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Him: My Dom, My Lover

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Note: All characters are above the age of 18.

-“When I come home I expect you kneeling at the door with only your collar and leash on, holding the handle out for me. I expect dinner to be nearly done by the time I’m there, be ready Pet.”-

His text told me exactly what I needed to do, I didn’t need to worry about how exactly to kneel because he had told me before how he likes to see me. I know exactly which collar and leash. I know when he’ll be here, and how long this particular dinner takes.

When I got the message I immediately smiled because it was him. I’m always happy to hear from him. I had already started dinner and decided on my favorite Mac N Cheese, because he hadn’t told me what exactly to make and well, given the option I will always choose Mac N Cheese. But this isn’t just any old Kraft mac n cheese.

It starts out as a roux which I make into my cheesy goodness. Then I boil the macaroni and combine the two for ready to eat mac n cheese, but I’m not done. Because there’s still about 5 minutes until he’ll be home, and he only wanted it ‘nearly’ done. So I pull out bread crumbs with Italian seasoning and some extra cheese for a topping and pour the mac n cheese into a dish. I then set it in the oven and set a timer for 20 minutes.

I’m already naked besides my collar and the leash is by the front door so I attach kuşadası escort it to myself and get into the position he wanted. As I wait for several minutes, which feels like a long time when you’re very much excited and full of anticipation, I feel my pussy squeeze in excitement. I already know I’m wet for him. I start to wonder what he’s planning now that I’m not occupied. Is it a special occasion? Am I being punished for something? Does he have something for me? What if he brings another guy home with him? I know we spoke about that briefly but I don’t think he would do that yet. Or maybe it’s a woman?

My thoughts are stopped when I hear his car pull in. I start to shake lightly, nervous for what to come but nonetheless excited and eager. It could be nothing, it could be everything. I hear him unlocking the door and nearly jump up but I remain in my position. He steps inside and sees me, kneeling in front of him with my leash ready for him to take, and he smiles. Seeing that smile is what makes my heart beat faster and my toes curl, it makes my smile grow wider and my eyes crinkle at the edges. It calms my mind and excites my body. He takes my leash in his hand and cups my face in the other. I close my eyes and lean into it, taking in the warmth of this moment.

This is where I want to be with you, always.

He kuşadası escort bayan moves his hand into my hair and lightly twists it around his fingers at the roots and then pulls down, forcing my head up to look at him. “I want you to suck my cock, the way you do best, and swallow my cum.”

“Yes Sir” is all I say, with a little smile. I’ve always loved pleasing him this way. I pull and tug on his pants until they’re out of my way and reach for his already growing erection. With him in my hand I open my eager mouth and lick the underside of the head, and then swirl my tongue around the entirety of it. There’s a musk to him after a long day at work, and it tastes slightly salty but so good coming from him. I then take the head into my mouth and work my tongue on the underside, moving back and forth and up and down while sucking lightly. I move my hand to feel the hardness of him while I wait to take the rest of him into my mouth. I don’t like to rush this, but at the same time I know that my timer will go off eventually.

Knowing I’ve got limited time, and that this was his plan, I make sure my lips are wet and take as much as I can comfortably fit in my mouth and close down on that portion. I make sure to rub my tongue up and down and get everything nice and wet. Then I retreat a little and go back down, moving further. escort kuşadası I repeat this until he’s snug in my throat and my lips are at the very base. I stay there for a moment to adjust and then begin fucking my mouth with his cock.

His hands are in my hair, pulling it into a rough ponytail, to the side, on my back, in every which way. He loves my hair, especially when it comes to pulling on it. He takes control of the speed occasionally or forces me to gag with him deep in my throat. But for the most part he lets me do it the way I feel comfortable with. I know he’s getting close so I speed up my efforts, earning a pussy-melting groan from him.


Shit. The timer. I have to pull dinner out of the oven. But he grabs the back of my head and forces me to continue, this sudden aggression making my body pulse in want. I try to keep up with how he’s using my mouth but I can’t stop the spit that dribbles onto my chest or my eyes from watering. I look up at him and meet his eyes, he gives me that smile I love and forces me all the way down on his cock. I can’t help but close my eyes at the force and gag when the first spurt of cum hits my throat. More comes and I do my best to swallow it. He releases my head when he’s finished and I sit there gasping for a few moments, trying to collect myself. When he knows that I’m good he tugs up on my leash and I stand.

He moves forward and looks at the mess he made of me. He drags his hand from my lips to my chest, down between my breasts, to my navel, smearing my spit. He pulls me to him and kisses me, then says, “Let’s eat dinner, Princess”

And I smile.

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