Forbidden Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: Sorry it took me so long to get the next part done, especially since it’s so short. Hopefully noone is too disappointed. The story continues beyond this, for anyone who’s curious, and will get back to the philosophical a little more.

Laura laid back comfortably on her bed and thought; something which she’d been doing a lot in the past forty-eight hours. She didn’t have all that much to think about, but she found herself working in circles.

She gently stroked her dirty blonde hair, whirling it around her finger and leaving a small curl as she pulled away.

Two days ago, Laura had come face to face with a deep ethical question. It was something that most people never have to deal with, because they either have siblings or they don’t. She was somewhere in the middle.

She was born without siblings and raised by a variety of people. The system tried to accommodate her, but such things are never perfect. She was thirteen by the time a family finally adopted her for good. Now they were her family, plain and simple.

About that same time however, she started to have fantasies about physical and emotional intimacy. The object of her chemically overloaded mind became her older brother. The few people who she shared this information with told her that it was completely natural and it would go away when she got a big older.

Just two days ago, she had been confronted by her all of her fantasies. She was eighteen now, and yet her lust burned just as strong as it had when she had been ‘crazed’. Maybe she was still crazed.

Either way, she couldn’t escape from the realization that she felt an overpowering attraction towards her brother.

‘Normal sisters don’t have to worry about this sort of thing’ she said to herself, as if that fact helped her at all. She’d been repeating that to herself for almost two days, and it didn’t make it any easier.

Many of us are caught in situations like hers, pacing back and forth or lying immobile, paralyzed by the decision that we must make. It isn’t usually the decision at all that we struggle with, but more the justification for the choice we know that we’ll eventually get up the courage to make.

An hour more spent staring at the ceiling was all it took. She slid around on her bed and sat up, facing her closed door. Her clothing was strewn between her and the handle, cast aside hurriedly as she had made her way to her bed that morning. She could never relax with clothes on, and she needed to have a clear mind to make such a huge decision.

She stood, tiptoed around her shirt and panties, and gripped the door handle firmly. As she twisted, she heard the familiar click that signalled the lock disengaging. She pulled, and it swung open silently, revealing the empty room beyond.

She swungaround and went back to her bed, laid down, and began waiting. She was done thinking, done deciding, and done justifying. Now, she was ready to act.

Not ten minutes later, she heard a familiar shuffling above her and heard the door Bycasino close. She waited still. Moments passed.

“Laura? You down there?” Kevin called.

Not sure what to say, she simply remained silent. It wouldn’t be long until he walked down the stairs. He always did.

She sat up on her bed and again faced her door, now swung wide open. Her mind was racing with anticipation. She was nervous, but excited as well, and couldn’t quite tell which sensation was stronger.

There was a slow, quiet series of thumps as Kevin gradually made his way down to the basement.

“You there, Lor?” he called again.

This time, she spoke up.

“I’m in here” she replied intently.

Kevin picked up his pace as he walked past the large couch, rounding the corner into her room. When he entered, he stopped abruptly.

“Oh! I’m sorry, Lor, I didn’t realize you meant you were naked in here” he said, turning around.

Even as his head spun away she could feel his heavy gaze examining her pert breasts and falling for a moment between her legs. From his angle he’d only been able to glimpse her bush, but it was an improvement over the last two days. She’d barely said a word to anyone and had spent almost every waking hour inside her room.

Even in that second, he’d caught enough of a glimpse of her chest to bring back the images that their experience had burned into his mind. Kevin could remember the soft globes that he’d wished he could touch and caress. He could see every dimple, every freckle, and the soft milky tone – offset by the light red of her hard nipples.

He just stood there, so she decided to push him a bit further.

“I thought about what you said, and I agree with you. I just really felt embarrassed with what I said, so I needed some time to think before I could talk to you about it.”

Kevin slowly turned to face her again. She felt his eyes lock to her breasts once again. They were even more beautiful than he’d remembered.

“You know I love you, right Kevin?” She asked, putting on her best cute face. Kevin melted and smiled.

“Of course I do. I love you too, Lor.”

She stood and walked over to him, swaying her hips, letting him get a flitting glance of her slit.

Reaching up with her arms, she motioned for him to hug her.

He leaned down slightly and pulled her into his arms. Kevin could see straight down at the small of her back, which rolled out into her round ass cheeks. They billowed out from her body slightly and she bent over a little to make them even more pronounced. The sight of her lower cleavage sent ripples or warmth up to his face. He felt himself getting hard and tried to end the embrace, but she held on.

“I want to tell you something, Kev. It’s kind of weird, so just let me finish before you say anything.”

She could almost feel his gaze flowing up and down her along the slender groove of her back, where her nearly invisible hairs gave texture to her velvet smooth skin.

Kevin nodded vigorously, hoping Bycasino giriş that he would be freed before any other thoughts popped into his head.

“When we were thirteen, I started having these dreams. At first, they were just jumbled thoughts and feelings. Then they started to get more lucid. I’d be playing with you and I’d touch your…thing…a little. Eventually they got more intense. We’d play around for a bit, then you’d try and touch me and I’d run away. Then you’d end up chasing me around, and we’d tumble around and play until I’d give up, then you’d climb on top of me and…well you know.”

At this point, Kevin was just about crying out. His dick was rock hard, but jammed up in his pants and constrained. He was actually in a decent amount of pain from the condition.

“Now we’re both eighteen, and things have changed a lot. We’re family and all now. The funny thing is, I thought they’d go away. But the other night after you caught me touching myself, I had another one.”

Kevin was at a complete loss for words. He managed a mumbling sound as he felt his little sister’s hands meet between them and unbuckle his belt. Pulling back a bit, she unzipped his jeans and pulled them down with his boxers. His swollen head caught on the elastic for a moment, but she manoeuvred it free. It was a proud seven inches of hard readiness and sprung free as soon as she pulled it loose. There was already some pre-cum oozing from the tip.

“I love you, Lor” he repeated, seizing her and kissing her passionately. “I love you in more ways than a brother should.”

Pulling one hand free from his arms, she slid it down his chest until she felt his dick again. Gripping it firmly, she began pulling it back and forth in long strokes.

He paused to take off his shirt, and then began kissing her again.

Her lips were sweet, the flavour of the bubblegum lip-gloss she used. He pushed his tongue through her stiff jaw, and felt her relax once he began exploring within her. She felt the intrusion and decided not to let it go further. When she felt his hand gently touch her inner thigh, she pushed him away.

She held her legs closed, revealing nothing to him.

“No” she said, smiling.

“Don’t joke about that stuff. It’s serious. If you say no, I have to stop” Kevin replied.

He approached her and kissed her again. When he tried to touch her breast, she grabbed him hand and held it just shy of her silky skin.

He pushed his hand closer, but she swatted it away. He reached for her back, but she spun away from him. He found himself following her as she made her way around the couch. He saw a flash of red between her legs as she ran, but nothing much.

As they made their way around, she continued to push him away. She began running and he followed, as she threw pillows at him.

As she rounded the front of the seats again, he grabbed her arm and she tripped on a pillow, landing on another. He fell with her, landing just beside her.

He grabbed a breast Bycasino deneme bonusu with his mouth and sucked on her now stiff nipple, only to be shoved away. He grabbed a hand and she tried to scramble away, but he grabbed a leg and an arm as she tried to move. She fell back onto the pillows.

Her muscles relaxed and he watched her slowly and carefully pull her legs under her. She raised her ass slightly and held still, waiting. Kevin crawled around behind her and sat in awe. Her soft red folds were exposed slightly from within her puffy outer lips. Her nub was glistening and he could see drops of juice dripping from her smooth slit as it eagerly prepared for him.

Not knowing any hesitation, he mounted her and positioned his rod at her moist nether lips.

Reaching around to her chest, he began massaging her beautiful orbs in circles, kneading them gently to accentuate what was about to come.

As the tip of his head touched her folds, the outer skin caught. There was near silence around them. He pushed forward and felt her tight opening squeezing him. The exposed head of his cock slid out of its sheath and slithered deep into his younger sister, making a wet sliding sound which was framed by her heavy panting.

He began pumping her, in and out, slowly. His thrusts were careful and considerate, knowing that she hadn’t had sex more than maybe once or twice.

“Oh” she called, excited by the sensations. She’d masturbated a lot, but none of those feelings compared to what he was doing. She accidentally broken her hymen at sixteen with a dildo that a friend had loaned her. Thinking that she was being judged, she had said that she’d had sex the year before. One stroke later, she was in pain and confused, with the toy inside her. Yet not even that compared to the real thing.

Feeling her tension within easing, Kevin pushed a bit harder and faster.

“Mmm” she moaned in approval. “Take me Kev. I’m yours. You won me, now do whatever you want with me.”

Hardly able to contain himself, Kevin started driving into her even harder. He could feel himself bottom out inside her, six inches in, his head bumping against the entrance to her womb. He pulled back a bit to avoid it, but continued to slide deep into her as he made his way towards release.

All of the strange role-playing and dirty talk from his little sister had him pumped up more than he’d been since he had first had sex. It was like a different experience altogether.

Just as he was going easy, he felt his Laura’s passage tighten around his shaft and the friction increase a lot.

“Oh god, Laura. If this keeps up, I’m going to cum any time now” he moaned.

Pushing deeper with his last few dozen thrusts, he felt himself bump up against her cervix again.

“That’s yours too, Kev. Don’t you want to take me for yourself? Use me, breed me, fill me up with your seed, please.”

With that, Kevin felt a jolt of excitement surge through him. As wrong as it seemed to his conscious mind, it rang true with something deep inside him. He felt himself thrusting wildly into his sister, her pussy squeezing and sucking him, until a torrent surged out from his tip.

She felt a burning warmth in the depths of her passage and farther within, filling her and spilling deeper and deeper inside her.

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