Families Ch. 03

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“Now kids. We are only going to be at your Aunty Beth’s for the weekend. Do you think you can avoid wreaking the place why we are away?”

“God. Yes dad. We are 18 you know. We know the rules. No wild parties, no drugs and no rock and roll bands on the porch.”

“Well that’s good. You two behave yourselves. Give mom a kiss before we go.”

As Peter and Leanna drove down the street, John and Kelly were already at each other. Locked in a passionate embrace they kissed each other deeply. John slowly pulled away, and led his sister to the sofa.

“I can’t believe we get the place to ourselves all weekend. I told the guys I was going too, so there will be no callers.”

“I did the same. We should draw the curtains and spend the whole time naked. That way we can have each other when ever we want.”

“Great idea.” With that we began to slowly undress each other on the sofa, and explore each others bodies at a leisurely pace they had not had before.

It didn’t take long for me to have Johns cock in my mouth. One of the girls at school had lent me a DVD called The Art of the Deep Throat. I had managed to get many things all the way in my mouth over the last week or so. I thought I’d show John me new trick. I slowly opened my throat and began sliding his cock deeper in me.

“Shit, sis. Where did you learn that. You have the whole of me in your mouth. It feels so good.”

I began to hum, making my throat vibrate. That just about did it for him. With out warning he was shooting over a weeks worth of cum straight in to my stomach. The film hadn’t prepared me for that, but I took the whole lot. It’s what comes from being a natural slut I guess.

“Please, John. While we have the time. Can we work on getting your cock up my ass. The thought of it alone has had me wanking my self silly, with two dildos, all week.”


“Yes. I bought a ten inch Rampant Rabbit last weekend.”

“We’ll have to work up to it. But first I want to see you do your self with that Rabbit.”

I raced up stairs and grabbed my newest toy, made sure it had new batteries and went back down. John had opened a bottle of wine and sat lay back on the sofa. I sat on dads Lazi-Boy with my legs together. First I deep throated the plastic cock, to get it all wet, before slowly opening my legs and easing the huge dildo into my wet cunt. I got the ears spinning and put it to high speed. The sensations gave me a tingle deep in my stomach.

John was watching my show with his hand on his cock, slowly pumping it back to hardness. I tensed up the muscles deep in my cunt and stood up. Holding the thing inside me with one hand I walked over to John and took his hand. Together we slowly began to wank each other, there on the sofa.

Before long he swept me up in his powerful arms and began carrying me up to my double bed.

“Just wait here while I got and get more toys.” Watching him walk out I began to work the Rabbit even harder.

John came back in as I was having my orgasm. He slowly pulled Rabbit out of my pussy and replaced it with his Devine cock. Slowly easing it up my soaked passage. He took the Rabbit and gently began massaging it against erzurum escort my butt.

“Oh, yes, yes. Fuck me baby. Ram your cock up my pussy. Please, I need you so bad.”

I lay on my back with my twin brother sawing his huge cock back and forth in my dripping pussy. As I lay there he finally managed to get the whole ten inches of my new Rampant Rabbit up my ass. My bed sheets were sticky with cum and lube. As he turned the plastic cock on to vibrate I went in to overdrive. I dragged my nails down his back and forced his head down to suck my nipples. John forced his entire cock in to me and held there as he rode out my orgasm. With my cunt gripping his cock like a vice John began to stiffen and his breathing got deeper. With a scream he slammed his dick in to me and unloaded his second bucket load of cum in to my womb.

“Fuck, yes. Baby, fill me up with your hot cum. I can feel it in my womb, it’s so good.”

“I love your pussy, I love my sisters pussy.” John began to shiver as he came down from his orgasmic high. He collapsed on to my chest, and we lay together, kissing and touching each other. The vibrating Rabbit in my ass worked to keep his cock nice and hard. After five minutes of gentle fucking John looked at me, and seemed embarrassed.

“Well I think you are as ready as you will ever be. Please, baby sister, can I fuck you in that hot, tight little ass of yours?” As he spoke he looked in to my eyes, almost pleading with me to say yes.

“Oh, God. You know I have wanted that ever since day one. Let me lube your cock, please.”

He slowly pulled his dick out of my pussy and sat back. With Rabbit still buzzing in my ass, I leaned forward and slowly began to suck my cum off his cock. When he was clean I spread lots of Astraglide on my hands and slowly massaged it in to his red hot prick. It was so smooth it was practically frictionless. As I wanked his cock it began to get hotter and stiffer, until it was like a rod of iron, fresh from the furnace.

When he was all smooth I turned around, got on to my knees and buried my head in the bed. With my ass still full and sticking high in the air he slowly drew out the Rabbit. As he did so he began rimming me with his tongue. His hot mouth was so good I began to feel our mixed cum running freely out of my cunt and down my thighs. John dragged his tongue down and drank the juice as it flowed out of me. When he stopped I felt the heat of his cock as he put the head at the entrance of my ass-hole. I shuddered with anticipation.

“I’ll be gentle sweetheart, take slow so we can both enjoy it.” With that he began to stretch me even wider as he pushed his iron hard meat in to my ass. As his head plopped through I felt like I was being ripped apart, but it felt so good. I began to push back, glad we had time to open my ass with the dildo first.

“Holy shit, you are so tight. That is so good, baby. I love you ass. I hope I can fit the whole way in.”

“Me to, stud. Less talk, more fuck.”

He pushed forward as I pushed back for a couple of minutes, once I felt his balls slap my gushing pussy as he gave a deep sigh. He had his entire cock up my ass, bodrum escort and I was loving it. It felt like he had forced a baseball bat up my ass. As we stayed there locked together for a while he slowly eased my Rabbit in to my waiting cunt. The thought that it had been in my ass only moments before felt really dirty.

“Please, John. Fuck my ass, rip me open. Bugger your sister until she begs for you to stop.”

“I have dreamed of getting my whole dick up some sluts ass for ever. You are the greatest fuck in the world, and you are my sister.”

He began to ease his cock out of my ass and then slam it back in, with me pushing back for extra penetration. In a short while we set a good rhythm, he was really hammering my soft ass cheeks as he fucked me. I was glad I had sucked him off and had him fill my cunt with cum already that day. He could last for ever, despite the tightness of my virgin box. As he was doing his best to last as long as he could he reached forward and placed his weight on my back and began to play with my tits. With my hands free I reached underneath myself and flicked on my Rabbit, as it buzzed I forced it in and out of my creamy cunt. Being so full of cock was so good I soon collapsed and began to shudder and spew sexy filth from my mouth.

My orgasm hit with the force of a runaway train. The muscles in my ass went in to spasm, biting like a vice on to Johns cock. The force of this, and the vibrations in my cunt sent him over the edge.

We had agreed he would pull out and spay his cum over my back. I had seen it in a Jenna Jameson film and liked the idea. As it was I was so tight he could not pull out, he just rammed even deeper in to my ass and began fill me up. I was to engrossed in my own orgasm to care, the feel of that hot stuff rushing in to my bowls was a huge turn on. With a groan he collapsed on top of me and wrapped his arms around me.

It should have felt wrong, my own twin brother had just filled my every willing hole, mouth, cunt and ass, with cum and now we lay with him on top of me. It felt so right, his cock was slowly deflating in my ass and his hands were running over my tits. His weight was crushing me in to my bed. I felt safer and more in love than ever before. I wanted him to be my lover for ever

Who could match the experience. Not only did have a massive cock, and great technique, but the fact that he was my brother made it feel so dirty and wrong that it was even better.

“Lets be lovers forever. No matter what, we will fuck each other for ever. Deal?”

“Hell, Kelly. I was thinking the same thing.”

That week John went down by the lake with his buddies. Peter sat in his office and checked the hard drive to see what the cameras had caught while he had been away. The film of his twins going at it forced him to get his cock out and begin to pump it. He sat in his study and watched Kelly suck John to a huge climax, which she swallowed, to his surprise. Then fuck him and take his cum in her cunt. They finally he watched John slid his cock all the way up Kelly’s little ass, and the fact that she loved it convinced him that she was ready.

That night, Kelly eskişehir escort lay naked on her bed, looking at her body in the mirror.

“I have a great body,” she thought, “just right for fucking. I love John, but damn, I am going to fuck around at collage. I’ll be the campus cum pot. Anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

As she gently played with her self she did not notice her door open. Peter stood in awe at the sight of his teenage daughter, finger fucking her self, naked on her bed. He shed his clothes, and with a quick glance at the hidden camera walked over to her.

Kelly felt a hand on her thigh, “Come back for more, Stud?”

When she got no answer she opened her eyes slightly. All she saw was the biggest cock she had ever seen, even with all the porn she had watched, nothing matched this.

“That has to be you, daddy. Come to violate his little girl. Oh, how naughty. You are a bad man.” With that she began to suck his entire cock down her throat.

Kelly’s dad was really getting off on seeing his baby daughter deep throat him all the way. He looked down to see her hands pumping in and out of her cunt. He slowly withdrew from her throat and turned around so he could eat her pussy. As he began to lick her out she sucked his meat back in to her mouth. After a few minutes locked in a steamy 69 Peter felt he was going to blow his top. He sat up and turned around again, pulling his cock from her hot mouth.

“Good, you are so good. I need your cunt baby. Can I fuck you please? I really need it.”

“Oh God. Of course you can daddy. What good little girl can say no to having her big strong father force his massive, hot, erect cock up her tiny little pussy?”

With that he did not take things gently, or slowly. Peter throw her on her back, pulled her legs apart and skewered her on the full twelve inches of his cock. Kelly immediately began to squirm and thrust underneath him. John had been gentle with his cock, Peter just fucked her for all he was worth. This might be his only chance, and he could still go to prison for it, so he made the most of it.

Peter pounded away in his daughters pussy, forcing his cock deeper in to her each time. Kelly seemed to love the force of his assault as much as he did.

“Oh yes. Daddy, fuck me. Punish me, I’ve been bad. I do bad things. Please make me right. Fucking is the only way I know.”

“Take my cock you filthy bitch. I’ve seen you with your brother. You love it you slut. I’ll fuck you good and teach you about sex.”

All the heat and incest filled talk began to bring Peter to the edge. With one hard thrust he began to fill his youngest child with his seed. The sperm that had started her life began to flood her own tight cunt and womb. The thought of her daddies spunk in her sent her over the edge.

“Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me you bastard, fill me with your cum, you shit. Please don’t stop.”

Peter, violently pulled out of Kelly’s soaking, quivering cunt and replaced his dick with his mouth. Making sure not to miss one drop he began to suck, lick and eat his cum out of her boiling cunt. This extended her orgasm, making it taste better.

For a while they lay in each others arms, slowly exploring each others bodies. Touching and kissing each other all over.

“What did you mean you had seen me and John at it? I thought we kept it a good secret.”

“Follow me in to my study and I’ll show you.”

To be continued.

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