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It Shouldn’t Happen To A Vet

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Authors Note

Hi guys here’s the latest, I’m not sure whether I overstretched myself but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Its a bit wordy but there is sex in there somewhere LOL.

This story contains elements of BDSM and fetish pony play, there is no bestiality of any kind.

Nicola King sat in the beer garden of the Dog and Fox nursing a gin and tonic. It was early Friday evening and she had arranged to meet her best friend, Sara Hamilton-Finch, for a quick drink after work. In fact best friend had become somewhat of an understatement recently.

Sara and Nicola had first met at veterinary college, Nicola the bookworm with a lower middle class upbringing in Manchester and Sara the effortlessly intelligent socialite from darkest Surrey. On the face of it not a match made in heaven but they had hit it off immediately and been best friends ever since they met that first day as they both searched for the lecture hall on that first morning.

When they had both finished their studies Sara had returned to her family estate to act as resident vet and Nicola had taken a position in a small family run practice in Cheshire. She remembered only to well the first few weeks in her new position, a ceaseless stream of sick cats and dogs, not exactly the glamorous start she had been hoping for. Certainly not what she had in mind when she had embarked on her training.

Ever since her childhood Nicola had dreamt of being involved in the exciting world of horse racing, as a ten-year-old girl she had driven her parents crazy, talking of nothing other than my little pony and the horse of the year show. They had never been able to afford for Nicola to have a pony of her own so she had had to content herself with magazines and toys, knowing one day she would get what she really wanted, to care for horses, real horses and get paid for it. Unlike most childhood fantasies however Nicola had pursued hers into adult life. She had studied hard for her O and A levels and going on to earn a scholarship place at a prestigious veterinary college.

It was during her second month in family pet hell that Nicola had received a call from Sara, who was positively breathless with excitement. Sara’s dad had a friend who ran a large animals practice, specialising in show horses, he needed a new vet quickly and Sara had put Nicola forward for the job. The only hitch was she needed to get to the interview for 9 O’clock the following morning.

Nicola had moved heaven and earth to make it in time and had gone on to get the job as well. She owed Sara a big favour. Not only had she changed her life with a new career doing exactly what she wanted, but the girl had also sorted her out with a small house on her Father’s estate to boot. Best friend was definitely an understatement. The only thing the seemingly omnipotent Sara had not been able to sort out had been her love life. Nicola knew it was only a matter of time though, Sara knew everyone worth knowing and was constantly arranging parties and get togethers for her friends and associates.

Nicola was snapped out of her reverie by her name being shouted out across the garden in a plummy Surrey accent, Sara Hamilton-Finch had arrived.

“Nick! Another G & T OK?”

Nicola nodded her approval as Sara made her presence known. She was suddenly aware of an increase in interest in her from the surrounding tables as various people adjusted their view of the quiet brunette sitting in the corner. Nicola was a tall girl with long legs and a firm, although not overly large bust, her long chestnut hair was swept back in a pony tail. She was considered pretty, but not overly so, normal looking but attractive none the less, she certainly seemed to have gained a number of admirers now her allegiance with Sara had been publicly revealed. She found herself blushing slightly as a table of men nearby turned to look at her, Nicola averted her eyes immediately, suddenly shy.

About half an hour later Sara finally arrived at the table clutching two G & T’s to her ample chest, barely covered as it was by her skimpy crop top. Unlike Nicola, Sara had never been shy about revealing what she thought of as her best assets. Sara’s tits had been famous across the campus not just for their size and gravity defying abilities but for their tendency to be exposed in public whenever Sara had had one to many. No matter how humiliating or embarrassing the event was however Sara always managed to come up smelling of roses, much to Nicola’s annoyance. Nicola eyed her best friend, she was as tall as her, but with long blonde hair, again in a fashionable pony tail. She had inherited her Mothers muscular thighs, along with her breasts, a hang over from years in the saddle, as Sara cheerfully told anyone who cared to ask. She was popular, funny and above all else loyal, Nicola couldn’t have asked for a better friend.

The two old friends exchanged Kisses and sat down to chew the fat as they often did after a hard weeks work.

“So Nick how goes it at the bursa eskort practice, getting to play with your precious horses?”

Nicola ignored her friend. Sara had been around horses all her life and found Nicola’s fascination a source of constant amusement.

“Actually you’ll be pleased to hear that I have been asked to attend Fontshall Manor house tomorrow to look at a couple of Mares over there”

She stuck her tongue out at her friend, to make the point. The manor was well known locally as a centre for excellence in all things equestrian. Nicola wanted her friend to know that she was capable of getting by on her own merits. She was also secretly thrilled to have been asked to go along, apparently Lady Fontshall had asked for her specifically.

“Oh darling well done, Lady F is real picky about who touches her livestock. She’s a friend of the family so say hi to her from me.”

Nicola rolled her eyes, Sara knew absolutely everyone, it should of come as no suprise to her that Sara and the richest woman in the county were old acquintances.

“Seriously Nicky well done, that’s a real feather in your cap, she knows absolutely everyone on the circuit, don’t fuck it up for gods sake”

“Don’t worry Ill try not too. I’m seeing her first thing in the morning at her yard, I’m nervous as hell. What’s she like Sara? I really want her to like me, tell me all, go on be a sweetheart”

Sara took a sip of her drink and took a moment to decide what she should tell her friend. She couldn’t tell her she had recommended her to Lady Fontshall, poor Nicola would throw a fit about that. She also knew she couldn’t tell her the real reason for her appointment, not yet anyway. She decided to err on the side of caution.

“Well she’s drop dead gorgeous for a start and very bossy, likes things to be perfect for all her animals, loves them all dearly. The most important thing is to be yourself she can’t stand fakes, don’t worry darling you’ll be fine”

A slightly odd look passed over Sara’s face for a second, Nicola noticed it but put it down to the Gin and satisfied she knew all she needed to about Lady Fontshall steered the conversation onto other matters….like stable boys she fancied.

Nicola ducked out of the pub at about 9.30 and headed home, leaving Sara at the centre of a crowd of admiring men, all desperate to snatch a date with the blond. Once safely ensconced in her little cosy house she poured herself a glass of Shiraz and fired her laptop up. Quick check of e-mail before bed, she thought to herself, then off to bed.

As she logged in to her Hotmail account only to be greeted with the usual accumulation of spam mail. Advertisement’s for penis enlargement and credit consolidation. There was however one piece of mail that caught her eye, she didn’t recognise the address but it was a large file so she decided to open it anyway. There wasn’t any text, just two pictures, slowly being downloaded onto the screen.

As more and more of the pictures were revealed Nicola took an increased interest due to their obviously equestrian nature. The first thing to come into view was an older women dressed in full hunt clothing, even down to the top hat and bright red jacket, she was seated on a leather Chesterfield sofa. She looked extremely rich and powerful, her back ramrod straight and her blonde hair done up in a bun barely visible beneath the hat. As the picture completed it revealed a younger girl, about Nicola’s age and extremely pretty sitting at her feet with her head in the older woman’s lap. The girl was wearing a normal summer dress and shoes. The older woman was combing the girl’s very long hair with a brush that reminded Nicola of the ones she so frequently came across in horse yards. The younger girl had a look of thinly disguised contentment on her face as the older woman, who had a similar look about her, groomed her.

Both women were fully clothed and there was no element of nudity in the picture. It seemed in invoke a sense of caring and nurturing. Both women seemed to be happy with their positions, even if one of them was being openly submissive to the other.

The second picture was in the same vein, another older woman, a different one this time, but again fully attired in hunt colours. She was leaning nonchalantly against a post and rail fence that surrounded a large sand filled training ring. Leaning over the top post of the ring was another young girl, about 18 years old this time and wearing jodhpurs and a t-shirt. The older woman was holding her hand up to the girls mouth and looked to be feeding her a sugar lump, which the younger girl seemed only to pleased to accept without the use of her hands, which seemed to be behind her back, almost as if she was restrained.

Nicola wasn’t sure what to make of the pictures, she had of course come across porn over the net before and considered herself broad minded, but this stuff wasn’t the usual cocks and cunt’s stuff it was far more darkly erotic than bursa escort bayan that. The thrill was far more of an implied nature.

Nicola thought of all the times she had watched as horses were trained, how many times had she seen sugar lumps offered as rewards? She caught herself wondering what the young girl had done to earn such a reward. Her mind was suddenly awash with images of whips, reins and mouth bits. She was aware of a dampness developing in her panties, her nipples were tingling and she couldn’t resist giving one a gentle tug through her dressing gown as she imagined herself being petted by an older woman.

God Nicola King you need to get laid, look at you getting turned on by a couple of pervy pictures, shame on you. Despite her protestations however she couldn’t resist slipping a hand inside her panties, teasing the slick folds of flesh as she groaned, eyes shut, pushing her fingers deep inside her sopping cunt now as she approached her orgasm. Nicola couldn’t help wishing that she was owned, a piece of property to be looked after and cared for by a loving owner, she wanted to be used for other peoples pleasure, a sex slave something to be toyed with and then put away for another time. The fantasy of submission was unleashing a flood of wetness between her outstretched thighs now as she arched her back her orgasm ripping through her, eyelids fluttering as she struggled to keep her grip on reality. She slumped down in her chair exhausted but satisfied, a huge grin plastered over her sweaty face, she hadn’t some like that for years. Exhausted she regained her breath and decided it was time to go to bed, she had an early start in the morning and wanted to look her best. She deleted the pictures deciding that someone from college had sent them from a ghost mail account for a laugh. She retired to her room still feeling aroused but determined to get a good night’s sleep.

Nicola took her gown off leaving her standing in her bra and soaked panties and got into bed. She tossed and turned for ages, trying to rationalise why she had got so flustered from looking at the pictures. Nicola sighed contentedly as she toyed with her throbbing clit, her mind replaying the events of earlier on as her other hand roughly tugged at her swollen nipple. She hadn’t been this turned on for ages, usually a nice hard come sorted her right out but tonight one wasn’t going to be enough for her as her questing fingers once again slipped between her moistened thighs. As she played with herself her mind wandered back to the pictures, the look of calm and acceptance on the younger girls faces was somehow tranquil and at the same time arousing and slightly sinister.

Nicola was slowly realising that the turn on for her was the look of contentment on both of the young girls faces, as though they had accepted their positions as pets, pets who were being taken care of, loved by caring owners. All pressure of being a human had been removed, they were entirely the responsibility of their owners. Nicola decided, in a moment of pre-orgasmic clarity, that deleting the pictures from her mail account was a big mistake. She reluctantly stopped her toying and made her way back to her laptop, switching it on quickly and almost frantically connecting to the net hoping against hope that Hotmail hadn’t cleared her trash box in the last two hours.

She was in luck and quickly restored the mail to her inbox. While I’m here I might as well take one last look at them, she thought. Nicola steeled herself and opened the pictures up so they again became real, rather than some half-remembered image in her mind. Once again the pictures worked their magic inside her head, previously unknown feelings were welling inside her, tumblers in her mind clicked into place opening new pathways in her brain. She found herself wanting to be owned, cared for, loved and nurtured, just as she had treated her My little Pony dolls all those years ago. She wanted the same things now, why hadn’t she realised this earlier? All those relationship’s where she had conformed to the stereotypical intelligent strong woman, when all she wanted was to be owned, not a little bit but completely.

Nicola was so close to coming now, eyelids fluttering as she played scenarios of her submission in her head, her mind creating images where she was the pony being trained in a ring for some faceless Mistress. Being made to trot in a circle, knees lifting high in the air as she prances for her owner, so eager to please, desperate for some recognition, a sign that she was a good pony. At last her orgasm consumes her, head lolling as it crashes over her, beads of sweat pricking the skin on her breasts, arms and face. As she slowly regains composure she comes down to earth with a bump, switches off her PC and scuttles to bed, a little scared at the feelings that have been roused inside her. As soon as she is finished at the manor tomorrow she decides to have a meaningful chat with Sara about getting görükle escort her a boyfriend, some good hard fucking should sort her right out.

The next morning dawns bright and crisp, a perfect summer’s morning. Nicola runs around frantically trying to get ready for her appointment, all thoughts of the previous evenings revelations gone from her mind now as she concentrates on what might be the second major leg up of her career in as many months. What to wear, only one chance to make a first impression, how many times has her father told her that? A pair of close fitting trousers and a polo shirt should do it. Not to prissy not too untidy, just the trick.

Nicola got into her battered old land rover and made her way to Fontshall Manor, diving down the leafy lanes at the heart of Surrey, breathing in the smell of wild flowers and manure that permeates the air. Glad to be in a job she loves, working with animals she loves too. The thought of horses returns her mind to the pictures, Nicola feels as though her appetite has been wetted, she wants to see more, understand more about how this bizarre form of submission came about. Once again the bookworm in her is taking over. Realistically she knows she will never get involved with anything like that so she might as well read about it instead. To her shame she can feel her thighs getting sticky again as the thought of submitting herself to another woman overtakes her. It crosses her mind that she should be submitting to a man if anyone at all, she is straight after all! Somehow that wouldn’t seem right to her though. What do men know about horses? How to care for them and love them, nothing she decides, for the sake of her fantasies it will be a woman who owned her. She has always considered herself straight, but also appreciates the female form, how many times has she wished her breasts were as full and shapely as Sara’s? She resolves to investigate the matter further later on this evening over a nice glass of wine in the privacy of her own bedroom, with nothing for company but her trusty dildo and laptop.

As the front wheels of her Land Rover crunch on the gravel drive leading to the manor Nicola shakes her head and tries to get a grip on herself. Be professional, be professional, do a good job here and who knows what might happen. The driveway stretches on into the distance and she can make out the manor house through the Lebanese cedar trees. The building is enormous, a rambling collection of oak timbered buildings all connected to form an imposing country estate. The stables themselves are down a short driveway into which Nicola turns She swings into the courtyard of the stable block and is waved at by a suited 21 year old woman. Nicola immediately notices her incredibly long hair swept back into a ponytail. Once again her mind is putting images in her head that she would rather weren’t there.

“Hi you must be Miss Nicola King, I am Suzanne Roach, personal assistant to Lady Fontshall. Welcome to Fontshall Manor”

Nicola accepts the outstretched hand and shakes, it as she does so she takes a moment to drink in the vision of corporate efficiency that stands in front of her. Suzanne Roach is wearing a pressed charcoal suit jacket, tapered to accentuate her slim waist and firm high breasts. Her skirt is slit up the side exposing a hint of finely toned thighs encased in black stockings. Nicola immediately decides that Suzanne couldn’t be dressed more inappropriately for a horse yard if she tried.

“Please follow me Miss King, her Ladyship is out breaking a horse in and won’t be back for a minute or two. Why don’t I show you round the stable block”

“That would be great, how many horses does her Ladyship keep here?”

“About five at the moment with a further ten out on shows at any one time”

“Wow fifteen horses and stabling for thirty, how come the place is so empty?”

“Her Ladyship makes use of all the stabling facilities at the manor year round”

Sniffed Suzanne.

That struck Nicola as odd, what the hell do all the other stalls have in them? Her train of thought was suddenly interrupted when Suzanne’s pager goes off.

“Please do excuse me her Ladyship is returning, please wait in the tack room and she will be along shortly”

With a swish of her skirt and a click of her heels Suzanne turned and made her way to the front of the yard leaving Nicola to watch her tight ass sway off into the distance.

Nicola made her way to the tack room and stepped inside, catching her breath, the room is enormous and the walls are covered with all manner of horse tack, bridles, saddles, bits of all shapes and sizes line every available blank piece of space. The smell of leather is overwhelming. She wandered idly around touching the buckles and clasps, stroking them almost, as once again she walks the thin line between erotic imagery and the real world. Her mind wanders, hand drifting to her already hard nipples, a familiar throb building between her thighs, she knows that the heat will build until the tell tale sighs of wetness develop. In her mind she can see herself, naked and glistening with sweat, being fitted with a bridle and bit by a stable girl or being sponged down after a hard session in the dressage ring, her thighs shaking from the exertion.

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