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Vacation Getaway Ch. 01

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Papi and I fly in and get a hotel in Antigua. We get to our room, unpack, and call you to come over so we can meet and start our vacation. You come and we are all apprehensive about the meeting. Papi introduces himself as do I and we sit down together We talk a bit before Papi excuses himself to shower and suggests you and I should get to know each other in his absence. Feeling a bit strange, we sit there and hear the door shut and the shower running. Papi is in and we’re all alone. I smile and tell you how good it is to meet you and how I’ve waited so long for this day to come. I walk over to your chair lean in and kiss you and take your hand and place it on my panties over my pussy to let you feel how wet they are. You take my hand and place it on your cock to let me know you feel the same. It’s huge and so hard, pressing against your pants. I look at you hungrily and can’t stand it and unzip your pants to free your cock, pulling it out.

“What about your Papi?” you ask.

“Don’t worry. Don’t even think about him, just sit back and relax.

You lay back and settle in as I lick your cock up and down and rub your balls as I take it in my mouth and start sucking it as I rub my pussy. My pussy lips are puffy, swollen and wet because I’m so fucking horny, anticipating your cock finally inside of me. God, I’m on fire. You hold my hair, pulling my head up and down as I fuck you with my mouth, making you moan my name as you groan “Gods, yes!” over and over. You take and stop me, pulling me on top of you and holding my hips as I lift my dress and pull my panties to the side and lower my dripping pussy onto your throbbing cock slowly. I gasp as it enters me, parting my swollen pussy lips.

“Oh my god, it’s so good to feel you inside of me for real after a year of cyber, I can’t believe it’s finally happening,” I moan as you push more of your hard cock inside me, filling my small tight pussy as you bury yourself all the way in me.

We’ve forgotten about everything else except you fucking me. I’m sitting on your cock, grinding as your fuck me hard and deep, both of us lost in the act oblivious to Papi who is now out of the shower and standing quietly in front of us. We see him and we are startled, kind of scared, thinking that he’ll be mad at us for doing this when he didn’t know.

“Papi, I’m sorry, it just happened, I couldn’t help it. Please don’t be mad,” I say. “Do you hate me now?”

“No, of course I don’t hate you, It looks as if you both have gotten to know each other” Papi says, chuckling as he drops his towel, revealing his hard cock as he walks to us and kisses me.

I’m still mounted on your hard cock, you sit quiet just looking at Papi, and he tells you to continue fucking me and I to suck his cock. I smile and tell you to fuck me, grinding against your cock seductively, and take Papi’s cock in my mouth, his hands holding my head, your hands holding my hips. It’s like a dream; I have you both at the same time. I feel like I’m in a porn movie. I’m on fire as you fuck me, your cock pumping inside of me, my pussy lips grabbing around it as it goes in and out. Papi’s cock in my hand and mouth as I suck it, bobbing my head on it as your cock goes into me, pushing me up in perfect rhythm. All of us are moaning and sweating. I can’t hold back and yell that I’m going to cum as I lose control, grinding fast and hard on your cock, sucking Papi deeper and faster as my orgasm builds. Suddenly, you explode, bucking up as you hold my hips down against your cock and your seed fills my tight wet pussy. Filling you explode in me makes me cum and I erupt, squirting all over your cock as Papi pulls my head tight against his cock and he fucks my mouth, exploding down my throat. There is so much I start to gag but still manage to swallow all of it. Oh my god, we are breathless and sweating, not saying anything but oh my god.


We go into the bedroom and I climb in the bed, followed by you and Papi. I start kissing and then sucking the two of you bedava bahis hard again, going back and forth between you both until your cocks are rock hard. Papi starts to eat my pussy as I suck your cock; you’re holding my head and guiding me as I hold Papi’s head to my pussy.

“Mmm, that feels so good,” I moan around your cock.

I suggest that you switch places with Papi and eat me so I can feel your mouth and tongue on my pussy, licking and sucking. We switch around; Papi’s cock is in my mouth again and you are devouring my pussy. Your mouth, tongue and fingers driving me wild and sending me to heaven; we go at it for what seems like hours. Then Papi tells me he needs to fuck my pussy and wants to be inside of me. You move and Papi positions himself between my legs as he turns me on my side and holds my leg up and buries his cock in me. I grab your cock and pull it to my mouth, sucking it as I guide your hand to my chest so you can play with my tits while I suck your sweet cock and rub your balls as I get fucked. I stop and take your cock out of my mouth.

“When are you two going to do me in my ass and my pussy at the same time? I’ve been wanting to try it forever.” I ask. Papi asks you if you’re ready to go and give me what I want.

“Sure, let’s fuck her crazy,” you reply.

Papi lies on his back and I mount him, lowering my pussy onto his cock as you come up behind me to my puckered asshole and lather lube on it, sliding first one finger then two into my tight asshole to loosen it up. It’s finally good and you ask if I’m ready? I reply that I’m ready as I will ever be so you put just the head between my ass cheeks and ease it in. It hurts but I tell you to keep going and slowly put it all the way in me. You ease it in until it’s finally completely in.

“Oh my god, it’s different. It hurts but its good having you both in me together,” I say.

Papi starts to thrust in and out. As he pulls out, you push in until the two of you get into a rhythm perfectly. Oh my god, it feels amazing getting double fucked by a black and white cock at once in my tight Asian pussy. I can fill an orgasm building up and I can hardly breathe as you both fuck me, making me feel like I’m going to pass out from pleasure….I’m dizzy and, oh my god, it’s amazing. I’m sandwiched between my two guys and getting fucked in my ass and pussy simultaneously. I never imagined it would feel like this, not even in my wildest fantasies, but now its happening and I can’t believe it. Papi is holding my shoulders and you have my hips as he kisses my neck. I’m gasping and moaning in his ear, struggling for breath as you pull my ass onto your cock and fuck it.

“Oh yes, oh yes. Oh my god, mmm,” you moan as you fuck me. I just shudder in pleasure, gasping.

“Oh my god, oh my god, mmm, I’m cumming. Oh, my god, fuck me, fuck me!” I scream, desperately begging the two of you to fuck me harder and faster and make me cum.

Then it happens. I break and cum so bloody hard that I’m passing out. I can’t see anything but white as my pussy contracts over and over. My orgasm washes over me for what seems like forever and ever. Oh my god, it’s amazing. I feel my pussy squirt on Papi’s cock. This makes you lose it, you scream and pull my ass tight to your cock as you cum deep in me and fill my ass with your cum while I’m still cumming. The combination of the two of us cumming makes Papi cum and he shoots his wad into my gushing wet pussy, which sends me over the edge and into another orgasm that is even harder than the first. My pussy is having contraction after contraction, clenching tight around my Papi’s throbbing cock.

We all lay in complete exhaustion and recoup then decide to shower. After we’ve all showered, Papi decided he wanted to sleep but I’m not tired and ask if you’ll show me around town after asking Papi if it’s okay with him. He says its fine with him and tells us to have a good time. You and I leave and you ask what I want to do first. I say that it is your town and it’s casino siteleri up to you to show me a good time like Papi suggested. You take me to a secluded park and push me against a tree, telling me how sexy I am and that you’ve waited so long to have me alone. I smile and tell you that I feel the same way. You smile and lean into me, kissing me as your hand reaches under my dress and rubs my pussy through my panties as your other hand guides mine to the crotch of your pants so that I feel your hard cock wanting to be in me again. I rub it and kiss you back as you slip your hand into my panties and slide a finger into my pussy. I gasp and rub your cock harder as you press your finger deeper into my dripping pussy then take it out and pull my panties off and out from under my dress. You put them to your face and smell my juices on them before throwing them down as you lift my dress and I unzip your pants and slide them down to free your cock. You grab my ass in both hands and lift me up and onto your cock then slowly lower me, sliding it inside me. I wrap my legs around your waist with my arms around your neck. I’m now in mid air between you and the tree against my back with your cock firmly inside my tight wet pussy. Kissing me passionately, you begin fucking me, both of us not caring who is around or may be watching. I hold onto you tight as you thrust your cock deep inside my pussy.

“Oh gods, it feels good, mmm. Fuck me, fuck me,” I beg you, my breath short and labored.

I grind down against your cock and thrust with my hips, trying to drive your cock further into me. You kiss me, your hands squeezing my ass as you hold me up and fuck me faster and harder. I beg you to make me cum and cum inside me. You tell me that I feel so good inside and that you are starting to feel an orgasm coming. I’m starting to cum as well and tell you so.

“Oh my god yes, fuck me, fuck me! My god, make me cum,” I moan. My legs squeeze tight around you as my arms hold your neck. “Gods, yes!” I yell. “Fuck me!”

I explode on your cock as you are cumming, pulling my pussy to your cock burying it deep into my pussy, dumping its seed into me. It seems like it lasts forever.

“Oh my god,” I moan as we kiss and you set me on my trembling feet.

We catch our breath and smile. I pick up my panties and slide them on.

“Well,” I say. “What next?”

“How about we go to my place?” You suggest. “We could get in the hot tub.”

“Sounds great,” I say, smiling. “Lead the way.”


Fifteen minutes later, we were at your house and I tell you that I’m so fucking horny and ask you if you’re up for one more round because I have lots of things I still wanted to try and we should make the most of every minute we have alone. You agree and tell me that the hot tub is on the deck and suggest that we have a drink or two, shed our clothes and hop in. No sooner said than done as I peel off my dress, bra and panties and smile at you as you shed yours. You make us a couple of tequila sunrises and lead me to the hot tub. You hop in first and hold out your hand to help me in. We drink our sunrises and kiss; I straddle you, facing you and begin to give you a naked watery lap dance, rotating my hips around as my ass cheeks brush against the head of your cock. You place your hands on my hips as I gyrate in your lap, letting my hands travel up and down my wet naked body. As you watch, my hands make their way to my tits and my fingers pinch and pull my nipples into hard cones which you eye hungrily. You lower your mouth to my right nipple, licking and sucking it as I moan before moving to the other. As you devour my nipples I continue to sway my hips back and forth, occasionally dipping to allow your growing cock to rub between my ass cheeks, teasing you slowly into erectness.

It isn’t long before your member is fully erect and you are thrusting up towards my puffy-lipped pussy. I smile and slip my pussy over just your cock head before pulling away. bahis siteleri As I bounce in your lap, I slip your cock head in my pussy again then almost out then back down again. Each time I go down, I gradually take more of your cock into my pussy, making you so horny you can hardly stand it. You clamp your hands onto my hips and push me down all the way on your cock making me gasp. Keeping your cock buried in my tight wet pussy, you stand up and lift me onto the edge of the hot tub. I wrap my legs around your waist and lay back against the deck. Moving your hands to my tits, you massage them as you begin thrusting deep into my pussy, making your balls-slap against my ass as your cock buries in me. Before long, I’m clenching onto the lip of the hot tub in pleasure as your hard cock pistons in and out of me. We’re both moaning then you suddenly pull out and smile.

You jump out and help me up before leading me into your bedroom. You push me on my back and spread my legs before hungrily devouring my pussy. You slide a finger into my pussy, fucking me with it as you flick my clit. It isn’t long before I’m cumming, squirting my juices all over your face and yelling your name. With my pussy still convulsing, you stand up and thrust your whole length into me with one stroke, making me gasp in pleasure. My pussy is gripping around your cock tight, driving you wild as you start to fuck me hard and fast, flipping me onto my stomach in the middle of your frenzied thrusts.

As you fuck me doggy style, you spank my ass cheeks until they’re red, making me squirm you grab them tight as you bury your cock balls-deep over and over into my tight wet little pussy. As you fuck me, I tease my clit with one hand, moaning with pleasure and begging you to make me cum. Before long, you’re shooting your load into my waiting little pussy, making me cover your cock in cum. After we’ve both finished you collapse on top of me, your now limp cock still buried in my pussy. Once we’ve both caught our breath, I make you eat my pussy still filled with your seed. Rather than shower, we jump back into the hot tub. As we sit in there, I start to rub and massage your cock and balls. Once I feel you get semi hard, I take a deep breath and duck under the water, sliding your cock into my mouth and sucking it until I need air. I come up, kiss you and take a deep breath before going back down to suck it again.

You push yourself out onto the edge of the hot tub and I ease my naked body between your legs, licking and sucking your cock as I massage your balls. I deep-throat your cock, moaning around it as I play with my clit at the same time. I bob my head up and down your hard cock as you tangle your hands in my hair and hold my head down, moaning in pleasure. I take you almost all the way out of my mouth before taking the shaft all the way into my mouth and repeating it several times, building up your pleasure. I alternate between licking and sucking until you are just about to cum then I begin to bob my head up and down faster until you shoot your load down my throat, making me gag. I do my best to swallow it and sit up, a thin line of cum leaking out of the corner of my mouth and smile. I decide to call Papi and ask if I should come back now. I call the room and a tired Papi answers, “hello.”

“Hi Papi, its Meraena. I was calling to see if I should come back now.”

“I’m so tired and its up to you. If you want to come back, that’s fine. If not, I’ll be okay. I’m probably going to sleep through the night.”

“Alright, I’ll call you right back and let you know what’s up.”

“Fine. I love you.”

“I love you too, Papi,” I say and hang up. I tell you that Papi said I don’t have to come back right now because he’s going to be sleeping all night anyway. You smile big and ask if he’d mind if you stay the night with me and return in the morning.

“All I can do is ask,” I say, grabbing the phone and once again calling Papi. After talking to him for a couple of minutes I hang up with virtual kiss and an ‘I love you.’

“Papi says its fine,” I tell you with a smile. “So, what’s your plan?” I ask, grinning.

“I thought I’d take you to dinner and maybe to a club for dancing if you’re down with that.”

“Sounds perfect,” I reply with a kiss.

To be continued…

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