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The Baroness’ Seat of Learning Ch. 05

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Matilda slept fitfully that night. Between the pain in various places and the fear of what her life would be like, the baroness was just unable to relax. But, the dawn came inevitably, and it was time for Matilda to face another day.

The next week and half or so became a blur. Everyday was the same. Matilda would get up and have her one meal of the day. She would spend the rest of the day starving and dreading her evening’s inspection.

Each night, she would report to the hall with the broomsticks stuck up her holes. Lily would make her spread and then she would play with her holes. Then she would yank the poles out. After that, she would have to suck off some servant. Lily said this was to improve her “skills”. Some skill. Finally, they would bend her over, shove the sticks back in her, and send her off with a switch to her pussy.

Matilda didn’t know how much more of this she could take. Every morning she woke up sick at her stomach, knowing what was in store for her that evening. Every night she went to bed with the awful taste of sperm in her mouth and a terrible sting between her legs. The worst part, however, was the gnawing hunger that was her constant companion.

Then, about ten days after her new routine had started, Matilda was going down for her breakfast. Lily handed her the bowl of cereal and left. Matilda started to go back to her room, when she noticed something left on the table. There was a huge piece of ham just sitting there. The baroness couldn’t stand it. There was no one looking and Matilda didn’t even risk taking it with her. The ravenous woman simply grabbed the ham and wolfed it down. Then, she picked her bowl back up and headed off to her room.

That night, Matilda prepared herself for another humiliation. She shoved the sticks up her holes, tied her boobs up, and headed off to her inspection. The evening began the same way all the others had. Matilda was spread open and the sticks pulled from her holes. Then she ended up with another load of cum in her mouth. But, while she was trying to get that vile taste out, Lily changed the evening. The baroness listened to what Lily was saying, and tried to bolt out of the room. However, two of the servants grabbed her.

The two male servants, hauled Matilda back over to Lily. Lily was announcing that the baroness had stolen extra food and needed to be punished. Matilda cringed in abject terror, as Lily said that since her mouth had committed the infraction, her mouth should be punished. The poor woman was trying to guess what Lily would do, when the girl began speaking again. Lily said that the trouble with punishing Matilda’s mouth was that it just wasn’t any fun. So they would find a more amusing part to work on.

Lily said that they had given the matter some thought, and since it was her mouth that had caused the problem, they would simply punish her other mouth. In other words they would punish her pussy. Lily told Matilda to lay down on her back. The baroness started to object, but Lily told her that if she didn’t get moving, Matilda would get another fire lit up her ass. Quickly, the baroness got down on her back. She had no idea what was going to happen to her, but it couldn’t be as bad as that.

When Matilda was down on her back, Lily pulled out her surprise. Matilda looked up, and Lily was holding a large wooden croquet ball. The baroness was just thinking that Lily couldn’t possibly be going to shove that in her, when the girl said that since Matilda had voluntarily stuffed one mouth, they would stuff the other. The obese woman started to scream and get up, but she was too fat to move very quickly. Before she could even roll over, two men had grabbed her legs and were pulling them wide apart.

Matilda was terrified. She screamed at Lily to please not do this to her. But then she saw the woman kneel down between her legs, holding that croquet ball. A moment later, the baroness screamed even louder, as she felt the lips of her vagina being stretched apart. Matilda tried desperately to pull her legs free, but she was way too out of shape and the men were far stronger than she was.

The horrified baroness couldn’t see what was happening. Her rolls of fat blocked her vision completely. But she could feel Lily’s fingers pulling on her lower lips. Then she felt something very hard pressing against her vagina. Matilda realized that it was that croquet ball, and Lily really was going to try to stuff that up her Maltepe Grup Escort hole. The baroness continued to beg the girl not to shove that in her, but Lily just told Matilda to open wide.

Lily knew she couldn’t get that ball in dry, so she had dipped it in bacon grease. The thing was incredibly slick, but it still wouldn’t go up that hole. Lily called two other servants over and had them grab Matilda’s lips. When they pulled them apart, the hole became visible. Lily told the two people holding the lips, to pull them apart as far as they possibly could. They did, and Lily could see the hole began to yawn open a little in front of her. She put the ball right at the entrance and began to shove. For a moment it still wouldn’t move. But then, it pushed its way in a little and the opening began to stretch around it.

Matilda was in an absolute panic. Two men were holding her legs, and Lily had two more people actually prying her vaginal lips apart. The baroness could actually feel herself stretching open. Then, Matilda felt that wooden ball press back against her. The thing was being pressed up against her so hard it hurt. Then Matilda really screamed as she felt the thing begin to stretch her open and work its way inside.

The baroness let out one shriek after another, as that ball made its way into her passage. Matilda kept thinking that no more would fit, but her hole kept stretching wider and wider, and that croquet ball kept going in. Then, all of a sudden, the widest part of the ball made it through the opening, and the rest of it just popped in. Matilda thought she had been hit in the gut, when that ball popped through and was shoved to the back of her pussy. The baroness absolutely couldn’t breathe. All she could feel was that huge lump stuck up inside her. Matilda gasped for several seconds before she was able to begin breathing again.

When Matilda was finally able to breathe again, Lily was yelling at her to get up. Matilda tried, but she just couldn’t seem to stand. After a while, Lily just had the two guys who had been holding her legs, haul her to her feet. After she was standing, all Matilda could concentrate on was that huge object stuck inside her. The baroness was still wondering how she would get it out, when Lily told her the rest of her punishment.

Lily told Matilda that she needed her sticks back and then she needed her stripe. Also, since she was being punished, she would get two extras. The poor baroness started to cry. She was so stuffed with that ball stuck inside her, and that switch HURT!

The baroness was so upset about the extra stripes, that she forgot to worry about the sticks. If she had, she would have realized that the croquet ball would present a major problem for her brooms. Lily told Matilda to bend over and spread. The baroness did as she was told, and shortly her spread open bottom and anus were once again available for stuffing. Her situation was finally driven home to Matilda, when Lily said that since the baroness’ pussy was already full, they would just have to stuff both broomsticks up her butt.

Matilda wanted to beg Lily not to shove both sticks in there, but after having her shove the croquet ball up her vagina, she knew Lily wouldn’t listen anyway. So the baroness just waited for her butt to be crammed full. A moment later, she was groaning, as once again she had a broomstick up her ass. Then she started moaning for real, as her anus was stretched wide open by the second broomstick. It took a little while, but Matilda finally had both broomsticks lodged way up her ass. The poor fat woman just stood there, bent over and stuffed.

The baroness was so beaten down and humiliated that she didn’t even try to avoid getting her butt striped again. She just waited for the sting of the switch. But then Lily was telling her to stand up straight again. With all those things stuck in her, that actually was a very difficult request, but Matilda managed to get there. Matilda actually thought that they were going to have mercy on her and not switch her. Then she realized how wrong she was, as Lily moved in front of her and grabbed her huge tits by the nipples. She pulled them up as far as she could, while Frederick moved off to the side with the switch. The baroness screamed for them not to whip her like that, just as the switch swung into the undersides of her boobs.

Poor Matilda forgot all about her overstuffed holes, as that switch Maltepe Manken Escort connected with her jugs. The pain shooting through her tits drowned out everything else. She reached up to grab her stinging boobs and began trying to hop around. Unfortunately, Lily still had her grip on her nipples, and all the baroness did was manage to stretch her tits even more. Also, that ball inside her started to move. Matilda’s hopping had it trying to force its way back out. The weight of the thing was pushing against her hole from the inside. The baroness quickly put her hands back between her legs to hold things steady down there.

When his wife had her hands back down at her pussy, and Lily had those huge jugs stretched out again, Frederick switched Matilda’s tits again.

Poor Matilda had just gotten her bearings back, when that switch lashed her boobs again. She tried to grab her poor breasts, but the weight of the croquet ball was too much for her to let go. She had to hold her hands between her legs, no matter how much her tits stung. All the baroness could do was hop around and scream until the pain in her boobs let up.

When the baroness was stable again, Lily pulled the boobs out in front and started shaking them up and down by their nipples. The weight tugging against those poor tips ached terribly, but Matilda still couldn’t move her hands to do anything about it. Lily just kept shaking Matilda’s breasts around. Then she asked her if she was ready for them to be switched again.

Matilda began to beg Lily not to whip her tits again. They hurt so bad, and the underneath side was so sensitive. The baroness kept pleading with Lily, but the girl began to pull her boobs up again, very slowly. The fat baroness watched her tits move higher and higher, and she kept begging Lily not to hit under them again. But then her boobs were pointing straight up again, and Frederick was lining up the switch. Matilda saw him pull his arm back. She closed her eyes and screamed!! Nothing happened.

Nothing happened! Matilda opened her eyes. Lily was still holding her tits up, and Frederick was holding the switch. But the baron hadn’t whipped it under her boobs. Then Lily smiled at the baroness and asked her what she would do to avoid getting her tits switched again.

Frantically, Matilda screamed “ANYTHING!!!”

“Okay then,” said Lily, “get on your knees and beg someone to put a cock in your mouth. If by the time I count 5, you’re sucking on someone’s dick, you won’t get whipped on the undersides of your boobs again.” With that, Lily dropped Matilda’s tits and watched them bounce around until they came to rest.

Matilda hated having a penis in her mouth. But it was nothing compared to having that switch land on her breasts. Quickly, the baroness dropped to her knees and asked for someone to put a penis in her mouth. Nobody moved. Lily began counting. Matilda asked again, and still no one moved. Lily said “1… 2….”

The baroness was about to panic again. Why wouldn’t someone stick his penis in her mouth? Dear God! Lily was counting and she was up to 3. Matilda opened her mouth wide, and screamed. “SOMEONE STICK THEIR COCK IN MY MOUTH, QUICK!!!!” Then she just knelt there with her mouth open. Fortunately for her, one of the guys did as she asked. The baroness couldn’t even see who it was. Suddenly, a penis pushed into her open mouth. Without any hesitation, Matilda closed her mouth around it and began sucking.

Matilda had already swallowed one load of the awful liquid, but to save her boobs she would happily take another. The baroness sucked and sucked, and sure enough, a few minutes later another load of cum shot into her mouth. The baroness swallowed it all down and continued sucking on the dick in her mouth. She had no idea how long she was supposed to keep this up, and she didn’t dare stop until she was told to.

Finally, Lily told Matilda that she could stop. The baroness released the penis from her mouth and stood up. It still wasn’t easy with the brooms and the croquet ball shoved in her, but she managed. Matilda sighed with relief as Lily told her that she had indeed saved the bottoms of her boobs.

Then Matilda became confused. Lily walked over to her and grabbed her tits. She had one in each hand and was squeezing them so that they pointed straight ahead. The baroness didn’t know what was going on. Lily had her tits squeezed down so that both nipples Maltepe Masöz Escort were pointing straight away from her. Then she saw Frederick move along side her and raise the switch.

Matilda tried to pull back, but Lily’s grip on her boobs was too tight. The baroness screamed at Lily that she had promised not to whip her tits. Lily just smiled. Then she told Matilda that all she had promised was that the bottoms of her boobs wouldn’t be switched. She hadn’t said anything about Matilda’s nipples.

HER NIPPLES! Oh no. Matilda realized at that moment, that the way Lily had her tits extended, her nipples were a perfect target for Frederick’s switch. Then, before Matilda could even react to her new understanding, Frederick whipped the switch down hard. It smacked right across both of the baroness’ distended nipples. Then Matilda’s whole world went red.

There was nothing but pain. One moment Matilda was standing in her hall. The next she had no idea where she was. All she knew was that her breasts must have exploded. The baroness couldn’t even scream. The pain was so intense that she couldn’t react at all. Matilda just stood there for a few seconds, then she collapsed to her knees and grabbed both her tits.

After a little while, Matilda was able to breathe again. As soon as she could, she began to scream at the top of her lungs. The baroness clutched her poor tits right over the nipples. She squeezed and rubbed. Anything to get the pain to subside. It felt like a fire was burning through her breasts from the inside. Matilda’s tits hurt so bad, that she completely forgot about the ball up her cunt, and the brooms up her butt. It was almost ten minutes later, before the weight pushing out of her pussy finally reminded her. The miserable baroness let go of her boobs and move her hands back to clutch her vagina. The weight pushing from the inside was unbearable.

When his wife had managed to release her boobs and gone back to clutching her pussy, Frederick reached over and picked up her huge tits. He held them straight out again. Sure enough, there was a beautiful red stripe going directly across the front of both boobs and covering both nipples. He pinched both irritated nipples and was rewarded with another shriek from Matilda.

The baroness was trying to adjust the weight inside her vagina, when Frederick pinched her nipples. Suddenly her breasts were on fire again. Matilda screamed, but she couldn’t release her crotch. The ball was trying to push out, and it hurt way to much to release it.

Then, Frederick told Matilda she was done for the evening and could leave. Matilda asked him what she was supposed to do about the ball stuck up inside her. The baron just told her that it was her problem, but that she’d better return it the following evening. Of course whether it was in her hand, or up her cunt, made no difference to him.

Then Matilda just stumbled back towards her room. It was an incredible sight to see. Frederick and Lily both laughed so hard it hurt. There was the baroness walking away, with both hands clutching her pussy. And behind her, two broomsticks wiggled as she walked.

Matilda made it back to her room. When she was inside, the baroness carefully extracted the broomsticks from her bottom. It wasn’t easy with both of them stuck in there, and she had to pull them out slowly. That left only the ball stuck inside her.

The baroness lay down on the bed and tried to reach inside herself to find the ball. It was hopeless. The thing was way too big for her to even come close to getting a grip on. Finally, she realized the only way that thing was coming out was for its own weight to force it out.

Matilda stood up and began to cry. She knew how much this was going to hurt, but there was no other way. The baroness stood there until she could feel the ball begin to push at her hole. Then, Matilda began to hop up and down. That got the ball going. Every time she landed, the ball pushed a little farther out. Of course, each time the ball pushed out, it also stretched Matilda’s pussy wider.

The baroness wasn’t sure she could stand it. The ball was almost out, but her poor vagina was stretched open so far, that Matilda was sure it was tearing. She had to get that croquet ball out of her before her vagina was completely ruined. Her mind made up, Matilda gave one last very hard jump.

Frederick and Lily were in the baron’s quarters talking about the evening’s activities. They were just agreeing that they had been an overwhelming success, when they heard an ear-piercing scream followed by the sound of a heavy object hitting the floor. It was quite a while after that before the two of them could quit laughing enough to continue their conversation.

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