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Getting Nailed

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I can’t think of too many other things that make a woman look more feminine than long, well manicured fingernails. Even hair, or lack of, doesn’t hold that stark reminder of feminine sexiness like fingernails do. I’ll never forget one encounter where my lover had her nails, all hers I might add, at a length of about an inch and a half in length. They were tapered down to a nice round pointed tip. She knows that I love the dark red colors, and this night she had painted them a dark red, almost burgundy color. She was very picky about her nail polish and always bought the expensive kind. I guess its like a auto body person picking out a color to paint a car. You want the finish to be perfect. In any case, the color she had picked was not only the perfect shade, but the polish had a depth to it once it was on the nail. Deep and rich with a perfect tone and sheen.

We had spent the hottest part of the day at poolside, which most times meant that poolside was accompanied by several mixed drinks. Hers were tropical, pina colada, and daiquiris’ while mine were basically spiced rum and coke. By the time we had decided to come in from the heat, we had already removed all of the clothing that we had on when we were at poolside, albeit skimpy enough to really not notice being now, nude.

The first ritual after sunning was to jump into a nice hot shower to rinse away the lotions and the chlorine from the sparkling pool water. Showering together was always fun. Getting to watch the other as they got all sudsy and glide the thick bubbles all around into all the nooks and crannies was always a turn on, visually. On a more practical side, the other could help when it came to washing the others back too, which always feels so damned good. I stood in the back and let her soap up first, not only to show a courtesy but to enjoy the view as well. There is something very sensual about seeing a naked woman all wet and lathered with bubbles. I have yet to refrain from helping to spread the lather around when we shower.

My arousal was quite obvious to her as I watched her glide and roam her hands over her entire body, watching as her fingers and nails would disappear from my sight under the thick lather or into the soft folds of her crotch and the crevasse of her tanned butt cheeks. She began to rinse and passed the bar of soap to me, as a runner would pass the baton in a relay race. I began to spread the soap all over my front, before dropping the soap to the floor of the shower.

As I began to slide the bubbles all around me, spreading the thick foam on my naked wet flesh, she knelt down to retrieve the skittering bar of soap. She looked up from her kneeling position, her face a mere two inches from my out stretched cock, and smiled as she said “ Heat get to ya?”. I smiled back and replied that the heat from the show of her washing got to me.

I stepped into the stream of the shower head tuzla escort and rinsed the front, watching the thick lather dissipate into the rushing water on the shower floor and disappear down the drain. When I turned to rinse my back side, she told me to keep my back to her. She gathered the thick lather from my shoulders and spread them over my back. As she massaged the bubbles into the flesh of my mid section, I felt a very relaxing feeling from her massage. Then with her nails, oh those long beautiful nails, I felt her begin to lightly scratch every inch of my back. It’s no wonder that a cat will arch it’s back when someone beings to scratch it. Which is exactly what I did, too. Oh my God! It felt delicious. She really surprised and aroused me though, when she moved one hand to my ass and began clawing at the thick meat of my right cheek. My cock sprang back to its rigidity when she did this. The massage and back scratching had relaxed me into a nice lull, causing me to lose some tinsel strength of my previous excitement.

I turned around, now facing her wet naked, nicely scented body. Her breasts glistened as the water beaded and ran down her chest and tummy, collecting into a nice funnel at the pelt of the Y shape of her crotch, and then down her legs to the floor. She taunted me by raking her crimson nails over her breasts, firm enough to leave little white streaks from the pressure and only to disappear as quickly as they had shown up. She slowly and firmly dragged her nails over each erect nipple, causing the pliable nubs to bend from the pressure, only to rebound with a more erect posture.

With her back to the wall, she leaned back and took her nails of each hand and placed them on each of her full pussy lips. She spread the lips apart and asked that I move so she could make sure that all of the soap was rinsed away. I did as she asked, but couldn’t resist a closer look and knelt down in front of her as she was still spread apart as she was when she rinsed. I could feel the thumping of water from the shower head as it rained on the back of my head as I looked at her long nails as they kept her pliant flesh spread apart. The thumping of the water matched the thumping of the blood, as it raced through my cocks pulse as I gazed. The look in her eyes was lustful as she peered down at me as I looked. I stuck my tongue out and leaned in the two inches to feel the soft velvety texture of her softest spot against my dripping tongue. I wagged my tongue across the slightly raised cover of her swelling clit. I felt my tongue as it met the talons that held her flesh apart so I may have a taste. I glided my hungry tongue over each of the claws, feeling the shiny smooth surface as I did. She released her lips and grabbed a thick handful of my hair with one hand and lifted slightly, guiding me back to an upright position.

Off to the bedroom we headed. Once there, pendik escort she stopped and turned and knelt down in front of me. She then placed each of her hands onto my chest and stomach. With her face level with my protruding cock, she opened her mouth and slowly slid my length into her hot mouth. Her tongue grazed and bathed my sensitive underside until the tip of my cock rested at the back of her throat. I felt that my balls were nestled tightly against the base of my cock base from excitement. Once she had me in her mouth as far as it would go, she then clamped her lips around the shaft tightly and began to lightly suck. At the same time, she dragged her nails down from my chest and over my stomach very slowly and deliberately. It felt like every nerve ending in my body was directly under the flesh that she was clawing. Her hands didn’t stop until I felt the nails lightly clawing around the base of my cock and finally scratching at my scrotum. She began bobbing her head back and forth on my engorged cock. With the suction that was created with her clamping her lips firmly around the base, each time she pulled her head toward the tip, it made the suction that much greater. All the while, her nails were raking my heavy balls until they hung back down into the sac. Knowing that I couldn’t take much more of this play, I stepped back from her.

I helped her to stand, and walked her to the wide bed. I crawled onto the bed next to her and slid my body onto her reclined position. I asked if she would spread herself for me as she had done in the shower. She smiled, before asking me if I had liked that, already knowing my reply. I slid off of her and repositioned my self so I could watch her play her tingling flesh with her crimson talons. At first she used the palm of one hand to rub her pubic mound while the other grasped at one breast. I was startled when she smacked her pussy with the fingers of her exploring hand. My surprise was her delight, and she smacked it again for good measure. Then she slid the other hand down to spread her soft folds apart. She only used two fingers, aligning the meaty folds between her first and second finger then spread them apart. My cock was burning with desire as I watched her two slender fingers, crowned with long burgundy claws, spread the puffy lips apart, exposing her flesh covered trigger. It was more than I could resist.

I lowered my head and began to taste her. Her fingers never faltered as she kept her lips apart for me. I licked hard over her now fully erect clit. It reminded me of a flesh speed bump. I put my lips on either side of her swollen bud and tried my best to create a suction, and then tug, hearing a small pop as it popped from my lips, only to dive back in again to repeat the same technique. Her moans were growing in intensity as I continued to lap and lick at her. I asked her if she was ready for some good loving. aydınlı escort She looked at me through glazed eyes and inserted two of her fingers deep into her soft pussy. She drew her fingers out. They glistened with her wetness. I grabbed her hand and pulled it to my lips. I slowly licked each finger, watching her watching me as I did. I slid my tongue under the long talons and tweaked the sweet nectar that had collected there as well.

I climbed atop her reclined and leg spread position. My aching cock slid easily into her folds. I felt her heat as my cock etched slowly into her hot tunnel, until my cum laden balls rested against the cheeks of her ass. I began to saw in and out of her, filling her with each stroke. My pace quickened after several minutes. I would fill her, then pull out an inch or so only to delve in again. I kept my short hard chopping strokes for a few minutes and replace those with long full thrusts, alternating from time to time. When I gave short hard strokes, I could feel my ball sac as it would cling to the sticky cheeks of her ass when I’d withdraw.

She told me that she wanted to change positions. I climbed off and she scampered onto the bed on all fours. She told me that she loved it this way. I replied that it wouldn’t be me to deny her what she longed for. Again, I easily slid my full length into her and began sawing in and out of her at a fervent pace. Her chest was resting against the pillows and she had one hand tucked under her, wildly massaging her clit. I could feel the tip of her clawed fingertip every few strokes as it would touch my cock as it pistoned in and out of her. Her moans were now turning into cries of passion. My balls ached with anticipation and I knew that I would “take her there” before I released my pent up lust. It was as if she heard my very thoughts. She took her one free hand and reached way down in between her thighs and began clawing at my churning balls while I thrust into her with long , hard , deep strokes. The enticing clawing sent my cum, bubbling from my depths and racing up from the base of my cock, as I cried out that I was going to “spurt hot cum” deep inside of her . Much to my relief and delight, she came exactly at the same time as the first jet of cum spewed from the tip of my convulsing cock. I felt the walls of her pussy rapidly grasping my cock as her climax began and then started to ebb as her waves of desire flowed from her.

Completely spent, I withdrew from her and as she rolled and lay down I lay down next to her. After we regained a more regular breathing pattern, I told her that it felt as if I had cum a lot. She slid two fingers deep into her dripping punani and pulled them out. Her fingers were smeared completely from her knuckles to the tips of her long nails with our emulsification of juices. Her crimson nails were clouded by the thick creamy color. As I had done before, and much to her surprise, I grabbed her hand and licked our fluids from one of her fingers and nail. She smiled, and repeated the same thing that I had just done. We then kissed each other deeply, tasting our efforts before she snuggled to me as I cradled her into my arms for a nice rest.

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