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Paradiso Ch. 13

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Day 3 Continued

I made my way back to the “Play Room”. I was way too spent to join back in the fun, but I wanted to find Sara. I was just reaching for the door handle when it swung open and there was girlfriend; sweaty and disheveled and a trickle of cum was leaking from her pussy and down her leg. She smiled when we came face to face.

“I need a shower.” She announced.

“I just had one.”

“Well maybe you could do me a favor?”

“Sure. What do you need?”

“Well, that massage you had earlier sounds great. Do you think you could see if they have any masseuses free for me?”

I grinned at the suggestion.

“Only if I can stay and watch.”

Sara returned the grin. She knew I loved to watch, especially when she was with other women. There were many nights where the two of us invite over a female guest and I would just sit back and stroke my cock while I watched the two lovely ladies pleasure one another. Sara turned to have her shower and I headed for the “Body Works” section to arrange the massage.

As I walked through the door I came face to face with Suzy, the spa employee who had given me such a great time only an hour earlier. She was with the slim redheaded girl who had also taken part in my massage. The greeted me with bright smiles.

“Good timing.” I declared. “I was hoping to run into you. Sara is taking a shower now but when she’s done we were hoping she could get a massage like the one I had.”

A disappointed look came over her and she shook her head.

“I’m sorry, Gary. I have an appointment.” I tried not to look too sad myself. I would have liked watching Sara and Suzy licking and sucking each other. The redhead, Val was her name, piped up.

“I have a few minutes before my next appointment. I can see if there are some free girls.”

“I’d appreciate that.” Val and Suzy left the room and I stole a peek at their pretty asses as they left.

For the next couple minutes I waited until the door opened and Val returned with two women in tow. The first one I thought for a moment was Kate, the other masseuse that had massaged me with Suzy and Val. She had Kate’s lush curves and heavy breasts with the pierced nipples and the long brown hair, but unlike Kate this woman had a neatly manicured but still thick bush. The two women could have been sisters. That was a thought. What it would be like for two sexy sisters to work in this place. The mere thought of the possibility made my dick twitch.

The second was a light skinned black woman with almond shaped green-gold eyes overtopped by sultry curving eyebrows and she had a swimmer’s physique; lean and toned. She was shaved bare save for a thin black strip pointing down to her clit and her head hair was thick and voluminous. I’m sure many a man (and woman) had buried their faces in those dark curls.

“Gary, this is Lily,” she said, motioning to the pierced brunette, “and Natasha.” motioning to the light brown beauty.

“I almost wish I could forget that I’m getting this massage for my girlfriend Sara and not me. The four of us laughed.

“Well,” Val announced, “I have to get to my next appointment. Enjoy.”

Just as she left Sara arrived through the opposite door, her skin still glowing from the heat of the shower.

“Perfect timing.” I said. “Sara this is Lily and Natasha.” The two sexy nude masseuses strode forward and gave Sara a good look at their sumptuous bodies.

“Shall we head for the massage room?” asked Natasha after the pleasantries escort bayan bursa were out of the way.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Natasha and Lily each took one of Sara’s hands and I followed close on their heels as they led her to a massage room identical to the one I had been in just a while ago.

“Is it alright if Gary watches?”

“Absolutely.” Lily said.

Sara took her place, face down on the massage table while I sat back in a chair in the corner. I had a perfect view of all of the action.

The two masseuses began by taking opposite ends. Lily stood by Sara’s head and Natasha by her feet and together they slowly worked their way to the middle. They took their time, spending several minutes on each body part, their hands slick with warm fragrant massage oil. Lily worked each muscle in her neck and shoulders while Natasha spent almost five minutes on each foot. Then it was upper back and calves, then ribs and thighs, then lower back and buttocks. Sara was so quiet I almost thought she was asleep.

Then they asked her to roll over onto her back. When she was comfortable they began again, working from the center outward. Stomach and hips, breasts and thighs, arms and calves, shoulders and feet. By the time they finished their circuit Sara was purring like a kitten. Natasha then gently pushed Sara’s knees apart and at once the soothing massage turned to an erotic one.

Natasha slipped an oiled finger into Sara’s warm vagina and lowered her face to within an inch of her wet slit. Natasha’s pink tongue slid like a snake from between her lips and began tracing light circles around Sara’s clit, eliciting a soft moan of pleasure. Her finger made a slow in and out motion in time with her licking. Meanwhile Lily had pressed one of her full breasts to Sara’s lips and my girlfriend was contentedly nursing the large pink nipple while Lily’s hand kneaded Sara’s soft breast flesh.

By now my cock was at full mast and I couldn’t resist stroking it any longer. I looked to a small table to my left and saw several candles and small bottles of massage oils sitting atop it. I took one and poured a bit into my hand. When I put it back Lily and I locked eyes and she gave me a sly wink. I began stroking myself to the show going on in front of me.

Natasha’s licking and fingering grew quicker and Sara began to squirm at her orgasm drew nearer, but before she went past the point of no return, both masseuses pulled back and Lily asked Sara to roll over onto her stomach again. Ash she did, Natasha pulled a triangular pillow from under the table and put it under Sara’s hips so that her ass stuck up into the air.

Four pairs of delicate, oily hands began working Sara’s most sensitive places. Natasha used two fingers of one hand to thrust in and out of Sara’s pussy while she stroked her clit with the other. Lily pulled apart Sara’s ass cheeks and began tracing smooth circles around her crinkled anus with a fingertip. Occasionally one or the other would apply a little more oil until every inch of her was slick with it.

The circles Lily drew around Sara’s asshole grew smaller and smaller until her fingertip was pressed right up against her puckered orifice. Slow, deliberate pressure combined with the lubricating massage oil caused the sphincter muscle to give way easily and Lily’s finger ever so slowly made its way into Sara’s waiting rectum. The new penetration drew another throaty groan from Sara.

The two masseuses synchronized their bursa sinirsiz eskort thrusts into Sara’s writhing body. Anus and pussy alike were glowing with pleasurable friction as fingers stimulated every sweet, sensitive nerve. As they went they twisted their fingers every which way so that not one inch of her delicate insides were missed. After a few minutes of this they removed their fingers as one and then replaced them with two, stretching her asshole and vagina even further. The two were soon replaced by three and with each additional finger her pleasure heightened.

When both women slid a fourth finger into Sara’s ass and pussy at the same time a low moan escaped from deep within her. Whether it was a moan of pleasure or pain I could not tell, but I imagined it was some of both. The activities from the night before with Jessie taught me that the pain of being stretched beyond your limits was just the price you paid for new levels of pleasure. Sara was paying that price now.

“How many do you have in?” Sara asked between her moans.

“Four.” Natasha replied. “Are you ok?”


“Have you ever been fisted before?” Lily asked.

That sent a jolt through me. The thought of these two gorgeous women sliding their whole, oiled up hands into Sara almost made me cum right there. Sara had some impressively large sex toys. I had watched her slide all kinds of dildos and vibrators in her holes, but the hands of the two masseuses were more than a little larger than any of them.

“No, I haven’t.”

“Do you want to try?”

Sara hesitated a moment and then answered in a whisper.


Lily and Natasha smiled at one another and leaned into each other for a long, luscious French kiss. Their tongues danced together while their fingers stretched Sara’s abused holes wider and wider. Soon their hands were in all the way past the knuckles and only their thumbs remained. After a few more minutes of plunging their hands in and out, Lily and Natasha gave each other a look and nodded. They pulled their fingers all the way out and for a second I could see her holes gaping open. Before the stretched muscles could begin to contract they added their thumbs and began to push.

The first knuckles disappeared inside Sara, then the second. As the third came closer both women slowed down. Sara’s moans grew louder and higher. The ratio of pleasure to pain was beginning to tip and the masseuses knew their business. It was all about patience now. If they went slow and steady and didn’t rush, Sara’s tight holes would open enough for their whole hands to slip inside.

Several minutes rolled by as Natasha and Lily listened to Sara’s body, her moans, knowing when to push further and when to stop. Sara sucked in a breath as Natasha’s last knuckle on her thumb slipped inside the sleeve of tight muscle. That was the widest part of her hand and the rest began slipping in more easily until she was in Sara’s pussy up to her wrist.

“Holy shit.” Sara panted. Sweat had beaded over her skin and was rolling off the slick oil that had covered every inch of her. Lily smiled and giggled. About two minutes later Lily’s own hand began to slip past the ring of flesh that marked the doorway into her rectum. Sara let out one last long moan as the second hand slipped inside. She had never had one hand inside her before and now she had two.

Natasha bent down to lick Sara’s clit and the masseuses began fucking their hands escort bayan in and out of her a couple inches at a time. The sight of it was all I could take. Pleasure washed over me and hot cum squirted out of me, coating my hand and stomach. When it was over I took a towel from the table next to me and cleaned myself up.

When I looked back to the three women in the middle of the room I could see that their sucking and fucking had picked up speed. Lily and Natasha’s hands were pumping more quickly now and Natasha’s tongue had Sara dripping with pussy juice. The sounds erupting from Sara’s throat were half moan and half scream. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she was cumming.

Less than a minute later her whole body began shuddering and her breaths came in ragged gasps as Sara was gripped by an earth shaking orgasm. I knew my girl’s body. Her orgasms came in a lot of different forms. Sometimes they would be like little lightning bolts that struck her again and again coming and going suddenly. Other times they were like waves that swelled slowly and receded languidly. This was the rarest of climaxes for her. This was the kind of orgasm that made her forget all time and space and turned the whole world into one continuous sensation of pleasure so intense it left her as weak as a kitten when it was all over.

Sara’s face went a color so red it was almost purple and her eyes shut tight. Her jaw locked tight and her breaths came in ragged gasps as her body began to shudder and convulse. Her toes flexed and straightened as a wheezing noise began to rise up, becoming louder and deeper until it was a full throated cry of ecstasy. For the next thirty or forty seconds I watched as she writhed in sexual delight, a pleasure so intense it was all she could do not to pass out. A chill ran up my spine just watching her like that.

Natasha and Lily held her there, on the point of perfect orgasmic bliss for as long as she could take it before Sara finally collapsed, limp and panting. Once more the beautiful masseuses smiled and kissed one another before easing their hands out of Sara’s well worked holes. For several seconds the loosened muscles and stretched flesh of her anus and vagina let her orifices hang obscenely open. Then slowly the muscles began to contract and her ass and pussy closed.

Lily slid a hand under Sara’s stomach and delicately lifted her up while Natasha slid the triangular pillow out from under her hips. Then they both turned her over on her back and let their hands glide slowly over her sweaty, oily skin.

“How do you feel?” asked Natasha.

“That was incredible.” Sara declared in a breathless whisper. “I don’t think I’ll be able to move for a while.” Lily smiled.

“That’s ok. Take a few minutes.”

“We’ll just leave you two alone. Is that alright?” Natasha asked. Sara nodded.

“Thank you.” Sara said, her breathing beginning to slow.

“No,” said Natasha.

“Thank you.” Lily finished.

Each masseuse planted a small sweet kiss on my lover’s lips before turning to the door, stopping only to give me a smile and a wink before leaving Sara and I alone.

After a few minutes she was finally able to stand on shaky legs. Together we made our way to the shower room, taking it slow. As I washed myself and then Sara, who was still too weak and sore to do anything but stand under the warm spray, I watched an Asian woman having her pussy eaten by a bald, tattooed guy with a weightlifter’s build while her ass was being eaten by a blonde hottie with massive double D’s.

Once we were clean I suggested that the two of us head back to our room for a nap. Even though she was clearly more worn out than I was I still could have used some rest after all that fucking. Hand in hand we left the spa and walked out into the mid afternoon sun.

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