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My Sister Made Me Ch. 11

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Hello readers! Just a quick note before the good stuff.

First thank you for checking out my work, and thanks for those that follow me, all 5800 of you! You can follow to get daily updates from me, or to ask questions or give suggestions.

Secondly, as I’ve mentioned before, this story will be adding a couple of characters from Lucky Man. They will be limited at first. Things are set in motion in this chapter.

Also, I know that most people have an idea of what they want the sisters to become, who they want them to end up with. Sam’s journey isn’t complete. She thinks she’s okay from past trauma, but that’s not the case.

More stories are coming, including a possible revisit to my most popular story, Just the Six of Us, Part 2.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Oh, and surprise surprise, look for a chapter of Lucky Man to be published in the middle of March!

My Sister Made Me

Chapter 11


Dane opened his eyes, not really sure where he was for a few seconds. Then, he remembered staying over at his brother’s place and the fun they’d had the night before. Incredibly, he’d slept the entire night through, waking up after the sun came up. With a yawn, he blearily checked the time and saw that it was after ten.

Turning, he saw Alex in the same place that she’d been the night before, almost exactly in the last position he remembered her in. She was turned over on her right shoulder, facing toward him. Behind her, Danny was facing Sally, who was facing the wall on the other side.

He smirked, wondering if no one had fooled around at all the night before and briefly musing about the lost opportunity. Yawning, he quietly slid out of bed and looked down, smirking at his nudity. Parched, he silently went to the kitchen and got a bottle of water, then tiptoed back to the bedroom. Coming around, he set the bottle down and smiled, seeing his sister’s pristine nude body as she slept.

The first thing he noticed was that her skin was pale, but not pasty. It was smooth, and soft looking. It made her look alluring and sexy just laying there.

Her hair was messed up after having been slept on while damp, he assumed, but she was still incredibly sexy. It was pulled back behind her, half-draped over Danny’s head.

Her voluptuous breasts, something he’d not really ever considered as desirable before the times in the shower, were ripe and full. He knew that when she got older, they’d probably sag a little more, but for now, they were incredibly perky and sexy as fuck.

Feeling himself starting to get aroused, he shook his head at his own perverseness and lifted the covers to slide in next to her again. She adorably mumbled something in her sleep as he got situated, then turned, sliding over onto his chest and exhaling deeply. A few seconds passed as she started to breathe rhythmically again.

Smiling, he held still and quiet, only moving when he had to adjust a little bit. Her right arm was shoved down beneath her body, and he could feel her warm hand down at the small of his back. Her other was clutching at his chest, and he placed his own over it.

For awhile, he simply lay there and enjoyed the feeling of her incredibly soft and sexy form against his, enjoying the way she always seemed to be warm and how it was flowing into him after being out in the cool air of his brother’s apartment. Smiling, he closed his eyes and kissed her on the top of her head, sleep coming quickly again.

A few hours later, something woke him up and he glanced at the clock again. It was a little after noon. Alex wasn’t near him anymore, and he wondered how she’d gotten out of bed without waking him, but in truth, need he’d been exhausted.

“God, just fuck me already,” a voice behind him whispered quietly. He raised an eyebrow, recognizing Sally, and turned over.

Danny was laying down between her legs, looking up and watching as she squirmed due to his oral attention at her pussy.

“Hussy,” Dane said, smirking at her.

“Sorry to wake you baby,” she said. “Your brother woke up all hard, but insisted on eating my pussy instead.”

Dane chuckled. “Did he?”

She nodded. “He won’t fuck me yet though,” she said, looking back down and moaning softly. “God, that’s good.”

“Well, it sounds like you’re enjoying what he’s doing right now,” he said.

“Oh, fuck,” Sally replied, reaching over and squeezing his arm. “Is it okay that I want him to fuck me?” she asked, not looking over.

Dane chuckled. “Like that night we were all shit-faced?” he asked, grinning.

Sally smiled. “I just wish I could have remembered it,” she said. “Do you remember fucking me?” she asked, looking down at Danny as he ate her out.

“Uhhunh,” he muttered, not stopping.

She frowned, smacking him in the head, causing him to look up and grin.

“Well shit I remember it was good, but I just don’t remember most of the night,” he said. “I didn’t mean any offense.”

She rolled her eyes, looking over at Dane, then sighed at Danny and reached for him. “Get up here and Alanya Grup Escort fuck me, and I’ll remind you how good my pussy is,” she said, spreading her legs wide.

Danny smiled. “God, Hannah is gonna be sad she wasn’t here for this,” he said.

Dane grinned. He definitely remembered fucking Hannah, at least partly. Her pussy was nice and tight, and her tits were incredible. Sally definitely had nice ones, but Hannah’s were ungodly huge and fun to play with. His brother was definitely lucky in that respect.

“Yeah, she would have been a nice addition,” he said, grinning.

Sally smirked, still mostly focused on getting Danny to cooperate and stop teasing her.

“Man,” Danny said, grinning over at Dane, “do you think she’ll be mad at me for not inviting her? Maybe we should wait.”

Dane chuckled, seeing Sally growing more impatient.

Danny turned and smiled widely. She rolled her eyes. “Just get that big dick inside me already,” she said.

Danny laughed, then leaned over and started to kiss her. Dane watched as she wrapped her arms and legs around his brother, and then smiled as the two started to fuck. His girlfriend’s moans of pleasure quickly filled the room as he lay on the bed, watching and feeling a little out of sorts.

If this had been anyone else, he realized, then it would probably be devastating for him and his girlfriend. He wasn’t sure that he’d be able to share her. Danny was… well, Danny. He was family.

Still, he didn’t really know if he would get jealous or not. He smiled, turning to watch his girlfriend getting fucked, realizing how exciting it was to watch something like that happening. As he looked at her and Danny, he saw how flushed her face got when she was aroused. Listening to the banter of the two was amusing, as well.

“Tell me how good my pussy feels,” she said.

“So fuckin’ good,” Danny replied. “Tightest fuckin’ pussy,” he added. “Gonna fuckin’ fill you up, slut.”

“God damn you, fuck me, Danny, you bastard,” she begged.

It wasn’t like he and Sally weren’t vocal, but it seemed like there was something extra kinky to her about fucking Danny, besides the obvious. She seemed to be much more vocal now, and last night, in fact. It was like she was able to be a little bit more adventurous.

“Fuck my dirty little pussy,” she begged. “Fuck me hard, baby.”

“Goddamn your pussy feels so good,” he said. “I’m gonna fill you up.”

Dane smirked, trying not to laugh. Bedroom talk was ridiculous when you listened to it and listening to his brother and his girlfriend go at it was like listening to a badly written porno.

“Harder you son of a bitch,” she said, her voice louder. “Put your hand on my throat.”

Dane raised a eyebrow, mildly concerned as Danny was already practically slamming down into her. He smirked, watching as his girlfriend clutched at his little brother as if he were trying to get away. Her feet were bouncing adorably, wrapped around his back and being nudged out of the way with each thrust. Her dirty talk slowly faded, and she began to whimper and moan louder than before, her orgasm obviously approaching.

Doing as he was told, Danny reached down and placed his hand on her throat, then raised an eyebrow at Dane for half a second, causing him to smirk. He knew his brother didn’t want to hurt her. This was definitely something new.

“Fucking take me,” she moaned. “Force big fuckin’ dick in me.”

Dane smiled, sensing that she was playing a fantasy out in her head, something she couldn’t normally do with him.

“Must be her rape fantasy,” he figured.

He wasn’t 100% sure, though, and knew that she’d be fighting back more if that were the case. Still, she might be testing the waters for a future encounter if she could convince Danny of it.

As he watched, Dane heard the front door open, and wondered who it would be. Whoever it was went to the kitchen and set something down. As Sally’s moans and cries of pleasure got louder, Dane was forced to split his time watching her and looking over at the door.

“Harder,” she gurgled, and Dane looked over to see Danny pushing hard down on her throat, her face red as he slammed down into her, his chest grunting with effort as he squeezed her throat.

Raising his eyebrows, Dane was prepared to intervene if he saw her go limp, but Danny seemed to know just when to let go. Relaxing his grip, blood rushed back to her head and her orgasm slammed into her, Danny’s cock still hammering away. Unintelligible cries of pleasure and words fell from her mouth as she went stiff, one arm out straight, the other clutching at Danny’s butt. She shook her head as her eyes rolled back, her body taut.

Dane smiled, impressed that his little brother had apparently put his girlfriend into a coma.

“Guh!” Sally cried out a single time, groaning and reaching down, furiously scrubbing two fingers across her pussy as Danny withdrew and sat back a bit, looking down at her in amusement. Breathing in short bursts, she was red-faced again as she whimpered and Alanya İranlı Escort rubbed her clit, her orgasm obviously incredibly powerful. Finally, with a final cry of pleasure, she slowed her hand for a second, and Dane heard and saw her squirt, punctuating the spray of fluid with a sharp cry of pleasure. Another few furious flicks, and she cried out again, her back arching as she sprayed another time. A final, last gasp and she squirted a little more, collapsing into bed as Danny looked on in surprise, his lower half covered in her girl-cum.

Smiling, he reached up and patted his brother on the back. “Man, she enjoyed the fuck out of that,” he said. “Good job.”

Danny looked over, smiling and laughing. “Goddamn, how often does she do that?”

Dane chuckled. “It’s really rare, but that’s the most it’s ever been.”

“Holy shit!” he said, laughing. “Man, I’m sorry.”

Dane brushed it off, waving his hand dismissively. “I’m good with it. You’re my brother. Just remember that I’m gonna be paying Hannah back the first chance I get.”

Danny laughed. “Good,” he said. “She’s gonna love it,” he said, grinning.

Sally was still on another plane of existence, her back arched almost painfully and her eyes glazed over and not focusing on anything.

“She’s going to be like that for a little bit,” Dane said. “You can pretty much do whatever you want to her right now though,” he said. “Go and fuck her mouth, fuck her ass,” he said. “She’s very agreeable to anything. It’s odd. She says she remembers everything afterward, but it’s like, all she wants to do is say yes to whatever is happening around her after she cums that hard.”

Danny smiled, but didn’t move. Behind him, the mystery guest revealed themselves.

“Hey guys,” Alex said, coming in and smiling as she saw the spent form of Sally on the bed. “Good lord y’all, what did you do to her?”

“Danny gave her some of that good dick,” Dane said, causing her to grin.

She smiled, holding up a bag of food and a couple of fountain drinks. Turning, she set the fountain drinks on the floor by the bed and knelt. Holding the bag in her hands, she reached in and pulled out a couple of hamburgers and fries, then set the bag over out of the way.

“That’s fuckin’ awesome,” Danny said, smiling and starting to reach over.

Alex smirked, but slapped his hand away. Giggling, she wiggled her finger and ordered him to turn around on the bed. Looking over, she smiled at Dane and nodded down in front of her.

He smiled, wondering what she was up to.

Unwrapping part of the hamburger, she lifted it up and let Danny take a bite, then set it in her lap. Reaching for another burger, she unwrapped it and waited for Dane to get down in front of her, sitting on the bed. Raising it up, she smiled, offering him some and letting him take a bite.

Not realizing how damn hungry he’d been, he smiled and nodded as the delicious food hit his taste buds.

“Fuck that’s good,” Danny said, sighing.

Alex smiled, reaching for some fries and offering them to him. Danny accepted them happily, devouring them as Alex’s fingers dipped into his mouth a little.

Giggling, she shook her head and sucked the salt off her finger that he’d missed. Turning, she gave Dane some fries, then offered him a bite of his burger. As the two brothers sat and let their little sister feed them, Sally had finally begun to recover, and rolled over in bed, sliding to the floor. She disappeared below the level of the matress for a minute as she fought to recover and regain her ability to walk.

Giggling, Alex moved from sitting on her feet and knees, to move up to her knees alone, both hamburgers still in her hand.

“So why are you feeding us?” Dane asked, finally curious enough to break the silence.

Alex smiled, shrugging. Leaning over, she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, causing him to gasp quietly in pleasure and surprise. Sliding her lips down, she brought them back up his shaft, then leaned over and did the same to Danny. A few strokes there, and she leaned back over to Dane to slide her lips up and down his shaft again a few times.

Then straightening up again, she offered Dane another bite, followed by Danny. Smiling, she set the burgers on the bed, and brought the soft drinks up to their mouths, letting them quench their thirst. Waiting until each brother had had their fill and nodded at her, she set them back down and then picked up the burgers again.

“I’m betting you’ve never had a blowjob while a girl fed you a hamburger,” she said.

Dane laughed, shaking his head. “No, I haven’t,” he answered.

Danny was taking another bite as she giggled, offering burger to Dane and then lowering her face to Danny’s lap.

“Heck no, but this is fuckin’ awesome,” the younger brother answered.

Alex giggled, sucking audibly on Danny’s cock. Turning, she offered Dane another bite, then slid her lips down his shaft.

“Fuck, this is the life,” Dane said, leaning back on his palms. His little sister offered him Alanya Manken Escort the last little bit of hamburger, and then turned, giving Danny his, then grabbed the fries and handed them the bags, followed by their drinks.

“It’s just my way of thanking you,” she said, smiling and leaning forward. “I know it was weird for you two last night, so I appreciate it.” Her hand free, she was able to stroke off one brother while she was sucking on the other’s cock.

Sally had finally regained enough of her body functions to stand and stagger to the shower. Alex looking up, offered to help if she needed it.

“No, I’m good,” Sally said, shivering and giggling all at once. “Fuck that was good.” Pausing briefly, she blew Dane and Danny both a kiss and went to the bathroom. A few seconds later, Dane heard bathwater running and knew she was going to be in there awhile.

Alex had gone back to sucking his cock and stroking off their brother, then switching back and forth. After several minutes of very pleasurable oral sex, his little sister sat back and looked up at the two of them.

“Y’all wanna fuck?” she asked, smiling sweetly and looking up at them, as if that was a normal thing for a little sister to ask.

“Who are you asking?” Danny asked, looking over at his brother. Dane shrugged.

“Both of you,” she said, smiling widely.

Danny didn’t immediately catch her meaning, but Dane did.

“Are you prepared for that?” he asked.

“I woke up a little after you got up to get a drink,” she said, smiling. He chuckled, realizing that she’d been awake that long. “I went and… cleaned myself,” she said.

He nodded appreciatively.

“Oh, damn,” Danny said, his smile growing.

She grinned, standing and stripping down as both brothers watched, reaching for her as she pulled off her panties and pulling her into bed with them.

Setting their drinks down, both of them moved around to the head of the bed and got in. Alex was already sliding beneath the sheets. Flat on her back, she looked from one to the other.

“How comfortable are you two with incidental touching?” she asked, grinning widely.

Dane winced, and shrugged, looking over at Danny.

“You mean if our dicks touch?” Danny asked?

She nodded. “I’m not asking you to jerk each other off or anything. I just want to try a few things.”

Dane chuckled. “Are you always this adventurous?”

Alex shrugged. “How often do I get the chance to be with two guys that have dicks as big as yours?” she asked. “Even Wade isn’t that big.”

Danny’s eyes grew wider as he grasped that Alex and Toni had both fucked Wade.

Dane smirked. “Yeah, little brother; there’s a lot you don’t know about the twins.”

“Yeah, I’m getting that,” he said. “So, what are you wanting us to do?” he asked. “I mean, I guess I’m okay with a little touching since it’s my brother.”

Dane chuckled. “He’s got a point.”

Alex giggled. “Well, I want both of you inside me,” she said. “I’d say let’s start with one in my ass and one in my pussy, but then the one in my ass would have to go clean himself when you switch. I don’t want an infection.”

Dane wasn’t clear on what she wanted yet, so he asked her point blank, “What hole do you want what dick in?”

She giggled. “Well, I want you both in my pussy, and then I want one in my pussy and one in my ass. I figured that if it hurts too much in my butt, it’s with you guys and we can laugh about it.”

Dane sighed, not thrilled about having his dick inside something his brother was going to be in at the same time. Still, he loved Alex dearly, and would do it if she really wanted him to.

Danny sighed. “Really?” he asked. “Both in your pussy at once?”

Alex giggled and nodded. “If you can’t, you can’t. I’ll have to find someone else.”

Turning, his little brother looked at him and sighed. “No homo?” he asked.

Dane smirked. “No homo.”

Alex grinning, immediately turning and facing Dane.

The physics of the situation were a little confusing, and he quickly realized that he was going to be touching a lot of his brother’s legs. The hair was disconcerting as the two of them got spooned up close together, their incredibly gorgeous and sexy sister between them.

She leaned in, kissing Dane and affectionately stroking his chest. Reaching down, she pulled his cock into her pussy quickly, gently riding against him as he thrust.

“You tell me when you’re ready to go,” she said, looking back over her shoulder.

Danny nodded, then said, “I think I’m as good as it’s getting.”

She smiled. “I love you both so much,” she said. “Thank you for doing this. If it’s too weird when we start, we can stop, okay?”

They both nodded.

“God,” Danny said, sighing and causing Alex to giggle.

She reached back, her hand going to pull him up against her and smiled at Dane.

There wasn’t a homosexual bone in Dane’s body, he was positive. He knew when another man was attractive, but he never saw a dick and thought, “Yeah, that’s alright by me. That’s just fine.”

When his brother got close enough for their balls to touch, he had to stop himself from recoiling. “This is for Alex, this is for Alex,” he thought. He felt Danny pushing inside then, and heard his brother groaning in dismay. It was a very weird sensation, feeling another dick against his.

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