From BFF to Slave in One Day

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The class fell silent. Lily stepped in, blushed vibrantly, and sat down quickly at her desk.

She was wearing the collar.


The collar is a rite of passage that turns girls into women. In this society, women have a limited timeframe to get married from 18 to 22. When they turn 18, they’re required by law to wear a black leather collar signifying their availability as a partner. This policy was passed some time ago to encourage population growth.

If Lily doesn’t find a partner, she’s not allowed a romantic relationship for the rest of her life. Nor is she likely going to get a job anywhere.

But if she does find a husband, she will be bound by contract to obey his every command. She’ll become his personal slave, must follow his every command, and wear his preferred clothes.

The importance of finding a good partner by 22 has reshaped society. Schooling has become a place to size up mates, and find a companion to entrust their life with. Some students even give their girlfriends red collars as early as middle school, to signify that they’ve already determined a partner.


Clyde has known Lily since first grade when she moved next door. They’d been best friends throughout all of elementary school, middle school, and high school. Her bookish self was a wonderful counterpart to his boisterous behavior, and he always could make her laugh. He often found himself doing stupid stuff just to put a smile on her face. Clyde had always thought that Lily and him might’ve made a good couple, but he liked what they had and wasn’t brave enough to risk it.

She was truly adorable though. Her nose was rarely found anywhere but a book, and you could easily spot her by her big glasses, oversized sweater and 5’3 height. Clyde had made up his mind to ask her out one day, but he never really got around to it.

But someone was about to.

Dale whispered something to his huddle and slinked over to Lily’s desk. He sat on her desk- “Look what we have here! Someone’s up for grabs. Tell me, what’s your name again?”

Lily stared straight at the ground, and her ears turned so red it looked like they were about to fly off.

“Quiet one huh? Hm. I bet you’d look hotter without those glasses covering those oceans of yours. Let’s see…” He reached for her face.

“Get off her desk, nimrod.”

Dale raised his eyebrows. “Clyde? I thought we were cool man.”

“Leave her alone.”

Dale shrugged. “Whatever dude. Didn’t realize you were serious about this one. My bad.” He stepped away.

Lily whispered “Thanks Clyde.”

“No prob Lilypad. That dude’s a rat. And not a cool one like in Flushed Away.” Clyde winked.

Lily’s face remained bright red and she kept staring at the ground. Normally she would’ve smiled at least a little at his pathetic humor, but she was clearly too stressed. She looked like she was about to vomit.

“Teacher? Can I take Lily to the Nurse? She’s sick.”


About halfway through the awkward silent walk to the nurse, Lily ran over to a trashcan and started to throw up. Clyde pulled her hair into a ponytail for her, and caught another glimpse of the collar.

*Damn.* he thought. *She really is up for grabs. I thought I’d levent escort have more time to figure out our relationship, but I guess I need to decide quick. Someone else could take her.*

Lily continued to puke into the trash can.

“Woahhhhh there parrdner! You’re really tossin’ vom!”

No response.

“Really gorking your guts out.”

No response.

“All aboard the vom express- Lily will be your conductor today.”

Clyde caught a hesitant grin.

“Warn me if you’re about to gob blast again.”

“Shut the fuck up Clyde.”

“Yes ma’am!”


They sat outside the nurses office waiting. Clyde snuck peeks at Lily. It just now hit him how pretty she was. *Shit. She really fills up that sweater of hers.* Lily had C cup breasts hidden underneath her loose clothing. Her long brunette hair was pulled up into a side ponytail. Her plump thighs squished just the right amount as she sat. But most of all Clyde realized how cute her face was, her button nose and her big brown glasses.

Moments passed.

“… Do you want to talk about it?”

“Hell no.”

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”

“Easy for you to say. You’re not about to become someone’s slave or permanently lonely.”

“I suppose that’s true.”

They sat silently.

“I just think that you could easily find someone. The guys will be competing for you if anything.”

Lily didn’t respond.

“I bet you’ll have guys lined up around the corner begging to marry you.”

“… Like who?”

It was Clyde’s turn to blush.

“Well, like smart guys, or athletic dudes, or, uhh, I don’t know.”

Lily sat thinking.

“Would you..?”

“I-I-I mean I t-think that any rational guy probably would.”


“Um, Clyde?”


“A-are you asking me to marry you?”

“Gah, uh, well, uh, I mean yeah, probably.”


“Well, yeah, I guess I am.”

Lily sat there blushing, thinking of the indecent things he could request of her. Clyde could ask her to wear whatever he wanted. Clyde could ask her to pose however he wanted. Clyde could ask her to DO whatever he wanted.

She covered her mouth with her lips, her body shaking.

She would become Clyde’s slave.

She didn’t want to spend eternity alone, and didn’t trust anybody else. Clyde was a good guy, he’d definitely treat her well.

Plus she had a huge crush on him since the first grade.

But to go from best friends to marriage without dating first?!? Yet she had to. She’d seen what had happened to the other girls who didn’t partner up quickly. They were harassed, name called, raped.

Lily muttered something.

“What’d you say?”

“I said yes, m-master.”


They signed the papers that night, pricking blood for the seal. Lily’s mom cried as it sunk in that her daughter belonged to another man.

Lily’s parents left Clyde’s house. From now on, Lily would be staying in Clyde’s house, in his room, sharing his bed.

Clyde scratched his head. “Wow. This is really happening huh?”

The empty bed loomed before them.

“Yeah, I guess it is.”

They beyoğlu escort shared a nervous glance.

“I’m supposed to- I’m awaiting your orders.” Lily twirled the chain now dangling from her neck.

Clyde sat down on the bed. “Sit.” Lily sat next to him.

“W-what do you want first?” Lily stuttered.

“Um, if I get to choose, a blowjob would be lovely.”

Lily’s cheeks burned bright.

“Yes sir.”

She slid off the bed and kneeled. Clyde scooted over and she pulled down his pants.

*Oh fuck.* Lily thought to herself. *He’s fucking massive. Oh shit fuck shit.* Clyde had an 8 inch package.

Clyde smiled softly. “It doesn’t bite. I hope you don’t either.”

Lily put her lips softly on his raging penis. She looked up for confirmation, then gave it a lick. She licked around his dick like a lollipop.

*Damn, she’s good at this!*

She slipped his member into her mouth, and started bobbing her head up and down. She massaged his balls with her hands, and rubbed his cock.

Clyde moaned, and thought to himself. *I wish she would just focus on trying to- wait a second she’s my slave now. I can just ask her.*


She jolted. Clyde accidentally said that louder than he meant to.

“Less hands. More throat.”

She gulped. She nodded.

Her hands slowly dropped to her waist. She took him deeper down her mouth, about halfway.

Clyde moaned in approval as she impressively took much more than he expected.


Lily kept sucking him down. Her hands lowered themselves to her clit, and she started to try finger herself through her jeans.

Clyde saw this, and barked out “Disrobe.”

Lily turned a deeper hue than Clyde had ever seen before, and lifted off her sweater. Her C cup tits jiggled down in her black lace bra.

“Stop.” Lily froze, as her hands gripped her pants.

“This is what I want you to wear outside.” Clyde commanded.

Lily had a feeling this would happen. Once women are married, the men often pick their clothes to mark their territory. The normal trend for couples is for the woman to wear a bra, a skirt or dress, and a collar with a chain.

The climate where they live is usually arid and hot, so most women prefer to be shirtless anyway.

Lily got wetter at the thought. She normally covered herself head to toe, but would now be walking around exposed.

“Yes master.”


She pulled down her jeans, revealing matching black panties.

“Underwear off too.”

Lily acquiesced. She was now kneeling, bare naked, wearing nothing but a collar and her hair in a high ponytail- in front of her childhood crush.

Clyde lost his breath. Her tits were massive, she must be at least a D cup! And her ass was a perfect curvaceous apple shape. He understood why she wore all those baggy clothes before- scumbag guys would be begging to own her if they saw her nude.

“Keep sucking.”

Lily started deepthroating him, trying to get as much as she could before her gag reflex kicked in.

She got at least 5 inches down. She secretly felt a little proud of herself, she had trained with a cucumber kağıthane escort ever since she accidentally walking in on Clyde masturbating to fellatio once.

It was pure bliss, but it wasn’t enough for Clyde.

He grabbed her by the ponytail and pushed her down deeper. Her eyes shot open and she moaned in protest.

“Your only barrier is psychological. You just need to know you can do it at least once for it to be easy. Trust me.”

Her moan faltered.

Clyde slammed his cock down her throat. He felt his dick slip past the turn and plunge down her throat. “FUCCCCKKKKKKKK!”

Lily groaned.

He pulled her back, and she tried to retreat for a full breath but he slammed her back down. He did this twice more before releasing her fully.

Lily fell back, coughing as her chin dripped saliva.

Clyde stood up, and walked over to her. Her breasts jiggled like crazy with each breath.

“You okay?”

She nodded.

“When you’re ready, come back over here and tittyfuck me.”

Lily stood up instantly.

“Eager girl.”

Clyde laid back down on the edge of the bed. Lily kneeled down beside his skyward penis, and spat over her tits.

She wrapped her tits around his cock, squeezing them tight with her hands and bounced up and down.

Clyde moaned in delight.

Her bouncing titties were a sight to behold. Clyde had gotten glimpses before, but that was nothing compared to the sight he saw now. He grew even more turned on.

Lily felt his dick harden between her tits. Clyde grabbed her ponytail and pushed her head down onto his penis again.

She squealed as she felt his cock twitch, and he shot thick ropes of cum into her mouth.

Clyde grunted and shook, as he came more than he’d ever came in his life.

Lily didn’t want to swallow it, but she had to at least a little since there was so much of it.

She pulled off his dick with a loud slurp and started to walk to the bathroom, her cheeks bulging with semen.

Clyde grabbed her by the chain.

“I think you know where that’s supposed to go.”

She paused, took a deep breath, and gulped it all down.

“Good girl.”

She smiled faintly.

Clyde climbed back into bed and pulled her naked body next to his. “I think that’s good enough for tonight. Judging from the massive puddle you left I think you enjoyed yourself too.”

They laid in bed for a couple minutes in comfy post-sex silence.

“Hey Lilypad.”


“Wanna play mario kart?”

“Fuck yeah.”


The next day went exactly as Lily expected. They walked into highschool and jaws dropped as the school saw not only Clyde holding sweet blushing Lily’s chain, but they saw the monstrous tits previously hidden beneath her clothes revealed in a black bra.

The last semester or so of highschool had become pretty much pointless now, as a good population of the school’s most attractive females walked around in bras and collars in public, with the occasional bold thong. Most teachers gave up on trying to teach anything meaningful second semester, and most of the male teachers assigned pointless presentation projects to join in the ogling.

Clyde sat next to Lily in lunch as usual. He caught sight of Dale from across the cafeteria, glaring at the two of them.

“Bleurghhhh!” Clyde stuck out his tongue and wrapped his arm around Lily and squeezed her breast.

Lily stifled a soft moan and Dale dropped his lunch tray.

*Serves you right, asshat.*

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