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Natural Neighbors

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Al pulled into our driveway and was about to unlock the door when, ignoring the lurid view I gave some neighbors, I swung it wide open. I struck a sexy, breathy, uncharacteristic pose for my shocked husband and greeted him eagerly, gleefully, with phone cam in hand, sweaty and naked. I snapped a shot of his surprised and delighted face as he took in my slim, shapely, flushed body. “Welcome home, love. Meet our new neighbors.” I pivoted and pointed to the living room and the three naked people on the floor. “We tried waiting for you, but just couldn’t. The lady on the floor is Maria, that’s her husband Roy stuffing his cock in her, and the beautiful redhead sitting on Maria’s face is their child, Rayna.” His mouth dropped as he took in the lusty sight.

=================== One hour earlier ==============

The doorbell rang and I ran to answer it. Three strangers stood in the open doorway, a couple and a young woman. All three wore daringly tiny, green sport shorts. The man, Roy, extended his hand, yet I couldn’t miss the lascivious full body scan he gave me. He held my hand as he introduced his wife, Maria, and child Rayna. He stepped closer to kiss my hand and blatantly pressed his own hand against my chest. His eyes twinkled sinfully as he strayed and crushed my breast. Before I could react (slowly), he dropped our hands to his groin and pinned them against his flaccid, yet dense dick.

While rubbing his dick with my hand, he told me they were new neighbors and wanted to apologize in advance if I spotted them naked in their home. He wanted to explain that they were not only nudists, but fairly liberal sexually. He hoped their actions didn’t offend me, but felt secure that he found a kindred spirit since I made no effort to remove his hand.

I smiled and, though my husband wasn’t home yet, gestured for them to enter and tell me more. Three sexy asses moved to my sofa as I watched their gentle, exaggerated ballet. I wasn’t sure about the women, but Roy’s loosely shifting cock screamed ‘commando’ and I wondered how long before it expanded down his shorts, lifted the legging and exploded into plain sight. My intrigue and curiosity already hoped for that.

Four sizeable tits wobbled unrestrained under their loose shields. Maria wore a white peasant top off her shoulders and pulled down to expose quite a bit of cleavage. Iridescent red headed Rayna wore a low cut, pale purple tank top with huge arm/side cut aways that threatened to let her swaying D-cups escape. Both women showed hints of camel toes that just added to their lusty nonchalance. Though Rayna looked like an overdeveloped fourteen year old, I later learned she was actually twenty.

Roy was the first to comment that he liked the way my ribbed, green tank top clung to my sexy tits. My nipples stiffened at the pointed, leering, bold compliment. Rayna pointed straight at my hard nipples and said it seemed it was time to show me what her family was really like. She casually pulled her top over her head and let her massive tits rebound to their natural, high position. They were perfection! She grabbed her mom’s hem and pulled it up as Maria raised her arms. Perfect C-cups fell out of her top. Rayna turned to her dad and peeled his shirt off.

As he bent and shifted, his dick danced for my fixated eyes. “I hate wearing clothes!” said Rayna as she pushed her shorts to her feet. She high stepped out of the shorts and made sure her fiery red bush and bald labia targeted me. She curtsied slowly, sarcastically so her slim-lipped pussy opened a bit for me to admire its youthful tension. She stood stiffly a moment showing off her flawless body and eryaman escort leered at me. “We’re hoping you will join us in our freedom. Mom, you want some help?”

She didn’t. The hint was enough for Maria to momentarily rest her hands on her firm abs and sexily push her shorts down her shapely, muscular, jogger’s legs. Pantyless, in a second she was as nude as her child and I was even more impressed. Her brown, arrow-shaped bush contrasted with her bright blonde hair and pointed at her lusty labia with inner lips pushed out just enough to make me crave bitting them. As she lifted her legs out of her shorts, she ran a finger into her slit and spread it for me so I could see her swollen clit. Rayna snorted at her brazen seduction and rubbed her own clit. “Do you mind . . .?” I asked as I pointed my lens at the exhibitionists. They all smiled, but didn’t answer.

I zoomed in on Roy’s tenting shorts since I could already tell his religion. He wedged his thumbs in them and pushed them down several inches, just enough to expose all of his dark bush and an inch of his hard dick. He smiled as he teased and I stared, then slowly showed me more. He paused again when his swollen bishop appeared.

Rayna pulled the waist around her dad’s thick, stiff 8″ dick and let it launch hard against his toned, hairy abs. It rebounded and he leveled it directly at me. I snapped a photo as it was and when it was covered by Rayna’s hand. What a close family! Rayna dropped to her knees, took his shorts with her and licked his cock. As his kid licked his clear, sweet pre-cum, he asked me, “Now that we are comfortable, do you need or want our help matching us?”

“Umm, well, I have an arrangement with my husband Al that we will only play intimately with others with our mutual consent. That means absolutely no fluid exchange through sex, oral, fingering or kissing is allowed. We always insist on seeing a current STD blood panel too. Maybe when he gets here . . . “

“Agreed. That’s too bad.” Roy commented. “I hoped to taste your nipples and juices before sharing you with my family. I guess we have to wait for that, assuming you’re willing. Meanwhile, you should join us naked while we wait for Al. That’s not violating your agreement, is it?”

They didn’t wait for my answer. All three approached me and Maria took my phone and took photos as I quietly agreed that they were right. Rayna gently pulled my top off and my tiny tits shook, nipples hard and close to two faces. Roy pinched a nipple then dropped to his knees with his thumbs in my panties and pulled them and my shorts to my feet. He rested his cheek against my navel and slid slowly thru my trimmed, brown pubes. I heard him inhale deeply as his nose pressed against my labia and split them apart. He groaned as he inhaled my moist fragrance. I groaned as I wished Al would hurry home so I could let Roy lick me. He rolled a lip open and rubbed his nose against my clit without tasting it. I was suddenly aware that Rayna was holding my cheeks apart and sniffing my butt and pussy as Maria took more photos of both of them.

While cupping my vulva, Ray challenged, “Well, since this is temporarily forbidden fruit we can’t eat, let’s show Sue what she’s likely to see from her windows.” They retreated to the edge of the sofa, Maria on all four, Roy knelt behind her. He spread her pussy open and licked it deeply before lining up his cock. I moved around them, took photos and watched Rayna lie on her back and align her pussy with her mom’s hungry mouth. Maria leaned far forward and sucked her child’s tongue into her mouth, then moved to her rigid nipple.

Just as Roy swapped his cock etimesgut escort with his tongue in his wife’s love hole, Maria dipped her own tongue into her child’s swollen, tempting, glistening pussy. She moaned lightly at the taste then louder as she felt her husband sink into her. My breath went ragged at the incestuous, loving sight. I had to rub my slit, my clit, and let Ray watch. I pulled my wet inner, protruding lips and teased Roy with them. Strangers just moments ago were now fucking for me just a foot away as I reveled in letting him watch me satisfy myself.

Before their arousal climbed to climax, Rayna straddled her mom pressing her big tits into her back and aligning her pussy over her mom’s, offering it to her dad. He immediately fingered the young pussy, licked it deeply to savor its flavors and plunged his stiff cock into his child. He pumped her pussy several times then switched to fucking her mom. For several minutes, I watched his slippery, nectar coated, tempting, thick cock alternate between two perfect pussies. I know Al will want to do that! Maybe I’ll add my pussy to the stack and let both men fuck us all! The slapping, squishy sounds of love escalated with their breathing as well as my own sighs.

Roy guided Maria to her back and Rayna licked the sexy soup of the threesome off his cock before guiding it into her mother. We watched his thick cock fold Maria’s labia into her sex box then watched them cling to his stiff staff as it tried to escape. I took many photos. Rayna stepped away and hugged me.

We watched mesmerized as Maria’s tits jostled in all directions. “I hope you get to feel my mom’s tongue in your pussy; she gives great head.” I sighed at the thought. Rayna sat on Maria’s chest facing her dad. She kissed him deeply and passionately as she slid her pussy to Maria’s talented tongue. She leaned forward and licked the juncture of her mom’s clit and her dad’s cock. I so wanted to join them. Instead, I took more photos. I heard a car outside!

Al pulled into our driveway and was about to unlock the door when, ignoring the lurid view I gave some neighbors, I swung it wide open. I struck a sexy, breathy, uncharacteristic pose for my shocked husband and greeted him eagerly, gleefully, with phone cam in hand, sweaty and naked. I snapped a shot of his surprised and delighted face as he took in my slim, shapely, flushed body. “Welcome home, love. Meet our new neighbors.” I pivoted and pointed to the living room and the three naked people on the floor. “We tried waiting for you, but just couldn’t. The lady on the floor is Maria, that’s her husband Roy stuffing his cock in her, and the beautiful redhead sitting on Maria’s face is their child, Rayna.” His mouth dropped as he took in the lusty sight.

“Don’t let me interrupt.” Al quipped after a fast recovery. He scrutinized me as much as the strangers and I knew he wondered how involved I got. In between gasps, Roy told him that I had set the limits according to our agreement and he respected them, as did they all.

We noticed Al’s slacks were already tented so I signaled Rayna to help me denude my Al. Despite her blase denials, she rushed over and clearly relished stripping him. I pulled his shirt off and left the jackpot for Rayna. She easily dropped his pants and took them and his shoes off together. Maria also watched as Al’s dick pushed his briefs into a steep tent.

Rayna watched me and AL as she ran her hands slowly up his legs, over his covered sac and onto his rigid log. He looked at me for my reaction. I smiled at him and watched Rayna slip casually and confidently into his briefs, grab his cock then slowly pull his etlik escort briefs down until he was naked like the rest of us.

With his big dick freed and swelling quickly in the young stranger’s hand, Al offered, “You know, we can have ONE way fluids exchange. HJ is ok and spanning a gap to fill your mouth with my cum is ok too, but a BJ or licking has to wait. Finger fucking my wife or our asses is fine as long as you have no open cuts on those fingers. You can’t put your fingers back inside her after you lick them so you may want to wait until she cums before sucking her tasty nectar off them.”

“You mean we didn’t have to wait to taste your wife? Come here, sweetie, my safe fingers NEED to dive into your pussy. We’ll let Al watch and you can both finger my wife and kid too. We’ll get you a copy of our blood panel so you can fuck them next time and so I can fuck Sue. They are both on the pill, so no worries there.”

Al’s eyebrow snapped up even before Rayna stuck out her tongue and teasingly orbited his swollen bishop without touching it. She slid up and down his rigid cock as I stepped closer to Roy to give him intimate access to my holes. He rolled my labia open and slowly pushed two fingers into me as Al watched this new stranger finger fuck me. He briefly strummed my clit until it leapt out of its hood then plowed my pussy at the same rate he was fucking his wife.

“Oh, Al, he knows his stuff. He’s making my clit hum and has already found my G-spot just as you do. I’m going to cum already all over his hand and face. Ohhhhhhhhh.” My knees weakened and only Roy’s fingers inside me and Maria’s hand under my ass let me collapse slowly to the floor in raspy bliss. I shuddered gently for a few minutes.

Rayna watched me as she continued jerking my husband’s distended, purple cock. He had his fingers in her young, soft, wet pussy making her gasp. She flushed and shuddered in a squeaky climax then fell to her knees. She cupped his balls and rubbed his slippery bishop with her thumb so she could taste his sweet, clear Cowper’s off it before sliding the hot cock across her face.

Despite his desperate desire to eat her, he reluctantly put his pussy-soaked fingers in her mouth and let her taste herself. She savored her flavor and wrapped her hand behind his sac where, judging by Al’s sudden forward lurch, she pressed into his ass. He climbed onto his toes as her finger circled inside him and milked his prostate. In seconds, his balls tightened, his ass clenched and he shot a strong load across a short gap and onto her tongue. She quickly swallowed that thick gift, then, against our rules, she wrapped her lips around the tip of Al’s spasming cock and sucked his next two streams into her mouth. She did not swallow those loads. Instead, she crawled quickly to her dad and briefly but deeply kissed him to push some of Al’s sperm into his mouth. He happily accepted.

She then crawled onto her mom so her pussy was in her dad’s face. While she deeply kissed her mom for long moments and shared Al’s cum with her, her dad licked and sucked her pussy juices. Al and I groaned at the lusty, incestuous sight. Eating Rayna’s pussy was enough to launch Roy into orgasm. We watched his cheeks clench hard as he finally shot his loads into his orgasming wife while licking his child to climax. They collapsed to the floor with Roy’s face in my groin. Al knelt over my face and they all watched me suck his sodden cock clean.

Roy piped up again, “I can’t wait until we can do this all again without restrictions.” And he rubbed his nose into my wet pussy.


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