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Blindsided Ch. 01

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This story is a slow burn. There is sex in it but character development is the primary focus on this chapter. Hope you enjoy and as always constructive criticism is welcomed.


“When will JaVaughn take no for an answer.” Devyn said to Kelsie, as she rolled her eyes and deleted the text message JaVaughn sent her.

“Oh wow, I don’t know how you do it girl, just looking at him makes my panties damp.” Kelsie replied back to Devyn, as they arranged flowers to be displayed.

“You and everyone else. I like guys that are cute and conservative. Like the guy over there in aisle seven. He is attractive but doesn’t appear to be a show off.”

“Yeah he’s kinda cute, but he doesn’t have that swagger that JaVaughn has though.”

“Well how about I give you JaVaughn’s number so he can leave me the hell alone.”

“Um no thanks. That anaconda between his legs is going nowhere near me. I’d like to be able to walk ya know.”

“But I thought he made your panties damp.” Devyn teased.

“He does, but I would still be scared to get with someone that big.”

“Do you really think JaVaughn is hung like they say he is?”

“Yes I do, because Gabbie hooked up with him about a year ago and wanted to press charges.”

“For what? Did he beat her or something?”

“No no no nothing like that.” Kelsie chuckled.

“Then what for?” Devyn asked with a confused look on her face.

“For assault and battery on vajayjay. And you know it is serious when Gabbie says it’s huge. I love that girl, but you and I both know she can be a little loose with the goods if you know what I mean.”

“Say no more.” Devyn said while holding her hand up to signal she heard enough.

“Gotcha. Anyway are we still on for that Uptown Art class this Saturday?”

“You know it. Any time I can drink alcohol and pretend that I’m a famous artist count me in.” Devyn laughed.

“Oh you are such a lush, but then again so am I. Anyway I know you and Charlie were suppose to go, I just hope I’m a good last minute substitution.”

“Girl you know you are. Besides, I had to beg Charlie to sign up with me, but since he is out of the picture I can go with someone that will actually enjoy the class.” Devyn said before checking her phone again.

“Fucking asshole.” Devyn mumbled as she angrily jammed her phone back in her pocket.

“What did JaVaughn say this time?” Kelsie asked.

“It wasn’t JaVaughn, it was Charlie wishing us a happy anniversary.”

“But I thought y’all were done?”

“We are. He is just saying that to try and get under my skin. Well fuck him, I’m not giving that smug bastard the opportunity to gloat.”

“Maybe you should hook up with JaVaughn and send him a picture afterwards, because that is what Charlie did to you after sleeping with Brooke.”

“Nah I’ll pass, because if I did, all JaVaughn and Charlie would do is high five each other and bad mouth me behind my back.”

“Really? You think so.”

“I know so. JaVaughn acts like him and Charlie are not that good of friends, but I have a feeling they are closer than he lets on.” Devyn said with an irritated sigh.

“Ok, well you have a customer to tend to, because I need to step in the cooler to do something real quick.” Kelsie said before Devyn could understand why she wanted to quickly abandon her all of a sudden.

“Umm excuse me.” The man from aisle seven said to Devyn as her back was turned to him.

“May I help you.” Devyn said curtly, with her back turned to the man, as the message from Charlie, and Kelsie quickly scooting into the cooler without much warning, left her a little rattled.

She immediately regretted being rude once she turned around and realized it was the man from aisle seven.

“Bad day huh?” The man from aisle seven said, as he was unfazed by Devyn’s curtness.

“You don’t know the half of it.” Devyn said softening her voice and sighing with relief as the man did not seem to take offense to her being short with him.

“Yeah it messed me up pretty bad when I found out too.”

“Huh? I don’t follow.” Devyn said as she gave the man a curious look.

“Oh I was just saying that I was pretty upset too when I found out Santa Claus was fake.” The man said while keeping a straight face.

“Oh ok gotcha.” Devyn said, as her facial expression went from being confused to amused. “I wish that were the case, but it is much worse, I found out the tooth fairy isn’t real. I wanted to sell a few teeth if I ever got in a bind, but now I can’t since she’s not real.” She pouted playfully.

“Well I’m glad you found out, before it was too late.”

“And why is that.” Devyn said while fighting back a smile.

“Because then the world would be robbed of that pretty smile you are trying to hold back.”

“Why thank you.” Devyn said, as she chewed on her cheek to keep from grinning.

“Anyway I’ll be quick because I’m sure you have other things to tend to.”

“Maybe, but that can wait for now cutie.” Devyn thought to herself, then focused her attention sariyer escort back to the man. “It’s kinda slow right now so you are not bothering me.” Devyn said while trying to keep her eyes focused on the man’s eyes, as she fought off the temptation to size him up.

“Oh ok cool, well anyway, I would like that bouquet of flowers over there and… damn hold on let me take this real quick.” The man said as he stopped mid sentence to take the phone call.

“Yeah I’ll be there on Saturday. And yes I promise to behave myself, but I’m telling you now only thing I’m drawing is a stick man. Yes you heard me a stick man, but I’m in the middle of something so let me hit you back in a bit ok.” The man said to the person he was talking to, before concentrating back on Devyn.

“Sorry about that interruption. Anyway I was wondering if you could do me one more favor.”

“Sure. How can I help?” Devyn said as she tried to determine whether the person the man was talking to was a girlfriend or just a friend. She was also trying to figure out if he talking about attending the art class on Saturday. “It would be a shame if he is already taken, but if he isn’t maybe we can talk more on Saturday.” Devyn thought to herself, as she did her best to keep a straight face as the man made his request.

“I need you to pick out one of the single best flowers you have here, but don’t put it with the bouquet I want it separate.”

“Ok I think I have just the one, I’ll be right back.” Devyn said as her heart sank a little because she was sure the flower would be for someone the man had an interest in. “Of course he likes someone else. How could I be so stupid. Oh well, just my luck I guess.” Devyn sighed as she made her way into the cooler, to see Kelsie piddling around trying to look busy.

“Well… what’s the scoop?” Kelsie asked impatiently.

“There is no scoop, he is interested in someone else, end of story.” Devyn said as she brushed passed Kelsie and picked a yellow rose that hadn’t fully blossomed yet.

After picking out the best yellow rose she could find, Devyn made her way back to the cash register, where the man was waiting for her. What started off as a crappy shift ended up getting better, but went downhill again once the guy that Devyn thought was flirting with her seemed to have his thoughts on someone else. She was about to learn that her assumption was off base.

“Here you go. This is the best one I could find. I know roses are a bit clichè, but I think whoever it is for will like it. I mean I know I would.” Devyn said cutting herself off before rambling on.

“Oh ok well I just learned something new. I thought roses only came in red.”

“Yeah they come in a bunch of different colors, but yellow is my favorite. Anyway let me hush, I know you didn’t come over here for a floral lesson.”

“You’re fine.” The man said. “You could talk about growing grass and make it interesting.” The man thought to himself.

“Ok well that will be twenty-five dollars please.” Devyn said as she held her hand out to take payment from the man.

“Thank you and I hope your day gets better.” The man said as he took the bouquet and left the flower on the counter.

“Umm aren’t you forgetting something.” Devyn said before the man had a chance to turn his back to her and leave.

“Nuh uh.” The man said while shaking his head. “That’s for you.”

“Why thank you.” Devyn said while laughing nervously. “But won’t your girlfriend get mad about you buying something for another woman.”

“Yeah I guess she would if I were seeing someone, but I am single so I think I’m safe.” The man chuckled.

“Again thank you.” Devyn said while grinning uncontrollably.

“You’re welcome. Hopefully a rose from a stranger will keep you out of therapy.”

“It will, but you should tell me your name, because my parents always taught me to never accept gifts from strangers.”

“Fair enough. The name’s Cedrick Harris and yours.” The man said while extending his hand.

“Devyn, Devyn Verbeck.” Devyn said nervously as she tried to shake Cedrick’s hand as delicately as possible.

“Well Devyn, Devyn Verbeck, Your name matches your smile.” Cedrick said while smiling himself.

“Umm thank you.” Devyn giggled then snorted, much to her horror.

“And she even has a cute snort.” Cedrick said hoping he didn’t embarrass Devyn. “Well let me get out of here, it was nice to meet you, hopefully I will see you around when I have more time.” Cedrick said, leaving before Devyn could respond, as his bravery started to flee from him.

Soon as Cedrick left, Kelsie came from the cooler. She didn’t hear what all went on, but she could conclude from the look on Devyn’s face that whatever it was it was good.

“Oh my gosh Kelsie I can’t believe that the flower was for me, and here I was huffing and puffing because I thought it was for someone else. I mean I had no clue, he got me good.”

“Amazing simply amazing.” Kelsie said as she saw Devyn light up like a Christmas tree.

“What eskort are you talking about Kelsie?”

“I find it amazing that you said all that without taking a breath. I think someone is a little excited.”

“Oh hush. I’m not that excited, besides he was talking to a girl on the phone, so maybe they are dating, even though he said he was single.”

“Whatever, I doubt that guy would be mean enough to flirt with you then talk on the phone with his girlfriend.”

“You never know.”

“Well I hate to break it to you but there are some decent guys out there, not everyone is like Charlie or JaVaughn for that matter.”

“Yeah you are right, but me and Charlie have only been broken up for a month. I don’t want to just jump into something.”

“Yeah because Charlie waited to jump…oh wait he didn’t, he slept with that skank Brooke while y’all were still together. So fuck him.”

“True true, but you know that Charlie and his goons would make my life hell if they knew I moved on.”

“I think that guy could probably handle himself if push came to shove.”

“You are such a back peddler Kelsie. Earlier you talked about him lacking swagger, now you are saying he could hold his own.”

“Swagger has nothing to do with holding your own Devyn. Like I said I like guys who are flashy and command a presence when they enter the room. Just because he seems to be reserved doesn’t mean anything, besides we are talking about you and not me ok.”

“Ok Kelsie. You know I had to mess with you.”

“Yeah I know. Anyway let’s finish up with these flowers, I’m ready to get the hell out of here.”

“Yeah me too girl.” Devyn said.

As soon as he made it out of the store, Cedrick called his friend Aimee to finish up the conversation that he ended earlier when he was talking to Devyn.

“So what was that all about? You never cut me off. Were you talking to a girl?” Aimee asked.

“Yeah kinda.”

“Well it’s about time, what made made this girl so special?”

“Well I was getting flowers to take to Amanda’s grave.”

“Oh shit!” Aimee exclaimed cutting Cedrick off. “I’m so very sorry Cedrick, I completely forgot about today.”

“It’s all good Aimee. Don’t beat yourself up about it.”

“Thanks for not making a big deal about it, but I still feel like shit though. Anyway back to my original question. Who was the girl you were talking to before I called?” Aimee asked hoping to change the subject.

“Her name is Devyn and the only reason I spoke to her was because she was working in the flower section. There was something there, but I feel like I went behind Amanda’s back.”

“Nonsense Cedrick, it has been two years now, I’m sure she would want you to move on. You can’t keep blaming yourself for that night. It was not your fault.”

“I guess you are right but…”

“No buts dammit. I know I’m right, plus I’ll be leaving Monday evening and won’t be back for a month and a half. So it would make me feel better if I knew you had someone to hold your interest while I’m gone.”

“Ok mother.” Cedrick said sarcastically. “I still can’t believe you are teaching an art class on Saturday then turning around and using those same hands to punch someone in the face two months from now.”

“Well what can I say, I’m good with my hands, and if you don’t believe me you can ask Lauren because last night…” Aimee said before being cut off.

“Ahhh enough.” Cedrick said while wincing. “Dammit Aimee you are worse than a damn dude sometimes.”

“Sorry I can’t help it. You practically soft ball pitched that one to me, so you only have yourself to blame.”

“True, well anyway I’m at the gravesite, so I will talk to you later ok.”

“Ok Cedrick. Call me if you need anything.”

“Ok Aimee I will.”

“You better or I will kick your ass if you don’t.”

“Ok ok I will. I promise.” Cedrick said before hanging up and kneeling at Amanda’s grave.

“I still can’t believe it’s been two years Amanda. It’s been a long two years without you here. It’s like a bad dream that I keep hoping I’ll wake up from. I still beat myself up for not being home that night. I called myself trying to make a future for us, but that fell apart when you died that night.” Cedrick said as his eyes welled up with tears.

Cedrick took a few moments to cry before regaining his composure. After his eyesight cleared up he spent the next twenty minutes at Amanda’s grave saying his final thoughts before heading home.

As Cedrick entered his house, he sat down on the couch and contemplated calling Aimee to come talk with him, but decided against it.

“Ahh pretty soon Aimee will be gone. So I have to quit depending on her.” Cedrick said to himself while turning on the television.

The day had taken its toll on Cedrick because within fifteen minutes of watching t.v., he was sound asleep.

Meanwhile across town Devyn was just making it back to her apartment after having a few drinks with Kelsie. The encounter with Cedrick and the liquor she drank amped up her hormones. beyoglu escort It had been over a month since her and Charlie had broke up. While they were together they fucked at least five times a week, which is why she was shocked to find out that Charlie found the time to hook up with Brooke behind her back. Nevertheless, after a month of no physical contact Devyn was feeling quite horny. So to soothe the raging beast between her legs, she decided to run a bath and take matters into her own hands.

“This feels so good.” Devyn groaned as she sank down in the tub and rubbed her clit. “It sucks I have to do this all alone. I can only imagine how good those sexy ass lips would feel right now.” She mumbled out loud as she fantasized about Cedrick going down on her.

As Devyn plunged her fingers deeper into her pussy, she used her other hand to tease the rim of her asshole. She wasn’t heavy into anal play, and never had a cock in the ass, but sometimes when she wanted extra stimulation she loved having her asshole teased.

“Oh fuck oh shit oh fuck.” Devyn chanted repeatedly, as a much needed orgasm shot through her body.

As the orgasm had its way with Devyn, her toes uncontrollably clenched together like a fist, while her nipples stiffened up hard enough to cut glass. After what felt like an eternity, her orgasm finally died down, bringing Devyn back to reality.

“Just what the doctor ordered.” Devyn said breathlessly as her body relaxed, while her climax subsided.

After sitting in the tub for a bit, Devyn got up and dried herself off before padding to her bedroom. She lived alone and often slept naked, so it was no big deal for her to lay on the bed nude and watch t.v. or play with her tablet until she fell asleep.

The next day proved to be uneventful for Cedrick as he went about his daily routine the best he could. Yesterday was bittersweet for him, it had been two years to the day that Amanda was taken from this world, but on the same day he struck up a conversation Devyn and felt a spark.

For the first time in a long time, Cedrick quit beating himself up and seized the opportunity to talk to a girl instead of passing it up, like he had done so many other times.

Though Devyn piqued his interest, he fought the urge to go back and see her. He convinced himself to wait until next week to go see her, that way she would not be turned off by him appearing to be too eager. Little did he know, he was going to be seeing her sooner than that.

Devyn went about her daily routine as well, all the while hoping that Cedrick would pop in. She wasn’t too disappointed that he hadn’t stopped by because she knew she would get a chance to see him on Saturday. Her only issue with Saturday was going to be trying to talk to him without Kelsie feeling like a third wheel. But due to divine intervention, Devyn’s worries were about to be null and void.

“So about tomorrow, please don’t be mad at me but I completely forgot about having to go to grandpa’s retirement party.” Kelsie said to Devyn as they worked.

“Oh it’s no big deal girl. I completely understand. Besides I can get my money back since it is not the day of.” Devyn said while trying not to sound too relieved.

“You’re so understanding. I’m glad you are not mad at me. Anyway are you ok by yourself here for a little bit?”

“Yeah why?”

“It’s time for my yearly evaluation with Mr. Cook, and since we are dead right now I was hoping to go see him so I can get it over with.”

“Yeah go right ahead, I got this.” Devyn said reassuringly.

As Kelsie made her way to Mr. Cook’s office, Devyn did a small celebration dance before continuing her work. In the midst of doing her work, Devyn was oblivious to the fact that she was quietly being gawked at by Charlie.

“Damn what an ass. Too bad you’re such a frigid bitch.” Charlie said gruffly. “Oh the fun we could have had.” He said as he clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Devyn turned around and snarled, as her normally bright blue eyes started to darken.

“Nothing much. Just checking on ya to see if you still had a pulse since I didn’t hear back from you yesterday.”

“Oh how sweet of you. As you can see I’m perfectly fine, so do me a favor and fuck off.”

“That’s not nice.” Charlie mock scolded Devyn, before finishing his statement. “Speaking of fucking. You know what I did to celebrate our would be anniversary?”

“No but I’m sure you are going to tell me.”

“I knew you were more than just a great set of tits. I fucked Brooke in the ass. Mind you shooting one in that round apple you call an ass would have been soo much better, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.”

“Oh how sweet of you to think that Charlie, but you are telling me this because?” Devyn said while trying not to lose her cool.

“I just wanted to let you know how I celebrated our anniversary. Now what did you do? Let me guess you and that wanna be dyke Kelsie swapped spit and licked each other’s twat.”

“No we didn’t.” Devyn said as her irritation level increased.

“Oh good because I would have hated to miss that. To tell the truth it kinda makes my cock hard thinking about it.” Charlie whispered, while grinning wickedly from ear to ear.

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