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Her Submission: A Man’s Perspective

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A few weeks ago, a woman posted her version of an erotic encounter she wanted on a popular NYC bulletin board website. After I read it, her words and her desire kept resonating in my head. She had told the story from her own point of view and it was quite well done, but I thought she might like to hear the same story, told this time from the man’s perspective. Of course, when I tried to email my response to her it bounced back, but what the hell…. I will share it with you instead, for your pleasure and mine.

I don’t imagine I can repost her original story here; she wrote it and I hope she might post it here herself. But if you check the site, you might be able to find it yourself; it was entitled “Tonight!!!” and began with ” She lay on the bed, hands tied to the posts above her head making her smooth round breasts stand out from her chest.”

I replied:

Are you curious of how this all plays out from the man’s perspective?

He knew, somehow, that she wanted to be taken by him that night. That she wanted to put her ultimate pleasure in his hands, at his leisure and at his pleasure to grant or withhold, to prolong or complete.

While they kissed, he slid the red silk blindfold out of his jacket pocket and lightly traced the soft fabric along the smooth line of her neck. She seemed to hesitate for a moment at the questioning look in his eye, weighing her uncertainty against kuşadası escort her desire, before nodding silent consent with the slightest of smiles. He moved behind her and without a word, began gently pulling the silken fabric slowly across the flesh of her lips so she could taste its smoothness with her tongue, gently pushing the silk a bit into her partially open mouth. She opened her mouth wider to receive his fingers, wetting the silk and his fingers and causing in him the first strong stirrings of desire. Leaning around her from the side, his eyes locked into hers, he pulled back his hand and raised the wet silk to his own lips, tasting the scent of her mouth on the blindfold. He moved back behind her, his arms locking her from either side, quickly folded the blindfold, and covered her eyes. As he knotted the silk behind her head, he thought he felt a slight trembling as his lover began the first stage of her acquiescence to him.

He stood in front of her now, silent, knowing that she could sense his gaze running up and down her body. He forced himself to wait, to be patient, but he was aching to see her naked body, to see more than the gentle swell of her breasts that hinted beneath the modestly cut sweater she wore. Taking each of her hands in his, he carefully guided her backwards through the bedroom door until the backs of her knees rested against the foot of the bed. kuşadası escort bayan He raised her arms above her head and then slowly ran his hands down along the outsides of her arms as she kept them raised in the air for him. Deftly, he slid one finger of each hand beneath the fabric and pulled upward, slowly, gently, in one smooth motion removing the sweater from her body without disturbing her blindfold. She felt his warm breath on her neck as he leaned over her to undo the clips of her bra. Even in erotic fiction bra clips are nearly impossible for a man to undo gracefully, but somehow our hero fumbled his way through this defining task and was rewarded with seeing her smooth, rounds breasts tumbling out for his pleasure.

He gently guided her backwards onto the bed, half naked now with her arms still raised above her head. She stiffened for a moment as she felt him wrapping the soft cuffs of the restraints around her wrists, but allowed herself to be strapped to the wooden corner posts. In the same smooth gentle manner, she felt first his mouth then his fingers on the fabric of her slacks as he unbuckled them and slowly began to slide them off her long legs. “Shhhhhh”, he cautioned as she raised her hips up off the bed to help him remove her pants. For a long moment he simply sat there, touchless and wordless and motionless, willing her to acknowledge that she was in escort kuşadası his care and control, and that her pants would come off only when *he* was ready for them to come off. When he sensed that she understood, he completed removing her pants and slowly slid her silky black panties from her hips.

His breath caught in his throat as he saw the soft folds of her pussy exposed to him and noted the wetness dampening the crotch of her panties. He knew that with hardly a single touch he had already started a growing desire deep inside of her. Although he longed to dip his mouth to her wetness and taste her deeply, he resisted and continued with his seduction. Slowly and with the same insistent gentleness he used to restrain her arms above her head, he pushed first one then the other leg to the extreme corners of the bed and fastened them.

For another long moment he simply sat there, intoxicated with her exposed beauty and the sense that all of the pleasure he longed to give her rested solely in his hands. Softly, he leaned over her spread-eagled body, breathing his warm breath on her exposed navel. Knowing she could feel his lips nearby, knowing that her skin ached for just the slightest touch from his mouth. Denying it for just another moment, before finally moving a final inch closer and rewarding her with the softest of wet kisses on the fold of her navel.

Her long moan still echoed in his ears as he quietly left the room and snicked the door closed behind him.

She lay on the bed, hands tied to the posts above her head making her smooth round breasts stand out from her chest…..

If this brings you pleasure, I can finish the story… just let me know.

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