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This story is dedicated partially to Julie. She knows why, Thanks, Julie


I have always had a crush on Mom.

She was and still is very cute, Short brown hair that framed her oval face, Blue eyes that maybe were just a wee bit close together. A nose that no plastic surgery could ever improve on, full lips with white even teeth. Her body was what is called petite, and her breasts were smallish with small pink nipples that poked out noticeably. Long legs beneath a flat hard stomach. She also knew how to dress sexy without seeming slutty.

She never married, making me her bastard son. She had a lot of men chasing her and went on several dates, never bringing any of them home. Although she would sometimes stay out till the next day.

I never cared, I didn’t want a dad, I loved her and wanted her for myself.

After I turned eighteen, mom was never shy around me, and would walk around half naked a lot. She started to flaunt her bare ass and legs and breasts at me. I soaked it all up loving her tight body, lusting after her. Once or twice in the last couple months, she would stand next to me her robe parted, showing me her flat belly and the curve below it, bending over she would kiss me goodnight her titties brushing against my arm. One night as she stood on tippy-toe to kiss me; her soft bush brushed my semi hard boxer clad cock. I could smell her sex as she did. I loved it all; I wanted her but was afraid to make a move.

Sometimes I would masturbate thinking of her tight cute body: imagining her pussy wrapped around my cock, her lips kissing my lips, her ass in my grip.

The summer after graduating from high school, on a warm evening, as I was lying on the floor in a pair of boxer shorts, my head propped up on the side of the easy chair to watch TV. Mom came in the room in a short white skirt, her smooth bare legs were tanned nicely and she had on a blouse that tied at the bottom showing off her flat stomach. she proceeded to flop in the chair I was resting my head on, flashing me her white panties and smooth legs.

I was not that interested in the tv show so after seeing my mom’s panties my attention shifted to her. My cock twitched and started to get hard. She asked me if I wanted something to drink and I lifted Escort bayan my head to answer her. Her legs were spread enough for me to see her panties even more clearly. My mother, noticing my stare only smiled a strange sort of smile at me. She wantonly spread her legs a little showing me her camel-toe. Her hairs lightly showing around the edges of her panties.

“What are you doing home on a Friday night?” she asked.

“Hunnh, Shelby stood me up,” I grunted, speaking of my high school girlfriend.

“So you’re going to mope around the house all night? Maybe we can do something together. Like, go swimming.

“Swimming? Where?” I asked. My eyes still glued to her sexy panties I could smell her arousal, making my cock get even stiffer.

“The neighbors silly, they are out of town and their swimming pool is very private. We can go skinny dipping,” she laughed.

“Wow, that sounds great mom,”

After getting a couple things together we jumped the fence into our neighbor’s backyard where they had a nice swimming pool reflecting in the moonlight. Mom took off her clothes and dove in the water. Her sleek slim body flashing in the pale light, my cock started to stiffen at the sight. I followed her in a second later.

Splashing and laughing we swam the pool a couple times and then we got into a water fight. Splashing each other we got closer and closer to each other averting our faces as we did. Suddenly I was holding her arms to keep her from splashing me.

I had a stiff cock standing straight up under the water

I held her arms, but with her squirming all over she managed to turn around in my grip. Her butt pushing against my hard cock. Feeling my hard member she stiffened. Seconds later she relaxed into my arms her bare butt pressing into my groin. She sighed, “my god, do I miss the feeling of a hard cock.”

I was flabbergasted! “Mom! what in hell does that mean?” I asked.

“You know exactly what that means,” She said, turning around in my arms and giving me a kiss very few boys ever received from their mother.

I was ready! I wanted to fuck my mom, making her my lover.

My lips parted in response to her kiss and she moved closer to my body, she wrapped her legs around my waist. Then reaching Bayan escort down and holding my cock, slid it into her pussy and lowered her weight onto me. Her pussy felt better than I ever imagined. Tight, hot, slippery, pulsating with lust. My cock was as hard as I have ever felt it.

Her tongue danced with mine as we fucked. Her body bouncing up and down as much as the water would allow us.

I was in heaven! Fucking my sweet mother, my secret wish coming true.

Suddenly she pulled off me and pulled out of the water turning around she sat at the edge of the pool her legs spread like a slut to show her marvelous bush. The lips around her pussy wet with pool water making a beautiful picture. Her body glistened with water and moonlight. Her light brown bush had drops of water dripping onto her pink vulva and the edge of the pool.

Her legs spread wide open, mom exposed herself even more by using her fingers and spreading her twat wide for my hungry eyes, I could see the inner folds of her sweet pussy and smelled the aroma of her sex. She then wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me toward her wet pussy. As my nose tickled from her hairs, my greedy lips tasted her fruit I inhaled her essence. Grabbing and massaging her titties, I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy. She clamped her legs around me cutting off any air supply. I didn’t care, as my tongue probed her pussy. Her legs over my shoulders, my arms under her legs and holding her titties I could feel her soft, silky, smooth thighs as they held my head in place. Her nipples were hard as a rock as my fingers played with them. With my nose in her bush, and my mouth sucking her clitoris, I felt her shake and heard her groan. Suddenly her pussy contracted, squirting juice into my mouth and down my throat.

I swallowed it all.

“Oh my god!” Mom groaned, relaxing her grip on my head. “I have been wanting you to do that to me for quite a while.”

I couldn’t believe my ears; or my luck.

“Now young man, get up here and finish the job,” She said.

I pulled myself out of the pool and helped her stand, my hard cock swaying as we went to a lounge chair. She lay back on it, her legs spread wantonly. Her beautiful cunt open and on display for my greedy eyes.

My Escort hard cock standing and needing attention. I lowered my body onto hers. My cock sliding easily into her hot waiting slash. Her legs wrapped around my waist her ankles crossed behind my butt, she pulled herself up as I penetrated her. Our lips locked onto each other as we fucked.

I held her butt as we mated, she was thrashing beneath me, my cock pinning her to the lounge chair. Our breath exchanging between us. I could feel her pubic bone bounce hard on mine as we rutted like animals, her pussy dripping with my spit and her lust.

I felt myself losing control.

Me, fucking my sweet loving mother, the woman who bore me and raised me, fucking her like she was a whore.

The intensity was overwhelming.

“Mommy! My mommy!” I cried.

“Fuck me baby! fuck your mommy, fuck your mommy like a good son,” She groaned. Do you like your mommy’s cunt-hole son?” she panted.

“Fuck yes mommy, yes I love your cunt. I love your body, I love you!” I exclaimed.

I could feel my balls wanting to release into my mother’s love hole.

“Mommy, mommy, I’m cumming mommy!” I groaned into my mother’s mouth.

Suddenly I started to cum, huge gobs of sticky creamy soup, spraying my mother’s womb with my love. My cock balls deep in my mom’s cunt. Her legs pulling me tighter against her body, her pussy contracting on my swollen member, my tongue deep in her mouth tasting her sweet breath.

“Give me that sweet cum, fill my love hole with your jizz, make me your woman, baby,” she responded, her words muffled by our mouths being locked together.

As I finished my wild excursion into my mother’s tight hot body I lay resting on her, my hard cock deep in her cunt, my cum mixing with her juice, leaking out and sliding down her butt and my balls, her legs still wrapped around me.

“Damned mom, I love that sweet cunny of yours.”

“You can fuck it anytime you want, baby, anytime at all. consider me your sweet cock sucking whore and wife,” she answered. “I am your mother, your wife, I am your whore, I am yours always! Next, I will suck that marvelous cock of yours and taste that cum I have been pining away for.”

Kissing slowly now, our hearts thumping in unison, we rested.

As our breathing slowed, she snuggled into my arms. My cock started to get hard again. Mom stroked my hair back from my eyes and kissed me, long, slow, like a lover, like my wife.


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