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Loren’s Run Ch. 05

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Before we reached Chloe’s bedroom, Loren and Chloe stopped to kiss in the hallway. That gave me a chance to get ahead of them and to listen at the bedroom door before going in. I was certain that I had heard Chloe talking to someone when we walked in her house.

I opened the door cautiously at first and peeked in. The late afternoon light was streaming in and it gave the room a yellow glow. I looked back at the women. Chloe had dropped to her knees and she was peeling off Loren’s shorts. They were apparently oblivious to me. I opened the door slowly and walked in to the room. There was no one there to greet me, kindly or otherwise. I did see that the window on the near side of the room was wide open. There was a flicker of movement just outside the window that caught my peripheral vision. I walked to the window, pushed the dark curtain aside and looked around.

At first my heart nearly stopped as I was looking directly at a dark creature just outside the window frame. After blinking and catching my breath I realized it was one of the scarecrows I had seen walking in. In fact, it was the one wearing my black sweater. I stepped back into the room and drew the curtains closed behind me. As with the rest of the interior of the house, her bedroom looked entirely normal. There was a queen sized bed against the far wall with a wrought iron headboard and frame. As opposed to the rest of the house, the floor was carpeted with a dark burber. The walls were painted white and the ceiling was painted sky blue. That seemed like an odd reversal to me. There were a myriad of candles on both her nightstand and on her mirrored dresser.

There was a large leather bound book and three wine glasses on the nightstand. Had she really been preparing for the three of us to be here? I heard a guttural growl from outside the bedroom door and went back to see what was happening. Chloe was still on her knees and was trying to lick Loren’s vagina. Loren had a handful of Chloe’s dark hair and was holding her away. “I told you, not yet!” Loren said in a firm voice. Chloe growled again. Loren stepped around Chloe and walked up to me. “Is everything okay? Are you ready?” I nodded my head.

She said. “You were right about how sexual she is I think that sex is the source of her powers.” She looked back at Chloe, now on her hands and knees. “And she is very powerful. I think that the necklace has confused her a little…that and my empathic sexuality have her a little high. Sex is like a drug to her.”

Chloe had told me that Loren was a remarkable woman, and that she didn’t think I knew how remarkable she was. She was right about that, but she was wrong in thinking that she understood more about Loren than I did. I had been under Loren’s spell for many months bahis siteleri now. I knew that there was something supernatural about her, especially sexually. Chloe was lying on the floor with a finger inserted into her pussy. She was moaning loudly.

Loren hugged me and whispered into my ear. “I am going to bring her in here and I am going to tell her to fuck you like there is no tomorrow. I think that you will be pleased with the result.”

She kissed the side of my face and continued. “I am going to get the necklace and the money from the car and come back in and rest for a little bit. Seducing her is fun but taxing. When I come back in I am going to let her pleasure me.”

She paused for a moment. “Don’t come inside of her. I think that’s where her vitality comes from.”

I wondered for a moment where Loren’s vitality came from, and how many gallons of my cum she had inside of her.

Loren smiled as if she could read my thoughts. She turned around and helped Chloe to her feet, and led her to the bed. She turned back the covers and motioned for me to come lay down. Knowing what was about to happen, my cock was standing at attention. I flopped on to the bed and lay on my back, staring at the light blue ceiling. Loren was whispering in Chloe’s ear. Chloe turned to me and smiled. She crawled on to the bed and immediately engulfed my twitching dick in her mouth. Loren stood in the doorway watching for a moment. Then she grabbed a silk robe that was hanging on the back of Chloe’s bedroom door and disappeared.

I started to let my brain shut down. I always imagined that there were two miniature beings that controlled my body. In my brain was the boss…kind of a superman looking creature. He was brilliant and strong and controlled nearly everything that I did from reading to running. However, as soon as my dick got hard, there was an impish gnome in my balls that took over. I could just imagine the guy upstairs closing the door and turning off the lights. Before the door closed, he would reach out and hang a sign that read “do not disturb…be back later.” Then he would flip a switch that gave all control to the guy downstairs.

The gnome had very little intelligence. He was pure instinct. His only job was sex and he excelled at his work. Right now the guy downstairs was now in control. I closed my eyes and focused on the frenzied blowjob that I was receiving.

As long as I had known Chloe, we had never had sex like this. In fact, I am not sure that she had ever put my cock into her mouth before. She had always simply loved to fuck, and she was insatiable. Now she was grunting and groaning and her head was bobbing maniacally.

“Chloe…slow down!” I said. She slid her mouth away from my cock, online casinolar dripping sliva as she did. She was breathing so hard I thought she might hyperventilate. “Look at me.” I said.

She looked up at me. Her eyes were flashing and her breasts were shiny from the spit dripping from her chin.

“Please make love to me, Chloe.” I whispered. I wanted her, and I wanted her to slow down. I looked up and saw Loren’s silhouette in the doorway. She dropped the robe that she was wearing and came and sat at the foot of the bed. She ran one hand down the center of Chloe’s back and told her to do as I had asked.

She crawled up slowly and straddled over my throbbing cock. Her breathing had slowed some and she was starting to act more like the Chloe that I had always known. She reached between her legs and positioned my erection as she slowly lowered herself. As I slid into her we both gasped. She began to rock on top of me. She had her eyes closed and she was mumbling something rhythmic over and over. Because the guy downstairs was still in charge, my hearing was dull and muted. As she rocked faster she also spoke louder. I started to move with her. She began to pogo up and down on my throbbing dick. I matched her movement and soon we were slapping hard against each other. She was now speaking loud enough for me to hear her.

“Cuminmebaby, cuminmebaby…cumcumcuminmebaby.” She said over and over. She had a hand cupping each breast but they were still flopping up and down with each stroke. She repositioned herself so that she was now squatting over me, bouncing up and down as fast as she could.

I was reaching that point where the guy downstairs was about to pull the “release” lever when I remembered Loren’s warning. After a few more strokes I slid down slightly as she rose up. When she slammed back down my cock slid up against her ass. That was when I released with a groan, shooting hot cum up her back and into the crack of her ass.

Chloe screamed and reached between her legs and grabbed my cock and tried to stuff it into her dripping hole. “What are you doing?!” She groaned loudly. She looked down at me. Her body was quivering with unreleased passion.

That was when Loren came up behind her and started kissing the nape of her neck. Chloe was still looking down at me with her eyes wide open. She was breathing hard, but I could see her expression begin to soften. Loren reached around and began to massage a small area just below Chloe’s throat.

With that, Chloe’s body began to relax. Her eyes closed and her hands came up from her breasts to cover Loren’s hand at her throat. She turned her head to look at Loren.

“I want you to lay down on your back.” Loren whispered. Chloe immediately gerçek para casinoları complied. Loren’s hand never left its place on Chloe’s throat. I slowly slid over to the far side of the bed by the nightstand and lay on my side so that I could watch. As soon as Chloe had stopped moving, Loren started to kiss all over her body. Again, I knew this routine very well. Loren’s kisses were as light as a butterfly and as powerful as a jolt of 120 volts. I saw Chloe’s body shudder slightly with every kiss. Loren had still not taken her hand from Chloe’s throat.

As she kissed down her stomach, Chloe made a small sound every time Loren’s lips touched her. Oh…oh…oh.” She said very softly. Finally Loren slid her hand down from between Chloe’s. Loren positioned herself between Chloe’s thighs and began to kiss lightly around her swollen labia. This was the first time I had witnessed Loren having sex with a woman, although she had told me on more than one occasion that she enjoyed it.

Chloe’s hips began to gyrate slowly as Loren kissed closer and closer to the heart of her pussy. Without interrupting her rhythm at all, Loren turned her body around so that she was inverted on top of Chloe. She lifted her right leg and positioned herself over Chloe’s face. The she lowered her hips and began to rub her own pussy against Chloe’s lips.

Chloe began to move her own hips faster as I saw Loren’s tongue dart in and out. I could imagine that she was teasing Chloe’s clit. Then I saw her extend her lips and press down against Chloe’s dripping pussy. Chloe groaned and began to attack Loren with long lollipop licks. “Softer…” I heard Loren whisper. Chloe slowed down her pace but continued to press hard against Loren’s clit. “Softer…” Loren said again. Chloe moaned and continued to lick. “SOFTER…let me do it!” Loren said in a gentle yet firm voice. Chloe stopped licking and puckered her mouth. Loren began to run her pussy up and down against the wet, swollen lips.

It was only minutes later that Chloe had her first orgasm. She gasped and said “Oh my GOD!” and I saw a flood of liquid pour out of her vagina onto the white sheet. Her feet rose into the air and twitched uncontrollably and then sank slowly back down to the bed. Loren never stopped what she was doing, but this time she inserted a finger into Chloe’s vagina. After about another minute I saw Chloe have her second orgasm. This one was different…deeper. Chloe’s whole body was shaking.

Just as Chloe’s body was beginning to go limp I saw Loren’s hips press down harder onto Chloe’s mouth. I saw that look in Loren’s face that I knew very well. Her eyes closed tight and her lips pursed, and I watched her body shudder for about ten seconds. Then she drew in a deep breath and as she let it out her whole body relaxed. Loren turned around so that she was lying between Chloe and me. She kissed Chloe on the lips and pulled Chloe’s head down to rest on her breasts. I moved in close behind Loren and put my arms around her. We rested as the last evening light left the room.

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