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The Diary of Jewel Delacroix Ch. 05

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The following contains themes of forced feminization, reluctance, non-consent, and other adult topics, so before we begin here are the usual disclaimers. This is porn. You must be over 18 to read this. If not, go away and come back when you are old enough. If you are old enough and this style of erotica isn’t to your liking, then go find some erotica that is. You’re an adult, life is short, find porn you like and read that instead. But if this is a style you enjoy, then feel free to comment and provide constructive criticism and feedback. I need to grow as an author and honest constructive criticism is always welcome.


The private investigator didn’t have to break into the therapist’s office. It was easier to pose as a prospective client. After a causing a brief distraction to get the receptionist away from her desk he was able to read the schedule on the receptionist’s computer screen.

Sliding a flash drive into the port an automatic app quickly and quietly downloaded the sought after files. His client would be pleased and more importantly, the 2nd half of the payment would be his.


5 years earlier

Leanne’s meeting with the Count had gone well. She now had an excellent idea of what he wanted and thankfully it wasn’t much. Yes Jules would have to conform to female standards of dress and behavior, but his greatest concern was her behavior. Count Delacroix was obsessed with his public image.

Jules was to be docile and subservient in public, and obedient in private. Leanne knew her methods would achieve these goals, but the time allotted was tight. Less than 3 months until the marriage and her debut.

Leanne glanced at the notarized forms and paperwork she was to file with the royal and civil courts. She was extremely happy with the selection of his new name, Jules Verne Macleod was to become Jewel Veronica Delacroix.

She also carried three unsigned contracts and if this next meeting went well she would have the team she needed to accomplish her goals.


“Gentleman and Ladies, thank you for coming, and while I have worked with each of you individually before, this is the first time I am asking all of you for your assistance.”

Leanne looked around the table and smiled warmly at her team. She didn’t know if the unusual circumstances would alter their willingness to help her or not.

“Always a pleasure Leanne,” The therapist spoke first. “I believe we all know why we are here.”

“Ya right,” the pharmacist interrupted. “Ya gots yerself a bride whose about to get married and don’t know it yet dontcha?”

Leanne nodded and smiled warmly, “It seems my reputation precedes itself.”

“Yes, I do have an arranged marriage to plan and I have three months to do it. And this marriage poses unique altyazılı porno difficulties. Difficulties I believe that we can overcome.”

“Who are the bride and groom?” The Personal Trainer asked politely.

“All will be revealed, just as soon as you three sign these non-disclosure agreements.”

“Oi. I wondered when yeed git to that.” The pharmacist reached for his copy and after skimming over the document signed at the bottom.

Leanne waited as the Therapist and Personal Trainer took their time to read more carefully before signing.

“I have here a contact for each of you. Each of you will provide your special talents to assist me as we prepare or young bride for marriage. To be elevated from commoner into nobility no less. The challenges are laid out for you in this contract. Please read it thoroughly and I hope you will accept.”

Leanne sat back and waited while the three read through their copies. It was easy to spot when each of them reached the most unusual and astonishing paragraph.

“Excuse me? Leanne, It says here the bride is named Jules Verne, unless I am mistaken that’s a boy’s name.” The personal trainer looked to Leanne.

“Yer not mistaken love, I read what it said to…are you joking. Try to pull a fast one on ole me?”

“No, this is no prank and the contract is real. I have been asked to facilitate an arranged marriage and it just so happens that it will be an arranged marriage between these two men.” Leanne spoke with clarity.

“Same sex marriage has been legal for some time. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that now there will be a same sex arranged marriage. A ‘Male-Bride’ if you will.”

“I seek assistance from each of you to ensure that the wedding and the marriage will succeed and I believe it will take a coordinated effort from all of us to bring this to fruition.”

Leanne looked around a coffee table at the personal trainer, the pharmacist and the therapist, each in turn. Leanne had chosen them each for their abilities, connections, and their willingness to try new and unusual tactics.

“Each of you has something to bring to the success of our endeavor. As therapist your hypnotic conditioning therapy has been revolutionary, groundbreaking really. As a neuro-biologist your work has done the same.”

“Oi, I’m just a pharmacist now.”

“Yes, you are. But your work was also unparalleled.” Before you got lazy with the human trials on your drug experiments and they placed limitations on your medical license, Leanne thought ruefully. “And here you are today, still working to make a difference.”

“And me?” the personal trainer asked.

“While I can and will see to our clients physical and emotional transformation into the young bride he is destined to become I will still zenci porno need you to assist with the physical conditioning of his transformation. I know you have also worked with and have transgender clients. You will help transform his body to become that which our client seeks.”

“Sounds crazy. Why should we help you?” The pharmacist asked.

“I believe the answer to that question is on the last paragraph of your contract.” Leanne countered.

Leanne watched as each of them turned to the last page of the contract. I was nice to see their eyes widen with surprise at the remuneration clause. In addition to a large cash sum and a monthly salary, a large bonus had been added for the successful accomplishment of their endeavor.

Leanne knew that in addition to her role as governess and stylist, she would further oversee Jules behavioral conditioning and this would be a difficult task. Corporal punishment had been approved by her client as codified in law and in custom. Her knowledge and use of negative and positive reinforcement techniques would be applied. But she didn’t want to hedge her bets. Leanne wanted to guarantee success and she wanted each of these three to help her.

“So…what do you say? Are you up to a challenge?”

Leanne was pleased as each of the three signed their contracts.

“Thank you so much for your willingness to assist our client. She will never be able to thank you herself, so I will thank you for her.”

“Let us begin, so we are all aware of what each of us is expected to contribute.” Leanne indicated the therapist first “And in layman’s terms please, not all of us are or were doctors.”

“Well, in addition to convincing our…ummm…bride, that he has a safe space to talk and someone to trust I can use some new revolutionary techniques in hypnotherapy I have developed. As you all may be aware hypnosis can’t make you do things you don’t want to do, but sustained therapy over time can convince you of those things that you want to do. One can be cajoled into accepting difficulties as a lesser of two evils, so to speak.”

“I also noticed there is an ‘escape clause’ for a potential runaway bride in the contract. I can hypnotically induce Tells, like gamblers have. For example, if our um, bride is thinking about escaping he will bite his lip as if deep in thought. And if he starts to nervously tap his toe it will be a tell that warms us he is about to execute an escape plan, such as running away. He will not be aware he is doing either of these.”

“In addition to our scheduled sessions, I can make some subliminal messaging that will supplement his therapy. His pillow will have micro-speakers playing repetitive messages just at the threshold of hearing. These repetitious messages aldatma porno will be used to reinforce the hypnotically induced training he received earlier all while he sleeps.”

“And finally I can invoke a command clause, such as ‘behave’ that would immediately place him in a semi hypnotic and calm state if he were to become upset. However that would have to be used sparingly as they break down after repeated use and can then be ignored.”

“Excellent,” Leanne praised “However, please be advised that until the wedding we are to refer to him as ‘him’, but after the wedding he will be referred to as ‘her’; courtesy and respect demands that we must mind our pronouns.”

The pharmacist spoke up next.

“I will craft a specific mix of mood altering and behavior altering drugs that can place her in a dream like state of mind. Basically she will become suggestible to commands from those around her and quiet docile and obedient. This should increase the efficacy of the hypnotic suggestions our therapist will implant.”

“I will need access to her medical files and I may need you to have some tests performed, blood tests and such, I’ll give you a list, so the medication can be tailored to her specifically. Hey, I can also prescribe low doses of hormones to assist her physical transformation if yer interested.”

Leanne nodded along with his statement. She knew of his experience as a state employee at the mental hospital and royal correctional system who ‘moonlights’ to supplement his income. A specific cocktail tailored to their client that could do all he promised would be invaluable.

“Are there any side-effects?” The personal trainer asked.

“Nah Love, not from my potions!” the pharmacist leered and waived dismissively.

“Well then, I can easily oversee his physical conditioning. I see from this brief sheet Leanne provided that he is already a swimmer. The ‘American football’ experience is useless but using swimming and yoga I will help shape his form into a more feminine version. And yes, if you can prescribe low doses of hormones that would assist in the physical transformation.”

“And honestly, aside from no breast there isn’t that much work to do here. His waist to hip ratio is already close to ideal and the exercises I have in mind could likely get him to the ratio ideal for a young woman all on their own, without hormones. Using hormones though would have other benefits such as more luxurious, stronger hair and clearer skin tone and a softening of the features so…yes, let’s do it.”

“This meeting has gone better than I could have hoped” Leanne praised again. “I shall file these papers with the royal court and have copies couriered to each of you by the end of the day. I want each of you to be ready to start tomorrow.”

Leanne produced a bottle of champagne from a tray with several champagne flutes. “In that case I believe a toast is in order.”

“To ourselves and our male-bride; may our enterprise be groundbreaking and successful, and may she have a long and happy marriage!”

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