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Cum Slut Charley

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Searching for the CD in my car my mind goes back to thirty minutes before. He couldn’t even remember my name. I grip the steering wheel hard at the thought. I wasn’t naïve or stupid, but I had wanted it. I had wanted him to use me and he had done just that. The lights blind me on the highway. It is so late. One drink had brought me to my knees before him. He knew every inch of my body before the night was over. It hadn’t been my worst experience, but he had come before me. So now the throbbing between my legs was becoming even more prominent. The skirt is just short enough for me to reach down and fix the problem.

I think about my ex and how he would touch me. I think about how he use to command what he wanted and how I never thought to say no. I’m dripping through my white panties now. I touch my neck where he would bite me and the bruises would remain for days. Biting my lip I can feel myself getting closer and closer. A car passes and I quickly reach for the wheel again.

I’m sweating and rubbing myself against the seat. Two fingers escape to soft wetness. I almost close my eyes. I’m soooo close.

Then I hear it. The blaring siren screams deafening my ear. Lights flash behind me. Damn. Pulling over I adjust myself and reach for my license.

“License and registration miss,” a tall white officer asks. Cornfield blue eyes stand out from the black uniform and deep auburn hair. I’ve always had trouble with white cops.

I pass him the paper. His eyes eagle my trembling wet fingers. He takes the information and quickly makes his way back to an unmarked car. I wipe the fingers on my skirt before placing both hands back on the wheel. A glance in the mirror reveals dishevelment. I look like I’ve just had sex with lipstick just above the lip and eyeliner smeared under my brown eyes.

“Step out of the car,” he says holding the door open.

“Yes officer?” I’m not sure what could be wrong. I paid the tickets and already figured out the nasty stuff with the warrant.

“You’re a bad girl aren’t you?” His tone changes suddenly.

“Excuse me?” I place my hand on the door. A million things are running through my mind.

“I asked you if you were a naughty bad girl,” He is standing Kurtköy Anal Escort right in front of me now with his hands on the door holding it closer, “the correct answer is either yes or no.”

“No?” my voice is shaky now.

“Are you sure?” He looks at me with those pure blue eyes. I close my legs tight.

“Are you going to rape me or something?”

“No, “he says smiling, “you are going to come willingly.”

I wasn’t sure what was going on but this was dangerous. We are standing on the dark highway and not many cars pass by.

“What are you doing?” I ask as he pulls duct tape from his pocket.

“If you haven’t figured out yet,” he says yanking at the tape, “I’m not a cop. But, it Is not what I’m going to do but what you’re going to do.”

He hands me the tape.

“Now would you like some help with this? Or can you manage?”

My jaw drops.

“You’re wet right now aren’t you?” He says standing defiant with the tape dripping of his thick fingers.

I take it and place it around my wrists.

“I asked you a question, didn’t I?” He pulls the tape around both wrists, “I expect you to answer it. You’re wet right now aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I stammer.

“Good,” he says leading me back to the car.

At his car the fact that he is not a cop becomes even more evident. The inside of the car is black leather and the windows are tinted including the front windshield. He helps me into the backseat. An open bag sits on the floor. Two vibrators sit on top of a pile of rope.

“I don’t think I want to do this,” I start but he quickly gives me a look that quickly shuts me up.

“I gave you a choice. The tape was a choice. You choose to come, and now you are mine.”

The car starts and we are off.

“What are you going to do with me?” I say staring at the back of his head as he meanders down the highway.

“Don’t worry so much. I’m going to do everything you want me to do to you. I’m going to play out all your sick fantasies. You will never play with yourself after a man hasn’t satisfied you again. You will be satisfied mind body and soul.”

“Where are we going?” I see exits swirl by. I have nothing on me right Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort now. He could kill me and no one would know the wiser.

The thought of him having complete control over me has me wetter than I can ever remember. He could kill me if he wanted. Wetness sops down my leg.

“I can smell you getting sticky and wet back there. You need not cum just yet sweetheart. You look like the type that turns over and goes to sleep after coming. You can sleep when I’m thru tonight gal!”

I’m silent. He keeps going in and out of tones. The sweetness in his voice is only a break from the terror. He takes the next exit.

“I’m about to take you inside a room here. I want you to do everything I instruct. I want to break you of all your nasty habits and you want me to do that don’t you? You are insatiable slut. I’m going to satisfy you!”

“You’re going to fuck me aren’t you? I’ve been fucked before. I’ve even had a threesome before.”

“Yes I know you have. I know you’ve done a lot. You shouldn’t brag that you’re a slut or you will be treated like one!”

“I’m not a slut,” I whisper under my breath but my slick cunt knows different.

We stop at a quiet hotel room. There are only two cars parked in the twenty-car lot. The room key is already in his hand before he helps me out of the car. The key hits the door and suddenly we are inside. Click.

The lights come on a thicker white male sits in the corner. His brown eyes search my body. I know how I must look with my thick legs erect under a tiny black skirt. My round ass and tummy poke beneath ample breasts. Make up is smeared over my face. My nappy hair rises and falls as I am told to sit in one of the chairs at the table. I cross my legs and he notices.

“Who the fuck is he,” I ask only to be answered by a slap across the face.

“First rule is only to speak when spoken to.” He pulls the tape out again. My lip begins to tremble.

“So, before I was rudely interrupted. This is my friend. He just got out of jail. We go way back. I told him that I would find a slut for him to fuck until he passed out tonight. You’re a slut aren’t you?”

I just look at him.

“I asked you a question. Kurtköy Zenci Escort Do you want to be punished for not answering?”

I shake my head no.

“No? You’re not a slut? You want to go home?”

I shake my head no again.

“Are you a slut Charley?”

“Yes, “I mumble. Confusion is playing with my mind, “yes I’m a slut.”

“You are an insatiable fuck toy!”

“Yes,” I mumble again. His friend rises and comes over to me.

“She is a beautiful black slut. She is what I dreamed about in prison.” He spreads my legs wide open.

“You know the rules Greg,” the fake cop says looking at him, “no permanent marks and no creampies.”

“I know boss!” He says thrusting a finger into my throbbing wet pussy.

The fake cop walks over to the other side of the room and lights a cigarette. His phone jolts to life at his side. I can barely breathe at the thrusting Greg is giving me.

“Come on over,” I hear the cop say into the phone. I tremble. Greg responds by thrusting his tongue inside me.

“Don’t cum either!” The cop says to me.

Greg pulls a knife from his pocket and places it on the table. I eye the knife as he slides my panties down and over my heels. Then my skirt comes off. The knife removes my shirt and bra. I sit naked before this man I barely know. He starts to palm my breasts as he licks and suckles my nipple. Then he stands leading me to the bed. Spreading my legs he begins to lick my pussy. I can barely hold on I am so horny. The words don’t cum resound in my head. I hold it as he comes up to my mouth dribbling cum onto my lips. Then he licks it off again.

Without hesitation he thrusts into me. I almost cum at that moment. My head back he pushes into me. His cock is thick. I can barely stand the sensation hitting my g-spot. He moves up ward holding my legs out in a split. In and out he goes in rhythmic fashion. Over and over he thrusts into me. I can feel the head getting bigger. The cop stands up and walks over to us. He pinches my nipple.

“Don’t cum inside her!”

“I know boss,” he says continuing to thrust. His reminder reminds me not to cum as well. Pulling out he squirts a stream of hot cum over my belly and onto my breasts. Then unexpectedly he takes a finger streams it through the cum and feeds it to me.

“You nasty slut!” The cop says.

He hands me a towel. Go and take a shower. I want some pussy now. I can see a buldge growing in his pants. It is massive. I take the towel and run into the shower.

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