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My Indian Mom’s Sexcapades Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

Author’s Note: All characters in this work are fictional and bear no resemblance or relation to any individuals living or dead. All characters are above 18 years of age.


Next day morning, I sat for the breakfast along with my mom and 3 other guests. The two men were my mom’s childhood classmates and the third women is her cousin. I met them before during my previous visits. Each of them introduced as Gokul, Arnav and Bharu (must be pet name). All of them seems to be in similar age to Mom. Bharu is a woman and chubby compared to Mom. I realized Arnav is the one fucking mom last night. After few smiles, I looked at mom. She smiled back and asked anything wrong. When I look at my mom, her naked figure from last night was echoing in my mind. I must be showing in my face something wrong. I just smiled back and said nothing.

It has been a boring day. Mom was mostly chatting with her cousin and some visitors who came to see mom knowing she is in town. I just killed time until the night waiting to see what happens tonight. In the afternoon, i went to the mom’s room and replaced the bulb with higher wattage bulb. I wanted to see mom more clearly. I slept at 8PM and was just peeping through the window to see what happens. Mom came to her room and closed the room. She didn’t lock it. She removed her clothes, Beylikdüzü Fetiş Escort wrapped a towel and went to the shower. She came back few minutes later wrapped in the towel. She came to the mirror, threw the mirror and was checking herself. She looks gorgeous. One can just spend their entire life looking her naked. I now see that she has shaved her pubic area clean. Not sure if it was done before or today. She moisturized whole body, sprayed deodorant and some body spray. She applied eyeliner, red lipstick and some makeup. She combed the hair and tied as pony. She slipped onto a camisole and a short. She picked her phone, played with it for a minute, threw the phone on the desk nearby and laid down on the bed.

10 minutes just passed by. I am becoming anxious to know what will happen next. I saw her room door opened and a man entered her room. It is Gokul. With a brighter light, I can recognize the person clearly. He came closer to the room and smiled. Mom smiled back. He took mom’s right hand and kissed it. She got up from the bed. They came in an embrace and started hugging each other. Gokul is shorter and slightly taller than Mom. He slipped his hand through her short and pulled her up by raising her ass with his hand. He slipped his other hand on mom’s bare waist and pulled Beylikdüzü Gecelik Escort together. Mom’s lips came closer to him and they started kissing. Mom was just hugging him while kissing, They kissed for a while and started removing each others clothes. Both went to the bed.

Gokul laid on the bed on his back. I can see his pubic area is completely shaved. Mom went between his legs and started sucking his cock. She started licking the base, his balls and then way up. He was trying to hold mom’s head, but she refused to let him. She was just licking all over his balls and the area around his cock. She finally reached to the cock and started licking in the top. He was lifting his cock up to allow more of his cock to go into mom’s mouth. But mom just raising higher and letting his top only reach mom’s lips. He must have raised his butt at least a feet now. Suddenly, mom just held his both butt and took his whole cock in her mouth. She just started deep throating and he was trying hard to stay like that to get whole his cock in her mouth. After a minute, he couldn’t hold his position like that and dropped his butt down. Mom cleaned up the saliva from her mouth and said something to him.

She laid down on the bed on her back. He came on top of her and started sucking her Beylikdüzü Genç Escort breast. He was sucking and fondling the other one alternatively. I noticed he was also fingering her pussy. Mom was trying to hold his hand and was guiding into something. He just kept sucking and fingering.

After a while, he stopped sucking and spread her legs. Mom took his cock and shoved into her pussy. He started fucking slowly and in a rhythm. Mom patted his butt to indicate something. He started fucking hard. Mom was responding by moving her body closer. While fucking, he would lean forward and was pinching mom’s nipples. At times, mom would hold his land, may be to say it is hurting. He didn’t seem to care. He would just switch to other nipple and was pinching. Mom must be making some noises, but I couldn’t make out much. I see her mouth go open and sometimes saying something. Sometimes, she used to dig her nails into her butt and pull her body closer to her. After 3 minutes, he pulled the cock out. Mom came to his cock and started sucking. he loaded his cum in her mouth and she sucked him dry. Both got up, kissed and hugged each other.

Mom’s body is shining more than yesterday due to brighter light. The sweat on her body is giving a different glow to her skin. Gokul wore his clothes and left. Mom quickly went to the bathroom and came back in a minute. She took her phone, played with it for 2 minutes and put it aside. She laid down the bed naked. I was not able to take my eyes off her body. I thought i would sleep in few minutes just looking at her.

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