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Long Weekend Sex-Fest Pt. 01

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This is the first part in a long series and is intended mainly as an introduction. As a result sexual activity is minimal, but the pace does increase in subsequent stories. So please bear with the lack of sex here in part one. Thank you.


While dining out with Bill and Rita one evening, the subject came up of how long it was since our one and only foursome. Close to two months. Way too long, especially since we all had such a terrific time. Since it was so long Rita suggested with the upcoming three day Labor Day Holiday weekend that we make special plans to spend it together. Have a sex-fest as she called it to make up for lost time.

After a short discussion we all eagerly agreed then strategized on the best place to spend it before settling on Bill’s place.

So you’ll know, Bill has a fabulous “Lincoln Log” home in the country. Log cabin house for those of you not familiar with the term Lincoln Log. Not a “cookie cutter” log cabin, but custom designed and built. A split level style home with the upper level consisting of three bedrooms and two full baths. Lower level is a wide open format that includes a great room, half bath, large open kitchen and adjoining dining area.

The back of the house has a covered deck the full length of the lower level that overlooks a beautifully landscaped yard with an in-ground pool and hot tub.

It’s located on fifty acres of which most of the land is woodlands and the house is at the end of a quarter mile long driveway, or gravel road. Very remote. Privacy like you wouldn’t believe since the nearest neighbor is nearly a half mile away.

I won’t bore you with the details about how Bill could afford such a place, but it would be perfect for our long weekend together where absolute privacy would be a must.

We decided to spend three nights and days together beginning late on Friday and ending Monday afternoon on the Labor Day Holiday. Then we made a list of who would bring what as far as food and adult beverages. Cooking would be kept simple. Mostly things that could be prepared on an outdoor grill, all except breakfast. No sense wasting valuable time cooking fancy meals that could be better spent on other activities.

Once all the details were worked out we finished dinner and headed home with obscene thoughts in our heads about what could, or would be a fabulous sex-fest as Rita called it.

The Labor Day weekend couldn’t arrive fast enough for all concerned. I spoke to Rita a number of times beforehand and she was excited, if not more so than I was about the long weekend together. Been a while since either one of us had a cock other than Bill or Walter’s respectively. While we weren’t complaining, the thought of yours truly getting it on with Bill again, and Walter and Rita doing the same kept us both in a full state of arousal almost constantly. As the old saying goes…variety is the spice of life.

Plus Rita wanted to fulfill her fantasy of a double ass-fucking. Which no doubt Bill and Walter would be more than happy to accommodate her.

Finally the long Labor Day weekend rolled around. Walter and I arrived first at Bill’s place around 4:00 in the afternoon. Rita pulled in within minutes behind us. Bill greeted everyone and helped with unloading the cars. Food, beverages and personal belongings were all brought in the house.

We left our personal stuff at the base of the stairs to the upper level bedrooms so we could put away the food and beverages. Gaziantep Emek Escort Then we all gathered on the large outdoor deck. Bill got a beer for Walter and him and wine for Rita and I. Then he cooked hamburgers on the grill.

After we consumed the hamburgers we got down to establishing some “ground rules”. First thing we agreed on is that clothing would be optional. Both indoors and out. Fortunately the weather was going to be hot for the long weekend, which made it perfect for using the pool and other outdoor activities.

Secondly we decided Bill and I would sleep together as well as Walter and Rita. Be a first for me literally sleeping with another man after being married to Walter for so many years. Too many to mention here. Walter too as far as sleeping with another woman.

Other than those two simple ground rules everything else was left to evolve on its own.

Since it was still early we decided to take a quick dip in the pool to cool off then sit in the hot tub to relax until the stars came out. Rita and I stripped naked and headed for the pool while Bill and Walter tidied things up on the deck first.

The pool water felt good on our naked bodies since it was still hot in spite of it being around 7:00. But it wasn’t long before Rita and I began to get the chills from the cool water. When we did, we decided to vacate the pool for the hot tub, which Bill kept at a comfortable 90 degree temperature in summer.

I didn’t mention in the previous posted stories about our first foursome that Rita is a redhead. About as red as they come. A “Carrot Top” as people with her naturally orange-red hair are sometimes described or called. Her pubic hair is naturally red also, and as I mentioned before, Rita has a very hairy bush. And as expected with most people with naturally red hair she has more than her fair share of freckles. About as Irish looking as they come. The combination of both, red hair and freckles, gives Rita the appearance of being a lot younger in age than she is. Late 50’s.

In case your curious. I’m just the opposite of Rita, with very little pubic hair. As I aged it seemed to get even thinner. It’s so sparse and fine that if you put your hand on my pubic mound without looking first you’d swear it was shaved. Plus my pubic hair is very light in color. Light brown or dirty blonde, so visually it even looks to be shaved at first glance because it’s so light and fine.

We both exited the pool for the hot tub while Bill and Walter were just getting in the pool. After the chilly pool water the warmer hot tub felt good. The in-ground hot tub is enormous. It could hold ten people easily. In spite of that Rita sat right next to me. When she did it wasn’t long before I felt her hand on my inner thighs. All while rubbing them ever so gently.

“I hope you don’t mind?” she asked.

“Quite the contrary.”…I replied. “Your hands feel wonderful. Maybe too good.”

Rita smiled and kissed me. When she did her hand moved to my pubic mound and began rubbing it while one finger found it’s way to my clit. When it did I spread my legs apart, which she took as an invitation to rub my clit even more than she already was.

It wasn’t long before I found myself starting to hump her finger, but just as I did we heard Bill and Walter get out of the pool. Walter joined us immediately while Bill got more beer for him and Walter, and a bottle of wine and some glasses for Rita and I.

When both Bill and Walter were in the hot tub Rita sat next to Walter and I with Bill. It wasn’t long before I noticed Rita was slowly stroking Walter’s cock under the water. Same scenario with Bill and I, which didn’t take much effort on our part to get their cocks hard and fully erect.

Then I asked Bill if he would like a blow job. I know, stupid question, but it’s something I rarely do without asking first. Or at least mentioning it. Same as I would never expect anyone to assume I would just suck their cock.

“Please do Lacey. And if you don’t mind I would like to cum on your face like I promised.”

“I’m glad you remembered, and keep your promises.”

Bill sat on the top edge of the hot tub with his legs bent at the knees and the lower legs dangling in the water. After he did I got between his legs while still in the hot tub and took his fully erect cock straight into my mouth deep as it would go.

Not to be left out, Walter and Rita decided to join us. Walter sat next to Bill and as soon as he did Rita positioned herself between his legs and took his long cock straight into her mouth also. Then we both proceeded to mouth fuck their cocks while sucking furiously. So much so we could easily hear the slurping sounds we both were making as we sucked their cocks. You’d think we were sucking on popsickles instead.

Once again I could comfortably take all of Bill’s six inch cock deep in my mouth and throat while Rita as before had to struggle a bit with Walter’s much longer eight inch dick. But as she did the one other time, she managed to do so with minimal effort.

Wasn’t long before both Walter and Bill were ready to cum, and when I sensed Bill was I readied myself to take his cumload on my face. With Rita it was a different case, she wanted Walter to cum deep in her throat since the last time she sucked his cock he unloaded on her face.

Then both Walter and Bill began to moan while their respective cocks started throbbing ever so slightly in our mouths. A sure sign they were about to cum. As soon as it was obvious Bill was I released his cock from my mouth and held it with one hand just behind the cockhead while pointing it directly at my face. As I stroked it ever so gently the first load of cum shot from his swollen glan and landed on my nose. Then as I continued to milk his dick a second cum shot landed on my lips. Which I lapped up with my tongue and swallowed. At least three more streams of hot cum shot out of his throbbing cock, which all but covered my face with his thick creamy semen. All except my eyes, which I was careful not to get any in them.

I know, kind of slutty taking a cumload on one’s face, but it’s something I’ve come to enjoy as I’ve gotten older. When younger I was never keen on it. Especially after the time my husband Walter shot his first cumload on my face. Unknowingly I left my eyes open and a shot of cum landed in one eye, which stung like crazy from the salt in semen. Which also gives it its bitter-sweet taste. Afterwards I shied away from facials for a while, but continued to let Walter shoot loads on any other part of my body. Which is always enjoyable for us both.

As time went on I eventually started taking Walter’s cumloads on my face again. Albeit cautiously so as to never get any in my eyes. Might sound strange, but the best way to insure you won’t is to wear glasses. Although that’s not always possible. With some adjustments on my part I now love the feel of hot cum splashing on my face after I’ve sucked cock. Same with taking a cumload in my mouth, which I also learned to enjoy as time went on. There’s no better way to end performing fellatio than taking a cumload in your mouth and/or down your throat. I wouldn’t have it any other way now. Not forgetting how enjoyable it can be for who’s cock I’m sucking.

At the same time Bill was plastering my face with cum, Walter was shooting his first loads deep into Rita’s throat as his long cock was entirely embedded in Rita’s mouth. So much so Rita’s nose was buried in his pubic hair. Then Walter eased his cock out a bit and filled her mouth with the rest of his cumload. All which she took willingly and hungrily.

As for me, I loved the feel of Bill’s hot cum splashing on my face and was disappointed when he stopped ejaculating. Then with my face still covered in cum I sucked his cockhead to get any remaining drops before I stood up and kissed him passionately.

After thanking him for the facial I completely submerged myself in the hot tub to rinse it clean. Much to Bill’s displeasure since after I did he informed me he wanted to lick my face clean. Which I promised next time I’d be sure he did.

As for Rita, after she swallowed the rest of Walter’s cumload she continued to suck Walter’s cock until convinced he was fully drained.

“Simply delicious.”…she said. “Between you and Bill, it’s a toss-up who’s cum tastes better.”

Speaking of which, the taste of semen can vary greatly. While always a bit salty what someone has eaten in the prior 24 – 48 hours can effect the taste significantly. As an example anything with garlic would be a no-no. Fortunately for yours truly, between Walter, Bill and David, all of who’s cum I’ve taken in my mouth relatively recently, none ever tasted bad. Which is a big plus.

Afterwards, we continued to lounge in the hot tub until the stars made an appearance. Then with Walter, Bill and Rita being tired from a busy work day that before a long holiday weekend usually is, we decided it was time to call it an evening.

Once upstairs Walter, Rita and I unpacked, then we used the bathrooms before retiring to our respective bedrooms.

All three bedrooms are nearly identical. The master bedroom is no different than the other two. Plus it didn’t have a master bath by design. The two upstairs bathrooms were off to each side of the hallway leading to the bedrooms. Both were identical. Very large with a double vanity and a huge shower. About 6 x 4 feet in size with double shower heads. The shower stalls even had a small bench built into the wall, which made for some interesting possibilities of things to do other than showering. Something that was now on my list of “to dos” before the weekend was over.

Bill used the bathroom first followed by yours truly. By the time I got to bed he was half asleep. I asked him if he was too tired for some pussy and he said no way. But since he obviously was I said…”Let’s forego any formalities or foreplay. Just fuck my pussy until we both cum.”

I got on my knees and elbows and told Bill to fuck me doggie style and not to hesitate to pound away until we both cummed. I wanted him to fuck me hard and fast. Which he proceeded to do while I rubbed my clit with two fingers. Wasn’t long before we both were ready to cum.

When we did we heard Rita in the next room let out a loud scream. No doubt her and Walter were cumming too.

Once Bill was fully drained and my orgasm subsided I collapsed on the bed and fell fast asleep with a cunt full of cum and visions of two lovely cocks servicing both Rita and I for the next three days.

To be continued…

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