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My Mother-in-law and I Ch. 02

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I awoke the next morning my mind was a little foggy and I realized I was naked before I realized where I was. I quickly went through the events of the night before and realized I was at Helen’s house. I quickly glanced to my left and Helen was still sleeping. We had not worked our way under the covers at all through the night. It was a comfortable temperature so apparently neither one of us felt the need to get under them to keep warm.

I looked at her as she lay there on her side facing me. One of the straps to her nightie was off. My eyes drifted to her cleavage. I noticed the clock behind her. It read 8:15 AM. I know it was early for her. She usually slept later in the morning. She suddenly rolled over onto her back. When she did, the other strap on her nightie slid down causing her breasts to bounce clear of the nightgown. I placed a finger on her nipple.

I started to rub her nipple making circular motions. I was marveling at them. She was in her 60’s and a little overweight but they were fairly firm and the nipples were still able to perk up perfectly. I leaned in close and swiped my tongue over the soft tip, running it back and forth. It began to harden under the moist touch of my tongue. Her head was facing away and she didn’t move. Her chest rose and fell in a smooth motion. I wondered, if she woke up, would she feel any different? Was it the wine last night that caused her to do what she did? I didn’t really care at this point. So, I opened my mouth further and took the as much tit as I could get into my mouth, sucking softly. I wasn’t able to get the whole thing in my mouth. Only the nipple area could fit. Still, Helen didn’t move.

I laughed quietly wondering how I could do that and not wake her up. She was a sound sleeper. I sat up looking at her. She lay flat on her back now. Each breast was sagging off her chest because they were so big. I suddenly realized I had to go to the bathroom so I got off the bed and relieved myself. I was surprised I didn’t have any headache whatsoever. I walked back into the room expecting Helen to have woken up but she was still sleeping. She hadn’t moved. I crawled back onto the bottom of the bed slowly pushing her legs apart as gently as I could. I positioned myself so my face was close to her pussy.

I probed her… with my fingers parting the lips enough so I could slide my tongue along the inside of the soft pink skin. I flicked my tongue along her lips. I slid a little closer and her legs spread out a little more giving me more access. My fingers parted the lips even further so I could thrust my tongue inside. She began to stir and her legs spread even further. I replaced my tongue with a finger and slowly glided it inside her.

“What?” she whispered stretching her arms.

“Good morning,” I said as I thrust my finger in and out.

“Ahh….I like waking up this way,” she whispered widening the legs even further.

“I thought you might.”

I withdrew my finger and replaced it with my mouth. My nose brushing against her soft hair as my mouth sucked on the lips. I nibbled and licked and sucked. The area grew wetter and wetter as her excitement picked up. My fingers and tongue began alternating licking and thrusting. Her hips started to gyrate with the motion and her moans grew louder.

My eyes drifted up and noticed her hands had moved to her chest squeezing the flesh of her tits. My body pressed down onto the bed harder as my own excitement grew. I picked up the pace and my tongue worked feverishly over the lips.

“Ahhhhh,” she moaned as her hand pressed into the back of my hair pushing my head into her. My lips ground down. Her body tensed and her back arched. The orgasm came in waves as she bucked, tightened, bucked again and shook.

“My god,” she hissed. “That’s the third time since last night. Wow!”

“You liked that didn’t you?” I asked as I sat up.

“Yeah, couldn’t you tell?” she answered sitting up, breasts hanging out of the nightie. “Nobody has ever done that to me before.”


“No,” she laughed as her hand took hold of my cock and stroked it a few times. “Time to repay the favor.”

“That’d be nice,” I replied as I knelt on the bed. Helen leaned forward as her hand continued pumping my shaft. She stuck her tongue out and ran it along the head. Her tongue swiftly moved over the rock hard muscle.

“I have done this before,” she said. “But not for a long time.” I looked down as her mouth enveloped me. The warm, moistness of her mouth felt great as she slowly slid it all the way down to my sack. Wow. Like I said, I’m not huge but I’m not small either and for her to go all the way was impressive. Her lips slid up until it reached the head, then they slid back down.

“Ahhh…,” I whispered.

Her hand cupped my sack as her mouth slid all the way down again. This was good head. She moved her hand to the shaft and worked it while her mouth moved in rhythm up and down and back again.

I was enjoying this immensely when I glanced in the mirror. The whole scene unfolded in the reflection. I was on my knees on Beylikdüzü Ukraynalı Escort Helen’s bed. She was on her knees, her head going to town on my crank as her hand stroked to the rhythm of her mouth. Her tits hung down out of her clothes almost touching the bed and jiggling to the movement of her head. It was all too much.

“Ugghgh,” I moaned to let her know what I was getting close. She didn’t seem bothered at all and stayed glued to my shaft working it like a pro. I let loose a wicked stream. I could feel the release all the way down to my legs. She didn’t flinch. She took it all in and continued the movement draining every last drop I had. It was awesome.

When it became clear there wasn’t anything left, she pulled off and looked up at me with a grin.

“You liked that,” she said. “Rachel doesn’t do much of that?”

“No she doesn’t like it too much. She doesn’t like it when I do it to her either.”

“Really? She doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

“I try to tell her that all the time,” I replied as I moved off the bed.

“Well, you can do that to me anytime you want.”

“I will take you up on that as long as you return the favor.” “No problem with that,” she giggled. “But…I don’t think we should go any further than what we’ve done.”

“I was kind of thinking the same thing,” I answered. “We don’t want to go overboard.”

“You’re not kidding,” she answered as she pulled up the nightgown to cover herself. “I think I’m going to jump in the shower. What do you want to do today?”

“I don’t know. You want to go to breakfast?”

“Sure. There is a great place about twenty minutes from here. It has pretty good food.”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied.

“Oh, I did want to ask you something,” she said from the bathroom. A friend of mine is having a small dinner party tonight. Her and her partner just legalized their marriage and are having a dinner party. Do you want to go?”

“They’re gay?”

“Yup. You’ve met them before. Joyce and Marlene,” she replied as she got into the shower.

“Oh yeah. At the fourth of July a few years ago?” I said. “Yeah,” she answered.

“One is older and one is younger. One of them is someone’s daughter, isn’t she?”.

“Ellen. You remember Ellen”?

“Uhmmm….Rachel refers to her as aunt. Doesn’t she?” “Yeah. She’s married to Frank. We had the party at their clubhouse.”

“Yeah. I remember her. She’s the one with the big…,” I didn’t finish the statement as I stepped into the shower with her. She didn’t flinch at all with me in the shower. She just handed me the soap.

“With the what? The big boobs?”


“You’re right. They are huge. Probably the biggest I’ve ever seen.”

“Well, yours are pretty big too,” I replied rubbing the soap all over her back.

“Your sweet,” she giggled. “But those are bigger than mine. A lot bigger.”

“Sounds like you’ve seen them,” I smiled. “Well…I have.”

“You’re going to have to tell me this story,” I replied.

The day was uneventful. We went to breakfast and ended up doing some shopping. Helen wanted to buy a new dress for dinner party this evening. . I wandered the mall while she shopped. I spoke to my wife and I told her everything was going fine. I didn’t mention anything about the events of the past day. It felt too weird.

I was intrigued by what Helen had told me about Ellen. She was certainly right, Ellen has humungous breasts. I had met her only two times over the years and I remember the first time. She walked into Helen’s house with her husband Frank, who had since passed. The first thing you notice is those things. Simply put, they are huge. She is older than Helen by at least five years but doesn’t look it. I remember questioning my wife when she told me how old she was. I couldn’t believe it. First of all, women who have breasts that big, are usually overweight. Ellen is thin and she dressed like she was in her forties and flaunting her body. She had a nice-looking ass and wasn’t ugly except for the glass she wore. They were “coke-bottle” eye glasses that didn’t fit her body. If I didn’t know she was close to seventy years old, I would say she looks no older than fifty.

I knew Ellen was having a very difficult time with the passing of her husband. My wife had told me she was in all kinds of counseling and crap. As I thought of this, it dawned on me that it might be Ellen who gave the tape and the idea of resolving issues through sex, to Helen. I made a mental note to ask her on the way home.

I met Helen in the food court and we had a small snack to tide us over until the dinner party. On the ride home, I asked her about the Ellen comment and told her it was too intriguing to wait until later this evening to hear. She tried to change the subject but I kept at it until she broke and started to tell me the story. “Well, you know Ellen lost Frank about a year and a half ago,”

I nodded.

“She had a very hard time with it as most women her age would after being married for forty years. Well, Beylikdüzü Üniversiteli Escort as you can see Ellen doesn’t look her age and she has never acted her age. She was rather… liberal with her sex life.” “What does that mean?”

“She liked her sex. She liked it a lot. Frank was the first man I ever heard of actually complaining about his wife always wanting sex. I guess it’s why she looked so young.”

“Did she cheat on him”?

“Oh no. She was loyal and she loved him a great deal. She just always wanted sex from him and as he got older he couldn’t keep up. So, when Frank passed, she lost that partner and didn’t know what to do. She lost the love of her life and her source of sex. You would think after a good amount of time, she would start to look for someone to be with.”

“Makes sense,” I said.

“Yes. Except for the fact that she is sixty-nine years old. She didn’t look it but she still was close to seventy and when she tried to date someone they were scared off by her age. There were plenty of men who were attracted to her. Heck…she is attractive for any woman let alone someone who is that age.”

“I’m sure there were men out there for her,” I said.

“Yes. But younger men who could keep up with her didn’t want anything to do with a woman who is sixty-nine and the older men who did, couldn’t keep up with her. So, things were pretty hard for her.”

I nodded as we got and left the mall. We headed back to the car. The air was starting to turn cold as we drove home. We continued our conversation about Ellen on the way home. Apparently, she had tried several blind dates but nothing worked out. I thought about asking Helen if she wanted to have Ellen join in on our getting to know each other but I wasn’t sure how she would take it. I know I would fuck the shit out of Ellen simply because her tits are so freaking huge.

We got home and she spent the next hour or so getting ready for the party. When she got out of the bathroom, I decided I would take a shower as well. I got out of the shower and opened the door to her bedroom. She was finishing up in the mirror and turned to look at me.

“What do you think”? she asked holding her arms out clearly referring to her dress. She looked nice. The dress was a grey and yellow striped dress that hugged her body but kept the shape looking pretty good. The dress v-necked at chest level and tightened around her breasts to make them look huge. It came down to just below the knees and she wore a pair of high heels. She looked pretty damn good. She certainly didn’t look sixty-five years old wearing this dress.

“I think you look good,” I answered. “I like the dress.” “You’re just being nice.”

“No. I’m not. I think you look pretty god right now,” I replied thinking I would never in my wildest dreams think I would be saying that about my mother-in-law let alone saying it to her.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Now, can I get dressed”?

“Sure. Can I watch”?

“Nope. I didn’t get to watch you so you can’t watch me.”

“That’s not fair, ” she laughed.

“Tough,” I said.

I finished getting ready and we left for the party. I drove and she provided directions for me. We pulled in and I suddenly realized, I didn’t really want to be here but it was too late to back out now. We walked into the house and we did the obligatory greetings and all of the other bullshit. Helen ushered Ellen out from the kitchen to say hello to me.

I was still taken a back by how she looked. Here she was. Almost seventy and she looked like she was a forty-five year old woman who I wanted to get into bed with. She looked more than good. I would say, she looked hot. I couldn’t believe guys would basically turn her down because she was older. I wouldn’t care what she looked like naked. It couldn’t be that bad seeing how she looked now.

She was wearing a pair of white leggings that clung to her legs. You couldn’t see her ass though. She had a blouse that stretched down below her waist held in place by a belt. . The blouse was loose everywhere except her chest. The material strained to get over those monsters, the buttons stretching almost to their limit.

“Kyle,” she said. “How are you doing”?

“I’m good. How are you”?

“I’m doing better. How is your weekend going,” she asked turning to Helen and smirking. Helen glanced at me and hurried into the other room.

“It’s pretty good so far,” I answered realizing she knew about the weekend. She had to be the one who gave Helen the tape. She had to be. I decided to play it up. “It’s actually going really well, I’d even go so far as saying it’s been eye opening.”

“I bet it is,” Ellen smiled.”Excuse me. I have to go see where Helen went,” she said walking into the kitchen.

I made my way around the house saying hello to everybody. Most of them I had no idea who they were and they had no idea who I was. Joyce and Marlene were very pleasant to me and it was going pretty good until I noticed Laney standing next to Helen. My mood suddenly dampened. Beylikdüzü Vip Escort

Laney Mayes was not related to my wife but she was referred to as “the other daughter”. She was a friend of Helen’s and a couple of years older than my wife. She became friendly with Helen through work and lived fairly close to them. She was simply a bitch. She was tall, a few inches shorter than me, with shoulder length blond hair. She wasn’t ugly. In fact, she was fairly good-looking and had a pretty big rack but what a bitch. Rachel and her never got along. Her husband was a midget. I don’t mean an actual midget but he was short and fat. Rachel’s sister, Lizzie, once told her Laney was jealous of her because I was tall. I don’t know if that was true or not but it did make sense.

“Hello Kyle. How are you”? Laney asked.

“I’m doing good,” I answered trying to keep the conversation at a minimum.

“How is Rachel”?

“She is good.”

“That’s good. Has she grown up yet?” she laughed. I wasn’t sure if she was referring to Rachel’s height or maturity level.

“Well, she is almost as grown up as you are and..”

“Okay,” Helen said. “Kyle, why don’t we go and get something to eat and drink in the kitchen.”

I nodded in agreement doing the best to keep my mouth shut as we went into the kitchen. I popped open a beer and got some food.

“How do you think Ellen looks,” she asked

“She looks okay to me,” I answered.

“I don’t know. She said she has to go home early. You think we could….”

“We could what?”

“I don’t know…nevermind,” she said walking back into the living room.

I just shrugged and figured I wouldn’t pry. The rest of the night passed quietly. The food was pretty good and I had a few beers before it was time to leave. Helen, who had put away a few glasses of wine, was eager to get home so we left pretty early in the evening. Ellen had left a while before we did.

On the way home, it began to snow. The forecast called for snow but not too bad. I grew up in a place where it snowed quite often. There was a smell to the air when a big snowstorm was coming and that smell was in the air tonight. I was pretty sure there was going to be good amount of snow on the ground come morning time.

The ride home was uneventful and we made it home pretty quick. I wasn’t quite at the point where I was buzzed or drunk but a few more beers might get me there. Helen did seem tipsy as we made our way into the house.

She went right to the fridge and poured some wine and handed me a beer. I suddenly got the feeling she was trying to get me drunk. I don’t know why but I was getting the feeling something was up but I decided to let it slide and see where the night led.

I glanced at the clock and it was just after 9. Helen and I sat on “the cave”. I had started a fire because it was getting cold and the snow was starting to pick up in frequency. The storm certainly wasn’t a brief one.

“Looks like it’s starting to accumulate out there,” I said.

“Great. We weren’t supposed to get a big storm,” Helen replied.

“Well, looks like they were wrong again,” I laughed as I sat down on the “cave”.

“So, you started to tell me earlier about how you got a glimpse of Ellen.”

“Oh yeah,” she laughed. “I forgot about that.”

“I didn’t,” I grinned.

“I’m sure you didn’t,” she sighed. Her face suddenly got red. “Well, remember when I said Carl couldn’t function properly?”

I nodded.

“The doctors tried to treat him with different pills but nothing worked. Ellen suggested we do something erotic to try and get him going. I tried wearing lingerie, role-playing, and even watching porn. Nothing worked. Well, I thought maybe it was me.”

“I doubt that,” I said.

“Maybe, but I had to find out. So I talked with Ellen about it and we came up with the idea of having Carl and her trying to have a….hook-up. Ellen was game for it.” “How about Carl”? I asked.

“He was hesitant at first but when I expressed to him it was genuine and that I had to know if it was me, he agreed.”

“You didn’t mind Carl being with another woman”?

“No. In fact….it was kind of ….. a turn-on.”

“So you set it up and…”

“Ellen and I set the night up. I was going to leave and go visit Lizzie. Carl went to Ellen’s. The night went smooth and Ellen and Carl tried to have an intimate night.”

“She told you about it”?

“Not exactly,” she answered. “I didn’t go to visit Lizzie. I stayed home.”

“Carl didn’t mind that?”

“He didn’t actually know. I stayed hidden at her house.”

“You didn’t trust them”?

“Not exactly. I….I…wanted to…watch”.

“Whoa….I didn’t see that coming,” I responded.

“I wanted to watch. I thought it would be…exciting.”

“How did it go”? I asked surprised and strangely turned on. “It was going good. Ellen has quite the body and those boobs are definitely real. But, Carl couldn’t….perform.”

“So it wasn’t you. I didn’t think it would be.”

“Why do you say that?” she said standing to stretch and then sitting down again.

“Because, you’re….appealing,” I said smiling as I stood and sat down next to her. I placed my hands on her shoulders and started to rub the muscles of her upper back. Her body relaxed, her head leaning back a little. My hands worked her shoulders, kneading the muscles and working the tension out.

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