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My Country Cousins

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Big Dicks

This story is set right after the narrator’s eighteenth birthday, so she and the relatives mentioned are all of legal age.

I remember the first time I had sex. It was also the first time I was raped. We were visiting relatives who lived on a farm. I was very excited by the prospect of seeing live cows and chickens. When we got there, I met my two cousins, Ginger and Sarah. They were a little older than me, which automatically made them seem more interesting and “cooler,” but they were also pretty and fresh, in the way some country girls are. They both had straight, shoulder-length light brown hair. Ginger was lithe and a little tall for her age. Sarah was shorter, a little chubbier, almost muscular, but feminine and with a nice bust. Sarah had brown eyes like mine but Ginger had bright, intelligent green eyes that mesmerized me. They immediately took charge of me, leading me away from the main house where the adults were loudly talking and laughing, to show me around the farm. They obviously enjoyed seeing my enthusiasm for all the things on the farm that were simply everyday items to them, like milking machines and tractors. Eventually, Ginger asked, “Do you want to see our secret hiding place?” Of course I was ecstatic at the thought.

It turned out that the hiding place was just the hayloft in the barn. But back in one corner they had obviously made a spot for themselves that included some old chairs and a mat. I remember sitting down and them making small talk with me, but I couldn’t tell you now what it was about. I was just giddy to be alone with my older cousins. Then Sarah asked me, “Do you have a boyfriend, Karen?”

I just blushed and shook my head.

“Really? A cute girl like you should have a boyfriend. Do you know what to do with a boyfriend?”

I was so embarrassed I couldn’t even face them anymore. I just stared at my feet.

“Ginger and I will show you what to do when you get a boyfriend.”

Ginger was already sitting beside me on the mat, and now Sarah got off the chair she had been in and sat on the other side of me. All of the sudden the barn felt hot, and I noticed flecks of dust and hay sticking to my sweaty skin.

Sarah firmly but gently took my head in her hands and turned it up toward her face. Her soft, moist lips embraced mine. I felt a shock go through my body. It felt good, but I also knew that I shouldn’t be doing this, because she was a girl, and because she was my cousin, and because I just wasn’t ready for it. But I felt completely in their control, physically and mentally.

I Escort bayan felt Ginger’s hands reach from the other side and pull my face away from Sarah. “My turn,” she whispered. Her voice sounded playful and lustful at the same time. As Ginger kissed me, I felt Sarah’s hands wrap around my waist. Her right hand began to caress my stomach. Then Ginger broke our kiss and said, “Open your mouth a little so we can ‘do tongue.'”

I finally whimpered, “No, I don’t wanna.”

Ginger’s voice got an edge to it. “Don’t be a big baby. Everyone does it.” With that, she pulled my jaw open with her hands and kissed me. She expertly slipped her long, narrow tongue into my mouth and flicked mine. At first, I tried to use my tongue to push hers out of my mouth, but I could tell this was just exciting her more, and I found myself instinctively flicking my tongue against hers.

Sarah’s voice was demanding and raspy with lust as she said, “My turn.” But Ginger was enjoying using me so much that Sarah had to pull my head away. Their hands were grasping me so hard as they fought over me that it hurt. Sarah’s tongue was big for a girl’s, and she used in a way that was less subtle and more demanding than Ginger. She stabbed it into my mouth, hungrily violating it. I was squirming, trying to get away. At least that’s what I thought, but Ginger giggled and said, “Karen really likes this.” I felt tears well up in my eyes, and I got my mouth away from Sarah long enough to whimper, No. But they both laughed at me. Ginger called me a “big liar” and Sarah said, “I bet you do this with other girls all the time.”

“No I don’t!” I insisted.

“Well you will now,” Ginger said with an evil smirk. “Once someone has done this to you, you want it again all the time, any way you can get it.”

I began to realize that someone had done something like this to them once too. I tried to imagine this happening to Ginger or Sarah. For some reason the image that came to mind was of boys doing it to them. I started to squirm more.

Sarah went back to swabbing the inside of my mouth with her big tongue, while Ginger’s delicate hands became more adventurous with my body. She went from caressing my stomach to rubbing my thighs until she was gently drawing her long, thin fingers over the crotch of my jeans. I think her tentativeness had less to do with seducing me and more to do with teasing me and savoring the pleasure herself. Then her hand went up to my shirt, where she opened a couple of buttons and unceremoniously shoved her hand in and under Bayan escort my bra. This made me let out a panicked squeal, but Sarah jerked my hair, hard, and barked “Shut up!” right into my face before returning to her exercises in “doing tongue.”

Ginger cupped, caressed and fingered the nipple on my right breast until it was nice and hard. Every time she pinched it I felt an electric shock go from my nipple to my crotch. Sarah looked at how Ginger was feeling up my breasts. She giggled and said, “She has girl titties! Why do you even wear a bra, Karen?”

But Ginger shot back, “Yeah? I know a girl who begs to suck a pair of small titties every chance she gets.”

At the time, I didn’t know what this meant, but it seemed to embarrass Sarah a little, so she quieted down and lifted up my shirt so she could take my bra off. Soon I was on my back on the mat with my tits exposed. I finally felt Sarah’s hands on my bare skin. Her fingers were wider and shorter than Ginger’s. As with her kisses, her gropes were more demanding and rougher than those of her sister. She even pinched my nipple so hard I yelped. Ginger shoved her and said, “Don’t be so rough!” Strangely, this made me feel a rush of affection for Ginger. She was my protector — even while she was raping me.

Sarah shocked me by sitting up and pulling her own shirt and bra off. Then she took my hand and put it on her breast. Ginger smiled and held her head up on her arm to watch.

Sarah’s voice sounded dreamy and far away as she asked, “Feels nice and soft, doesn’t it?”

I’d seen other women’s boobs, of course, but I’d never touched one. And Sarah had big, womanly breasts. I had to admit that they were amazingly soft.

“C’mon,” Sarah ordered. “Play with them.”

I was way beyond disobeying anything they said at this point. So I tried to caress her the way they had caressed me. Ginger giggled happily at my childish attempts. Then she took my hand in hers and brought it around Sarah’s nipple. “Here. Pinch it nice and hard, just the way she pinched yours. She likes it like that.” Ginger squeezed my finger’s around her sister’s nipple so hard it hurt my fingers, so I could only imagine what it must have felt like to Sarah’s nipple. But sure enough Sarah closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure while we did it.

Then Ginger asked me, “Have you ever cum?”

“Come where?” I asked ingenuously.

She laughed. “Here,” she said, pointing to my crotch.

I looked at her with complete incomprehension.

“Cumming is something really Escort fun that happens in your pussy when you keep doing stuff like this. We’ll show you.”

I thought they were going to do something else to me, but Ginger looked at Sarah and calmly ordered, “Masturbate.”

This time it was Sarah who looked shocked and said, “I don’t wanna.”

Ginger’s eyes narrowed as she said, “Do you want me to make you do it? Do you want Karen to watch while I make you do stuff?”

This didn’t make any sense to me: Sarah was obviously stronger than Ginger. How could Ginger make her do anything? But to my amazement Sarah shook her head like she was cowed, and started to take her pants off. I didn’t know that girls shaved down there, so I was surprised that an older girl like Sarah still had a hairless pussy. It looked kind of funny, though. I’d never seen a pussy open like that, engorged with lust, and glistening with cream. Sarah kneeled beside us on the mat. She was naked except for her knee-length white socks, and her well-rounded body was feminine and gorgeous. I was still on my back, topless, my younger body huddled against Ginger. Ginger held her head up on her arm and caressed my body with her free hand, looking surprisingly elegant with her lithe but mature body.

Sarah began to masturbate, playing with one breast with her left hand, and rubbing her slit with her right. She alternated fingering her pussy hole and rubbing her clit. Up to this point, I was only half aware I even had a clit, but I could tell from what she was doing that it was a special spot. Sarah was already very aroused from what we had been doing, so she was soon moaning and bucking passionately. Her eyes were closed, but Ginger taunted her, “Look at us, Sarah. You like masturbating while people watch, don’t you?” Sarah opened her eyes, and you could tell that it excited her to have an audience. Ginger continued with her prompting: “Do you want to fuck Karen later? Is it gonna be nice to taste her fresh, ripe pussy? Are you gonna like finger-fucking her little cunnie till she creams all over your hand? Are you gonna beg to suck her girl-titties too?”

That put her over the edge. Sarah began to groan and writhe like she was in terrible pain, but I could tell it wasn’t pain at all. Or if it was pain it was some very enjoyable kind.

Soon all you could hear in the barn was the sound of Sarah’s panting. She was trembling in front of us, her eys closed, drops of pussy cream running from her cunt down onto the mat. I could see flecks of dust in the sunlight coming from the window on the other side of the room, and I felt the tip of Ginger’s tongue gracefully draw a line up the side of my neck. It made me shiver.

Soon, Ginger’s tongue was making me — but do you want to hear more of the story?

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