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Sabbatical or Continuous Gang Bang?

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My twin sister Laura had already left to go back to college this fall season, but I had decided to take off a semester as I was totally burnt out on school and needed a break. We were twins but not identical though we did look a lot alike and roughly the same size me being a few inches taller.

My parents were fine with fine me taking a short break but adamant that one semester was all I could take. My mother and father were workaholics so it left me with lots of time home alone to dress up in all my sisters’ clothes. Normally not a big deal but strange to some as I am a 20 year old guy that loves to cross dress.

I had started many years back as a joke for Halloween when we were sophomores; our old school had a dress policy that was fairly strict. Boys had to wear dress slacks in either tan or navy blue color with dress shirts of either white or the school colors red or gold with a required tie.

Girls were allowed to wear basically the same colors in either slacks and blouse or skirt and blouse with knee high white stockings and the required tie. My sister was always pushing the limits of the dress code and any thing else she could get away with. She thought it would be a great joke if we switched uniforms for Halloween.

So that Friday she wore my uniform and combed her hair like a guy. She then dressed me up in her blouse and tie, a red plaid skirt with the required knee high socks and some black dress shoes. I was just trying to go along with her but as soon as I had her clothes on I was hooked. I looked great just like a cute sexy innocent young girl and it felt so right and so naughty and made so horny!

Our switch was a big hit with all our class mates but did not bode well with the teachers and staff who almost suspended us both for the day, settling for a letter of reprimand being sent home for our parents to sign. Our parents never saw the note as Laura forged their signatures before returning the note to the head master.

I had dressed many times since that day and on several occasions had sex as a sissy slut. I loved and cherished every minute I got to sneak away dressed in girl’s attire. At college I rarely if ever got the chance to dress up which was my primary need for a break.

The straight truth was I needed some time alone to get all dressed up and get fucked like the horny CD slut I have become. I am pretty sure my sister had figured out my alternative dressing desires and new found sexuality but my parents didn’t have the slightest clue. So here I am home alone starting my CD sexual sabbatical.

Today I had slept in late woke up with a long soak in a bubble bath and shaved from head to toe then painted all my nails a bright red. Afterwards I dressed in my sister’s old school uniform with thigh high white stockings and red bows that matched the red plaid skirt and tie with a shinny red satin thong underneath! I finished my outfit with some super sexy red 6″ heeled Mary Jane shoes with instep straps.

I did my face up slutty with mascara, eyeliner, blush and fire engine red lipstick accessorizing with gold hoop earrings and a gold ankle bracelet that said “SLUT”! I pulled my shoulder length blonde hair into a pony tail on both sides before I went down stairs for breakfast and to figure out where I could go for some fun!

I made bacon, eggs and toast then sat down to eat on our glass enclosed deck when I heard splashing and yelling from our neighbor’s house behind us. I stood and looked out to see our neighbor’s son had a few friends over enjoying the pool.

Lionel the boy next door was gorgeous and I have had the hot’s for him since they moved in six years ago. He is 6’2″ pure muscle and was captain of the high school football team and quarterback. He is also dark skinned African American and verrrrry well hung which I had seen several times in the shower after gym.

There were four African American guys including Lionel and three white guys from his old team. I knew them all as they were only a year behind me in school. They were getting rowdy in the pool splashing yelling and throwing a ball around. I moved the table over next to the windows so I could watch them as I sat down to finish eating. There is no fence between us so I had a great view when Lionel got out and stood on the diving board. I could easily see all clearly, nearly choking on my eggs and toast noticing he was completely nude!

Not thinking I stood up and opened the sliding glass door for a better look. The door made a distinct rumble as I slid it open which they heard and all seven turned to stare at me. Here I stood frozen like the proverbial deer in headlights all dressed up like a slutty school girl turning bright red not more then fifty feet away. They all stared back at me one even hanging his jaw agape and possibly drooling before they began whistling and cat calling at me turning me a brighter red if that was possible!

I couldn’t move I just stood there staring at them as they thought I was my sister checking them out. Lionel asked if I was enjoying the show and all I could do was Kurtköy Grup Escort nod my head yes with a naughty little smile. He then stepped off the board and walked towards me. I still couldn’t move as he started up the stairs to the deck his long thick semi hard cock pointing the way. I just stared at his cock bouncing as he climbed the stairs to stand in front of me.

He grabbed my hand wrapping it around his now rock hard eleven inch cock and led me down the stairs holding my hand on his cock! He led me back around the pool to a wooden lounge chair and sat me down on it my hand still wrapped around his cock. Dazed and still blushing bright red he moved his cock towards my mouth and I just opened up and let it slide right in.

I was still dazed looking up at Lionel’s face while his long hard throbbing cock slid across my lips and tongue and he let out a deep low moan. By now the other 6 guys were all standing around us as I slid my hand back to take Lionel’s beautiful cock deeper in my mouth to my throat. They started chanting


The chanting snapped me out of my trance like state and I spread my legs apart reached up with both hands grabbing and squeezing Lionel’s firm ass cheeks pulling him towards me burying his cock to the balls into my throat. My own seven inch cock was now rock hard and one of the guys saw it tenting out my thong.

“THAT”S NOT LAURA IT”S HER BROTHER TONY” he yelled out! This stopped the chanting.


Lionel replied grabbing my pony tails and using them like handles to pump his long hard cock into my mouth!

Someone grabbed my left hand and pulled it to their hard cock and started me jerking their cock as Lionel proceeded to pull on my pony tails fucking my mouth and throat picking up speed as my tongue ran crazy across the shaft of his throbbing meat! Pulling all the way back so just his large head was tugging my lips before slamming all the way in his balls slapping on my chin.

Another guy grabbed my right hand wrapping it around his hard cock and I started jacking his cock in time with the cock in my left hand. Lionel’s balls were smacking my chin at an increasing rate as he power fucked my mouth and throat when he screamed out!


He pulled back out of my mouth launching his cum across my nose and lips and into my now wide open mouth! It tasted so warm and salty I didn’t want to waste any so I slammed my mouth back on the head and held tight with my lips as stream after stream of his cum pumped into my wanton mouth. He filled me up and I swallowed.

He shot again, I swallowed again. He grabbed his shaft and jerked it fast several times filling my mouth yet again and I swallowed it down gladly! Lionel fired off one last stream onto my greedy tongue then pulled his throbbing cock from my mouth and stumbled away to collapse on another lounge chair behind him!

“Bye the way my name is TONYA”!

I announced still jerking the two cocks and pulling my self to my feet, looking around I spotted a bottle of tanning oil. The cock in my right hand was Bill’s and it was white and a little over seven inches long with a nice purple head so I gave it a shove towards the oil telling Bill to gab it letting go.

The cock in my left hand was black easily nine inches and fairly thick. I continued jerking it as I hooked my right thumb in my thong string pulling it down and stepping out of it. I looked around at the other four guy’s jaws agape stroking their cocks as I kneeled down onto the lounge chair still stroking Charles impressive cock and dropped my thong on the chair.

Bill came back with the oil and I told him to work it into my ass and onto his cock so he could fuck me! Bill coated his fingers and sat down behind me running the oil into my crack and slipping a finger inside my tight little rose bud causing me to moan deeply!

Charles used that as his opportunity to thrust his cock free from my hand into my mouth. His firm meat was oozing pre cum which I greedily lapped up with my tongue as his cock head slid towards my tonsils. He quickly started pumping that thick dark meat into my throat and only lasted a couple dozen strokes before slamming his balls against my chin and shooting straight into my throat and down to my tummy!

Bill had three fingers in my ass now and was pumping them in and around with gusto as Charles pulled back letting me lick the last of his cum from his deflating dong before pulling away. Terry, Steve, James and Rick all stepped forward to take Charles place. I could see on each of their faces they wanted to be the next one to experience my hot wet oral nirvana, filling my mouth with his hard cock.

Surveying the bounty before me Terry’s dick was dark chocolate black and maybe six inches but almost as big around as a beer can. Steve was white average thickness and about eight inches. James was also white a bit thicker then Steve and close to nine or ten inches.

Rick on the other hand had Kurtköy Manken Escort a monster dark dark black as thick as a red bull can and easily fourteen inches standing out at a steep angle from his hips and dripping pre cum from the slit of his almost tennis ball sized head. I grabbed a hold of Terry’s thick short cock and Rick’s coal colored tree trunk telling Steve and James to hold their heads together.

“Bill that’s good with the oil just start fucking me”

I said wrapping my lips around Steve and James heads swirling my tongue across around and under them both while jacking my hands on Terry’s stump and up and down Rick’s trunk. I was about half way down on Steve and James when I felt Bill’s cock touch my sphincter and slam balls deep! His hips crashing into my ass, pushing me forward forcing my lips to the limit of stretching wide open on Steve and James shafts!

I let out a scream that’s was mostly muffled by the cocks in my mouth as my lips felt like they would split apart. Bill pummeled my aching ass at near warp speed holding onto my hips as he pounded into my ass so hard I swear he was going to leave bruises. I had to yank my mouth off its cocks to calm him down!

“Calm down a bit Bill! You’re bony hips are going to leave bruises on my cheeks!”

“OH Sorry Tonya!”

He blurted out as the guys all roared out in laughter. If he had some meat on his hips it wouldn’t have bothered me as I LOVE getting fucked hard but he was slamming skin covered bone what felt like bone deep into my ass cheeks and it really hurt.

Bill calmed down so I turned my head back around and continued jacking licking and sucking the four cocks in front of me. I was a nasty slut alternating back and fourth on James and Steve’s cocks. Bill’s cock hit the right spot and I moaned loudly on Steve’s cock and it twitched a bit and pulsed between my firmly gripping lips. I was savoring its taste and texture as my mouth slid wetly up and down its pulsing length making sure to provide lots of tongue. Still jacking my hands back and fourth rhythmically on Terry and Rick’s cocks.

Moving my hot wet mouth over to James and slathering my tongue wildly across the soft flesh of his cock head, my tongue slipping into the piss slit before I slowly work my lips down the firm throbbing shaft running my tongue back and forth under and around his ridged shaft. I continued jacking Rick and Terry as Bill pumped his firm meat into my ass pussy holding firmly onto my hips.

My lips ran into James balls and my tongue worked crazily on the skin joining his sack and shaft together causing him to moan almost snarl and grab onto my pony tails holding my mouth firmly in place his cock head bouncing back and forth on the sides of my throat. He held me there firmly until I had to yank back a bit and take a deep gasp of air giving me a head rush. James released my pony tails so I started my mouth back up and down the firm soft flesh for a few minutes before Terry yelled out.


So I turned and engulfed his thick head as far as I could and ran my tongue all over it as his white molten lava erupted into my mouth. His cum tasted great almost sweet but wasn’t thick at all more like water as he pumped stream after stream after glorious stream into my mouth. Terry must have been saving it up for a while, his huge thick balls just kept pumping and pumping and pumping stream after stream into my willing swallowing mouth and I just swallowed and swallowed and swallowed for fear of drowning.

He was pumping so much so fast I couldn’t breathe! It wasn’t a beer can it was a cum can and I must have shook it up too much! Terry pumped what seemed like at least a quart into me in a matter of seconds then backed away and stumbled towards the pool and fell in. Bill couldn’t take it any longer either and he slammed into me held on tight and came deep inside my ass pussy before climbing off and joining Terry in the pool.

“I want that sissy ass on my cock now!”

Ricks deep voice announced as he pulled me up off the lounge and laid down on his back his butt just back from the edge. I turned around and used Steve and James cocks on each side to steady me as I stepped up onto the lounge one foot on each side of Rick’s powerful hips. I lowered my self down gently and grabbed onto his massive shaft guiding the mammoth head towards my hole. I tried and tried and even poured oil all over it but my tight little ass just wouldn’t open up enough to let it enter. Steve came up with the idea of him and James pulling a dual penetration on me to stretch me out enough to get Rick inside me.

Steve switched places with Rick and I climbed up again then knelt down on my knees and took his cock into me with ease and rode him cowgirl for a few minutes while sucking James all the way to the balls. Then Rick took James place and I jacked him off and tried to fit his monster in my mouth with not much luck. James got between Steve’s legs and pushed his cock against Steve’s cock and eased it slowly up inside stretching Kurtköy Masöz Escort ass wide. It took several minutes but they got both cocks inside me with considerable pain and I made them hold still till it quit hurting.

After a couple minutes I gently started moving up slowly then down slowly till I stretched out enough to let them start fucking me. It was an incredible feeling when they started going different ways. James cock sliding into me deeply as Steve was sliding out of me then reversing and James cock sliding out of me as Steve’s cock slid into me. They started fucking me faster and faster one in one out and I was shuddering from the intense pleasure they were giving my wide stretched ass.

I couldn’t take it any more and my rock hard cock let loose a huge load of cum landing all over Steve’s chest, neck and chin. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had and I never even touched my cock, in fact I had both hands wrapped around Rick’s cock jacking him and licking his cock head as I shot my load! James and Steve were plowing my ass wide and deep and loving every second of it as I came. Cumming all over Steve caused him to lose his load deep in my ass and all over James cock which also came deep inside seconds later.

My legs felt like rubber as I tried to stand up and get off them both using Ricks massive cock to balance, teetering on my six inch heels. They both hopped in the pool too join Terry and Bill hanging on the side watching the show. Rick laid me down on my back on the lounge and that’s when I saw Lionel again. He was standing off to the side with a video camera filming my debauchery with a big smile on his face. I flashed back a big smile as Rick knelt between my legs lifted them up placing my high heeled feet onto his shoulders and stuck his huge cock head at the entrance of my ass!

I was like putty in his arms as his huge cock popped inside me and continued into uncharted territory. Rick’s tree trunk of a cock was making me shudder from deep inside my sexual core emanating out in pure sexual bliss. He was only about ten or eleven inches into me when I started Cumming again this time all over my own chest. He just continued his steady thrust deep inside me as I looked down between us his huge rod pushing my gut around to make room for its size. My cock pumping out streams of cum as his cock bulged my stomach looking like a large snake crawling under my skin up my tummy. Snaking inch by inch into my super stretched sissy pussy.

His cock finally bottoming balls deep into my willing over stretched channel. I just lay there still shuddering from deep inside moaning almost imperceptibly with his tree branch of a cock inside me. Rick then truly surprised me leaning forward and gently placing his lips against mine in tender embrace then opening both our mouths slipping his tongue inside and joining into a passionate tango tongue to tongue inside my mouth. His huge black cock fully inside my sissy pussy he pulled his tongue back and firmly pressing his lips to mine he spoke into me.


I knew without a doubt that he was right! I was HIS SISSY BITCH! I would do any thing he wanted. I would kill or die just to have his gorgeous huge cock inside me when ever and where ever he wanted me.


With that he pulled his huge cock out of me leaning back on extended arms to pull its massive length from my wanton flesh. I felt totally empty as cool air rushed inside my gapping pussy.






Rick slammed his huge cock back in me one long firm thrust all the way into my sissy pussy I could again see it crawling up my stomach under the skin!


Rick fucked me in long deep firm strokes all the way in, all the way out, all the way in, all the way out! He impaled me continuously on his huge harpoon of a cock all the while with me screaming and moaning and Cumming!


I looked up to see Lionel at the edge of the lounge still filming as his cock thrust towards my open mouth his knees landing on either side of my head as his cock slid into my mouth and down my throat, his ball sack bouncing off my forehead and down across my eyes coming to rest on top of my nose. His sweaty musk filling my nostrils as they both fucked me deep! Using my slutty sissy mouth and pussy for their pleasure, I was their sissy bitch fuck toy.

Lionel took the same pace as Rick and I was in heaven as both cocks filled me to their balls. Then both with drew all the way out, then both in deep then both out, giving me just enough time to inhale before sliding balls deep again. Pulling back out exhale back in then out inhale they sawed those magnificent cocks in and out of me for an eternity Lionel’s balls sliding back and fourth across my face as he went. Once more I shuddered from deep within and pulsed out another load of sissy cream on my tummy.

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