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Dreaded Exposure

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I had found that my life had become quite complicated since I met John. He was, for me, the perfect match. We shared interests, both enjoyed cooking, and he was willing to help me when I needed to move heavier things around my studio. We are both Christians. I couldn’t ask for more from any man. With my career advancing, I had purchased a photography studio in the city where we live. The studio was the one I had worked in, prior to the retirement of the owner. He had let me rent the rear portion as my apartment while I worked for him. It is still my home. Beside taking advertising shots, mainly of food or new houses, I had a large client base. I suppose that is because I do very good work at very reasonable prices. Now, don’t get me wrong. I make an excellent profit on my work. I just don’t charge “all the market will bear”.

Oh, by the way, my name is Joan. I have been dating John for about two years. We are both in our late thirties and have been single, for one reason or another. We have done anything a couple can do, except have intercourse. Our religious beliefs prevent us from taking that step, until we are married. We are planning for a small wedding two months from now. All told there will be four friends of ours at the wedding beside us and the pastor. Today is Friday. I’ve set up a dinner date for tonight. I dread it! I need to share some things about me that may ruin our relationship entirely. It is with fear and trepidation that I consider what the evening may bring. Oh, if I didn’t feel the need to be completely open and honest with him it would be so much easier.


In my studio I have several props that are used in taking photo’s. Among eskişehir escort them is a beautiful Walnut dinner table. It is gorgeous. Since my home, and studio, are the same building I have my complete kitchen available to me. This arrangement means that I never get a snow day off, unless the work site is outside the studio.


The doorbell rang, indicating someone was at my back door. I knew who it should be. I glanced out through the peephole to make sure that it was John, and then opened the door for him.

“Hi Beautiful! Can I come in?”

“Of course! That’s why I invited you. Take your coat off and come on in. Supper is almost ready.”

“Why don’t you sit down at the big table in the studio and I will bring in the food.”

When he went into the other room, I put the T-bone steaks on the grill. I love an indoor grill with an exhaust fan. The flavor of steak is always better after cooking over a flame. I then brought the jumbo shrimp cocktails to the table, along with a bottle of nice wine.

“Oh, those shrimp look good! What is the menu tonight? “

“For the main portion of the meal it will be green beans, twice baked potatoes, and T-bone steak. For desert I picked up some Napoleons from Nardelli’s Pastries. I hope you will like them”.

“You know I will. You are making my favorite meal. You shouldn’t have gone to such trouble. Hot dogs would be a feast as long as I was sharing it with you.”

“Oh, you flatterer, you. Let’s return thanks and eat.”

The meal was wonderful. I had made Hazelnut coffee to have with the Napoleons. It was delicious, even if I say escort eskişehir so myself.

“John, I need to preface what I need to tell you with some comments that may not yet make sense. Please, let me finish what I need to say, without interruption. This is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life.”

“Jane, you aren’t going to break off our wedding are you?”

I could see the concern in his face.

“No, but you may decide to break it off after I tell you what I need to tell you.”

“That will never happen!”

“Just listen, please! I may ask you questions but please do not add anything to what I need to say. I love you more than anything else in my life. You are almost more important to me than the Lord Himself. Your happiness is my utmost desire. I need to tell you the story of a friend of mine. Please listen, and then I need to ask you some questions. O.K.?”


“My old friend James had an interesting problem. When he was very young his parents noted that he preferred to play with the girls as opposed to the boys. He didn’t like boy type toys. He liked dolls and playing house. They did some brain studies and found that the inter hemisphere connections had not been severed when he was developing. That connection is severed in 99.9+% of all boys. They did genetic testing and found out that James had an unusual chromosomal mix. Some people have had XYY mixes, but his was XXY. Because of the Y he had male genitalia, but because of the XX he should have been a girl. With the evidence they had, they decided to have sex reassignment surgery done to make him appear like he eskişehir escort bayan was meant to be, that is, a she.”

“Are you with me so far?”


“All through school, college, and beyond James lived and blended in with the girls/women around her. After a while she forgot that she had technically been a he at birth. In the past she had the birth certificate, and other records legally amended. Having forgotten all about it, she fell in love. The man she fell for couldn’t take the thought that she had been a he, and broke up with her.”

“John, what do you think about the boyfriend in this story?”

“He sounds like a very shallow person. Only a fool throws away something they love because of a technicality.”

“I hoped you’d say that. The last line was fiction. There was no man who abandoned her. I am that person. I changed my name from James to Joan. Now, that you know, do you still want to be with me as your wife? I’ll understand if you want to get out of this arrangement..”

“Jane, enough already! I love you. I have suspected that you had been through some major surgery around your genitals. You still have some faint scarring. I’d have never noticed it if you didn’t like to keep your pubic area nicely shaved. It is you, the person, that I love. The fact that the package needed adjusting doesn’t change anything. If anything, I love you more, right now, because you were willing to lose everything to keep me from feeling uneasy. I love you, just the way you are!”

I threw myself into his arms. In time we found our way to my bed and pleasured each other for the rest of the night.


It has now been two years since we “tied the knot”. The honeymoon has never ended. If there ever was a perfect match, we are it. We both live in my house now. Since we own this, we don’t pay rent. John found that he liked to work in the studio more than he liked his office job. He’s becoming a very good photographer. Beyond that he is the perfect husband and helpmate.

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