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My Birthday Present Ch. 02

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My Birthday Present was supposed to be a quickie, a short, one chapter, wham-bang-thank-you-mam to play with an idea I had. But then enough people emailed me and asked for more and, well, there is more to the tale.

Now, in chapter one, I wrote about Ben’s experience but he wasn’t the only one in the back seat of the car so, to balance things off, here’s the other side, here’s Sandy’s story.



As soon as I had dumped the bags I went up to my room, closed the door and threw myself on the bed. What had I done! For fuck’s sake, what had I done! I’d given my brother a blow job, that is what I’d done! What is more, I’d all but ordered him to fuck me tomorrow night. Talk about a moment of madness. I thought back to the car journey and how it had all started.

It had been the same old same old, the annual jaunt down to granny’s place to celebrate her birthday. Of course, it never occurs to mum and dad that it’s Ben’s birthday as well and maybe he doesn’t want to spend it travelling the motorways of Britain but, after all these years, it’s what we do. Four solid hours to get there and four solid hours back again. Talk about boring! It wasn’t so bad when we were younger and we had played all those stupid car games to pass the time but nowadays we all find that “I packed my suitcase…” is getting a bit childish. Ben had, as ever, plugged himself into his games console and was away with the fairies. Mum and dad were listening to the radio which was playing songs from the Jurassic period and I was bored, bored, bored, bored, bored.

After the inevitable stop for burger and chips it was getting dark and there was still two hours to go. To pass the time I had decided to catch up on a few Z’s so I fetched out the blanket that lives in the boot, wrapped it around me and curled up, trying to sleep.

Of course, even in our bloated and oversized SUV, there’s not enough room to stretch out and, as I tried to get comfy, I ended up kicking Ben in the balls. He made a big fuss about this and mum gave me a hard time and told me to settle down.

Well, if I couldn’t rest my legs on Ben’s lap then I might as well try it the other way round. I curled up on the back seat and, with Ben’s grudging consent, rested my head on his lap, folding my arms along his thighs.

And that’s where my wicked little daemon kicked in.

First you have to understand about Ben and I. Yeah, he’s my younger brother and, like all younger brothers, he’s a pain in the arse. He’s also a massive dork and hasn’t got a clue about women. He’s had like zero girlfriends, mostly because he’s too busy rescuing Escort bayan the princess or saving the world or whatever else he does on those games consoles he’s so keen on.

But he’s a good kid and, beneath the dorkiness, he’s kind and caring and sweet and pretty cool really. He’s also, but I’d never tell him this, a bit of a looker. Well, he would be if he wore better clothes and got himself a hair cut.

And I watch his back for him, I look out for him, I care about him, lots. I mean, we fight like cat and dog but, at the end of the day, we’re really close and… and he’s my brother.

And it seemed a shame that, here he was, eighteenth birthday and still a virgin. Poor kid. That didn’t seem right. Well, I couldn’t exactly set him up with a willing female and I’m not exactly sure that’s what I wanted but I could at least….

And that’s where it started. Maybe it was because my head was in his lap and, somehow, I became super aware of just how close his prick was. I had this sudden urge and, before I could stop myself, I moved my forearm so that it was resting along his thigh and, while still pretending to be asleep, I slipped my hand up the leg of his shorts.

At first he didn’t seem to notice and, at first, it could have been just the way my forearm lay but I didn’t leave it there. Slowly but surely my hand moved northwards. I’d hardly got started when he gives a gasp loud enough to attract mum’s attention. I whipped my hand out and lay there all innocent. For fuck’s sake, Ben, keep cool, eh?

I give it a few minutes to let things settle down again before having a second go. At first I was waiting for him to stop me but this time he’s got the message and he even shifted gently to make things easier. It’s a little tight and a little awkward inside his shorts but I end up with my thumb and forefinger around the base of his prick while the rest of my hand cups his balls. He was already stiffening before I even got there and, by the time I’m in position, he’s rock hard and reaching inside his shorts to do a little rearranging.

Of course, I can’t actually wank him off like that and I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was pleasing or teasing but, judging by his hard-on, he’s not completely averse. For me it just feels fine, making him hard, feeling him big and strong and oh so sexy. I just relax and go with the flow and, for the next twenty minutes or so I’m gently massaging him, keeping things ticking over nicely although it was quite obvious this it wasn’t going anywhere.

Part of me wanted to leave it at that. I mean, mum and dad were right there and any attempt to take Bayan escort it any further was going to make things a little obvious. However, Ben was getting increasingly frustrated and, at one point, he slipped his hand under the waistband of his shorts and started to join in. I immediately stopped what I was doing. Careful, Ben, we have to be discrete. You can’t just wank yourself off without mum or dad noticing. Anyway, call me selfish but part of me wanted to be in control. Sit back, little brother, and if there’s any wanking to be done then let me do it.

But that brought home to me how it was becoming increasingly cruel to tease him without any hope of release and, well, it would be a bit anticlimactic to play with his prick and not do it properly. What is more, he wasn’t the only one getting turned on; cuddling his balls was getting me hot and horny but what I really wanted, well, within the confines of the possible, was to feel my hand wrapped around his prick.

The key thing was to make sure it stayed hidden from mum and dad. OK, a huge part of the thrill was the fact that they were right there but I can only imagine what mum would say if she were to catch us at it. As for dad, he’d go ballistic. Whatever we were going to do it had to stay hidden.

And what better to hide things away than the blanket I had wrapped around me. If I were to use it to cover what we were doing then that, along with the dark, would keep things looking innocent. I slipped my hand out of Ben’s shorts, looked up at him and gave him a huge wink. As I rearranged the blanket I made a big palaver about getting comfortable and, when I settled down again, it was over my head and, more importantly, over his lap.

Now we could get down to business.

Slowly, stealthily, I worked at his fly, undoing the button, easing down the zip. He reached down to help and, from time to time, our hands touched. Somehow that was more intimate that playing with his prick. Talking of which, his boxers had a button fly which was no real obstacle and, in no time, I fished it out and had got what I wanted.

God, he felt hard, god he felt big, god he felt good!

Of course, I couldn’t wank him off properly. Under cover of the blanket I couldn’t really move my hand much so I went for a sort of milking motion and, with my thumb, gently eased his foreskin back and forth. Some of my friends find wanking their boyfriends to be demeaning but, for me, it’s about the power. Ben was basically helpless; I was in control and, for as long as I could, I played him like a fish. At one point he started to jerk his hips so that he was effectively Escort fucking my hand. I immediately dropped him and left it like that until he stayed still. Oh, no, little bro, that’s my job, not yours.

Of course, as time went on, he got nearer and nearer to popping his cork and, if I didn’t do something, then underneath the blanket was going to become one big soggy mess. Anyway, I’d kind of known this bit was coming, excuse the pun, right from the start and there was one simple option to keep it mess free.

With the smallest of movements I pulled his prick towards me and slipped the tip into my mouth. A few flicks of my tongue across his glans and then I took it in as deep as I could and….

God, who’d have thought he had so much spunk in him. I had to swallow and swallow and swallow just to keep up. Meanwhile he’s all but lost control and the most extraordinary noises are coming from his mouth. Mum gave him a lecture on grunting and he blamed it on an exciting video game. The bit that made me giggle was when mum told him to keep quiet or he’d end up waking me.

And then, with it all over, we just stayed there. I gently kissed and licked the end of his prick making sure it didn’t leak all over the place and, blow me, it wasn’t long before he was stiffening up and all but ready to go again.

I’d have done it too except that we got to a lit part of the motorway and, even beneath the blanket, I could tell that, if mum or dad were to turn round, it would be all to clear what was going on. I gave his prick one last kiss and tucked it back in his boxers. As surreptitiously as we could we put everything back where it belonged and it was all over.

And then, when we got home, mum and dad did that thing where they march off and Ben and I have to unpack the car. I was still randy as hell so I pinned Ben to the back of the car and pulled his hand up under my skirt. I told him in no uncertain terms that he owed me one and, when he fussed about mum and dad being around, I reminded him that they’re out tomorrow night and all but demanded that he come and fuck me.

Oh god, what have I done?

Because the thing is, the thing really is, that I rather got off on it all. Yeah, I know, it’s incest and all that and so very, very wrong on so many levels but… but I loved having his prick in my mouth and now I want to feel it other places as well. There’s something about sex with Ben that’s very different from the guys I usually date. OK, the obvious one is that he’s my brother and all but it’s more than that. He knows me, he knows me well and I don’t have to play a part or put on a face. What we did in the car was pure fun, no strings, no fuss, just me getting him off. Part of me says that I should leave well alone, that I should never, ever, go anywhere near him again and part of me can’t wait to fuck his brains out.

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