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It Ain’t Necessarily So Ch. 02

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This story will have at least three parts. Somewhere in the three parts these things will show up: (they are not listed in order of appearance) new bras, menopause, a funeral, dildos, honesty, a 4some, mfmf, mmf, mfm, mm, a cruise, a crocodile, trading husbands/wives, sex toys, new friends, family, suckling, nudity, harnesses, coitus and oral sex. ? All that and maybe a few surprises.


When we woke up the next morning my arms were still holding her. I opened my eyes and hers were open and just inches away. She said, “Gotta pee.”

My arms unwrapped and she rolled away from me and left the bed. I smiled because she didn’t grab a robe or a nightgown. She just wiggled away from me and I watched her naked backside walking away.

“Are you coming back or is this my notice to get up and start my day?”

She stopped, turned and asked, “You held me all night long and you want more?”

“Want me to get up and shave before we come back to bed?”

“No. Yes. Wait! You said last night was about me. Now it sounds like this morning is about me, again.” She turned and went into the bathroom. She didn’t close the door. We continued our conversation.

“As often as is practical I intend to have every day, evening and night be about you. If I get to be too big a pest, send me to the hardware store or somewhere. Maybe I can go fix someone’s plumbing.”

“Marcie has some plumbing she would let you tinker with!” I heard laughter in her voice, not jealousy.

“We need to talk about that.” I said. “Do we assume it’s Ok to play with each other anytime or only when the four of us are together? Are you going to have intercourse with Matt in front of me? Am I going to do things with Marcie in front of you, in front of Matt?”

“Whoa! You’re right! We haven’t talked about that. Do you want to be able to drive over to their house and do things with Marcie anytime?”

“Now that I think about it, I think I’d like that available, as an option. I don’t want to feel like I need permission and I don’t want you to need to ask me for permission to be with Matt, either.”

“So, if Marcie and I go shopping and go back to their house and both do Matt, you’re Ok with it?” She flushed and came out of the bathroom.

“Rule number One. No secrets. If you do Matt and/or Marcie I want to know about it.”

“You’re sure?” She asked. Her face said she didn’t quite believe me.

“I can say I’m sure, but I won’t really know until it happens.”

“No secrets? That’s the rule for all of us?”

“Yup. It has to be. If there are secrets they will undermine the trust and the safety we have.”

“Have you done anything sexual with Marcie in the last year?”

“Yes! We played right here on our bed. All four of us.”

“Before that?”

“Yes. Remember the day I went over to fix a clogged pipe for them? Matt and Marcie planned to seduce me that day. I sucked on her tits and she came. I didn’t screw her. Matt knew she was going to bare her chest to me and offer to “take care of my erection”. I said no, until and unless you were a player as well.”

“Well done. Marcie told me all about it. I’m glad you told me the truth.” She came back to bed and sucked my semi-hard cock into her mouth. She knew how to get me going and for me to never want to stop. She sucked, licked and forced me to think of nothing except how great what she was doing felt. Maybe forced is too strong a word. She sucked, licked and stroked me until I didn’t think of anything except how great what she was doing felt.

When my seed spewed into her mouth she sucked harder and swallowed everything I gave her. Then she lay on top of me and we slept for another hour. She woke me with a few more kisses; we got up and actually started our day.

As we dressed she asked, “Earlier you said if I wanted to play with Matt and/or Marcie. I’ve never played with a woman. Do you think Marcie wants sex with me?”

“I’d guarantee it.” Sue was still shaking her head when she left the bedroom.

I worked at projects around the house and yard most of the rest of the day. When I came in to get something to eat and a beverage she was on the phone. When she saw me she said, “Marcie, the man is hungry. I’ll go feed him and call you back.”

She made me a sandwich and she sat with me while I ate. She asked about the packages I expected. I joked with her a little and didn’t share anything about the packages. That evening I took her out to eat.

When we were home and getting ready for bed she asked, “Should I bother putting on a nightgown or anything?”

“Not to please me. I’ve always preferred you naked in bed.”

She came to bed naked.

Wednesday a truck from the post office stopped in our driveway and the letter carrier left three boxes on our porch. I saw him through the window and retrieved the boxes before Sue came home from shopping. She had gone to the market about half an hour before the mail arrived.

I unpacked my purchases and put them in my drawers in the chest of drawers and hung my new pants in the closet. xnxx I bagged the old underwear and old t-shirts and took them to the back yard and started another fire in the Weber bar-b-que. The fire had died before Sue came home. I was on the phone with Matt when I heard her car pull into our garage. The boxes were in a dumpster in the alley. Matt had received his packages as well and had treated his old stuff to a trip to the trash. When Sue came in I ended the call and helped her bring our groceries into the house.

As we brought things in she talked to me. She was upset.

She said, “There were people outside the market collecting signatures for a petition! I asked what it was for and they told me they were collecting signatures to put something on the November ballot to make sex outside of marriage illegal!”

“Did you sign?” I asked, ninety percent sure she didn’t.

“No! And I told them I thought they were crazy to want such a law. Imagine! I told the woman I thought almost everyone had sex before they were married and under the law they proposed all of us could go to jail.”

“You said that?” Sue was usually so quiet about political views I didn’t believe she spoke up in front of the market.

“We could go to jail for playing with Matt and Marcie! I don’t want to go to jail and I don’t want to stop playing either!”

As we talked we got all the bags into the house and all the groceries put away. I was ready to get back to some playtime on the computer when I said, “The jails are already crowded. If a law like this gets passed they don’t have enough cops to arrest all the people screwing around and they probably won’t start with old folks like us even if the decide to arrest fornicators.”

Half an hour passed in silence and Sue came into my office and said, “I don’t like that word.”

“What word?” I asked.


“I don’t like it either. Maybe we should start collecting signatures to put a measure on the ballot that declares marriage a nonlegal issue. Get the government out of marriage! If there is no legal marriage then there is no fornication. People who want to get married can, in a church, synagogue or mosque, but it won’t mean anything legally.”

Sue sat down and said, “If there’s no marriage what happens when two people make babies?”

I thought for a while and said, “People who want to be parents can register that intent and legally they are financially responsible for any child born to them. When they register they give a DNA sample and a sample is taken from any child at birth. If it says you are the parents, you are responsible.”

“What about the babies born after a one night stand?”

“Oh! Right now the pregnant woman has to sue the man she says is the dad in order to make him responsible. Under my new law a woman who has bareback sex with a man and gets pregnant is responsible for the child. Contraception becomes her responsibility. If she believes she may be fertile then she needs to get them registered before she takes him to bed bareback.”

“That lets men totally off the hook!”

“No, I don’t think it does. Men want to have sex. If women are wise they get the registration done or they don’t screw. A woman can prevent pregnancy if she wants to and a man can as well. When you and I decided we were done making babies I got cut and you got your tubes tied. If we had changed our minds we could have had both operations reversed. There are at least five ways short of operations to prevent pregnancies.”

“The registration you want would have both the man and the woman be financially responsible for the child, just like a married couple is now?”

“Not if I get to write the law. You remember meeting Kelly, my friend from work? My new law would free him from paying for his wife’s kid.”

“Oh, right. His wife screwed her boss and got pregnant and because she was married to Kelly he has to pay child support on a child that isn’t biologically his for eighteen years.”

“Under my law she is solely responsible. The DNA would show he didn’t create the child and is not responsible.”

“How would a woman convince a man to stay around and help raise the child?”

“A contract. You and I are thirty and decide we want a child. We register, donate some DNA and sign a partnership contract. It specifies what each of us will do for the next twenty years. We define the parameters of our relationship. We define who does what and we define what happens at the end of the twenty years. We could agree on the end of contract options, like a new twenty year or ten year contract or the terms that automatically dissolve the contract.”

“So, I could sign a contract with you that specifies that at the end I get half of all our joint assets, no matter who earned them?”

“With an option of extending the first contract for five, ten or more years with modifications or no changes.”

“Why would a man sign such a contract?” Sue asked.

“Because he wins.”


“Men get married today. Why do they do it?”

“They love brazzers her. They want a family. A steady lover.”

“Same reasons will get a man to sign the contract and register to be a parent. My way gives both people more security than getting married does now.”


“Sure. Now when a couple split they have to fight in court over responsibility for debts, the children and spousal support. They spend thousands of dollars to end something. Under my law they would know what their options were every step of the way. You want to leave? The contract spells out the consequences in advance. Both parties have no excuses. They signed a contract and unless they both sign a new contract the provisions of the original contract are binding.”

“Why didn’t you think of this years ago?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I was so steeped in the traditional way of being married I didn’t think about alternatives.”

“Your way also opens the door for gay couples to be just as legal as anyone else!”

“It allows churches, religions, and social groups to say, “We won’t marry you” to anyone and it won’t matter. I’ll get the government out of marriage!”

Sue got up, kissed me and said, “I’d sign a contract with you.”

“Month to month or long term?”

“Long term! I want some stability.”

“What do I get?”

“Me. Nice lingerie and a snug place to put your hard cock.”

“Ok, I’m in.” We kissed again and went back to what we were doing.

When it was time for us to get ready to go to Matt and Marcie’s Sue came in and asked if I wanted us to shower together. I said, “Yes!” and we did just that. In the shower I shaved her from her pits to her ankles and she shaved my face and genitals. She said she wanted to try me being smooth and see if it made sucking and fucking more fun for her and Marcie.

When we shut off the water and toweled off I thought I looked funny. I’m a pretty hairy man and seeing a bald spot eight inches around with a dick in the middle looked strange.

Thinking we might shower together I had stashed my clothes for the night in the guest bedroom. I left Sue at her vanity and walked to the guest room. I pulled on new blue underwear and liked how they felt against my skin. I pulled on new chinos and new socks. I called out to Sue and asked what color dress she was wearing.

“Teal!” I heard. I got a shirt out of the closet that was the same blue as the new underwear I had on and put it on. I walked back into our bedroom and sat to put my shoes on. Sue was zipping her dress, saw me and stopped.

“Are those pants new?”

I nodded. “Like them?”

She came to me and rubbed the fabric with her hands. “Yes. I like how they look and I like how they feel.”

We got the salad and the wine and headed for Matt and Marcie’s. Just as I pulled into the driveway Sue said, “I have on the teal bra and thong for you. The thong is already wet.”

Before I could do anything she slid out the door and headed for their door, laughing.

I followed, carrying the wine and salad.

Marcie opened the door to their house wearing a halter dress and heels. She looked radiant. We got the food and wine handled and then the four of us hugged “Hello.” The hugs were a lot friendlier than the hugs of the first years of our marriages.

We got dinner on the table and sat down. During dinner we talked and Sue brought up the idea I had about changing marriage.

Matt asked, “You’d get a man to sign a contract before he has sex with his date? I don’t think so.”

“Picture it.” I said, “He picks her up for their date. She has on a teal dress that buttons down the front.” I was describing Sue, pointing at her and she stood. “Her legs look great. You already know you’re interested in her sexually. While you’re having dinner you notice that two buttons near the top of her dress have become open, giving you a peek at some cleavage.”

Sue unbuttoned two buttons and leaned across the table to get a roll. Matt smiled.

I added, “As the two of you talk, she butters a roll and breaks off a piece and feeds it to you.” Sue did exactly that, slowly and sensually.

“As you chew she says, “I’d be willing to serve dessert in my apartment, but I need some protection.”

Matt said, “I have condoms.”

Sue said, “I want real protection. I want an agreement that if we start a baby, we’ll both be responsible. The agreement allows us to decide now what we will do later.”

“I don’t want a kid.” Matt said.

“Then we sign an agreement that says we have no intention to make or have a baby. It can specify that we agree to have an abortion if a pregnancy starts.” Sue said.

“Oh. Well, that’s better.” Matt relaxed.

“What if I change my mind and don’t want an abortion?” Marcie asked.

I said, “Part of the way the agreement is written is that if the woman changes her mind and wants to keep the child the sperm donor has no financial responsibility for the child. She chooses to be responsible for the child. They each signed an agreement that binds their sikiş izle responsibility in law.”

“So Sue says, in effect, if you want some of this you’ll sign and we’ll play. No signature, no pussy.” Marcie said.

Matt said, “It’s in his best interest to be the one who asks for the signature. Either one has a powerful interest in having a signed agreement.”

Sue asked, “How can we change the laws? I don’t want a law that makes it illegal for us to do what we do. I’d like a responsibility law that protects every man and every woman who engage in sexual activities.”

“The Right to Life folks wouldn’t like what you propose. It allows abortions. They’ll say it allows people to kill babies.” Sue added.

“The law already allows abortions. I think that having to sign an agreement would actually deter abortions. If you have religious beliefs about the fetus being a person you wouldn’t want to sign an agreement to have an abortion. You might decide to skip risking a pregnancy and play some other way.”

“Wow!” Matt said, “My brother thought this up?”

“Yeah, for all the good the idea will do.”

Sue said, “Wait! We need to get the kids to come home for a weekend. We’ll write it up and even generate the agreement for someone to sign. They are in this world. Let’s get their input. When we knock all the kinks out maybe we can get the laws to change. It would be our gift to the future generations.”

Sue and Marcie spent some time with calendars and on the phones. By nine-thirty they were off the phones and smiling. “They will be here three weekends from now!” Marcie announced. Matt and I both noticed that Sue’s dress now had four buttons open and lots of teal lace showing.

Matt dropped his napkin on the floor and instead of leaning over to pick it up he dropped to his knees beside his chair and crawled under the table.

Sue asked, “Matt, what are you doing?”

His hands parted her knees and he inserted his head between her knees. He answered, “I’m looking for something wonderful.”

Sue giggled and asked, “And you think it’s in there?”

“I think it is. Give me a few minutes and I’ll let you know.” He had crawled forward and his face touched her bald pussy. Her bald, wet pussy. He licked along her slit and Sue slid her pelvis forward, giving him easier access.

“I think he might have found something interesting.” Sue said.

“Nick, I think I know where something wonderful is waiting for your attention.”

I dropped to my knees and crawled under the table. Marcie’s knees were spread and her skirt hiked up showing me the tiny strip of wet cloth covering her pussy. I crawled between her knees and soon the sounds of two men eating pussy and two women being eaten replaced the sounds of four people eating dinner.

Sue came first. Marcie followed soon after. Matt and I backed out, paused and switched places. One lick of Matt on Marcie and she said, “Oh! They switched!”

Sue’s pussy was wet, her lips were swollen and she had scooted forward giving Matt better access. When I got to her I began by licking and drinking her lubrication.

Time passed and grunts, moans, yelps and sighs took the place of conversation. Marcie shuddered as Matt probed her and she said, “Sue, we are the luckiest women in California!” A few seconds later they both came again.

After Sue calmed a little she slipped off the chair and landed on the floor beside the table. Her legs opened and she said, “Please.”

I got my pants and underwear down far enough to free my erection and buried it in her pussy. When I hit bottom she said, “No hair. It feels different with both of us bald.”

She was right. Different. So many politically correct years of sex with a Kama sutra of three pages instead of all the options we were discovering. Sue rolled onto her side and the sensations inside her and for me changed. I lifted up and bumped my head on the underside of the dining room table. I said, “Ow!”

We all laughed and that changed the sensations where we were linked again. We laughed harder. Matt and Marcie did something three feet from us and we heard a loud pussy fart. We laughed so hard I worried about an injury. I don’t know about Matt but I didn’t cum. We laughed and rolled around until I was limp and didn’t care. I felt loved, taken care of and satisfied.

The four of us stayed on the floor for a while, snuggled together under the dining room table.

The first to speak was Marcie. “I’m glad, for the moment, the kids live a long ways away.” We all agreed. The thought of one of our grown up children walking through the door was not one we wanted to become reality.

When we finally got up we looked at the table and Sue said, “I think we had dessert.”

Marcie said, “What’s this?”

We all looked at what she was pointing to, Matt’s underwear. Eight or ten inches down his thighs were a pair of black and white striped, zebra striped, briefs. Sue said, “I like them!” Then she looked at me and saw a pair of bright blue long leg briefs. “Look here! Bright blue!”

Matt and I grinned and knew we’d done something good.

Both women pulled our briefs up and told us how much they liked the new look. They wanted to know how many different colors we had, where we got them and we told them.

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