Family Lessons in Lust Ch. 01

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Sara Townsend came home thinking about a hot shower to wash away the pressures of the advertising office where she worked in the art department, drawing endless pictures of women’s shoes. She was already loosening the buttons of her blouse as she walked in the door, headed for the second floor. As she neared her son Brad’s room she noticed his door was open a crack and heard the sound of the TV inside, so she slowed and glanced in to get a glimpse of him, her fingers still unconsciously loosening her top and tugging it out of her tight skirt.

She stopped and looked in and saw naked bodies moving in an unmistakable rhythm on the screen of Brad’s small TV. The grunts and groans of sex flowed out the open door. Sara was not surprised that her twenty-year old son was watching porn movies. She had to admit he was quite a hunk with a firm tan body and a sweet smile that was sure to melt some hearts and lure some hot babes into his lusty arms. She tried to see his bed to see if he was alone, pressing her head against the door and easing it open a little more in the process.

She saw that Brad was alone in his bed with his pants off and a bulging hard-on in his hand, his eyes glued to the action on the screen. Sara took in a little gasp of breath as she saw her son jerking off. His huge cock was pumping steadily and a light sheen of sweat coated his thighs. She wondered if he was close to erupting, and she touched her left breast with her hand, feeling the nipple through her lacy bra. With a shudder she pulled her eyes away and started toward her own bedroom, but she thought she saw him glance up as she moved away from the door.

As she went into her own bedroom she undid the remaining buttons on her blouse and tossed it onto the chair in the corner, kicked off her shoes, and slid her tight skirt down, wriggling it over the fullness of her hips. She sat down and peeled her pantyhose off, then stood to look at herself in the full length mirror. Her blond hair was curled softly, just brushing her shoulders, her bangs accenting her high forehead, her lips pouting redly in contrast.

Her breasts, still in the low cut bra, were firm and high, her waist slender and smooth. Her hips flared seductively and her legs were trim and shapely. Not bad for thirty-eight, she thought, wondering how she’d compare to the porno actresses that Brad was watching. The memory of her son’s huge cock pumping to the sex video sent a shiver through her and eskişehir escort she reached inside her bra and pinched her nipples, arousing them to erection, then moved a hand to her silky panties, rubbing her slit through them and feeling a flush of moisture escaping her cunt. She realized she was hot from watching her son, and rubbed more vigorously at her pussy, inflamed by the thought.

She looked once more into the mirror and was amazed to see Brad’s face staring at her over her shoulder. She turned to face him, and saw that he had on a T-shirt that barely covered his boxer shorts.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, standing still in her panties and bra and turning to face him, but making no move to cover herself.

“Well, you were watching me, so I thought I’d watch you. Turnabout’s fair play.”

His voice was warm and seductive and Sara heard the lust in his throaty tone. “Wouldn’t you rather watch your hot porn stars romping on the screen?” she said and noticed a hint of lust had crept into her own voice.

“Hell, no. I’d much rather have the real thing, in the flesh. You’re pretty hot looking, Mom. And I thought you might’ve got an eyeful of me, just like I’m getting one of you now.”

Sara saw him moving a hand to his crotch, and turned her back to him, facing the mirror again. It was hard to admit, but he had her motor racing. “Maybe you should go,” she said hesitantly, as if she hoped he wouldn’t. Her emotions were running so high she wasn’t sure herself. She looked into the mirror and saw him moving toward her, and she watched the reflection as his hands appeared on her shoulders, sending a shudder of anticipation down her spine.

“You don’t really want me to go, do you Mom?” he said, moving closer and running his hands down her arms to her waist, then around to the smooth skin of her belly, pulling himself against her and nestling her butt into his crotch. When his hands cupped her breasts she melted into the warm sensations flooding her body, and turned to fall into his arms, her breasts now pressing against his T-shirt covered chest. He rubbed her back and undid the clasp of her bra, then slipped his thumbs under the straps, easing them off her shoulders. She remained pressed against him and kissed him on the neck, then tilted her face up to meet his lips.

Her son kissed her softly on the mouth, moving against her smoothly, then his tongue slipped inside her mouth gaziantep escort and she grasped for his probing member, circling it with her own as gasps escaped her lips. The bra fell to the floor as Brad began kneading her breasts, working his thumbs against the straining nipples. Then his hands moved down to cup her firm ass, raising her off the floor. She moaned in ecstasy as he lifted her toward the bed. They fell in a heap and Brad moved down, kissing her throat, then sucking one nipple into his moist mouth, teasing it into turgidity. She could hardly contain herself and ran her fingers through his short curly hair to pull him closer.

His free hand snaked down toward her pussy and he rubbed the silken mound through the silk of her panties, bringing a new wave of cuntal moisture and a gasp of pleasure from her lips. “Ummm, let me see you now,” she said as she rolled her son over onto his back, pulling his T-shirt over his head. She leaned to kiss him deeply, her tongue darting inside his mouth, bringing a groan of lust from him, then she licked at his hard chest, moving downward until she had a nipple lodged firmly between her full red lips.

“Oh, yes, suck my tit Mom. It feels so good.”

Sara gladly obliged, tweaking the other one, then switching to suck both her son’s nipples into full arousal. She moved a hand to his shorts and felt the bulge of his huge cock straining against the cotton, the same one she had seen pumping furiously only minutes before, and she knew she wanted to have it inside her, filling her, fucking her till she gushed.

“How about if I suck this instead?” she said, reaching inside his shorts to grasp his hot rod.

“Ohhh, yesss,” he hissed between clinched teeth, “suck my cock Mom.”

“Ummm. My specialty, at least one of them,” she said, slipping his shorts over his hips and watching the cock spring up, throbbing in front of her face. She kissed the tip of his bulging hard-on, then licked the underside of it gently from tip to base before slipping the head into the “O” of her mouth. He groaned as his dick entered his mother’s mouth, shuddering with delight.

“Ohh. Yeah, suck it for me Mom. Take it all in your mouth. Ohh. You’re so hot.”

“Yes, baby. Mother will suck you off good.” It inflamed her to hear her son talking obscenely to her and she was responding in a way she hadn’t thought possible, but now everything except her son’s beautiful cock giresun escort ceased to exist, as she bent to sucking it in earnest.

She pulled it deep into her mouth, sucking vigorously up and down its length, until she felt it probing at the entrance to her throat, then it slipped into that tight hole as she calmed her gag reflex. Finally his cock was buried to the hilt in her willing hot mouth and she reached around to grab his ass, pulling him tight against her.

Brad responded by fucking his mother in the mouth, feeling his balls slap against her chin as she took his whole cock deep into her mouth, burying her lips against the very base of it. He could feel himself building to orgasm. “I can’t hold out much longer. I think I’m gonna cum,” he said between gasps.

“Ummm. Yes, cum in my mouth baby. Cum for Momma,” she said, pulling her mouth off him, then plunging his cock back deep inside her.

The lustful words were enough to send Brad over the edge and he started spurting deep in her mouth. She pulled back a little, but held onto his cock as it pumped hot jism into her mouth. He jerked with each spurt until his cock grew limp.

She continued to suck, intent on getting every drop of her son’s sperm into her mouth and belly. A few drops leaked out around her lips, and as she finally pulled away, she gathered those up on her fingers and licked the juice into her mouth. She moved up his body, dragging her tits against his sweat-covered chest, and kissed him deeply, working her tongue deep into her son’s mouth.

“Yum,” she said. “Your cum tastes so good. Can you taste your own cum in my mouth?”

“Yeah, and it makes me hot to taste myself after I came in you. You are one hot cocksucker. I’ve never had my cock sucked so good by anyone.”

“Mother knows best,” she said with a sly grin, then found one more drop of cum on her cheek. “Here, take this last taste,” she said, scooping the cum onto her finger and plunging it into her son’s mouth, letting him suck the juices of his own cock off her finger, then following it with her own tongue. “Does it taste good, honey?”

“Oh, yeah, coming from you, anything tastes good.”

“Anything?” she asked, and a lustful smile curled her lips upward.

“What did you have in mind?” he asked, wondering at the hidden pleasures suggested by her smile and still glowing from the wonderful sensations she had given him.

“Well, that’s enough for now,” she said. “For our first time you got to cum in my mouth, and we’ll just have to see what comes next, or,” she added, “where you cum next.” With that she rolled off the bed and padded toward the door. “Me for a hot shower,” she said. “And I’ll see you later for your next lesson in lust.”

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