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Tomeric: The Kiss

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Tom knew at that moment that his life had changed forever. It was a kiss, a simple playful kiss- meant in jest but filled with promise and hope and despair all at once. The promise and hope was that what stirred in young Tom’s heart and belly with the excitement of the kiss and a feeling he never thought he would have, the despair was that he knew Eric was only playing and that it had been an accident.

It happened at a wedding. after the bride, Elizabeth and the groom, Tom’s friend, Eric had been married- came the dancing and the games. One of which was that men and women circled Eric and he was blindfolded then he, after a few drinks and being spun around had to tune in on his new bride’s voice and kiss her.

Tom was not surprised that Eric was coming towards him. He was always being told that his voice sounded like a girls. ON the phone people always referred to him as ma’am or miss and even in person at times he was assumed to be a woman. he had very feminine features, but he was surprised when Eric took hold of his shoulders and planted a big wet kiss on him. As was everyone else in the room. Much laughter ensued and someone removed Eric’s blindfold. To Tom’s slight embarrassment, he had closed his own eyes, and though he did not look at Eric’s face he could imagine his own friend’s shock- after all they used to gay bash all the time.

The rest of the reception Eric kept staring at Tom and Tom, assuming it was anger left abruptly claiming that he had been called in to work.

Just out of high school he took up a room with Cloe, a girl who was attending night school while working at the Burrito Barn, in Cocoa beach. It was a drive from where they lived but the rent was cheep and the fringe benefits of having a roomy paid off- in the beginning. But Cloe had begun to stay out and party, she stopped helping with the rent and the phone bill hadn’t been paid- such was the state of affairs when Tom came home that mid afternoon. There was no sign of Cloe and the bills had all been thrown in the trash. Something by the coffee pot captured Tom’s attention and his heart began to sink. “YOU HAVE 3 DAYS TO PAY YOUR RENT OR MOVE OUT” was written in large red letters. The paper had been crumpled up and part of it was missing.

“What else can happen today!” he fretted as he jerked the coffee filter out of the pot and sent it and the grounds dancing about the floor. “Thanks!” he said scooping up the mess he had made with his hands and placing the grounds and make shift filter into the garbage can, “There you are.” Tom took the piece of paper that had been used as a filter and stuck it back with the notice from their landlord, it completed the sentence, “This is you final notice!”

Tom finished cleaning up the kitchen the dishes, the living room. He was shocked to find two condoms on the sofa, having never expected Cloe to use safe sex… nothing about that girl was safe… “You must have come from one ugly son-of-a-bitch.” Tom said to the condom as he tossed it into the garbage. He then showered and tried not to think about what had happened, it didn’t work. He dried off and came out of the bathroom to find his bedroom door opened and Cloe rummaging through his drawers, “Can I help you?”

“Yeah I need money… lots of it!” she said as she tossed the place, without pause.

“What a coincidence! So do I!” Tom exclaimed.

She turned and took hold of his shoulders, Tom used to look forward to those intimacies but there was nothing there now, only reflections of how it had felt when Eric grabbed him. “You don’t understand Tom- these fuckers will take it out of my ass if I don’t get them the money.”

“What money, from where?”

Cloe gave Tom a side glance, “You know it really brings me down to have to go through this all the time with you- do you have a secret stash or not?”

“NO I have nothing Cloe- and rent is due!” he added to her back as she spun around and went out the door.

“Don’t think she’ll be back any time soon.” he said to himself as he locked the door behind her. Her MO was to disappear during hard times and then return when things were good, primarily to ruin them again- or so he had noticed. As usual he put the small apartment back into order but he lingered for a while in her room, there- though he had no reason why, he gathered up her blue silk panties, leg stockings, matching braw and a silk night gown, blue with Japanese letters on the back. he went in to his room and tried them on. The stockings were a little baggy and so were the panties, the braw just hung there and the image made him depressed. a second trip into her room brought out some smaller underwear, white lace and a white braw, the braw was still big but the panties fit nice and snug, also the white stockings fit well too, “These must be more recent.” he thought as he tried his reflection in the mirror. Cloe had started out a little chubby but her lifestyle was making her a skeleton, everyone saw it but her. Tom decided to shave his legs to help with the look before he realized he was supposed to work that night. He searched for his cell phone and found that it had a message on it, it was his boss telling him not to come in as the hours had been cut for the month. “How the hell am I going to pay the rent?” he protested, tossing his phone to the side, but then was also relieved that he would have at least one evening of fun before he was homeless. He shaved his legs completely and trimmed around the front too where some hairs were beginning to grow. There were only a few hairs on his backside but he got rid of them too then took another shower and tried out her clothes again.

He added perfume to his neck, belly and thighs then went into his room and slithered into bed. He ran his hands over his body pulling on himself and pushing the panties around his smooth skin. “Ohoo” he cooed. “This must be how it feels!” he sucked on one of his fingers, then annother. Before long he had climaxed inside the panties.

He fell to sleep.

There was a knock on the door, and he jumped with a start. Half dazed he reached for the light but could not find the switch. He stumbled into the hallway and the knocking persisted- it was urgent and loud and he opened the door, before realizing what he had been wearing still.

3 faces stared at him in shock. They had looked angry, but they were shocked more than angry now.

“Damn!” one of the blacks exclaimed, “I be sorry ma’am wez’ lookin’ fo Cloe.”

“Do you know her miss?” another of the black men asked, the white man who was with them said nothing and only stared.

“You have the right address.” Tom said… “BUt she’s gone.”

“Do ya mind we c’m in?” the largest of them asked.

Tom shook his head and stepped back, pulling the Japanese nighty around himself as he did so. “Sorry for my appearance…” he said, “I don’t think she’ll be back.” he added.

The white man sat on the couch and stared at Tom while the other black man went to the fridge, “Do you have some beer?”

“Maybe.” Tom gestured with his hands, “I really don’t know.” Now a bit more alert, and very woken up, he tried to manage the situation he had suddenly found himself in. “If you were hoping to catch her tonight you might find her at the boardwalk.”

“We came from dat place, it be dead.” the largest black man, who took a seat in the recliner said, he too was staring at Tom, “You a pretty girl- ya know dat?”

“Me. No.” Tom blushed and took a seat next to the window on one of the bar stools.

“Yes you is.” the white man finally spoke up, but still his eyes were fixed on Tom.

“These aren’t real.” Tom said for some reason, and gestured to his chest, “I have really small ones.” he didn’t know why or what he was saying, then added, “I meant the boardwalk in Daytona.”

The man from the fridge returned with 2 beers, “Looks like we haf ta share.”

“Don’t mind if I dose.” the white man said, his eyes not leaving Tom as he took a beer. He popped it took a gulp then got up and offered it to Tom, “What’s your name girl?”

“Tom.” he said dully.


“Tomeric.” he gulped, adding with a shrug, “My parents were weird.”

“They must have been Asian or something girl, you is so hot.”

“Philippine, my father was, my mother was from Brazil.”

“Enough of da bulshit, listen,” The largest of the three said as he took a gulp from a beer and handed it to the other black fellow, “Your friend Cloe ows us a lot of mutha fuckin money normally we fuck people up fo dat shit but seeing as you are all nice an shit we can let you co for a small price.”

The white guy smiled, “Not too small.”

The one who had came in with the beer stepped behind Tom and pulled his hair back with one hand while he planted his mouth on his face. His large lips caged Tom’s mouth and their tongues darted into each other’s, exploring, licking, caressing. His other hand dug into Tom’s panties but luckily for him he pulled it back right away, “Shit’s all ready wet with cum man!”

“Damn if we aint late to da show!” the large man stood up, “Well we aint funna tap no other man’s juice…” he unbuttoned his fly, “You just gonna have to suck us off one at a motherfuckin’ time!”

The three men cheered and took their seats. “Well?”

Tom stood up and tried to remember what it was he had seen girls do in the movies. “First thing first.” he said, “No coming in my mouth.”

“Yeah, cross my heart.” the large man said and he pointed to his crotch, “C’mon girl we gotta get dis done so we can go to Daytona.”

Tom got down on his knees before the man and with one hand fished out the large penis. with the other hand he messaged the man’s thigh and he put himself to work. The sooner he finished them, the sooner they would leave. He wrapped his hand almost around the fatty dick and crammed as much of it as he could into his mouth. with one hand he massaged the balls and jacked the fellow off and with the other he continued to rub the man’s leg and belly.

“Oh dats it you ho, suck it.” he gasped.

Tom didn’t reply, just took the piece of meat as far as it would go into his throat and jacked off what ever else didn’t fit. He took turns bobbing his head up and down and then licking and nibbling the sides of the more than 11 inch dick. He took the balls in his mouth, making the man scoot from the couch and the other two men laughed. “Oh youz a good ho!” he groaned, “Dat’s it suck deez nuts!”

Tom complied with whatever the man suggested, and worked himself into a frenzy of excitement while doing so. Finally and quite suddenly the man began to cum. Tom did not know that it was going to happen and was shocked how much the large dick throbbed in his throat. HE had tried to pull off the dick but the man’s hands kept him in place until he was finished coming, “Now swallow bitch!”

Not wasting any time the white man pulled Tom over to him, “Get on this little miss Tomerica!” he said.

Tom complied, though the man’s dick was easier to get in his mouth than the other guy’s it was by no means small, however he made short work of it and the man whooped and hollered as he pushed Tom’s face all the way to the base of his dick as he blew his load into his throat. Tom swallowed it all and then crawled over to the last man.

“Here’s de deal.” the man said, “I am gonna fuck your ass an cum in your face.”

“I thought you didn’t want sloppy seconds…” Tom’s heart began to race. If they found out that he was a guy what would they do to him?

The man shook his head, “I never said such a thing- I want your ass.” he undid his pants and stood up.

Near panic, Tom complied with a nod and then gently sat him back down and took his dick in his mouth to get him hard. It was not as long as the first dick but almost as thick. Tom struggled from the beginning to get him hard enough, then wet enough. During the time it took for him to suck the man nice and hard, the other two had stepped outside. Tom used excess saliva from the blowjob to lubricate his ass and when the man said for him to turn around he did. HE slid the back of the panties to one side and fed the dick into himself, or tried to. The man finally took control and pushed Tom down onto the floor then hauled him back up to his knees and back on himself then he pushed his dick into the tight hole.

Tom gasped, moaned and cried out in a shockingly high pitch which was mistaking for a squeal of excitement by the two outside, as the man began to pound himself into Tom’s anus. “Oh yeah bitch yeah!” he said as he gripped Tom’s shoulder and hair and pulled him back towards himself as he humped forward off the couch, “Oh yeah bitch yeah!”

Tom cooed responsively, wanting this all to end, only because of the fear of being found out. “Oh yes, yes, yes!”

“UGH!” the man made 3 short grunts than pushed Tom off of his dick and shouted, “Turn around bitch, let me hit ya, uhg!” stream after stream of hot juice sprayed across Tom’s face, into his noes, his eyes, his mouth. on his neck into his hair… “Ugh, Oh… oooh haaa.” The man groaned, “Bitch!” then he grabbed Tom by the head, “Clean me off ho, can’t go in a car all dirty and shit.”

Tom complied, tasting his own ass as he cleaned the man’s pole. He sucked on the nuts, the stem and the head, then took the whole shaft into his mouth again and again down the entire length until the ass taste was gone and only saliva remained.

The door opened, “C’mon man we gotta go!” the other’s called for their friend.

Tom, dizzy got to his feet and locked the door behind them. He staggered down the hall and collapsed into his bed, eager for the moment alone and filled with a strange new sensation, not only was it the sex, the debauchery, but he had gotten away with it. They thought they had humiliated a woman, but in fact they had been shamed… he had showed them.

It wasn’t long before he came again, and again, and decidingly slept in his new clothes.

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