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Penny’s Panties Ch. 01

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The divorce between me and my wife was perceived by everyone else as being “Friendly”. The truth is, over the years, we became distant and disinterested with each other. Sexually, we turned a blind eye to each other’s needs, and eventually, to each other’s actions. Ironically, it was my admitted panty fetish that highlighted the fact that the end was near for us. I found fresh semen in her panties one evening; something I still don’t understand since she knew it was a common practice for me to take her panties from the hamper and enjoy them.

I was even more surprised when she didn’t deny she’d been with another man. She didn’t even make an effort to rinse out her panties or hide them from me. Instead, they were laid out perfectly flat in the hamper, just as if she’d proudly arranged them with the express purpose of me discovering her infidelity. So, after three years of this, and once our daughter, Penny, graduated from high school and went off to college, we found ourselves alone in the house and barely able to speak to one another.

I came home from work one day to find my wife waiting for me in the kitchen with a glass of wine in one hand and divorce papers in the other hand. We talked for a few minutes and then she left, walking out the door and pulling her suitcase behind her. The next week, we met at Starbuck’s for an hour to make some agreements. For example, I agreed I’d never tell our daughter about her indiscretions, and in return, she agreed she’d keep my panty fetish to herself. We promised each other we wouldn’t bad talk the other in front of Penny, and, we agreed to let the past go and move on.

Six months later, we had sold the house, split up everything and it was over. I can’t say I was upset. It seemed an inevitable and predictable conclusion to a once happy marriage.

However, Penny, our nineteen year old daughter and sunshine of my life, was devastated.

I spent hours trying to convince Penny her mother and I had simply grown apart and our marriage was no longer a healthy thing for either of us. And, after speaking to her mother, hearing the same story and realizing our break up wasn’t an angry or bitter affair, Penny finally accepted the fact that her parents had split up.

The bright side to all of this is that Penny and I ended up spending a lot of time together – just like we used to when she was growing up. And, when I was offered a promotion and a transfer to our Los Angeles office, Penny jumped at the chance to move out there with me. In a matter of a few days, she located a college that would accept her as a transfer student with no interruption to her studies. Believe it or not, her mother was all for it, and in the matter of a few weeks, Penny and I found ourselves moving into a renovated condo close to where I would be working, and equally close to her school.

Just after the movers left that first day, I walked into Penny’s room to suggest we start organizing the kitchen before we started unpacking the boxes in our bedrooms. As I turned and stood in the doorway of her room, I was stunned to see my daughter standing with her back to me in just her panties, pulling a white t-shirt over her head and then pulling it down to her waist. She turned just as she pulled the shirt down to see me standing there, gawking at her, and she explained.

“It’s too hot, Daddy.” Penny said with a frustrated look on her face. “The movers are gone now….. I just had to change into something cooler.”

I couldn’t stop my eyes from looking at my precious daughter’s petite body. I don’t know if it was pride, curiosity or lust – but, I stood there for several seconds just looking at her. The t-shirt was thin and tight, and I could see the slight well of her small breasts underneath it. Her little nipples poked out notably, and even though I knew this was my own daughter I was looking at, I was frozen in place unable to move.

“Its okay, isn’t it?” Penny asked. “I mean…. we’re going to be living together now and, after all, you are my father.”

“Sure, Sweetheart.” I said, finally looking up at her face. Then cracking a joke, I added, “As far as I’m concerned you can go buck naked as long as it’s just the two of us here.”

Penny smiled up at me as she pulled her hair back into a pony tail and tied it in place. As she did this, the t-shirt she wore crept up and I got a full, straight-on look at her white, bikini panties pulled tightly over her mound. Although they obviously weren’t intended to be sexy panties, they fit her low on her hips and I knew that right under that seemingly benign material was my baby girl’s most private place; her vagina.

I could see a good amount of bare skin between her waistband and the hem of her shirt. Her belly looked tight and trim, and for just a second, I wondered if she was bare down there….. if she shaved herself, or, did she have a fluffy tuff of blonde pubic hair between her legs.

Putting her hands on her waist, Penny asked me where we should begin unloading boxes. Shaking myself kartal escort back to reality and trying to act as nonchalant as I could, I suggested we start in the kitchen, and a few minutes later we were opening boxes and deciding where to put all the kitchen stuff. I honestly tried not to stare at my daughter as we worked, but, it was impossible to keep my eyes off her. Her petite breasts reminded me so much of her mother’s – right down to her pebble size nipples. The t-shirt she wore was one of those thin, light weight shirts all the young girls wear these days – normally two at a time along with a bra and maybe a camisole. I’m confident they aren’t intended to be worn by themselves, and because they are so thin and light, I could literally see the little bumps around Penny’s areolas.

But, what really got to me was the way her panties fit her. Unbelievably, Penny didn’t seem to be the least bit concerned that she was in her panties. She acted like she was fully dressed; she was bending, stretching and unloading boxes as if she had no cares in the world. She had to know I was looking at her, didn’t she? I’m embarrassed to say my poor cock responded in the only way it could, and, even though this was my own daughter I was voyeuring, my cock didn’t care one iota.

We took a break after we got several boxes unpacked, and as I reached into the refrigerator to get us both a cold drink, Penny sat down on one of the kitchen chairs, leaned back and pulled one foot up to the edge of the chair. The way she was sitting was very unlady like, and as I walked over to hand her the cold soda, my eyes drifted down between her legs, zeroing in on the cotton gusset pulled tightly across her genitals.

Penny saw me looking and closed her legs a little, but, when I sat down across from her and looked up at her face, she must have known I was having a hard time ignoring the fact that my daughter was half undressed.

“Do you want me to go put my shorts on?” Penny said, looking down at her soda can and fidgeting with the pull tab.

“Sweetheart,” I replied, “it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a woman dressed like that, and you’re about as cute as a girl can be. It’s just going to take some time getting used to seeing you like that, that’s all. And, I’m sorry if I was staring. I am a man, you know.”

“You used to give me a bath and help me get dressed.” My daughter replied, looking up at me and smiling. “You’ve seen me naked probably a zillion times.”

“I know,” I said, “but, that was a long time ago. You’re grown up now. You’re a young woman – and a very beautiful young woman, I might add. I’m a man that hasn’t enjoyed the company of a woman in a long, long time. You understand what I’m getting at?”

After a few seconds, I think she realized what I was trying to tell her. Her eyebrows popped up, her face turned red and she looked at me. “Oh, I get it now.” She said.

“Can you forgive me?” I asked her.

“Daddy, there’s nothing to forgive.” Penny said, whipping her pony tail behind her head and standing up out of her chair. “But, I can’t see myself sweltering in this heat everyday.”

“How about this,” I replied, “as long as you don’t hold it against me, and, as long as you can forgive me if I look from time to time, I think we’ll be fine.”

“Okay,” Penny answered, “that’s fine with me.”

Then as I stood up, Penny moved toward me, wrapped her arms around my waist and gave me a hug. I hesitated in putting my arms around her because I knew she was so scantily dressed and I was afraid I would accidently touch something I shouldn’t. She sensed my obvious reluctance and pulled back away from me.

“Daddy,” she began, in a scolding tone, “neither one of us can change the fact that I’m your daughter and that I’m a girl. And just like every other girl across the face of the Earth, I have breasts and a vagina.”

“And, just so you know,” she continued, “I hate wearing bras. I’m so small up there, I don’t really need one. So, you’re probably going to see me braless when I’m at home.”

“You’re probably going to see me in my panties, too.” Penny added. “I’m a girl, Daddy, you have to accept that. If you intend to stop hugging me just because I’m not wearing a bra, or because I might be in my panties, don’t you think that’s a little extreme?”

Then, without saying another word, she put her arms around me again and pulled herself into me, pressing her chest into mine. I put my arms carefully around her shoulders and we shared a nice, warm hug. Of course, I could feel her tiny breasts flatten out against my chest, but I tried to ignore it and hug her the same way I used to do when she was younger. After a minute or so, she pulled away and looked up at me.

“See?” Penny said. “That wasn’t so hard. Was it?”

I had to laugh, and as I shook my head to tell her ‘No’, I thanked my lucky stars that she didn’t feel my hardened cock inside my pants as she pressed herself into me.

We went back to unpacking the boxes in the kitchen, and I kartal otele gelen escort swear she did everything possible to bend over in front of me, spread her legs and expose herself in as many ways as possible. It was total anguish, and in as much as I tried not to be completely obvious that I was looking, I caught her smiling from time to time when she caught me snatching glances between her legs or at her tiny nipples.

A little later, after we were finished in the kitchen, I was in my bedroom making the bed and unpacking boxes when Penny called out to me from her room, asking me if I could help her for a few minutes. Stepping through the maze of boxes on my floor, I made my way across the hallway and walked into Penny’s room to find her bent over at the waist trying to lift a heavy box up to her bed. But, that’s not what really caught my eye.

Penny’s panties had partially worked their way up between her butt cheeks, and when I stepped into her room, I had a clear view of my daughter’s crotch from behind. Her panties were pulled tightly against her mound, and the view I had from the door way made me stop in my tracks. It looked like she was bending over, intentionally thrusting her bottom up, and offering herself to be mounted from behind. And, for just an instant, I saw myself moving behind her, slipping my hand between her thighs and cupping her sex in the palm of my hand.

I wasn’t gawking at her very long when she turned her head back to see me standing there. Immediately, she urged me to come help her with the box, and I did as she asked. After I moved the box to her bed for her, Penny reached behind and pulled her panties out of her butt crack, but, she didn’t seem the least bit disturbed that I’d seen her like that. She just thanked me and asked me if I’d help her set up her computer, printer and monitor. So, for the next hour, we dug out her computer stuff and I set it all up for her. Through it all, it was apparent that her panties weren’t going to stay in place, and they continued to creep up her butt from time to time.

Unfortunately for me, with all the twisting, bending and stretching she was doing, her panties also got pulled to the side as she worked. It wasn’t long before I was able to get short glances between her legs, looking at smooth, bare skin that I knew should have been covered by pubic hair. Still, not once did she appear to be embarrassed or troubled that I kept looking between her legs. It took all my will power not to openly stare at her, especially when I was lying down under her desk, hooking up the cables to the back of her system unit.

She had crouched down to watch me hook the cables up, not more than two feet away, with her legs completely wide open. Without any effort at all, I was able to see the material of her silky panties pulled tight against her labia, clearly revealing the outline of her slit and the bud of her clitoris.

Now, I know quite well it was wrong of me to keep looking at my daughter like that, but, I couldn’t help it. Daughter or not, she’s a cute young woman with a nice body. When she appeared to be so comfortable with me seeing her in just her panties, I finally gave in and took the liberty of looking at her when I could get away with it.

After we got her computer set up and working, I matter-of-factly asked her if she needed any more help and the next thing I knew, I was helping her arrange the clothes in her closet and moving the furniture around the room until she decided she liked it. The whole time, she was bending, stretching, reaching and pulling right in front of me without a care in the world that she was showing off her pixie body within arms reach of me.

There’s only so much a man can take, and daughter or not, I had to keep adjusting myself so my hard-on wasn’t poking out lewdly in the front of my jeans. I admit I was looking, and who could blame me? Each time she reached or bent over, I saw the way her panties stretched across her butt, or clung tightly to the mound between her legs. More than once I was able to clearly make out the lips of her vagina through the straining material of her panties, and as I said, daughter or not, it was hard not to look.

Finally, three hours after I’d walked in there, we had her room in a livable condition. Her computer was set up, the bed was made, there were clothes hung up in her closet and most of her boxes were unpacked.

As we stood back and looked at her room, she moved up next to me and put her arms around my waist. Reaching up and pulling me down to her, she kissed my cheek and thanked me. Instinctively, I put my arms around her, and in doing so, I accidently brushed her panty covered bottom with my hand.

“Shit!” I said, jerking my hand back. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean….”

“Oh, Daddy!” Penny said in an exasperated tone as she chuckled up at me. “We already talked about this. Get over it, would ya?”

Returning to my own room, I shook my head in disbelief over what I’d just kartal eve gelen escort been through. I half expected her to put her shorts back on now that we got her room fixed up, and it was starting to cool down. Or, at least shut her door, but she didn’t. Before long, she had her music playing and was arranging her drawers and walking back and forth between her bedroom and her bathroom carrying armfuls of girl stuff that I knew would overtake the hall bathroom. But, even as she did this, she continued to walk around in just her panties and the thin t-shirt.

It got to be close to 10PM before we started getting tired, and when Penny called out to me and suggested we call out for a pizza, I was in complete agreement. She appeared in my doorway with her cell phone up to her ear asking what kind of pizza I wanted still dressed in only her t-shirt and panties. After she placed the order, I casually asked her if she was going to put her shorts back on when the pizza was delivered.

“Jeez!” Penny exclaimed. “Did you think I was going to let some strange pizza delivery guy see me in my underwear?”

“Well,” I replied, “I was just making sure, Sweetheart.” Then, looking over at her and smiling, I kidded her, saying, “You look awful cute like that, you know.”

Penny stopped for a second with a serious look on her face. Then a moment later she asked, “You sure you’re not mad at me for wanting to be more comfortable and cooler?”

“No sweetheart,” I answered, “I’m not mad. It’s just that you’re a cute girl with a nice figure, and, while it’s probably okay for me to see you like that, I’d rather not have the pizza delivery guy gawking at my beautiful daughter in her panties.”

“Don’t worry.” Penny replied as she snickered at me. “I’ll just let you get the door and he won’t even know I’m here.”

She turned and left after she said it, but, as I watched her panty covered butt disappear across the hallway, I wondered if my choice of words – referring to her as ‘my beautiful daughter in her panties’ was a mistake. I couldn’t take it back now, but I sure wished I would have said something besides that. I hoped she didn’t pay any attention to it.

Forty five minutes later, the door bell rang. I pulled some cash from my wallet and went to answer the door. As soon as she heard me close the front door, she ran down the hall from her room and almost tackled me to get to the pizza.

“Come on.” She said, dragging me by the arm back to my bedroom. “I’ll help you in your room while we eat!”

Penny jumped up on the bed and sat facing me in a cross-legged style as she reached out for the pizza box. Without thinking, my eyes went right to her crotch and I stared at the way she was openly displayed herself to me. Again, I was flabbergasted at the indifference she displayed, and just as before, she didn’t even seem to care that I was looking directly into her crotch.

Having nowhere to sit, I casually got up on the bed with her, stretching out on my side so I could relax and have some pizza, myself. Carefully balancing a piece of pizza in my hand and guiding it to my mouth, I took my first bite and looked up at her. She was smiling.

“Good, huh?” Penny asked, nodding her head up and down and with a growing grin on her face.

I had to agree. I didn’t really care if it was good because I was so hungry, or, because it happened to be good pizza. We hadn’t eaten since early that morning and to be truthful, I’d have eaten just about anything. But, I could see Penny thought it was good, so I smiled up at her and nodded my head, too.

As I took another bite of my pizza, my eyes drifted down between my daughter’s legs. Before I knew it, I was taking another bite and now I was openly staring at her, mesmerized by what I was looking at. Maybe I was just tired and not conscious of my actions, but I guess after I’d stared at the gusset of her panties for a couple of minutes, Penny decided she needed to do something.

So, uncrossing her legs and spreading her feet far apart, she leaned back on her elbows and opened her legs directly to my view. Finally realizing that I’d been openly staring, I quickly looked up into her eyes and started to apologize.

Penny shook her head back and forth. “Stop, Daddy.” She said, calmly. “I’m not mad.”

“I’m not exactly sure why my underwear seems to be such a big deal for you,” she added, “but, go ahead and look. It’s not going to bother me, Daddy, so you can stop apologizing. We might as well get this over with.”

“Go ahead.” Penny repeated in a confident tone. “I’m just going to lay back and have another piece of pizza and you can look all you want.”

I looked up at my daughter and I think she saw the questions flying around inside my head. “Really. I’m not kidding.” She said. “Look all you want.”

With that, Penny gave me a tiny smile, pulled her knees up a little bit and settled back on her elbows. “Is that better?” She asked.

When I didn’t answer, she called my name and asked me again. “Daddy.” She said, finally getting my attention, “Can you see better with my knees pulled back?”

Unsure of what to say or do, I glanced up at her and when our eyes met, she raised her eyebrows. “Just ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ is fine.” Penny said, looking back at me. “Want me to pull my knees back more?”

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