It’s Carol from Sam the Slave Man, I just wanted to tell you that thanks to the collar you found they were able to reunite Slave Amber with her owner. They were able to find several other abducted slaves so you rally helped a lot of people.”

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