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Mom’s Halloween Party

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The following is my entry for the 2020 Halloween Story Contest.


Julie was almost there. She started the masturbation session by thinking about her math teacher, but was struggling to finish and probing for a kink to think about. Maybe Mrs. Jameson was not just going down on Julie, letting her play with that head of magnificent red hair. Or maybe not Mrs. Jameson at all.

In her near-orgasm state she drifted to fantasizing about a different woman. Also older, mature, responsible, and maternal. Julie imagined coiffed brown hair between her pale thighs and an experienced tongue. She imagined watching the woman’s round butt wiggle from excitement.

That was it. She was there. In a moment her body thrashed while she moaned and called “Oh mom!”

After catching her breath, Julie thought in her post-orgasmic clarity. When she finished she was thinking about a woman like her mom: the hair, the butt, and the height. She was always attracted to women that are tall, curvy bordering on chubby, and maternal. If her mom has curly red hair instead of chestnut brown, she would be everything Julie wanted in a woman. Physically, at least.

Somehow, the idea of sexual attraction to her mother did not seem that strange to Julie. She recalled Freud said every little girl falls in love with their father. Perhaps she fell in love with her mother instead. Her parents divorced when she was young, and Julie rarely saw her mother until she was already a teenager. Freud would probably have something to say about that too.

Her mom posted a picture of herself in a bikini on Facebook a few days ago. Julie picked up her phone and scrolled through her mom’s pictures until she found it.

Julie thought about what her mother’s chubby thighs must feel like. Soft and smooth, she imagined, like her mother’s hands. Oh, those hands. To comfort Julie, her mother would stroke her back. Julie thought about how it would feel if her mother did that while she was going down on her mother. “My sweet angel” her mother would call Julie. Julie unconsciously slipped her fingers back into her pussy when she thought about having her mother call her ‘sweet angel’.

Julie locked her phone and set it aside so she could masturbate in earnest. In her fantasy, Julie was going down on her mother, searching for the right spot while looking into the older woman’s eyes. Her mother was stroking her head and cooing “that’s my girl”. Julie was already nearly there, her body filled with warmth and nervous energy.

The phrase “just like that, my sweet angel” came to Julie in her mother’s voice. That was enough for Julie to finish, her body lifting as every muscle in her contracted, then released with the waves of pleasure.

It took a minute for everything to pull back into focus after Julie opened her eyes. Her body limp, she looked over the clock. She had two hours until her appointment with the college’s financial aid department.

Julie had this weekend with her mom. Maybe, she thought in jest, she would make a move on her.


“Hey mom,” Julie said as she walked in the door.

The two hugged and Julie could not help but smell her mom’s hair which brought a tinge of excitement.

“Hello my sweet angel. Is everything on track for school?”

There was that phrase, bringing another twinge of excitement.

“Yep! Start next Monday, and I got all the financials worked out.”

“Of course, mom’s little accountant worried about paying for school. I’m so proud of you, you know.”

“Thanks mom.” Then, because she seemed upset about something “Is something wrong, you seem, distracted?”

“Oh, it’s Jim. Things are, well, we’re getting divorced.”

“Oh mom, again?”

Her mother seemed relieved, even chuckled at the tease.

Julie thought her stepfather Jim was an OK guy, but as they talked, Julie learned he had issues with her mom’s constant work travel. This was the same reason her mother and father divorced. And why she rarely saw her mother for most of her childhood.

Julie did her best to comfort her mother, mostly listening, but a thought crept into the back of her mind. An awful thought. A thought she hated. Her mother would be single soon.

They caught up, and by the time Julie went home her mother seemed to be in a better place emotionally.


“Come on man,” Kae told Julie “First Saturday at school! College is a chance for people to change! Meet new people, try new things, start new hobbies!”

“I know” Julie responded “I’m just not the kind of person to go drinking. Besides, I’m 18.”

“Fine!” Kae responded dramatically, flopping on Julie’s bed “We can get some boys and go to a park. We will have a nice, polite picnic like proper ladies and gentlemen”

Julie pushed Kae off her bed, and scoffed when Kae let herself fall into a pile on the floor of their dorm.

“Since we met last night, can you let me know if you are going to take every chance to make fun of me?”

“Until you give in” Kae answered as she rolled into a seated position. “What if illegal bahis we got some girls?”

“I would prefer girls, but no. I’m a homebody, and I actually like that about myself.”

Kae examined Julie.

“You have a crush on someone.” Kae flatly declared.

“What?” Julie flushed “what makes you say that?”

“Woman’s intuition.” Kae kept talking as Julie protested “I’ve got a lot of experience with all things related to love and dating. Do you know the secret to my success?”

“Your winning personality and respect for other people’s interests?”

“Hell no, boy’s are stupid. I go for what I want. That’s the secret. I want it, I go get it.”

“At some point, we’re going to have to have a conversation about the difference between boys and girls. But I’m still not interested in going day drinking with you.”

“Fine, I’ll drop it. But I do think you should look into getting a new hobby and making friends. Be a more complete, rounded person and all. Besides, it’ll be good to have something to think about other than school.”

Julie helped Kae to her feet.

“Have any suggestions?”

“I decided I’m going to start working out before class. You could join me?”

“Is that a dig?”

“No. There’s been studies. Exercise helps learning.”

Somehow, Kae managed to bully Julie to joining her in working out five days a week. Julie was not a fan of tracking her weight with her lifts, but ended up agreeing. Even at 5’10”, realizing she weighed 200lbs was a bit of a blow to Julie. Kae insisting “we’re in this together” helped Julie feel better though.

Having a hobby did speak to Julie. She kept trying to think of a hobby she could pick up, but instead she kept thinking about her mom. The irrational idea kept coming to her that whatever hobby she picked would useful in seducing her mom. If she became a great juggler or guitar player, her mom would be so impressed her panties would fall right off.

“Maybe,” she thought to herself “what I want is just an older woman who can care for me.”

That thought led to her googling hobbies for older women, thinking she would find something she could do with a motherly girlfriend.

One of the first results was a makeup tutorial for older women. Julie rarely wore makeup and watched the video in awe as the woman in the video worked. The vlogger was a good looking woman in her early fifties, but by the time she finished, she looked thirty. It was amazing, and like that, Julie knew what she was going to do.

Julie was going to spend her college years learning to change her appearance, convince her mother to go to a bar, “meet” her in disguise, and have sex with her.

“Or,” she told herself “more likely, I’ll just have a new hobby.”


“Hey mom” Julie said, picking up the phone.

Julie’s plan was going good so far. With Thanksgiving on the way, she had lost 20lbs and was almost in a ‘healthy’ BMI range for her height. And, while she kept it simple during the week, she was getting quiet good at applying makeup.

“Hello my sweet angel,” Her mom’s cheery voice came. “I wanted to see if you were planning on coming home for dinner next Thursday.”

Julie panicked. She had thought irrationally that she could go four years without seeing her mother and use the dramatic change of her body to help her trick her mom.

“Uh, maybe?” Julie managed.

“Planning on spending time with your father?”

“Not sure. I really haven’t thought about it. I might not even leave. I uh, thought about using the break to get ahead on homework.”

“Oh, of course! My angel being responsible. I understand.”

“But I will try to come by. Oh, and I can come over on Christmas!”

“I would love that. How are your classes going?”

“Mom, I’m an accounting major. My classes aren’t very exciting.”

“True.” Her mom laughed “I imagine if accounting is exciting, something pretty bad must have happened.”

“Yep, we try to avoid excitement in this field. It’s why the walls of my dorm are taupe.”

“They are?”

“Or buff. Some ugly shade of light, yellow-brown”

“You know this is what I was hoping for. Something to distract me from, well. Just a distraction.”

Julie smiled.

“Did you know that accounting is a cycle?”

“Really? That is fascinating. Please, go on”

Julie giggled and told her mom all about college, but managed to avoid any mention of exercise or makeup.


By the time of Christmas, Julie figured she could hide her physique with big sweaters. She thought about getting one that said “Let’s get Elfed Up”, but ended up buying one with cats with laser eyes destroying Christmas presents. It was more her style anyways.

“Oh goodness” her mother said as soon as Julie walked inside “What are you wearing?”

“I like it. It’s better than yours.”

Her mother’s ugly Christmas sweater was more traditional, with red trees, elves, and reindeer against a gold and green background.

“Of course, but how did you even casino siteleri find it?”


Her mother gave a sassy look while walking inside.

“The family tradition continues” Julie mused as her mother handed her her Christmas present.

For as long as Julie could remember, the family had only given books as presents at birthdays and Christmas, and always wrapped in the newspaper’s comics sections. Kae gave Julie a few looks, but did not ask questions when she wrapped her mother’s present.

Julie carefully unwrapped the book and squeed when she saw it was a copy of The World Spider, the newest by her favorite author Emil Atkins.

Julie thanked her mother, then pulled her into a warm embrace and had to fight the urge to do anything more.

“I’ve never heard of it.” Her mother said as she looked at her new the copy of Neighbors of the Mountain.

“It seemed like something you might enjoy, even if it isn’t sci fi.”

“… huh” Her mother mused after reading the description on the back of the book

“Need to get out of your comfort zone mom.” Julie said of the historic lesbian romance novel as she reverently placed her book onto the coffee table.

Julie walked into the kitchen and started working on the sides. By the time Julie was taking the potatoes off the stove her mother walked in. She placed her present on the counter and pulled the turkey out of the stove.

“Liking the book so far.” Her mother announced.

“What? How far in are you already?”

“First chapter. The ladies have shared a kiss.”

“Ooh, getting hot.”

Her mother gently shoved Julie.

Over dinner they caught up and watched Scrooged. Julie’s mother understood when she insisted on leaving early to get ahead on classes.

Kae was right that Julie needed to be more assertive in going for what she wanted, and watching Bill Murray chewing the scenery gave Julie an idea.

At the dorm, Julie looked over the course offering for the next semester. She was delighted to see she was able to take an acting class. And that would open her up to a class on movement for actors, voice acting, and improv. And she could retake improv as much as she wanted.


Julie had one foot on the wall with her other leg crossed over it, her head hanging over the bed. She was admiring the way her thigh muscles flexed as she kicked her leg and talked to her mom.

“Mom, it’s been almost three years.” She reassured “I’m sure it’s perfectly normal to feel stressed out and alone. But I’m here for you. Well, not there here, but I am here here for you. And in another year, and I can be there here for you too.”

“I know my sweet angel.” Her mom replied. “But can we have a quick aside to talk about how glad I am that you aren’t a communications major?”

“Why not? I think I communicate kick ass.”

Her mother and Kae burst into laughter.

“You know what?” Julie demanded before making a series of grunts as she rolled onto her back at the head of her bed. She could almost hear her mother’s judgmental look “You know what? You should go out. Seriously. Have a spa day. Mani, pedi, massage, mud bath, whole nine. Then, get a nice dress, grab one of your girlfriends, and go to a bar.”

“Ha!” Her mother announced into the phone. “Me, going to a bar, what a clever joke. Like anyone is going to try picking up the recently twice divorced forty five year old woman.”

“Don’t underestimate yourself mom. MILF’s are very in this year. Extremely fashionable.”

“God, where do you come up with the things you say?”

“I don’t even know.”

They talked more, Julie gently pushing her mother in the direction of taking a spa day to relax, and possibly going to a bar.

Of course, Julie knew, her mother needed time to herself where she was not at work or dealing with her divorce. A spa day was in order for her mother now if it was ever in order. With the divorce finalized, there was no way to argue ‘she was still married and getting some strange was unethical’.

Julie could not convince her mother, but after a few weeks of suggestions, something seemed to sink in.

“Yep,” Her mother said “Halloween party at my place. It’s a Saturday this year, so.”

Julie grabbed her keys and walked out of the dorm. A plan developed in her mind, and she did not want Kae hearing it.

“The Saturday of Halloween?” Julie clarified, her heart racing.

“Yep. Starting at 6, going to whenever, but probably about midnight.”

“Who all is going?”

“Folks from work and some plus ones. A few of the girls said they’re going to bring guys to introduce to me.”

“There’s a gangbang joke in there, I know it.”

“Of course that’s where your mind goes.”

“Of course. What you going to go as?”

Julie smiled for the rest of the conversation, her new plan coming into focus. A year earlier than she intended, but this gave her a perfect opportunity.


“Thoughts?” Julie asked as she blinked at the colored contacts.

Kae poker siteleri looked over from her bed. After half an hour Julie lightened her skin with foundation, used blush to make her cheekbones more prominent, filled in her eyebrows, and made her round eyes look more almond shape with eyeshadow and a wing of eyeliner.

“The beauty mark is a nice touch. Still don’t get why you do that and then, you know, never go to a club”

“It’s just a hobby.”

“If you say so. But some of the girls are going to Flux for Halloween. DJ Poison is MC’ing.”

“Sorry, plans”

“You have plans on Halloween?” Kae spun around on her bed so she was pointing towards Julie “What’s her name?”


“Isn’t that your mom’s name?”

“It is my mom. She’s having a Halloween party, so I’m going to spend the night.”

“God, you live like a monk” Kae groaned while she returned to laying along the head of bed. “Didn’t you spend spring break at that bookstore? What’s it called, the Rose Bookworm?”

“Lavender Bookworm, yes. And excuse me for caring about my grades!” Julie slapped her knees in smirking mock anger.

Kae peaked over from her book as Julie pulled on her monk strap dress boots that rounded out her black slacks and dressy red sweater.

“Going out?”

“Yep.” Julie walked to stand over Kae, hands on hips, and bent over “I’m going to a bookstore to study! Then, I’m going to my mom’s Halloween party!”

“So lame!” Kae groaned and reached to push Julie away, careful to not get her hand anywhere near Julie’s face, and kicked on the bed.

“Yeah well, which one of us passed Principles of Auditing first try and which is working on their third?”

“OK, first of all, rude! Rude A-F! Second, I’m only on my second try.”

“Second of three tries”

Kae reached up to smack Julie, but Julie had already retreated back down their beds to her desk and sat giggling.

“A shame to all accountants!” Julie announced while Kae threatened to throw a pillow.

“I will ruin your makeup!” Kae menaced before digging through her end table and pulling out a makeup remover pad.

“OK” Julie mocked while she walked to the door. “I’ll see you Sunday.”

Julie picked up the specially packed bag and walked out of the dorm, answering a timely call from her mother.

“Hey mom, I was heading out to study with Kae.”

The conversation was short, only while Julie walked out of the dorm building. Julie apologized for not being able to go to the Halloween party her mom was hosting. She had a big project due on Monday, afterall.

She got an Uber to a motel where she washed off the makeup. Early the next morning she walked to the nearby salon, where she had an appointment.

“I’m going as a witch to a Halloween party” Julie explained as she walked with the beautician. “I’m planning on putting on a lot of green makeup, and I was thinking to complete the look I could go silver, and maybe do something like a braided faux hawk.”

Julie showed the beautician what she was thinking on her phone.

“Oh, this is going to be fun” the woman replied with a smile.

The whole process took longer than Julie expected, but she was quiet happy with the results.

Since she did actually have a project due, she spent the next few hours studying until it was time to get ready. She got into her dark green stockings and long black dress with the slit halfway up her thigh. She applied foundation, a thick layer of green makeup, and a setter. Then, like the day before, she made her thin eyebrows thick, changed the shape of her cheeks with blush, and used eyeliner and shadow to change the shape of her eyes. She finished the look with silver lipstick.

She called for an Uber and put in her contacts that changed her eyes from sharp blue to an ocean green.

Putting on her black dancing shoes she walked out to the Uber.

She arrived fashionably late. She felt her heart pounding, but walked with a new swagger and swing in her hips that helped her feel confident.

“If she recognizes me, I’ll play it off like a joke.” She reminded herself as she gripped the handle.


“Good evening party goers!” Julie announced in her fake voice as she threw open the door and strutted in as dramatically as she could. “I am the naughty witch Lucinda Black, and I hope you are all ready to be under my spell!”

Her finishing laugh was well practiced, one she hoped would be sexy and mischievous.

Lucinda commanded everyone’s attention while she stalked the room with the character’s dramatic flair. Ellen was sitting on a couch dressed as a zombie cheerleader for the ‘Bob Cats’. Nearly see-through pantyhose with bones on them and a red makeup bite mark on her neck were the only things that said ‘zombie’.

“Oh,” Lucinda cooed “I believe I have found the first I shall have to, enchant.”

Lucinda sat down next to Ellen wrapping and arm around her, then pointedly crossed one leg over the other to expose as much thigh as possible.

“I’m Ellen” her mother flushed.

This was the perfect response to Julie. They were right next to each other, her mother heard her speaking, and her mother did not seem to recognize her. The weight loss, the green and face transformation makeup, colored contacts, and fake voice, it worked.

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