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Coffee Shop Confessions

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Chapter 1

Lucy and Tom had been running a small coffee bar in the town for over two years. A quiet bar, jazz music played softly in the background, comfy seating. It was a real nook of serenity in a busy High Street. They had regular customers who came in to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

It was 5.30pm on a Friday, close to closing time. Lucy was clearing the last of the tables looking forward to a long hot soak in the bath. Tom was clearing the till of the days takings.

“Not a bad days work, honey” He called out.

“I can feel every penny ache on the soles of my feet” Lucy replied.

They heard a giggle from one of the tables. Lee was a regular customer, he came in lunchtimes and sometimes, like today, once he had finished work. Lucy looked over to him. He was young, Lucy guessed around 25. Lucy had liked him from the moment she first saw him. He was black, athletic build, tall. Lucy loved the summer months almost as much as Tom, she admired the half dressed customers without their knowledge.

Lee got up from his seat and took his cup up to the bar.

“There you go sweetheart” he said “One less for you to pick up”. He winked at Tom behind the counter.

“Thanks Lee you’re a star” Lucy smiled

“Its Friday night, what do you guys have planned?” Lee asked them

“Not much judging by missy’s aching feet” Tom replied

“I’m really tired” Lucy moaned

“Tom are you a Pulp Fiction fan?” Lee asked

Tom was a little puzzled by this question “yeah, I like the film” he replied “what makes you ask?”

“well I’ve done a reflexology course. I could help Lucy’s aching feet, but seeing as you’re a Pulp Fiction fan its probably better left” Lee laughed

Tom caught on to the relevance immediately and roared with laughter. Lucy looked at the pair of them puzzled.

“Lucy come sit next to me a sec” called Lee from one of the big comfy sofas. Lucy looked even more puzzled, Tom winked at her and said “Go ahead babe, Lee’s going to help your feet”

Lucy sat on the couch heavily, her whole body ached and her feet were throbbing. Lee sat the gungoren escort other end, he gently pulled both her feet up onto his knee. He removed both her shoes.

“My feet must stink” Lucy giggled.

“Shhhhhh” said Lee as he took one her feet in his strong hands. He ran his thumb down the instep of Lucy’s foot. Lucy moaned in pleasure, and instantly began to relax to his touch. Tom carried on cleaning up and was soon locking the door to the café. The outside world was shut out. Shutters down, only light left on was the one behind the counter. Lee smiled at Tom “Will make sure you get a Friday night out. Will soon get these feet sorted”. Lucy was totally oblivious to the world around her, she was in heaven, totally relaxed as the strong hands worked their magic on her feet.

While massaging Lucy’s feet Lee couldn’t help but admire Lucy’s legs. She was a tall slim girl with legs that looked to go on forever. He looked up her body, the buttons in her blouse gaping a little, giving him just a tiny peek at her breasts. Her long dark hair tumbling down her shoulders. Tom was a lucky man, that’s for sure. He could feel himself starting to get turned on, his cock twitching at the sight in front of him.

Tom having finished clearing up brought over drinks for the three of them and sat on the opposite side of the table, watching his wife let out little moans and groans of pleasure. Seeing her laid like that, moaning was beginning to turn Tom on too. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

“Any good at shoulders Tom?” asked Lee “If you are we could really send Lucy to the land of total relaxation together”

Tom got out of his chair and walked over to the two of them.

He gently moved his wife’s hair from her shoulders and began to squeeze gently.

“Oh that’s nice” Lucy said dreamily. As she laid there, both men seemed to suck the tension from her body. She could feel herself starting to get wet. These two guys were beginning to turn her on. She squirmed arching her back slightly.

Tom watched Lee, he knew that his wife was getting turned on, he knew the signs, but did Lee? istanbul escorts He could see Lee watching Lucy’s body as he rubbed her feet. Every now and then his hand would run up her calf, just behind her knee. Lee looked up at Tom and winked. He knew alright.

Tom leant in and kissed his wife’s bare neck. “Take your blouse off sweetie” he whispered into her ear. Lucy sat up with a jolt. The two men looked at each other knowing that this would be the moment she either refused and got angry, or this could be the start of a Friday night none of them would ever forget.

Lucy looked at Tom in total surprise. Yeah they had both fantasized about three somes with other people but that’s all they were, wasn’t it? Fantasy? Lucy looked back at her husband, then at Lee. Lee took his hands from her feet and put his hands up in the air.

“No pressure from me, your decision” He said to her.

Another glance at her husband and Lucy started to slowly undo the buttons on her blouse.

Both men looked at one another and laughed.

Leaning forward slightly to take off her blouse, Lucy looked Lee in the eyes. He continued to massage her feet, then ran his hand up the inside of her leg, under her skirt. The tips of his fingers just touching the laced front of her thong. Lucy let out a quiet moan. Tom began massaging his wife’s bare shoulders, slipping both bra straps down. Watching Lee run his hands up Lucy’s skirt made his cock hard. Another man touching Lucy in places only he had touched for years.

Lee’s movements became more deliberate. He ran his hand up to Lucy’s pussy and she obliged his touch by opening her legs slightly. Lee could feel Lucy’s pussy through her thong, she was wet, dripping wet.

“I think we can lose these, don’t you?” Lee said as he pulled on Lucy’s thong. Lucy lifted her arse slightly helping Lee slide them down her legs to her ankles. Taking them off Lee pulled the wet thong up to his face. He sniffed them, taking in Lucy’s scent. “oh Tom you gotta have a go on these” he said as he passed Lucy’s wet thong to her husband.

Tom too inhaled deeply “Mmmmmm baby bayrampasa escort your enjoying this aren’t you?”

Lucy giggled.

Lee parted Lucy’s legs a little more and looked at her wet cunt. He kissed up the inside of one thigh, then the other. Lucy raised her hips in the hope he would taste her, but he was teasing her, making her want him even more. Covering the inside of her thighs with warm tender kisses. Slowly up one side, across the stomach and down the other.

Tom had taken off Lucy’s bra and was playing with her nipples. Pinching them gently, watching Lucy squirm on the sofa. He bent forward and kissed his wife, she grabbed the back of his head and kissed him back hungrily.

Her hands moved to the waist of his trousers, she undid his fly exposing her husband’s hard cock. She looked her husband seductively, with that look Tom had grown to love over the years. Tom knew what she wanted and offered his cock to his wife’s mouth.

Lucy took him deep in her mouth, at exactly the same moment Lee gave Lucy’s cunt what it was crying out for, he ran his tongue over her clit. Husband and wife cried out in pleasure together. The sight of Lee eating his wife out turned Tom on like nothing before, he grabbed Lucy’s head and started to slowly fuck her mouth, each stroke exploring her throat deeper until he felt her nose nudge his pubic hair. Her tongue running up and down his shaft, his knob touching the back of her throat. The muffled vibrations he felt as Lucy moaned out in pleasure as Lee ravished her cunt hungrily.

Lucy’s cries became closer, both Tom and Lee knew she was close to coming. Lee inserted one then two fingers into Lucy’s sopping cunt. That was the push that saw her have her first orgasm. Her head fell back and Tom saw his wife coming at the hands of another man. He started to wank his cock furiously. He felt his orgasm rise, and cried out, Lucy knowing her husband was at the point of no return turned and sucked Tom’s cock as he came. She hungrily swallowed what she could, but she had never known him to come so much, some escaped down her chin. Tom took a step back, Lee traveled up Lucy’s body and kissed her full in the mouth.

Tom’s mind raced. Another man was tasting his cum. Lucy’s heart skipped a beat. Had all their fantasies come true at once? When Lee ran his tongue down her chin to clean up what she had spilt, they knew they had.

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