Fall Folly Ch. 04

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Yes all are over 18 and despite the insistence of a recent message, the names in these stories are made up and not meant to reflect any living being.


Blake entered his bedroom and shut the door after his most embarrassing time in recent memory. He had worn his Captain America costume downstairs to show his mother and get her opinion on how it looked. What he hadn’t expected was to find her “book club” downstairs this late and making comments about his body in the costume. Her book club consisted of 5-7 of the local wives in the neighborhood who had nothing better to do but come over on Wednesday afternoons and drink wine. Today they were putting the finishing touches on the Everetts Halloween party this Friday night. The only high point of the whole event was that Melani Souza, neighbor, MILF, his friends mother, and fantasy sexual partner since he could remember seemed to be licking her lips as she saw how the costume clung to his thighs and chest. When he turned around he swore she was staring at his ass.

Of course so were the others, Angela Everetts was a little perturbed that Amanda Pennington, her divorced and chubby red headed neighbor, was more than outwardly ogling her son. She could have sworn she had seen the woman reach up and pinch a nipple as the 18 year old hard body spun around.

But could she really blame them. After all she had a bit of a fantasy crush on Melani’s 18 year old son Robert. He and Blake we almost identical in size and physical conditioning. So if she could get horny over imagining Robert was the one sliding in and out of her pussy while she pumped it with her favorite vibrating dildo she knew other women would do the same over Blake. Thinking about it objectively she knew if Blake wasn’t her son she would be willing to have him take Roberts place in her fantasies. What she didn’t know was Blake didn’t have those qualms about having his mother in his.

Angela shot Amanda a icy glare that went unnoticed by the chubby divorcee but not by Melani.

Melani had also noticed the overt way Amanda had quickly caressed herself. What would Angela think is she knew Melani lusted after her son as well. Well Angela’s son and Melani’s son but that was something Melani had been working hard to force from her perverted thoughts. Angela knew these women’s lustings were not an issue. After all Blake had his hard body gymnast girlfriend he was banging on a regular basis and she doubt he would put that in jeopardy for someone like Amanda Pennington, but they could be a little more discreet in their drooling. Geesh!

Blake finished hanging Captain America back up in his closet. He had been Bake’s first choice in costume for the college Halloween party Friday but not the first one he bought. His girlfriend had insisted they go as Batman and Batgirl. Blake had inwardly rolled his eyes at the pairing. The costume party was at her sorority so he let her pick the costumes. If he had to go as Batman he suggested she go as one of Batman’s female nemesis’s. But she would none of it. Her only exposure to Batman had been of reruns of the campy 1960’s TV show. So her knowledge was limited. Blake wasn’t a comic book geek but he knew a little more about them. He knew he liked the Marvel characters better than the DC characters but no matter what he proposed Robin was stuck on that one pairing. So he spent the money and bought the two costumes, after all when you have a girlfriend like Robin you pick your battles. He like fucking her tight little body more than he cared about being a fictional character for Halloween. His only reprieve was that the costumes were a modern interpretation and fortunately not the campy 1960’s version. The cut and material of cloth has left little to the imagination from either of them. Neither one of them could wear underwear with the costumes or it would show through awkwardly. As it was Robin’s nipples and curves of her B cup tits poked out purposefully on each site of the bat symbol as did his accented by the definition on his pecs. Both of their asses were on display, the material wrapped around the muscled curves of the cheeks. Only the plastic codpieces covering both of their groins saved them from total exposure. If they weren’t in place Robins puffy pussy lips would be visible pushing out against the crotch of her costume and Blake’s cock would be completely outlined along with his balls.

Captain America wasn’t anymore modest. It was probably even less so since it did not have the cape to help cover him. Instead of an external crotch covering it had padded plastic pouch similar to an athletic cup that held his package,

Blake was sorry now that he wasn’t going to be able to fuck Robin while she wore that Batgirl costume but things happen. Her grandmother had fallen and had required surgery so she and her parents had to drive two states over and be there for the poor woman. She left him the tickets and told him to go without her. He wasn’t going eskişehir escort to go as Batman so he was prepared to stay at home as he told Robert about his bad luck while they shot baskets in the Souza’s front yard. Robert has always loved the caped crusader and offered to switch with Blake. At first Blake was hesitant but once he saw the quality of the costume was a good if not better than the one he had he jumped on it. So now he going as Captain America and Robert was going as Batman.

Melani Souza was already flushed from the wine when Blake had come down the stairs. Seeing that tight ass and thighs in that costume a switched turn on in her pussy. The itch began and continued to grow and she was grateful that Blake has busted up the hen party. She took the polite amount of time and excused herself to go home and masturbate to the thoughts of the young Captain between her thighs. Her husband wasn’t due home for 2 hours so she had plenty of time.

Melani was on a mission when she walked into the house and made a beeline for the bedroom with one thing on her mind. A wall of black coming out of the living room startled her and made her scream out!

“Mom, it’s OK it’s just me Robert!” her son said as he wrapped her in his arms.

It took Melani a few seconds to let it sink in that the muscled figure in the Batman costume complete with mask was her son causing her to struggle against his grasp. The struggle rubbed her already erect nipples against the thin fabric of Roberts costume and he could feel the breast scraping across his chest while their thighs had ended up intertwined with each other. The only thing that kept them separated from total embarrassment was the plastic codpiece over Roberts now hardening groin. Robert may not have felt the crotch of his mother’s Capri clad pussy rubbing against the hard plastic his costume but Melani did. The zap of the sexual energy agitated her more.

Melani caught her breath and her senses as she shoved against the boys chest screaming “DAMN IT ROBERT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

The 6 foot tall 200 pound boy physical cringed at his mothers rant even though she was only 5 foot 9 and about 130 pounds. He could have easily taken her in physical altercation but it was his mother and she had rarely raised her voice to him in his 18 years. The rage he heard was so out of character for her mother it startled him. Poor Robert had no idea the rage his mother felt wasn’t at her being scared, it was a build up of the sexual frustration and guilt over her dreams about her own son.

As Melani ripped herself away Robert backed away and stuttered out “S-s-s-orrry mom, I-I-I-I j-j-j-just w-w-w-wanted to try own my costume before Halloween”, looking down he added softly, “Blake and I traded.”

The stuttering in her son’s voice made Melani feel even worse, instead of the 18 year old hunk that had been invading her sexual fantasies he was once again her little boy, like at 4 when they both worked hard to overcome his stuttering before he got to school. Her heart melted and she reached out and hug her son maybe a little too hard but not out sexual need but a mothers desperation to keep her little boy little.

Stepping back wiping the now forming tears from her eyes she said “I am sorry for yelling at you baby, I was just scared but you do look nice,” as she patted his firm muscled chest and turn walking down the hallway to her bedroom.

She barely had the door shut before she had shoved a hand in her pants and mashed her clit between her fingers rolling it mercilessly as she pinched her nipple with the thought of Robert taking her body. She stumbled forward falling face first across the bed dreaming of Robert riding her from behind. Her mouth biting into the pillow to keep from screaming her sons name out as her orgasm racked through her body.

Both Melani and Angela had gotten into the same habit with their spouses lately. Sexless nights or if there was sex it was cookie cutter like the husbands had a preprogrammed route to try and get their wives to climax so they could dump their load and go to sleep. For Melani’s husband it was medical and work stress for Angela’s husband it was the young piece of ass he had found at his company in the computer programming department. Both wives had been resentful of the lack of attention fueled by the growing needs in the emotional and sex areas. Both wives had suspicions of the spouses cheating but Melani could never find anything, Angela found enough to suspect but not enough to prove anything. So it wasn’t unusual that Melani had a surly mood around her husband that night after she finally realized she wanted to fuck her son. Interesting enough both women came to the same conclusion that night. That their husbands had neglected them long enough, One final chance and that chance would be Friday after the adult only Halloween party. Their costumes were sexy but fitting a wife. If they didn’t gaziantep escort get the passion they needed then they would choose another route.

Robert has just finished putting his costume on for the party at the sorority. He wasn’t a frat member yet but he was on the college baseball team and some of the sorority girls gave out free “Stag” tickets to members of the sports teams they thought were cute. It gave the girls some eye candy if the crop of frat boys was a little weak. He had everything on but the hood and the codpiece. He didn’t want to try and drive with the hood on and the codpiece pinched his thighs when he sat down in it. He grabbed his cellphone and was putting in a pocket on his utility belt when it rang in his hand.

“Dude! Where are you!” he heard Blake say in a panicked voice.

“I am at home in my room” Robert answered hesitantly.

Blake barked out “Stay there I am on the way over.” then he asked “Can I get in?”

Robert knew his Mom and Dad were already gone to his Dad’s office party, They were going to the Everetts party afterward. So he told Blake to come around to the mudroom it should be left open. Blake must had already been on the way over because he was in Robert’s room almost immediately dressed in the Captain America costume. Breathlessly Blake explained that Robin had just called and surprised him saying she had just gotten into town. Her grandmother had done better off than expected and her parents had her drive back so she wouldn’t miss any more of her classes. She was back dressed and ready for the party so he needed the Batman suit.

Reluctantly Robert agreed, and they begin to pull the costumes off. Blake had his off to his waist and was pulling down the tights when Robert looked over and saw Blake’s now shaved cock and balls pop into view. He knew he and Blake were about the same size in the cock department but shaving made Blake’s look a little bigger.

Robert laughed under his breath as he said “Ahhh man, you mean to tell me you didn’t wear underwear with that thing?”

Blake stopped for a second looking down into the cup before shrugging and saying “Ya, really can’t ya know.”

Robert laughed out loud as he peeled his tights down letting his cock and balls pop into view before saying “Yeah I guess your right but I don’t want to see any snail trails in there.”

Blake had pulled the costume off and flung it across the room hitting the other boy in his now bare chest before adding, “Yeah that goes for you too.”

Robert slowed and watched the other boy twist and gyrate into the Batman suit while he took his time getting into Captain America. Blake’s ass was turning him on again. Damn, he needed to get laid soon.

Maybe tonight he would get lucky at the party. He had been masturbating multiple times a day since seeing his mother getting off in the shower but it was still no substitute for a piece of ass and hear was a naked one right here in front of him even if it was the wrong sex. He quickly pulled the blue tights up and over his growing cock nestling into the warm pouch where the other boys cock had been. Knowing that Blake’s cock had been what cause the warm feeling that was now caressing his swelling member made it grow even more. The other boy finished throwing on the Batman suit and grabbed the cowl, belt and codpiece before running to his already running car in Roberts driveway.

A few hours later it seems like every ones night was not going as planned. Melani’s husband had proceeded to get soused and she had to spend the time fighting off the drunken advances of his equally plastered boss. He kept trying to slide his hands into the bodice or under the crinolines of her St. Pauli girl costume. She hadn’t been able to drag him out of there fast enough and by the time they had gotten home he was passed out in the car and that’s where the now fuming Melani left him as she clomped angrily over to the Everetts and started slamming down Margarita’s. The tequila soon had her warm inside. As the Tequila slowly soaked her brain she began to think and get angry. Angry at Donnie her husband for ignoring her needs, angry at herself for lusting after her son, angry at Robert for being so attractive. The wheels spun in head greased by the tequila that was piling up in her stomach. In her agave haze she had decided she had to have a lover. A lover to fuck away her anger at her husband and a lover to fuck away the unnatural lust she felt for Robert. After all she surmised in it wasn’t Robert she wanted it was a hard young cock and he just happened to have one and it was under her roof. Melani looked around the room to try and find someone to have an affair with. In anticipation she slipped into the bathroom and pulled of her bikini panties and bra before hiding them in the trash can. Rearranging her tits in her bodice so they propped up and about to fall out of the top of her blouse she looked in the mirror ready giresun escort to get fucked tonight. Going back out to the party her heart sunk a little. As she surveyed he room she realized the only ones that were worth the effort were married to friends she cared about. She didn’t want to hurt them Sighing in desperation she leaned back against the bar knowing she wasn’t going to get her itch scratched tonight.

Angela Everetts wasn’t having any better of a time. The skin tight Catwoman suit hotter than she thought it was going to be, she had already been upstairs twice to wipe the perspiration off her body and she finally removed her Bra and thong, The latter she just cut the band and pulled it off so she wouldn’t have to fight the costume back over her hips. The only good thing was that the zipper would unzip from either end. Either the neck or it reached around to her ass. If she was careful should could pee by just unzipping the bottom. To say she filled out the suit was an understatement, she wasn’t fat she was built like the 60’s movie stars. Her husband had often compared her to Sophia Loren the older but beautiful movie star. Her friend Melani was like the 70’s movie stars she was blonde lithe but with curves.

The guest list wasn’t making her happy either. It wasn’t unusual for her husband Carl to invite friends over from the office for the party but this time the mousey looking thing in the horned rim framed glasses and slutty school girl outfit was more into character than she should be. It was pretty obvious the Count Dracula she had brought with her could care less as she flirted and rubbed against Angela’s husband. The only thing that kept Angela from grabbing her by her frizzy brown hair and dragging her ass out onto the front lawn for an ass beating was she the fact didn’t want to be the talk of the town over a suspicion. So instead she added a few more bourbons than normal to her diet.

It didn’t help that Amanda Pennington was getting sloshed and was groping every man in the room that didn’t have woman to protect him. Right now she had Dracula cornered in the family room. Her costume was a dime store Ninja Turtle green leotard with a cheap turtle mask. The leotard was two tight and it obvious she was braless as her DD tits rolled around as she moved. She must have been wearing a thong because those hams she had in the back would jiggle and look like a couple of piglets wrestling under there.

The boys weren’t fairing much better. Poor Robert, the night had started off promising and he had the attention of few of the sorority girls until he realized they were using him to buy them drinks at the hosted bar. They didn’t want to drink the free cheap beer, It didn’t matter he was underage as was half the crowd there the girls were out to make cash for their house and they were doing well. So Robert had planted himself in a chair in the back yard and decided to catch a god buzz before coming down and driving home.

Blake’s planned reunion and in costume fuck with Robin didn’t go well either, He had greeted her with passion of lover’s parted for weeks not just days. Robin gave him a perfunctory kiss and demanded they get right to the party. She wanted to make a good impression on her “sisters” All through the party Robin had spent the time kissing up to the older girls in the house, often leaving Blake to fend for himself. When a rather well endowed and tall African American Wonder Women started chatting with him Robin flew across the room and accused him of avoiding her to flirt with the girl. When he suggested they call it a night and go back to her house where they could make up for lost time she got mad and accused him of just wanting her for sex. The last thing he heard as he walked out the door was her telling him to go home and she would be fine at the Sorority house for the night. So he did.

If Robert had known Blake was going home he might have caught a ride instead of wallowing in self despair in the backyard. He had already stopped drinking and was working on sobering up when the flash of red and blue lights from in front of the house alerted him to the presence of the police before anyone in the house knew. Robert started to panic, he didn’t want to get busted for underage drinking. When he saw another car show up and appeared to being setting up a perimeter on the house he jumped the fence heading down the alley before others could show up. He ran a few blocks before he decided it was safe enough to slow down. He knew going back for his car now would be a bad thing so he started walking toward home. Eventually he grabbed a cab and headed home.

Pulling his car up to his house Blake was 20 minutes later than normal after being stopped by a city cop who was not willing to believe the young college student was not drunk or stoned. Finally after passing all the field sobriety test the cop was frustrated and let him go. Seeing no place to park he went two driveways down and pulled into the Souza’s driveway. He didn’t see Roberts car and he had hoped his friend have a better time at the party than he did. Pulling in he saw Captain America sprawled out on the trunk of Melani’s Miata and realized that his friend was as probably as miserable as he was.

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