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My Family’s Awakening Ch. 03

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I sank back deeper into the bath, the hot water swirling up to almost cover my chest. I reached over the side of the bath, and grabbed the bottle of beer I’d brought into the bathroom with me, and took a long, cold drink. I leant my head back against the end of the bath, and let out a long, contented sigh. I shut my eyes, and thought back over the last week.

And what a week it had been!

At the start of the week, I suppose you could say that I led a fairly normal life. Until that is, Annie – my gorgeous twin sister – and I had become lovers. It had all started when Annie had, in desperation, asked for my help as she felt she was, at nineteen, so inexperienced with men.

At first I was so shocked by her suggestion that I had run out of her room, leaving her sobbing hysterically. But I had gone back to her, to try and make her see sense. But when I found her naked, my cock had overruled my heart, and I had taken her into my arms, and we had become lovers. With a wry smile I thought about the doubts that had crept in the next day, but our need, our desire, had soon overcome these.

But after that, the week had got even better. Our Mum and Dad had been away – Mum visiting her sister, and Dad on business. Mum had come home earlier than expected, and had found Annie and me naked in my bed. It had felt like the world had caved in on us, and the next day was awful. But then Mum had come to me, had taken me as her lover before Annie came to us, to join us.

And from then there had been no looking back.

I opened my eyes and glanced down. My cock was hard from my thoughts of the last week, sticking up out of the bath water. I reached down and stroked my length, leaning back again contentedly. Annie and Mum were downstairs. They had both been at home all day, and I could only guess at what they had been up to.

All day at work my cock had been throbbing at the thought of what they would be doing together, but at least they had promised to make it up to me tonight. I smiled at the thought, my cock still in my hand. When I had got home, I had found them both dressed in silky gowns. They had met me in the hall, and we had kissed. Slow, sensual kisses which had made me rock hard almost instantly.

I had held them both to me, savouring the feel of them against me, Annie firm and lush, Mum softer, more voluptuous, both of them beautiful and sexy. I knew from the feel of them against me, from the feel of their bums as I had stroked them through the silky material, that they were naked underneath the gowns. But as I had reached for them again, they had pulled away from me, and sent me upstairs for a bath.

There was only one cloud on the horizon – Dad was due home, probably in a few days time. Shaking that thought from my mind, I finished my beer and washed quickly. I got out of the bath, and hurriedly dried myself, eager now to find Mum and Annie.

I went through to my room and pulled on a pair of shorts. As I went downstairs the house was quiet. It was only when I was right outside the door to the lounge that I could hear muffled voices. I opened the door silently, and peeped inside.

Annie and Mum were curled up on the settee, almost facing each other, very close. They were talking quietly. Annie almost had her back to me, while Mum was side on to me. Mum’s hand was resting on Annie’s bare thigh as they talked. I could see the deep cleavage between Mum’s tanned breasts where her gown was only loosely tied. Neither of them noticed that I was there, so I slipped into the room and watched.

Mum leant towards Annie and kissed her softly, their lips, their tongues, meeting slowly, almost lazily. Annie slipped her hand into Mum’s gown, reaching in and cupping her breast, savouring the feel of her soft flesh. As their lips parted, Mum tugged the belt of her own gown to undo it, pushing the two sides away from her body. Still kissing, she did the same for Annie. They broke apart and looked each other up and down. Silently, they reached out and ran their hands over each other.

Annie cupped our Mum’s breast again. Mum deliberately leant forward, her breasts swaying away from her body. Annie sighed as she cupped both breasts, feeling them heavy in her hands. As Mum leant further forward, Annie lay back. Mum was now above my sister, her breasts swaying gently above the younger woman’s mouth as they got comfortable.

Annie held one breast, pressing it back against Mum’s body, while she sucked the other one into her hungry mouth. Her lips and tongue worked on the elongated nipple, sucking and licking. She pinched the other nipple, gauging Mum’s reaction before pinching and pulling on the nipple again.

Mum pulled Annie to her, wanting her close, wanting as much of her breast to be in her daughter’s mouth as possible. She pressed her pussy down hard onto Annie’s thigh, and I could see my sister pressing back immediately. Annie moved her leg, and I could see the wet smears of Mum’s juices on her thigh.

Slowly they moved again. I reached down and rubbed Beylikdüzü Sarışın Escort the hard bulge at the front of my shorts as Mum rolled onto her back, pulling Annie above her. Now Annie fed her pert breasts to our Mum, urging her to suck hard on her erect nipples.

I rubbed and squeezed my cock through my shorts, trying hard to stifle my groans, not wanting to disturb them. Annie was on top of Mum, kissing her lips softly, the two of them grinding their bodies against each other as hard as they could. They fucked each other mouth’s with their tongues as they pressed their bodies together as one, both of them hot for the other. Mum’s leg slipped between Annie’s, bringing their pussies even harder together, spreading their juices wetly across their pubic mounds.

I pulled my rigid cock from my shorts as they ran their hands all over each other, touching and caressing everything they could reach. They muffled their cries of pleasure with their kisses. They came together, their pussies rubbing hard against each other, clinging together, kissing each other as they cried out their pleasure to each other.

It was all I could do to stop myself from cumming as I stroked and wanked my cock, but I wanted them, I wanted their mouths, their hands, their bodies, against me, touching me.

They lay gasping for breath in each other’s arms, their breasts still pressed together, kissing each other tenderly. As they recovered, they rolled part, Mum holding her arms out to me. I crossed the room quickly, my cock bouncing almost obscenely in front of me. Mum dropped to her knees in front of the settee, and took my cock straight into her mouth.

I reached down and held her head, as she wrapped her lips around me and sucked hard, drawing me deep into her mouth, her hands cradling and squeezing my balls. I looked past her at Annie, my cock growing in Mum’s mouth as I took in the view.

Annie was lying across the settee, her gown almost off her, her body on show to me in all its naked glory. Her breasts were heaving, her nipples erect, her chest flushed from her orgasm. Her pussy was wet, pink and seemed to be almost naked, her sparse hair wet against her. I looked back down at Mum, at her sucking my cock deep into her mouth, at her tongue lashing across my cock head, at her hands on my balls.

Annie stood up, and moved to the side of me. I turned my head and leant towards her as she pressed her naked body to me, as I reached down to hold her firm ass, our lips meeting, our tongues thrusting into each others hungry mouths.

I pushed a finger between her cheeks, rubbing her. I could feel her juices on my thigh as she rubbed against me. I cried out as I pumped my cock into Mum’s mouth, her teeth sliding up and down my cock as I thrust at her, as I fucked her. With a cry I came. It felt like I would never stop as Mum massaged my balls, driving my cum into her willing mouth, as she swallowed some of my juices.

I kissed Annie frantically, hungrily, as I came. Eventually the torrent of cum slowed and Mum stood up. She kissed Annie, and I could see them sharing the cum still in Mum’s mouth. And then they kissed me, sharing my taste. We held each other, their soft, warm bodies against me, our hands gently exploring.

We shared a bottle of wine, and phoned out for some Pizza to be delivered. We sat around naked eating, laughing and chatting, comfortable to be with each other, all knowing what was to come. Later, we went upstairs, taking our wine with us, and shared the huge bed that Mum normally shared with Dad, making love all together before drifting off to sleep.

When I woke up, even though it was well past lunchtime, the two women in my life were still curled up next to me.

Annie smiled up at me, her breasts hard against me. She moved, rocking her hips against me, her leg moving across mine. She slid her hand over my stomach, her light scratches sending little shivers through me as her hand moved down towards my cock. She slipped her hand under the one that was already resting in my lap, and squeezed me gently. I leant towards her and kissed her softly, loving the taste of her, the feel of her warm, wanton body against me.

On the other side of me, Mum was stirring. She wriggled her voluptuous body against me, and moved her hand away from my lap, up to my chest, running her fingers through the fine hairs she found there before pressing her finger tips into the hard muscle, before rubbing my hard nipples. She kissed me gently, her tongue slipping easily into my mouth before we broke apart.

Annie stroked my cock as we watched our Mum slide off the bed and head towards the adjoining bathroom. She sighed as she felt my cock getting longer and harder in her small hand, as my balls began to tighten. She wriggled her firm, sexy body deliciously against me, her pussy rubbing wetly along my thigh.

My cock was erect now, standing up from by body as I lay on my back, Annie’s hand stroking me up and down.

“Mmmm – yes please,” Beylikdüzü Şişman Escort Mum said as she came back to us, as she looked my cock up and down.

Annie and I both watched as she slowly crossed the room back to the bed, her hips swaying, her full, rounded breasts bouncing slightly, her nipples taut and erect, begging for attention. She climbed onto the bed behind Annie, pressing her body to her daughter, who was now sandwiched between us. Annie stroked my cock harder, pressing her body harder to me as she felt Mum’s large breasts, her hard nipples, against her back.

Annie sighed as Mum reached around her to cup her young breasts, to caress her, to pinch and pull at her sensitive nipples. Annie twisted her head around as Mum leant over her, the two of them eager to kiss, to taste each other. I watched as their tongues explored hungrily, my cock lurching and growing even more as their need grew.

Annie was almost on her back now, one hand on my cock, her other reaching for Mum, touching her, caressing her. I turned onto my side, leaning forward to touch Annie’s soft flesh, to run my hand lightly over her belly, my finger tip running into her navel before moving onto her pussy, feeling the warm wetness springing from her. Annie and Mum carried on kissing, low moans escaping as their passion rose.

At first I thought I was seeing things as I caught sight of the reflection in the mirror over Mum’s shoulder. But as I focussed, I could feel my eyes widen as the reflection moved. And then Dad spoke.

“Fucking hell,” was all he could say, his voice a low, almost pained, groan.

I turned onto my back, stunned, staring at him. Annie and Mum jumped as he spoke. We all looked at each other, none of us knowing what to say, what to do. The four of us seemed frozen in time, nothing moving apart from my cock as it wilted in Annie’s hand. Mum was still holding Annie’s breast, but now her hand was still, just as mine was on Annie, as my sister’s was on our Mum.

For long, painful seconds nothing happened – until Dad let out a long, drawn out groan. I suddenly noticed the massive bulge in the front of his trousers – and wondered how long Dad had been watching us.

“Don’t stop'” he gasped, his voice no more than an emotional croak.

“Please don’t stop,” he added, reaching for the buckle of his belt.

Dad was almost pleading as he ripped at his clothes, buttons flying everywhere as he pulled his shirt off before dragging his trousers and underwear off, his socks and shoes being kicked aside.

We all watched as he frantically undressed, the three of us still not moving, until Dad was naked. Just forty, Dad was still powerfully built, with only a few dashes of grey in his hair and amongst the thick pelt of hair reaching across his broad chest. We all stared at his hard cock, at the way it stood out almost obscenely from his body. Dad’s cock seemed enormous, as long as me but thick, very thick, his balls hanging heavily beneath.

Annie groaned as she looked at him, flinching as Mum squeezed her breast hard in her excitement.

“Don’t stop,” Dad moaned again, looking at Mum, reaching for his cock as he took a step towards us.

Mum was rubbing Annie’s breast hard now, rubbing her nipple and thrusting her tongue back into my sister’s wet mouth as they kissed excitedly, each trying to look at Dad as he took another tentative step towards us, towards the bed. I watched as Annie responded to Mum, as we all responded to Dad’s wholly unexpected arrival, all of us wondering what would happen next, all of us knowing.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of Mum and Annie as they kissed, as Annie twisted her body towards our Mum, their passion heightening, their hands caressing each other. I watched as Mum’s hand ran down Annie’s back to her perfect bum, touching, caressing, probing, Annie’s buttocks squeezing together as they pressed their hot bodies against each other.

I felt the bed creak and move as Dad climbed on beside us. He looked us all over, drinking in our nakedness. And then I froze as I felt his hand on my leg, and then on my cock. I heard Mum gasp as she saw Dad stroke his hand along the length of my rapidly hardening cock. Annie twisted back towards me, confused as Mum’s lips were still on hers, both of them now watching Dad as he pulled at my cock, comfortable with what he was doing.

I was still frozen at what was happening – except the sensations running through me were wonderful. Dad was knelt beside me now, his cock resting on his thighs. I reached out for him, amazed at how heavy, how hot, his cock felt. It felt strange in my hand – the first cock I’d ever touched apart from my own. I slid my hand down his cock, peeling the skin back along his hard length, listening to him sigh with pleasure.

Annie leant over me, her breast against me, and pulled my head around to kiss me, her tongue plunging deep into my mouth. Mum leant over us both, kissing Dad, their mouths hungry for each other. And Beylikdüzü Sınırsız Escort all the while Dad wanked me, my hand stroking his cock in time to his movements. My mind was in turmoil – but I knew that I wanted everyone, everything, around me.

Mum and Dad broke their kiss, a look of understanding seeming to pass between them as they looked into each others eyes. Mum eased back from us, pulling Annie with her until my sister was on her back beside me.

As Dad continued to stroke his hand slowly up and down my rock hard cock, Mum leant over and kissed my sister, her breasts swinging forward to rub tantalisingly across Annie’s body, their tongues exploring wetly as Annie reached for Mum’s full breasts, as Mum’s hands wandered all over Annie’s ripe breasts and nipples, over her flat belly, down to her wet, waiting pussy.

Dad watched as Annie pulled her knees up, exposing her naked pussy more fully. He watched as Mum slid one, then two fingers, into Annie’s hot body, her thumb rubbing at her daughter’s clit. I felt the throbbing of Dad’s cock in my hand as I wanked him, as his hand gripped my cock harder, pulling on me.

The room was quiet and still for a few long seconds as we kissed and stroked and fingered each other. Dad moved first, climbing over me, moving my cock from one hand to the other, as he knelt up at Annie’s feet, his cock now hanging down heavily between his legs, his foreskin peeled back to reveal the bulbous end, already drenched in pre cum.

Mum pulled her fingers out of Annie, leaving her pussy pink and open, her juices pouring from between her lips and down to her ass. She looked across as me, and then at Mum, and then she held her arms out to our Dad.

Before he could move, Mum leant towards him, kissing him again, reaching for his cock. They kissed for a few seconds, and then Mum shuffled closer to him before changing her grip on his thick cock and pulling him towards Annie.

My sister moaned and arched her back, pushing her hips upwards, as she felt Mum rubbing the hot end of Dad’s cock along her naked slit. Dad leant forward, his cock head now spreading and stretching his daughters pussy slips as he started to slide into her.

Annie groaned out loud, and then shuffled her bum towards Dad, eager to have more of his cock inside her as he knelt at her feet. Her body opened up to him as she wriggled her bum onto his thighs, as he pushed his thick length inside her.

Mum let go of Dad’s cock as it disappeared inside Annie, quickly kissing him before bending over to kiss Annie, to caress and suck her nipples, as Dad slid his cock deeper into Annie’s gorgeous young body.

I gasped as Dad squeezed my cock, his hand still wanking me, as I watched his cock disappear, as I watched Mum pleasuring Annie’s breasts. I reached out for Annie, wanting to feel her hot flesh under my hand.

Mum had now moved onto her knees, her rounded ass in the air as she sucked on Annie. Dad reached for her. I watched as he slid a finger between her tight cheeks, and down towards her hot cunt. He pushed his fingers into her, finger fucking her as he wanked my cock, and rocked his hips forward to fuck my sister.

We all moved as one, keeping our rhythm as we fucked and sucked. Annie was moaning the loudest, her head tossing from side to side, her hips bucking, her back arching, as she pushed herself harder onto Dad’s thick cock, as she meet the thrusts of his rocking hips.

Mum moaned into Annie’s breasts as she fed on her daughter, hungry to suck and lick her as Dad continued to finger her wanton pussy, her juices streaming onto her thighs.

I pulled Annie’s head towards me, kissing her with a passion I’d never experienced before as Dad wanked my rigid cock.

And Dad moaned out loud, his head thrown back as his ecstasy built, as he used his hands, his cock, his body, on us all.

This seemed to go on for ages as the room, the house, echoed to the noise of our building pleasure, the air heavy with the smell of sex. But in reality it could only have been minutes before the dam burst.

Annie came first as Dad thrust into her harder and deeper, his hips slamming his cock deep inside her body as her pussy rose up to meet him, as Mum bit and licked her breasts. Her pleasure, her climax, tore through her, rippling out from her hot cunt and out into her body, slowly at first, and then in a torrent as her juices poured from her.

Dad groaned, loudly, deeply, as his cum spurted into Annie. Mum came as well, screaming out just as the first arcs of cum gushed out of my cock. I was lying almost on my side by now as Dad wanked my hard cock, and my thick cum landed on Annie. Seeing this, Dad pulled out of her juicy pussy, and – letting go of my cock – wanked over her.

I grabbed my own jerking cock and joined him, our cum gushing over Annie’s breasts and belly, down onto her thighs. Mum was kneeling close to Annie, and our cum shot across onto her face and breasts.

I couldn’t remember ever cumming so much. My balls ached as it seemed to pour out of me for ever in a thick torrent, jet after jet of it arcing out onto my Mum and sister. I felt worn out when at last it stopped. I flopped back onto the bed. Annie and Mum did the same. Dad looked at us all, a huge grin on his face, before moving to lie beside Mum, all of us full of awe at what had just happened.

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