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Dan and Me Pt. 22

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Dan had asked me to be his plus one at an event for his office, and said he’d come and pick me up. He showed up just after I’d got out of the shower, so we went to the bedroom and chose my outfit for the night.

We picked out a red button up dress, red stockings, red garter belt and red heels. I put my hair up and did all the make-up. Dan was happy to see me taking it seriously, and I’d promised to be good and not embarrass him.

I’d never met any of the people he works with, so I played the doting friend, and stuck with him. I did have several guys suggest I could do better than Dan, that is, them, but I just laughed them off as if it was a joke.

We got to do some dancing, which I always enjoy – Dan’s not a great fan of dancing, but he does well enough. I got to dance some of the slower numbers in a way that would leave tongues wagging when we weren’t there. Whenever we sat down for a bit, guys would come up and ask me to dance, but I was there with Dan, so I turned them all down.

At the end of the evening, Dan said we could go and do anything I wanted, as I’d made him look good. I wanted to find somewhere to go and play pool.

“Dressed like ümraniye escort this?” he said, gesturing at our overdressedness.

I loosened his tie and undid the top button.

“Sure,” I said.

He drove us to a bar that had a back room with a couple of pool tables, and headed in there.

Dan’s not a great pool player, but I didn’t have any trouble getting a game. I ended up joining the “play the winner” thing on one of the tables. I was enjoying teasing Dan by bending over to take shots, but I noticed some of the other patrons paying attention, too.

I had one of those shots where I needed to put my knee on the table and lean right over to line the shot up, and I couldn’t get my knee up in my dress, so I undid a couple of the buttons at the bottom. I felt the cool air as I was flashing stocking tops and maybe even a bit of the skin above. I left those buttons undone, and I was pretty sure you could sometimes see my stocking tops when I bent over.

When I’d lost and had to sit out a game with Dan, he undid a button at the top too, and when I went back to play, you could just see my cleavage when I was bending over for a shot.

For pendik escort the next game, I undid another button at the bottom and the top before starting out, and I could feel a lot more cool air on me. When I next did the knee on the table shot, I felt like you could see my pussy, and a couple of the guys who weren’t playing any longer started following me around, leering whenever I bent over.

Before the next shot, I managed to undo another button at the top, and when bending over, my tits almost fell out. I pretended to be embarrassed, and said I should do up all the buttons, but the guys all said it was just fine. One guy suggested I undo a button if I missed the shot, so I smiled sweetly at him, then put the ball in the pocket.

I missed the next shot, and pretended to be all nervous as I undid the next button. The next time I got up, every time I bent to take a shot, it was like my tits were going to fall out. When I missed my next shot, I undid another button before sitting down.

The next time I got up and bent over to take a shot, my tits did fall out, and everybody seemed interested as I tucked them back in my dress. They fell out bostancı escort again for the next shot, but I’d missed, so I tucked them away and undid another button before sitting down.

When I got up again, Dan said that the dress was doing more harm than good at the moment, and he suggested I just take it off. The guys all agreed, so I took it off and handed it to him, then finished the game in just my stockings, garter belt and heels.

The guys were starting to get handsy now, touching me when I passed them or went to take a shot. I was really turned on, but after that game, went to Dan and said I was ready to leave. A couple of the guys tried to convince us, well, me, to stay, but Dan gave me my dress and I put it on and did up a couple of buttons so we could go.

As we left the pool room, I told Dan I’d enjoyed it but I didn’t want to end up being gang raped on a pool table, so I’d rather leave and get fucked by him in the van.

When we got to the van, Dan opened the side door. I undid the buttons on my dress and took it off, giving it to Dan before getting in. I’m pretty sure the couple of people in the parking lot saw me. Dan got in and closed the door, locking it.

“We should get an ‘if the van’s rocking don’t bother knocking’ sticker,” he said, grinning, as I undid his belt. I pulled his pants down enough to straddle him, and we fucked in the back of his van before he drove me home.

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