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The Cat

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The Cat

Somewhat early on a Saturday morning I was having a cup of coffee on my patio when I noticed a large cat looking at me.

It was between two of my flowerpots towards the back but my pots are placed in such a way I could see each plant well from my chair. I could see the cat well. The cat could tell I could see it.

It was a semi-longhaired charcoal grey cat that was a bit overweight. By the time I took my first sip of coffee it had relaxed. By the time I had finished half my cup it was sound asleep. It was definitely somebody’s cat; stray and feral cats would be on alert or gone.

When I finished my coffee and stood it opened its eyes and watched me go inside the house. About an hour later I saw it go through my picket fence and away from my patio. I had no idea how long it had been taking naps on my patio or if it was a first time for it but I kind of hoped it would come back. I live alone and sometimes any company at all is better than none.

I did my usual things on Saturday but did not see the cat the rest of the day. Sunday morning it was back. It raised its head when I sat in my patio chair then went back to sleep.

I felt insulted. All I merited was barely a glance?

I told it of my displeasure but all it did was tweak its ears.

“You are lucky I’m used to being ignored,” I said to it.

That didn’t even merit an ear flick. I resumed drinking my coffee and watched the hummingbirds and butterflies visit my flowers.

Soon enough it was Monday.

I was a schoolteacher and my first class isn’t until nine so I have time for coffee in my patio each day although earlier than on weekends. I was usually dressed and on the patio around seven and on my way to work by seven thirty. We did not have to be at work that early but I had a fifteen-minute drive and needed time to get ready.

The cat came sauntering in just as I was finishing my coffee. I said good morning and asked it to watch the house for me then left.

That went on for the whole week until the following Saturday when I went out at my usual eight AM.

The cat greeted me with a meow them went back to sleep.

“Yeah, what you said,” I answered its greeting and drank my coffee.

That next Sunday morning’s schedule included feeding the plants. I do that one at a time and have to walk past all the pots to do so.

I talked to the cat as I did but by the time I got to the cats usual spot it was gone. I finished my task without giving it a thought; well I did fell a bit silly talking to a cat that had already gone home.

After putting everything away I got another cup of coffee and went back to my chair on the patio.

The cat was in it.

“Hey, that’s my chair. Use the other one, ” I ordered.

“Meow,” she said.

Her indelicate position told me it was a female. I also saw that beneath the thick fur there was a collar with a tag. She had an owner.

I pulled the back of my chair up a bit and she spilled out of it and after another meow wandered back towards her usual spot. Water was seeping from beneath the pots so she turned back and jumped into my second chair. She was asleep in seconds.

I drank my coffee then went inside the house to write a story about cats. I did not notice when she left.

On Monday when she came over she jumped directly into the second chair and began some grooming.

“Must be nice to be able to reach down there,” I said.

She paused long enough to look at me and said, “Yes it is.”

At least that’s what I thought that meow meant.

She was asleep in the chair when I left.

The week continued like that until I made a mistake. That Friday I bought her a cat toy. It was a silly windup mouse I got at the dollar store that scooted along the patio floor.

I presented it to her the next Saturday morning and she loved it, pounced on it and waited for me to rewind it then pounced on it again.

That was when I realized I had made a mistake.

I got tired of being her servant and wound it up one last time then went into the house.

The following Sunday I looked around the patio but never found the thing. The cat stayed in the chair; apparently she knew I would not find it.

The following Friday I got her another toy, this one was a stuffed mouse with catnip inside.

She ignored it.

The mouse stayed on my patio until a heavy rain then it must have been washed away. I never found that one either.

I noticed that most of my conversations outside of school were with her. I noticed I was a bit more relaxed in my relaxedness. Cats have that reputation.

Two weeks later I bought her another toy, a feather on a string on a stick. Yes I knew I had to actively play with her but I got it anyway.

I spent a longer time with her on weekends and after the first feather thing unraveled I got another one.

Then she stopped coming over. I said fine and just sat in my patio chair. Two days later I walked around the neighborhood hoping not to see a squashed cat on the street. I got that wish but not the other.

A Ümraniye Escort month passed then one Saturday morning there she was on her chair. I said, “Where have you been? You didn’t write, you didn’t call.”

“Home, I’ve been home.”

At first I was astonished to hear her speak then it occurred to me to look behind me. A nice looking lady was standing there smiling at me,

Nobody smiles at me unless they want a tip or a higher grade on their report card. I just stared at her until the cat said, “Meow.”

“Oh, thank you for reminding me of my manners,” I said to the cat. Then to the woman I said, “Please come in and join us. Would you like some coffee?”

“If you already have it brewed yes please, one cream one sugar.”

On my way back to her with her coffee I noticed my hand was shaking and wondered why.

The cat was on her lap when I rejoined them. We sat in silence for a few moments as we enjoyed the brew then she said, “You have twenty two pots out here, and I have four. My patio looks like a cement patio with four plants. Yours looks like a tropical forest should.”

“Thank you, that was the plan. The two back rows are hibiscus, then gardenias, firecrackers, and vincas in front. That side of the fence has esperanzas and plumbagos. The other side has roses.

The hanging baskets have bougainvilleas.”

“It must hurt the eyes when they are all blooming at once.”

“Don’t know. That has never happened, not even just the hibiscus. I keep hoping though.”

I saw it happen but it did not register until it had already happened, the cat got off her lap, walked across the patio table, then settled on my lap.

“Wow, she has never done that. She hides when anyone is around especially men. Have you been feeding her?”

“No. I didn’t know what her diet was.”

“But it was you that got her the wind-up and the catnip mice.”

“Yes I… do you know about that?”

“She brought them home.”


“Her name is Grace by the way and she is not supposed to get out of my house. It took me three weeks to find how she did that and now she can’t. This morning I decided to see where she was howling about she needed to go so I followed her. I just knew she had a boyfriend.”

“She does but she is safe here.”

“But I don’t want her to… Oh, you mean you. Sorry.

My name is Felice by the way.”

“Hi, I’m Mike. I take it you two live close by.”

“Yes, two carports that way. Do you know the ladies that live between us?”

“No. I say hello to my next door neighbor and move her trash can into her carport when it is on the street but the one past her I wouldn’t recognize if I saw her.”

“You are not a friendly person?”

“No, I’m not but I am not unfriendly. My colleagues call me reserved.”

“What do you do?”

“I’m an intermediate school science teacher.”

“Really? Me too. You must be at the new one. I am at the old one.”

“On Monday do me a favor and tell Jim he is still uglier than me.”

“I’m not getting into that kind of argument. I like Jim even with that ugly beard anyway.”

“Ow. Grace bit me.”

“You stopped petting her. She might be a bit spoiled.”

“Yes, she might. More coffee?”

“Yes, please. This is good stuff. What is it?”

“Café DuMond.”

“Did you get it in New Orleans?”

“No, at the Hong Kong market.”

“Now that is weird.”

Soon the three of us were in my living room and both Grace and Felice went straight to my marine aquarium.

“Please sit in the rocking chair while I brew another pot of coffee.”

When I got back Grace was pawing at my large Queen angel that was gliding past her just to irritate her.

“That is a gorgeous queen angel. How long have you had it?”

“Five years. In fact the last fish I put in there was three years ago and that was the green scat. He was about the size of a nickel then.”

“He is as big as a saucer plate now. I thought they were freshwater fish.”

“Brackish water as juveniles and marine as adults but it has been fine in there since he was little and he still has a lot of growing to do.”

Somewhere along the day we had lunch at my house then walked to her house and had some wine as we sat on her patio.

“Do you have a girlfriend that is going to kill me when she finds out we spent the day together?”

“No, You are safe in that regard. Am I going to get punched out?”

“No, you are very safe in that regard.”

In the ensuing silence our hands accidentally touched. Neither of us withdrew them.

After an hour or so of revealing minor embarrassments about ourselves I said, “This has been the longest conversation I have ever had with anybody. You now know more about me than anybody else knows. I better go home before I start on the sordid stuff.”

“Ooh, can’t wait until you get to it. I have enjoyed your company all day too and I see why Grace loves you.

You now know more about me than anyone else does but I will wait to reveal the sordid stuff Anadolu yakası Escort until you do.”

“In that case it will be at my earliest opportunity. Good night,” I said.

She seemed to expect a kiss so I kissed her cheek. She blushed and said good night as I walked out her gate.

That night I masturbated for the first time in weeks then jacked off a second time for the first time in a couple of years. That one was because it dawned on me that she blushed because she felt my erection when I kissed her. She had not backed away from it.

She was short, salt and pepper hair, wore no make-up but was very cute. She wore glasses that made her look older than she was which I had decided was her mid forties just like me.

I was by no means a hunk but I was better than I had been five years before. Having a garden and a low carb diet had taken away my beer gut and lard ass. I had resumed pacing the classroom all through each class.

I still had all of my now somewhat graying red hair.

My glasses were stylish my daughter had said when she picked them out for me at the optometrist.

She then told me she knew her mother had cheated on me often and loved me a lot for staying home until she went away to college.

She had not invited her mother to her wedding.

“She would like Felice,” I thought.

That Sunday morning Grace was back and sat on my lap as I drank my coffee. Felice joined us about thirty minutes later. She kissed my cheek before she took my now empty mug and went into the house. She returned with two cups.

Somehow that felt normal.

We sat and drank our coffee and talked about our jobs and how bored we were before school had resumed and commented on how that contrasted with the previous May when we wanted school to end more than the kids did. We talked about the neighbors and mutual friends at our schools. I learned that she loved baseball.

I told her about my daughter.

“You look nice,” I said perhaps two hours later. I had meant to say it as soon as she had come over but had delayed it for some unknown reason.

“Thank you.” she said, “Take me to lunch at one of the bay restaurants. I never go out to eat alone so I seldom go out to eat and I feel like staring at the sea.”

“I will get dressed,” I said.

She was wearing a white sundress and sandals. Her hair looked nice and she may have been wearing make-up.

I put on slacks and a polo shirt and wore the sneakers that looked like shoes. When I came out of the bedroom she was in the kitchen rinsing out the coffee mugs.

“I took Grace home,” she said.

I nodded and asked, “Ready?”

She nodded, kissed my cheek and went out the door. I opened my car door for her and we drove to the restaurants.

“Either in particular?” I asked.

“The one away from the bridge will be quieter.”

It was early enough we could choose our table. We ordered sweet tea and looked at our menus.

“What is good here?” she asked.

“I don’t know, this is my first time in this restaurant. I am going to order the grilled mahi-mahi and shrimp, it fits my diet.”

“I am going to cheat on mine, I want the same thing except fried.”

“You are a risk taker.”

“Only at the oddest times,” she said.

We ordered then I asked her, “How did you know I would take you to lunch?”

“I think you like me as much as I like you and I already know you do your best not to disappoint anyone, but I have to tell it took every bit of courage for me to ask. Thanks.”

She then gave me a soft kiss on the lips. I guess I showed surprise because she said, “What? I’m on a winning streak.”

I laughed and held her hand in mine.

The girl bringing our tea was a former student of hers and was flabbergasted to see her teacher on a date.

Felice said, “She is surprised because the rumors at the school say I am a lesbian.”

“Well that rumor is in jeopardy now.”

“I don’t know about that. I love eating pussy.”

“We have that in common,” I said after not too long a pause.

She smiled and kissed my lips again. “Yes, but are you any good at it?”

“Don’t know, my ex seldom allowed me to eat her. I later learned it was because she had another man’s cum in her so I stopped everything.”



“For how long?”

“Three years, until our daughter graduated from high school.”

“Then you went crazy.”

“No, by then my urgings had been transferred to food and beer. I was too much of a slob for any woman.

Three years later my daughter told me that when I walked her down the aisle I had to look as good as she did.

I tried my best but she still was the most beautiful person there.”

“So I’m your first date in six years?”

“Longer than that.”

“Are you going to ravish me?”

“Oh I hope so.”

She giggled and we made room for our plates.

Neither of us was happy with our lunch. I had eaten less than a quarter of the fish and just two shrimp. Felice had eaten less İstanbul Escort than me.

“The fish place downtown is open now. Let’s go there,” I said.

“As soon as possible please,” she said.

I paid the bill as Felice voiced our disappointment with the food and left. When we got downtown finding a parking place was difficult. I asked Felice to go in and try to get us a table and ended up parking behind the office building. There were several cars there.

When I walked in my name was being called. We were led to a table for two and ordered the same thing we had ordered at the bay front restaurant. The differences were like night and day. We gushed about our food then gushed about each other’s food.

The chef came over and asked us if we liked his cooking. Felice stood and kissed his cheek and I thought, “Why not” and kissed his other cheek.

“I though you were not going to do that anymore?” the other chef asked him. Her smile told us she was just kidding him so Felice kissed her on the lips.

“I thought you said you were not going to do that anymore?”

“No, I would never lie to you,” then kissed Felice right back.

Then she said, “By the way I cook all the fish here.”

The other chef growled at her and she swatted his butt and ran.

As we sat back down I noted that our public display had caused little stir in the place except somebody threw a french-fry at him as he chased after her.

Felice said that the restaurant was full of people that are regulars there often and the place is full of women that eat pussy, including the ones with their husbands.

After our lunch I asked our waitress if the chefs were husband and wife and said, “Yes, sickenly so.” She said that with a grin.

After we were outside I took Felice’s hand and walked us to the resort. We sat at the patio overlooking the gulf and ordered drinks, she got a margarita and I ordered a beer. We drank our beverages in silence as we stared at the sea. We were still holding hands.

“Do you want to wait for us to get to know each other better before we have sex?” I asked.

She removed her hand from mine and laid it on my erection.

“No. When we get back I want to test your pussy eating skills. Then I expect you to ravage me as you promised.”

She squeezed my cock and smiled. “Nice,” she said.

“Check please,” I said.

We went to my bed and I kissed my way from her lips to her pussy. Her smallish tits had gorgeous puffy nipples but I only stopped to love them briefly. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and I rubbed my face on it before I kissed her pussy.

I ran the flat of my tongued over her pussy lips but stopped before getting to her clit. She had a prominent clit I was happy to see.

I repeated that again several times but more slowly each time. My tongue began sliding in between her pussy lips and I got closer to her clit each time. I got my arms under her thighs and began to insert my tongue as deeply as it could go.

Felice had been moaning from the start but it was now more of a groan. On my next trip up I clamped my lips around her clit and began writing the alphabet on her clit with the tip of my tongue. She bucked hard and pressed my head down. She suddenly gasped for breath and I felt her fluids bathe me.

I was just to the letter F so I continued. The letter M produced another orgasm and so did the letters Q and Z. I went back to the letter M and stayed there until she pushed my head away.

I dried my face on her thighs and her pubic hair and kissed my way to her tits. I loved them until I felt she was breathing as normally as she was going to then slid my cock into her as I kissed her.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me hard and had another orgasm.

As soon as she recovered from that one I rolled us over. She began to fuck me immediately and hard. I was not going to last long at that pace so I slowed her down by pressing down hard on her ass. I kissed her lips softly and she slowed down for almost a minute but then resumed fucking me.

Her next orgasm squeezed my cock hard and I erupted with as much force as it ever had. I’m sure she didn’t notice until she had come to a stop. She pressed her tits to my chest as she tried to regain her breath.

She then devoured me with a kiss and said, “Please tell me we’re a couple, please, please.”

We had met just yesterday. The safe and prudent thing to do was to slow her down, say something like ‘you must have been horny’.

But what I said was, “We are most definitely a couple.”

She resumed devouring me with kisses until my cock slid out of her. She moaned.

We got up and went into my shower. We kissed and caressed until we were clean then she put my polo shirt on and said, “I will be right back.”

She returned with clothes on hangers and a small travel bag.

“These will do through tomorrow. Tonight we will fuck on the couch between innings and when we get back in bed we will re-do this afternoon all over again.”

“You are a good girlfriend, I said.

“Thank you,” she said as she squeezed my dead cock. “You noticed my place is smaller and has just one bedroom. You have a king size bed and I don’t have room for a king size bed. Your patio and kitchen are bigger and better than mine. I’m moving in.”

“Like I said, you are a good girlfriend.”

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