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One Big Happy.. Ch. 01

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Chapter 1


Why’s my back so warm? I wondered blearily, as I lifted my head half an inch above my pillow. The small groan that emanated from beside me gave me my answer before I even had time to crack an eyelid. My twin had a nightmare and fled to the safety of my bed. Which would probably make that an arm on me; I guessed the fog reluctantly lifting revealing awareness. Shifting over to my side I gently nudged him in the ribs. “Hey, Matt, you gotta get up before someone comes in,” I said my voice still husky.

Slowly, tufts of black hair, pointing in every direction in an amusing way, emerged from the sheets followed by pale skin and bright green eyes to match my own. “Don’t wanna,” he mumbled like some child before falling forward and using me as a pillow. How the hell is his body temperature so different?! I shuddered as I felt his cold cheek against my bare chest and scrambled to get out of bed to escape, succeeding in landing flat in my back with oomph! And still he sleeps. This is war.

Getting up I threw the blankets off of him and grabbed a foot in the same instant. Dragging him off till he hit the floor I stood over him and wiped my own dark hair out of my face. “Now that you’re awake,” I stated plainly as he rubbed the back of his head, matadorbet “Do you really think it’s a good idea for us to be sleeping in the same bed still? What if one of our new family members was to find out?” I realized my voice was rising in panic. This was the best home we’d been to yet, and I knew neither of us wanted to return to the boys’ home. No matter how many new siblings we had. Judging by the concerned look on his face he could see the panic too. “I just think it’s time for a change,” I finished lamely, walking out quickly to try and grab breakfast before I had to hear his argument. I hate arguing first thing in the morning.


Everything hurt that morning; my head, my back, my dignity, my crack from my boxers giving me a wedgie and my secret. Yea, my secret probably hurt the worst especially when I had to look up past my twin’s smooth white abs, hard nipples (more than likely from my face), and green eyes filled with panic, and realized he meant it. My biggest love had kicked me out of his bed and now I had to make a Plan B or else I wouldn’t get to touch him at all.

I hadn’t meant to fall for him. Really, I didn’t. However after our parents “accident” I kinda lost it and the nightmares started so he’d let me sleep matadorbet giriş in his bed and somehow that made everything better. While I basically shrunk into myself he became strong enough to fight all the jackasses and problems away. Even when the nightmares had all but stopped I would still crawl next to him and watch him for a while. I can’t help myself, but something about watching someone near identical to me (who is supposed to be my protector) so vulnerable had my nether regions stirring in a quiet lust. So I started to touch just a little; a trace of the jawline, a run of my hand over his chest, a swipe of his hair away from his face.

Then we moved in with the Bradsons who were trying their best to outdo the Brady Bunch with about four more kids. Let me draw the stats for you: four girls, six guys, one psychotically happy married couple, nine bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a shitload of cash. So even though I share a bedroom with him I can’t crawl into bed or, god forbid, try to seduce him without fear of someone walking in and flipping their lid. Sighing, I crawled back into Mason’s bed and dropped into his spot. He wasn’t so strict about sleeping together before we turned eighteen a couple weeks ago.

Closing my eyes I breathed in the spicy scent of his shampoo and felt my cock twitching in response. Pulling the blanket up around me I felt engulfed and couldn’t help my hand slipping down my boxers to slowly stroke my seven inches. The fact that he could come back at any moment, or someone else for that matter, just made me all the harder till my second was rock hard in my hand. Gasping as I came to the brink of my orgasm I sent my other hand to my chest to flick my nipple and give it a small twist. Opening my eyes wide I came into my hand with a groan before hearing the most ominous sound I’d imagined: The click of the door opening.

The quiet pad of bare feet took a couple steps into the room and I closed my eyes and tried to play possum. After what seemed like a lifetime they began to move towards the bed before sitting down on the edge. “Breakfast is ready so you can quit faking any time now,” said a girl’s voice too near my ear. Giving up my failed charade I rolled over and faced the hazel eyes that were watching me with a mixture of amusement and impatience. If I recalled her name was Casey and she was one step ahead of us at nineteen. Flipping dark red hair over her shoulder to revealed a nice rack and a tank top that didn’t quite hide her trim stomach she stood up and walked away with swaying hips. Pausing at the doorframe she looked back with a devilish smile and chirped, “Make sure to wash up before you come down, Matt.”

Shit life here is going to be interesting.

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