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My New Neighbor and Her Surprise

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I noticed the moving truck as I came around the bend & pulled into my driveway. My neighbors were an elderly couple & had been planning to move to Florida to be near their grandchildren for some time, I guess they finally pulled the trigger.

“Heading south???” I asked as I got out of my car & headed into the garage.

“Yes, we’re finally going for it.” Jim replied.

Well, good luck to you guys. Enjoy your retirement.” I said & waved as I walked into the house.

Most of the people in this neighborhood were older, that was part of the reason I decided to move in. It was an affluent, quiet neighborhood where no one would bother me while I worked. I’m a software engineer so I spend a lot of time on my computer at home. It helped that there weren’t many distractions here & I could get my work done. Hopefully whoever moves in next won’t be too loud, I thought, guess we’ll see.

A few weeks later I saw another moving truck in the drive. I had noticed the For Sale sign had been down for about a week so I just assumed this was my new neighbor. As I pulled into my driveway, I noticed a petite, young blonde carrying a box out of the back of the truck. She was cute for sure, better be neighborly & at least go offer to help, I thought to myself.

“Hi,” I said, “My name is Trevor & I live next door. Can I help you with the boxes??”

“Last one,” she said, “Could have used you an hour ago,” she chuckled jokingly. “My name is Trisha, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The pleasure was certainly all mine. Trisha wasn’t just cute, she was gorgeous. She had shoulder length, curly blonde hair that framed her face however, from what I could see, it looked very toned & shapely.

“Well, sorry I was late, I would have been happy to give you a hand,” I said, “Maybe I can interest you in a cup of coffee once you get all settled in.” I almost shocked myself at my forwardness but I figured, what the hell??

“That sounds wonderful,” Trisha said, “Maybe one day later this week.”

As I walked into my house, I couldn’t help but turn & take another look at Trisha. She had a smoking body & I thought I even noticed a little tramp stamp tattoo on her back as she disappeared into her garage with her last box. “Pretty hot!!” I mumbled to myself.

A few days later I was in my backyard cutting the grass when I heard Trisha yell at me over the sound of the mower.

“Hey!!” she was yelling. I killed the mower & saw her standing at my back gate. She had on a pink bikini top with a matching sarong wrap around her waist. She was holding a glass of lemonade, “Thought maybe you could use something cool,” she said.

“Great, thank you,” I replied & walked over towards her. “That sounds wonderful.”

I couldn’t help but drink her in as I walked over. The bikini top she had on was pretty skimpy & her breasts were almost spilling out of it. I tried to sneak in a few glances as we talked.

“How are you liking the neighborhood??” I asked, making small talk.

“I’m really enjoying it & everyone seems so nice.” She said. “I was just about to go lounge by the pool for a little while & I wondered if you had time to join me??”

Fuck yeah I do, I thought!! “Sure, I could use a break to cool down for a minute,” I said. “Lead the way.”

As she turned & walked through the gate & into her backyard, I couldn’t help but stare at her ass. I wished she didn’t have that cover on so I could get a better look, but it looked pretty hot as it was.

“Have a seat”, she said, pointing towards the lounge chairs alongside the pool. We sat & chatted for an hour or so, mainly small talk, where she was from, where I was from, what she did for a living, that kind of stuff, when I noticed it was starting to get dark. “Oh shoot,” I said, “I’ve been enjoying our conversation so much I almost forgot I need to finish up the yard before it gets too dark.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you,” Trisha said.

“Absolutely not, I loved chatting with you,” I said, “Hopefully we can do it again & thank you for the lemonade.”

“Of course,” she said, “What are neighbors for.”

I waved & headed back to my yard to finish mowing. It was almost dark now but I only had another 15 minutes or so to finish up so I cranked the mower back up & got back to work. As I was walking by the fence between Trisha’s yard & mine, I noticed that she had gotten up & was now in the pool. I noticed her sarong over the back of one of the chairs & I thought maybe I’ll get to catch a glimpse of her ass.

I kept mowing, back unfortunately, by the time I was finished, she was still swimming laps. Oh well, I thought, maybe next time. I killed the mower however, I thought I could hear her moaning softly. I hadn’t turned on the blower yet so obviously she didn’t know I was in the back yard. I crept over to Pendik Grup Escort the fence & listened, being sure not to make a sound as I did. Sure enough, she was moaning. Oh my God, I thought, Trisha is masturbating in her backyard.

“Oh Trevor,” she moaned lightly.

What??? She was masturbating thinking about me. Holy shit, this is hot!! I thought. I was totally frozen & didn’t know what I should do. Should I go over there & potentially embarrass myself & her in the process??

Her moaning became a little more ragged & I assumed that meant she was about to make herself cum. My cock was aching but I didn’t want to make a sound & disturb what was happening right on the other side of the fence.

“Yes, yes,” I heard her moan as she threw her head back obviously reaching her climax. After she came down, she reached up behind her & grabbed her sarong, wrapping it back around her, before getting up & going in the house. I took that as my opportunity to get up & go inside. I had barely made it inside the door before I had peeled off my clothes & was furiously beating my cock, crying out Trisha’s name as I came all over the floor of the laundry room.

The next evening, I was sitting in the backyard smoking a cigar when I heard Trisha’s back door open. It was dusk, so there was still a small bit of light allowing me to see her silhouette walking towards the pool. I heard the splash of the water from Trisha jumping in & took that as my opportunity to try to sneak over to the fence without her noticing me. I crouched down in the corner hoping the shadows would hide me a little better.

She was swimming back & forth, leisurely doing some laps. She swam to the end of the pool, on the opposite side of the yard, & started to climb out of the pool. That was when I noticed that Trisha was nude, she had been skinny dipping!!

I watched her climb out of the pool & I finally got to see that perfect ass of hers. It was tight & firm, well rounded & muscular. Her legs were tanned & toned, obviously she kept herself in great shape. Her towel was sitting on the edge of the pool & she picked it up & wrapped it around herself as she exited the pool, prematurely ending the show I was so thoroughly enjoying. She walked over to the lounge chair & sat down, only this time, unlike last night, she was facing the fence between our yards.

She laid there for a second, catching her breath, then she pushed the top of the towel down, exposing her breasts. Oh, they were magnificent. Firm, perky, with large dark nipples that were fully erect from the cold water & night air. I wanted them in my mouth, I wanted to suck her tits & fondle them so bad. My cock was quickly stiffening, so I shifted myself so I could take it out & stroke it while I watched her.

She gently started kneading her breasts, slowly arousing herself & me at the same time. She pinched her nipple & let out a soft moan as she was clearly getting turned on. She reached her hand down underneath the towel that was now around her waist. Oh my God, I thought, this is better than porn. I was stroking my cock, watching my gorgeous neighbor masturbate & I was in heaven.

Trisha was starting to get worked up, and, as she did, she pulled the towel completely off of her body. Doing so, she revealed an 8″, fully erect, cut penis. Holy shit, Trisha had a cock?? I gasped at the sight of it, probably too loudly, as that seemed to startle her & caused her to look in my direction. She seemed to disregard it though, as she went back to stroking her stiff cock.

I had a million things running through my mind; however, my lust overtook them all & I felt my cock grow even more rigid watching Trisha stroke hers. I was mesmerized by her cock, her gorgeous cock, & I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I wanted to see her cum, watch her cock explode, & I wanted to cum right along with her.

Trisha, who I thought was oblivious to my presence, started staring directly at me through the fence. I didn’t know if she could see me or not, but I’m pretty sure she knew I was there. That didn’t seem to dissuade her though, as she continued to stroke her magnificent tool right before my eyes. She closed her eyes & again I heard her moan “Trevor” while she stroked her cock. I was so turned on at the sight before me that hearing her moan my name caused me to orgasm. I started cumming all over the fence, shot after shot, while watching Trisha jerk off. She followed closely behind, calling my name again before blowing her load all over her tits. After she finished, she reached down & grabbed her towel to clean off. I stared at her intently as she got up to go back into the house & I swear I saw a mischievous little grin on her face. Did she know I was watching?? Did she put that little show on just for me?? I didn’t know, & frankly, I didn’t care, I enjoyed Pendik Manken Escort it all the same & I knew that I wanted more. Once she was back inside, I hurried into the house to clean up & jerk off again, the image of Trisha masturbating her beautiful she cock burned into my brain.

I woke up the next morning still running through last night’s events in my mind. What was she thinking about while she was masturbating?? Did she want to fuck me?? Did she want me to fuck her?? Also, why was I so turned on?? Why did I want to take her cock into my mouth & please her so bad?? I was a confused ball of horniness and I all I knew was that Trisha was right at the center of it.


My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. I opened my front door to find Trisha standing there, looking hot, as normal, in a sexy little printed sundress.

“Hey neighbor,” she said cheerily, “I’m having trouble getting my TV & cable receiver set up in my bedroom & was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping me??”

“Sure thing,” I replied.

“Great,” she said, “Well, come on.” She turned & headed back towards her house with me in tow.

As we walked into her room, she explained that she couldn’t get the TV to the correct input. “Here’s the problem,” I said, “You’ve got your HDMI cable from your receiver plugged into the incorrect port on your TV.” I moved it into the HDMI1 port, reset the source on her remote, & the picture popped on.

“All fixed,” I said.

“My hero,” Trisha replied. “Can I offer you a drink as a payment??”

“Sure,” I said, “What do you have in mind??”

“How about a beer??” Trisha suggested.

“Sounds great,” I said.

We walked back into the kitchen & Trisha leaned into the refrigerator to find us a couple of beers. I couldn’t help but notice that the hem of her sundress crept up her legs & revealed the tiniest hint of her panties underneath. I felt my cock start to twitch.

“Here you go sweetie,” she said, setting the beer down on the table in front of me.

“Thank you,” I replied & sat down to enjoy my drink with her.

We sat & chit chatted for a few minutes, just making small talk. She told me that she had a job interview coming up & that she was excited for this new opportunity in her life. That was part of the reason she had moved here, she told me, for better career advancements. She said she had grown tired & was just looking for a change.

“That includes my love life,” she said, very matter of factly. “I’m looking for someone who can appreciate me & have fun.”

I nodded, taking another sip of my beer.

“I think you like to have fun Trevor,” she said, “you know, like watching a girl masturbate by her pool.”

I almost spit my entire mouthful of beer out.

“It’s Ok honey, I wanted you to see,” she said, “So tell me, did you enjoy the show??” She had that coy little smirk on her face, already knowing the answer to her question.

I didn’t know what to say, I just nodded again.

“I thought so,” she said, “Did you cum?? Did you cum watching me stroke my cock??”

Again, I nodded.

“Hmmmm, maybe you’d like your own, private show, what do you think???” she asked.

“Absolutely.” I replied.

With that, she reached across the table, grabbed my face & started to kiss me passionately. I felt her tongue probing around in my mouth. “God I want you,” she hissed. “I want you now!!” She practically yanked me out of the chair & threw me up against the wall. She started grinding her hips against mine & I could feel her cock, her growing cock, pressing against my already hard dick.

“Did it turn you on baby, hearing me call out your name while I stroked my girl cock?? Did you like it when I came, just for you??” she asked.

“Oh God yes, I loved it Trisha.”

“I’m so hard right now,” she said, “Do you feel me?? Do you feel how hard you’ve made me??”

I reached my hand down between our bodies & lifted the front of her dress. I stuck my hand down the front of her panties & I found my reward, her rock-hard cock, & started stroking it in my hand.

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” she said, “That feels wonderful baby.”

I wanted to make her feel good, wanted to please her so I kept stroking, kept rubbing her cock. I ran my thumb over the head & felt the warm pre-cum on her tip. I brought it up to my lips & licked it into my mouth.

“Suck my cock Trevor, take me in your mouth baby.” Trisha commanded.

I did as I was told & dropped to my knees in front of her. Trisha took the bottom of her dress & pulled it up & bunched it around her waist. I reached up & took her panties & slid them down her toned legs, down to her ankles. Her cock sprung free, in all it’s glory, only inches from my face. I could feel the heat radiating off Pendik Masöz Escort of her as she was now all revved up. I now got my first look at her beautiful cock, up close, & what a beauty it was. It was about 8″, slightly curved upwards, & completely shaved. I wanted it, I wanted to suck Trisha’s dick.

“Taste me baby, suck my cock!!” she said as she pushed her hips forward.

I opened my mouth & Trisha’s cock slid right in. I could hear her moaning my name as she slid her cock in & out, fucking my mouth. I reached up & cupped my hand under balls, fondling them, teasing them.

“That’s it baby, make me cum, I want to cum in your mouth!!”

I pulled back off of her cock, so only the head was in my mouth. I took my hand from her balls & started stroking her cock with my hand, prompting her.

“That’s it baby, I’m so close,” she said.

I licked my tongue down the underside of her shaft, then back across the head, flicking her slit with my tongue. She rewarded me with another taste of pre-cum, which I gladly lapped up & swallowed.

“So hot,” she panted, “There’s more where that came from baby,” she said.

And I wanted it. I wanted it so badly, to taste her, to feel her cock pulse & cum in my mouth, to savor her juices. I started sucking for all I was worth, bobbing up & down on her cock, making sure to run my tongue along the shaft with each pass.

“Oh God!!” she cried out, “I’m cumming baby!!”

I felt her legs wobble so I grabbed her ass to steady her. I felt her cock twitch in my mouth & then she pushed her hips forward one last time & held my head in place as her cock erupted down my throat. The first shot went straight down my throat & into my stomach. She eased off on her grip so I was able to back her cock out so that just her head was in my mouth. I took my hands from her ass & put one on her dick, milking her, & the other on her balls. I stroked her cock, fondled her balls, & sucked her head all while she was unloading her seed into my mouth. I swallowed, gulp after gulp of her delicious semen, until she had no more to give me. She fell back into the chair, exhausted, leaving a string of cum from the tip of her cock to my lips.

“Oh my God!!” she said, “That was amazing!!”

I was still fully clothed & my cock was achingly hard. I reached into my shorts and fished out my cock & started stroking it. Looking at Trisha sitting in the chair, spent from having just fucked my face, her sundress around her waist, her panties around her ankles, & her cock, somehow, still hard, was almost too much for me.

“Show me how you did it the other night baby,” she said, “I want to see you cum this time, cum for me baby”

I stroked my cock for all I was worth, wanting to cum for Trisha. As she watched me, she stood up & took her dress all the way off. Now I could see her magnificent body, her pert, firm breasts, her toned stomach & abs, & of course, her mighty girl cock, standing proudly at attention.

“I want your cum, Trevor,” she said. “I want you to cum on my cock. Then, I’m going to use your cum as lube so I can fuck you. You like that?? Does that make you hot baby??” she asked.

As a matter of fact, it really made me hot. The thought of this beautiful shemale bending me over & fucking my ass with her gorgeous cock, using my cum to lube up my ass while she fucked me, oh yes.

“Ahhhhhh, I’m cumming Trisha!!” I cried out.

“That’s it baby, give it to me,” she said as she rubbed her cock against mine.

My cock exploded and my cum shot out onto her dick. The first shot hit her stomach, just above her cock, but dripped down onto her shaft. The second shot landed right on her shaft, the third on the head of her cock.

“That’s it baby, lube my cock for me.”

As I was still stroking my cock, I reached out & stroked my cum onto Trisha’s dick, lubing her up so she could take my ass. Truth being, she wouldn’t have to take my ass, I was going to give it to her willingly, I wanted to feel her dick inside of me, fucking me, making me hers.

“Are you ready for me baby?? Are you ready to have my cock inside of you??” she asked.

“God yes,” I replied, “Please Trisha, give me your dick!!”

With that, she turned me around & bent me over the kitchen table. She pulled my shorts & underwear down around my ankles & started rubbing her cum coated dick against my asshole. Trisha’s dining room faced the street & she had a big, plate glass window that faced out. Anyone who drove or walked by right now would clearly be able to see me, bent over the table with my pants down, & Trisha, hard cock in hand, about to fuck me. It was so dirty & so exciting all at the same time, Trisha rubbing my cum from her dick onto my ass so she could fuck me, & the possibility that anyone could see us. I could feel my cock getting hard again, even though I had just cum.

“So hot,” Trisha purred, “Such a sweet little ass. This is going to feel so good on my dick.”

I could feel her smearing the cum on my asshole, then I felt her head push against me.

“Just relax, I promise this will feel good,” she said.

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